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  1. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Here's to this game actually being a horror again 👏🎉👏
  2. Where is everybody from...

    Good ol' En-ge-lando
  3. So I just realised that they fixed the 'bug' that made Jason able to skip the 'stand up' part of his stun animation by shifting, but they DIDN'T fix councillors being able to skip the 'stand up' part of their trap animation by using health spray?
  4. You're kind of negating a weakness there, the whole point of having -traps is that it's supposed to be a handicap. Having one less trap than regular Jasons isn't really a handicap.
  5. I wouldn't really blame him for that, he's really just doing what Pamela tells him to. Think about it, he survived alone in the woods post-'drowning' and never killed anyone throughout his teenage/adolescent years. It wasn't until Pamela's death that the spree started. The rape in part 3 was fucked up, yeah, but I doubt a guy that grew up in the woods would have strong social morals. Many 'wild children' who grow up separated from society lose not only their moral standpoint and social skills, but also their ability to communicate and sometimes even walk. No matter how young they're found, many never re-adjust to society, it's even worse when they're allowed to progress past their pre-teen years with the 'wild' mentality. He's very seriously mentally ill and Pamela is his enabler. I doubt he even remembers his chilhood, I believe it was the lack of proper socialisation that caused his severe lack of empathy.
  6. Repair characters get more XP.
  7. You can still be stunned in combat stance, even when blocking.
  8. The huge gash in the side? Do you mean the axe wound? Because he had that pre-explosion.
  9. How is it cheap? IMO it's pretty tactical. It makes sense that if you slap your friend with a baseball bat then Jason wouldn't exactly react. Learn how to hit Jason instead of your friend and maybe you'll get somewhere. In the good ol' days of teamkilling, it was possible to kill your friend when attempting to grab save and suffer -1000xp, I honestly loved that risk but 'bodyblocking' is NOTHING in comparison to that. I'm almost level 150 and so far, I haven't failed a grab save, you just need to get better at it. Again, remember to hit JASON, NOT your friend.
  10. Like I said before, with epic medic I've singlehandedly tanked all 7 of 2s traps. -traps is just pathetic honestly, you might as well start with 0 lmao.
  11. [Que teacher voice] I don't know, can I? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13234-remove-pocket-knives-and-make-traps-disarmable-via-qte/
  12. Use offline bots and do only environmental kills if you want to farm, you usually get a good 1,400 a pop, which is more than I get in a nornal round as Vanessa lmao.
  13. "In my opinion, Jason should be able to reset traps that were triggered by foot, this implies that you didn't see the trap and it's working as intended. Disarming a trap would be like sabotaging it, rendering it useless" EAT IT 👏👏👏
  14. I too brought this up in another thread, maybe YOU'RE stealing MY ideas 💪💪👀
  15. I only watched the first few minutes of the second one but at 2:40 you can see that Chad slides, an exploit developed by Pappus. Also, I use part 3 too and you can actually hit councilors through doors if you use combat stance and stand close enough. Not sure about the other Jasons and their combat hitboxes, though.