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  1. Tiffany. Besides running can not do anything useful during the match. Vanessa. Better, she can stun Jason, but it's same situation like Tiffany. Buggzy. Good for stun Jason - useless repair. Which characters can be added?
  2. I would like to see Tina (part VII) with her "powers" or with her dedicated weapon. Sometimes Tommy Jarvis, sometimes Tina.
  3. People in F13 are BLIND. Not use flashlight, then know where search pocketknifes or med spray, but don't see gas, battery, car keys or don't take this. Is this so hard ? Open your eyes people, becouse I can find in "empty" cabin: gas, battery and car keys !
  4. Hello I want please Gun Media - fix Higgins Haven map, becouse I lost ( Only there ! ) 20% FPS and 50% with flashlight. What's going on Gun Media ? I cannot play there. Others maps - super.