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  1. I find his sense to be fine as is it, it's pretty much his one and only method of hunting.
  2. It would be possible, at the risk of getting window-grabbed.
  3. I wish there was an option to toggle rain in public lobbies, I lag so bad when there's rain I can bearly do anything. I usually have 70 ping in my friends lobbies, too (They're local). Are they looking into this at all? I'd rather have a playable match than rain effects, pretty as they are. Right now we either play small maps (which we hate) since the lag seems to lessen, or play on big maps and cross our fingers.
  4. Pretty ironic coming from someone with a hammer icon lmao.
  5. First of all, I'd like you to kindly put away your torches and pitchforks and simply hear me out. If you still want to Savini me afterwards, that's totally cool. Pocketknives, we love them as councilors and hate them as Jason. I've been mulling them over recently and have come to the conclusion that they are VASTLY overrated. They are good for two things; escaping Jasons grasp and disarming traps. Lets break those down. Firstly, you have the obvious use, the get out of jail free card. People will rarely use their knives for anything other than this, but really, what's the point? People get a false sense of security from knives, it makes them cocky, comfortable, able to dance in Jason's face without a hint of regret. It plays into the 'scooby-doo' dilema. This is a horror game, it's meant to make you feel on edge, afraid, paranoid. It's meant to get the blood pumping. If all of that can be countered by a flimsy flip-knife, then there's a problem. If you're one of those people that treat a pocketknife like it's the holy grail, then let me ask you something. What happens after he grabs you? If he can grab you once, he can do it again. Without your knife, you're back to being a juicy teenage delicacy and he's still coming to carve out a slice with his machete. You're just prolonging the inevitable. There are already ways to escape his grasp, or even avoid getting grabbed in the first place. As with any horror game, the more ways you have to escape the monster, the less intimidating it becomes. Pocketknifes are a lone wolves best friend, and lone wolves should have it rough. If you want to survive, you need to work together, grab save eachother, distract him so your friend can regen stamina or heal. Allow me to shamlessly quote GOT here, "the lone wolf dies but the pack survives". Then there's the second use; disarming traps. Doubtless the devs made this only possible with a knife for balance reasons. The problem is the above, people are selfish with knives and if you're not, you'd better hope you're lucky enough to find one. I'd say that disarming is their REAL use, if you pocketknife Jason, he's back to being Jason again in 5 seconds. If you pocketknife a trap however, it stays disarmed. Yes you can disarm traps with a spray, and honestly that needs fixing somehow, but ideally you'd want to do it silently. In my opinion, Jason should be able to reset traps that were triggered by foot, this implies that you didn't see the trap and it's working as intended. Disarming a trap would be like sabotaging it, rendering it useless. Replace pocketknives with a QTE based on composure to disarm, or just a general, medium-difficulty QTE. It would also add a second layer or difficulty to the police escape, because lord knows that's technically the easiest, even without the cop perk. People would have to group up and work together to survive, lone councillors would likely die as would anyone who meets Jason in a 1v1 scenario. People would no longer stop and taunt at the exit or risk getting shift-grabbed. The knife badge could also be replaced with a 'saboteur/traps disarmed' badge. TL;DR: Removing Knives would add to the feeling of horror and helplessness, remove the false sense of security and overconfidence, reduce the amount of dance parties at the cops and encourage people to work together to survive, and to actually escape when given the chance. (Sorry if there's any grammar/spelling errors btw, I'm on mobile.)
  6. Part 3 is a good fighter with average map control, I'd say it's fair. He may have weapon strength but he lacks destruction and has -stun resist.
  7. Part 3 also has +Grip and Savini has -Grip. That aside, I REALLY like this idea. Grab is pretty much the choke kill without the neck snap. They should also make it so that grabbing a limping councilor does no damage. I usually cripple people before going for an environmental kill, would suck if they were to prematurely die in my hands lol.
  8. Seems to me like you were E/X/whatever glitched. Getting grabbed then breaking free would resolve the issue.
  9. Maybe instead of messing with his sense, it could be a one-time-use stun that acts sort of like Pamela's sweater. Someone gets grabbed, Tommy uses taunt, Jason drops grabbed counsilor and goes into a 'resist' stun, giving them an opportunity to escape.
  10. I think it's just natural for us to assume everything is sarcasm lmao.
  11. Ah, sorry. My mistake. I thought you were being sarcastic ("I haven't seen it before therefore it isn't a problem")
  12. ...and? Why the fuck were you being overly sarcastic/aggressive when the video proved my point? It's not common, sure, but it's possible. I've seen it a couple times in QP performed by the same trolls that dance party at the cops for 20 minutes instead of escaping.
  13. ... Did you not see the video?
  14. Because apparently only councillors are allowed to trap chain.
  15. What about +sense Jasons? Seems a little unfair for them, you're completely removing one of their strengths.