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  1. I think using a low composure councillor as a meat shield against a group was one of my favourite things.
  2. ...Really? Continuing to work on a game that has only a small fraction of a chance of getting it’s rights revoked is bad business? You won’t even attempt to contact Victor Miller? To ask him if it would be at all possible to retain the rights after the lawsuit, removing all possibility of worked-on content going to waste? Because to me, THAT seems like bad business. Almost every aspect of this game could be considered ‘bad business’. Lack of communication with the playerbase, not responding to feedback, teasing content months prior to it’s release, not giving any real release dates, pushing content back, promising content and then failing to deliver, running a kickster and failing to deliver the rewards, censoring critique from your fanbase, selling backer-only content, continuing to sell a half-finished game with a withering lifespan and so on. If your so adamant on washing your hands of this game, why not simply pass it on to someone else?
  3. Bear traps aren't a one-time-use object and should therefore be resettable if they have NOT been 'disarmed' via knife. If someone steps in a trap, then its done its job properly. Its job is not to be inconspicuous, but to TRAP prey, to ensnare it. Traps work when the reward outweighs the risk, which is why animal traps are generally baited with food. Councillor traps are instead baited with objectives. When someone disarms the bear trap via knife, they win. They use up a knife, sure, but they render the trap useless by undoing a few screws and whatnot. When someone steps in a trap, the trap wins. It's job was to ensnare a victim who was going for the 'reward', and it did just that. If someone steps in a trap, Jason should be able to either pick it up again and place it somewhere else or reset it. If someone disarms a trap with a knife, it's a goner. This would really push the teamwork and strategy aspect of the game, no longer would Vanessa be able to tank a trap, drop the fuse and sprint off into the distance. People would have to choose between a second chance or a chance to escape entirely, people would have to push objectives AT THE SAME TIME useing walkies to communicate in order to force Jason to choose, should no knives/not enough knives be available. Pocketknives should also be reduced back to 5, 4 in a normal match + Tommy = 5. There would be enough for the average Jason's traps. Minuses would have a real weakness with a fair workaround and part 2 would require extra strategy to beat considering his strength. This would be a good buff to part 2 especially since his traps can be easily taken out by the one player running medic. (I have legit made part 2s ragequit before by tanking as Vanessa and running epic medic/marathon). It would also mean that medic wouldn't need to be nerfed or altered in any way, considering that nerfing perks seems to be the way to go lately. As a councilor pref, I wouldn't consider this a 'nerf' at all, just like trap and grab distance for Jason, I would consider this the NORM.
  4. I absolutely hate the rain, It drops my framerate to stopmotion levels and absolutely ruins the game for me. Everytime I see rain in the intro, I quit the match to avoid ruining my mood for the match. I don't see why it would be that big of a deal, private has it.
  5. Alcanx

    Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Here's to this game actually being a horror again ???
  6. Alcanx

    Where is everybody from...

    Good ol' En-ge-lando
  7. So I just realised that they fixed the 'bug' that made Jason able to skip the 'stand up' part of his stun animation by shifting, but they DIDN'T fix councillors being able to skip the 'stand up' part of their trap animation by using health spray?
  8. You're kind of negating a weakness there, the whole point of having -traps is that it's supposed to be a handicap. Having one less trap than regular Jasons isn't really a handicap.
  9. I wouldn't really blame him for that, he's really just doing what Pamela tells him to. Think about it, he survived alone in the woods post-'drowning' and never killed anyone throughout his teenage/adolescent years. It wasn't until Pamela's death that the spree started. The rape in part 3 was fucked up, yeah, but I doubt a guy that grew up in the woods would have strong social morals. Many 'wild children' who grow up separated from society lose not only their moral standpoint and social skills, but also their ability to communicate and sometimes even walk. No matter how young they're found, many never re-adjust to society, it's even worse when they're allowed to progress past their pre-teen years with the 'wild' mentality. He's very seriously mentally ill and Pamela is his enabler. I doubt he even remembers his chilhood, I believe it was the lack of proper socialisation that caused his severe lack of empathy.
  10. Repair characters get more XP.
  11. You can still be stunned in combat stance, even when blocking.
  12. The huge gash in the side? Do you mean the axe wound? Because he had that pre-explosion.
  13. How is it cheap? IMO it's pretty tactical. It makes sense that if you slap your friend with a baseball bat then Jason wouldn't exactly react. Learn how to hit Jason instead of your friend and maybe you'll get somewhere. In the good ol' days of teamkilling, it was possible to kill your friend when attempting to grab save and suffer -1000xp, I honestly loved that risk but 'bodyblocking' is NOTHING in comparison to that. I'm almost level 150 and so far, I haven't failed a grab save, you just need to get better at it. Again, remember to hit JASON, NOT your friend.
  14. Like I said before, with epic medic I've singlehandedly tanked all 7 of 2s traps. -traps is just pathetic honestly, you might as well start with 0 lmao.
  15. [Que teacher voice] I don't know, can I? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13234-remove-pocket-knives-and-make-traps-disarmable-via-qte/
  16. Use offline bots and do only environmental kills if you want to farm, you usually get a good 1,400 a pop, which is more than I get in a nornal round as Vanessa lmao.
  17. "In my opinion, Jason should be able to reset traps that were triggered by foot, this implies that you didn't see the trap and it's working as intended. Disarming a trap would be like sabotaging it, rendering it useless" EAT IT ???
  18. I too brought this up in another thread, maybe YOU'RE stealing MY ideas ???
  19. I only watched the first few minutes of the second one but at 2:40 you can see that Chad slides, an exploit developed by Pappus. Also, I use part 3 too and you can actually hit councilors through doors if you use combat stance and stand close enough. Not sure about the other Jasons and their combat hitboxes, though.
  20. 'Weakest Jason' He has +Shift, +Destruction, +weapon strength, 5 traps and +Weapon range (matching part 6's superior range) what weaknessess could POSSIBLY balance all that out? He can't run? Neither can most Jasons. He's slow in water? Half the maps can't even spawn a boat. -Grip strength? Good thing insta-kill is a thing! He has ALL the good strengths and none of the crippling weaknessess, everything else is on par with most other Jasons.
  21. I see you defending the whole 'Jason hasn't been nerfed' mentality a lot on the forums, do you truly believe you're the right one when almost everyone else says otherwise?
  22. Every time I try throwing knives at windows, it doesn't shatter them anymore? It's pretty annoying, especially on packaknack with it's out-of-reach windows and with Jason no longer being able to combat stance windows above his head height. I think it would be nice to have both these feature's back, ability to CS windows above your head with an overhead swing and the ability to break windows with knives.
  23. I don't mean normal-level windows, I mean the ones above head hight, specifically on packanack. I can break normal-level windows with a knife but so far, have been completely unable to throw the knives upwards successfully.