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  1. I have an offer to add a temporary or permanent weather element on all maps - fog. The fog would cover some part of the map and would move all over from the beginning to the end of the match. In the mist, Jason Sense's skill would not work exactly (generally it would be), from any perspective the field around would be limited even with a flashlight. That would add an element of surprise and a chance to escape Jason. - Limited field of view for everyone (for Jason, even with Sense). Players and Jason would not see the map in the preview where the fog is currently or which direction it is moving.
  2. I agree in 100%. Sometimes the QP game looks like there is only this one map, despite changing the lobby many times. Developers do not want to give only a random option / automatic map selection and weather conditions, so the only way is to leave the match if it is packanack small and look for a new lobby in the hope that there will be a different map. Personally, I'm also bored with packanack small.
  3. Hmm, good idea. Full lobby of Deborah, LaChappa and AJ - the best in repair charackters. Repair battery or boat and... u can be Tommy, great
  4. One more, Jason is overpowered - 100% agree. BUT, why I have a problem with winning / drawing the following perks for counselor: -Hypochondriac (only blue, where is rare and epic ?) -Light Foot (yellow and orange only, where is epic ? ) -Marathon (where is epic? ) -Medic (where is epic?) -Night Owl (where is epic? ) -Thick Skinned (where is epic? ) I spent a lot of cp points and I still did not win those perks. Over 500 hours in the game.
  5. Tommy Jarvis should not also: -escape by car / motorboat when there are other players -Tommy could have a spare phone fuse or car keys (randomly selected) -More exp for help, example: when Jason grab someone or you heal someone with a spray
  6. I agree. But devs are too bussy single mode ;] btw. Sound, when u click ready button should be OFF.
  7. When you use a flare pistol, the flare bounces magically from Jason, even though it's perfectly straight or the head, and sometimes just like a flare fired. From now on I have to stop using this weapon because I do not know if it will work. Can this bug be repaired well?
  8. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Legendary perks- good idea. Like . About perks like Motorboating ect. - it's trash. I don't need faster boat or car. I don't know how many times i will be driver. In my opinion we need completly new perks , maybe for all counselors specials. For example For Jenny Mayers +10 % speed when sprint . Regeneration 4 min.
  9. Suggestions

    One more sugesstion. Tommy Jarvis cannot escape in car/boat, if some players are still in game. Many times players as Tommy take free place in the car or boat. Tommy is for help, not for escape in 1-2 min. ;p
  10. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    PC players nope. I don't from stupid decission, but u can play only with your region. So again, good job devs <3
  11. 1. There is still a problem with Jason shattering the door. From counselors perspective you can still hit Jason by the closed door. From Jason's perspective, you can still break down the door without the risk of being hit (combat). 2. Some perks are useless. Who, for example, uses a perk to make the motorboat flow faster? 3. Lobby full of characters, through which in most cases it is impossible to survive or escape ( Screen. For the uninitiated - we all died ) 4. Glitch, which apparently has been repaired, still appears. It concerns Jason, at some point he is unable to break the door. 5. Eternal host migration. You will meet a nice group of people who you love to play with and what? The game tells you: f * *k u. Then you are thrown into the main menu. 6. No new items to fight with Jason (handheld items), still the same methods of escape. Still the same way to kill Jason. Jason has more knives at his disposal. Cool. And what did they get in exchange for counselors ? - Less pocket knives , less med sprays. Can we remove all med sprays? We will be healed by willpower. 7. As Jason, you could put a trap inside the cabins. In many cases, you can shorten the trolling of characters such as Vanessa or Tiffany. 8. The latest map. Pinehurst. Those responsible for releasing such a large map without limiting Jason's abilities should be thrown out of work. Random players are often unable to get on such a large map to escape together. Often it's just a coincidence that someone can call the police. 9. The sound of the "ready" button in the lobby. It should not be long ago, a lot of players pushing it very quickly and it annoys others. 10. Problem with outgoing players if they are not Jason. Most often it comes out 1 or 2 leave the match immediately after the start. Sometimes it happens that half the people come out. 11. Waiting time for the match. It is too long. Also in case when only 1 person is not ready and thus blocks the start for other players. 12. New counselors should have statistics for repair, luck or similar to Kenny. There are already enough characters that run around the map (for example Vanessa) and can not fix anything efficiently in a short time. 13. For the least popular characters should be awarded AT LEAST small amounts of additional exp. 14. Developers also deserve special thanks for taking away the possibility of switching between the EU / US / ASIA server regions. A multiplayer game in which the creators limited the players, with whom they can play with whom and who they can not. Good job. (it's not sarcasm). I am curious to see which developers are going. Better balance and better refined matches or new game modes.
  12. Also give me files on how to implement this in the game.
  13. Ahhh, but u see your stamina in real life ? ;] Where is logic with stamina ? Stamina can be hide, if u want crazy gameplay