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  1. I think using a low composure councillor as a meat shield against a group was one of my favourite things.
  2. ...Really? Continuing to work on a game that has only a small fraction of a chance of getting it’s rights revoked is bad business? You won’t even attempt to contact Victor Miller? To ask him if it would be at all possible to retain the rights after the lawsuit, removing all possibility of worked-on content going to waste? Because to me, THAT seems like bad business. Almost every aspect of this game could be considered ‘bad business’. Lack of communication with the playerbase, not responding to feedback, teasing content months prior to it’s release, not giving any real release dates, pushing content back, promising content and then failing to deliver, running a kickster and failing to deliver the rewards, censoring critique from your fanbase, selling backer-only content, continuing to sell a half-finished game with a withering lifespan and so on. If your so adamant on washing your hands of this game, why not simply pass it on to someone else?
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