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  1. You already think you have freed yourself and Jason is killing you. Is it broken? Is this a deliberate action to give an empty hope to the player?
  2. blablabla

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    What's happening, the game itself changes my default character
  3. Gamma --- > Options. or Uninstall
  4. blablabla

    Jason's New Grab...

    Who have a problem with new animation, well, go play with bots. I see a lot players with 8/8 kills. New animation is garbage ? - I don't think so. Just some players suck
  5. Every now and then you can meet players who work with Jason. Now others can not get out of a toxic match, because it's a salty mines. Can developers advise on what to do in such situations? Betrayation is also a big problem. Maybe it's worth giving the players also salt ?
  6. blablabla

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    The game changes my character itself. I do not have random dialing enabled. I chose to play Jenny, and once I got Vanesse, then Victoria , what the hell ?
  7. blablabla

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    A small problem with bears traps. When we set the trap, our character is too close to her and can easily fall into it.
  8. blablabla

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Second Legendary perk and I have a MONSTER http://ifotos.pl/zobacz/201805250_qepxnwe.jpg
  9. This is the priority goal of the studio to get rid of malicious game bugs or people who spoil the game.
  10. There are a lot of flaws and criticism for such a late update, some understand, others do not. I also did not intend to be nice and charming, because I am also waiting for this update, BUT one can not refuse the crew - soundtracks in the game and trailers are very in the mood of the movie and people who are responsible for the game audio site and the drivers should receive a salary increase - This is a very strong side of this game, which keeps high level all the time.
  11. If you do nothing wrong or illegal during the match or game files, what is the problem that someone will report you? If someone plays fair, they do not have to be afraid of anything, even for 10 or more people report you .
  12. There are a lot of entries that the player has reported another player for some cheats and nothing came of it. My suggestion regarding the reporting of dishonest players is this. 1. Once a month, a list of people who have been banned, the cause and for how long, and the nickname of such person should be published on the home page. 2. We need a simple and quick tool to report dishonest players - it's best that the option of submitting with a screen or not a long video file is active with a keyboard shortcut or even a single key. I do not know about other players, but I would like to know if my player's application has been positively considered and whether the player has received a penalty. Let's face it - no studio (small, large) will free players from game bugs. Since it is impossible to immediately remove all game errors that are used by scammers, it may be worth showing that it is not worth combining.
  13. It means that this update will be without any errors. That's why it took so long. (?) Even the largest studios release updates with errors....but ok, I wonder if the small team coped better than the biggest teams from larger games.
  14. 1. Items that players had with them when they escaped (med med spray, pokcetknife or fuse, for example) should respawn in easily accessible places (not on the beach somewhere). 2. Players who carry keys to the second car, phone fuse, fuel or battery should not have the option of boarding the car. 3. Tommy Jarvis should not have the option of getting into the car if there are other players in the match. In this way, one place in the car is wasted. 4. Jason should not be able to break the door in combat mode. There should be a long time ago the opportunity to hit Jason through the door. 5. One player should not have the option of having two keys to the car at the same time. It's easy to make corrections that will help a lot if there is one troll or more in the match.
  15. blablabla

    Stream Date from F13 Twitter

    Instead of updating it will be stream so that we can look at it. An interesting developer strategy