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  1. I just really enjoying spectating all the Tryhard Jasons that head punch every counselor to death, and if they aren't 7/7 8/8 they rage quit the minute 1 to 2 people escape. Its actually hilarious. I can almost instant tell when someone is one of those when you look at the stat screen and it starts filling up with decapitations lol. Mainly people that play parts 2,3, and 4...just running, and head punching. Too cute!
  2. Never had any complaints thus far....sorry, but I only go thru windows after I've explored the first cabin when I spawn. Many people do this, hence where I learn the tactic from....and I've played with many 101's that do this as well. I used to barricade the door then bear trapped, but was constantly fused at and explained in lobbies by many experienced players to do it this way, and have been for the past 2 months.
  3. Its not Friday the 13th the game. I've been a huge fan of the Friday the 13th movie series since I was a kid, and this game is a dream come true. I've loved every minute of it so far.....except for the rage quitting hosts. That's my only complaint with this game. I think with every patch, they are making it better too. Can't wait to see what they have coming in the next few months. DBD is nice, but its not this game, and this game is so faithful to the movie series...I can't say enough good things about it.
  4. I always barricade doors, except when I find a bear trap...I leave the door closed, but not barricaded. I want the player, playing as Jason, to bust thru and right into the trap. Leaving it barricaded and with a trap means they will just notice it as they are breaking it. Sorry, if another counselor opens the door and gets trapped, but they should be going thru windows and not doors! Also I don't lock doors in the main cabins, cause it makes no sense to do this, as he breaks thru them with ease.
  5. I’ve had several 8/8 matches as Jason since the update, and seen others play as Jason do the same. I’ve also seen all CC escape or half escape. Nothing has changed much at all from my end. I think the changes were great, and the game can still be played/fun for Jason players and CC players.
  6. Just got done doing a match where I escaped with Deborah (both repairs on car and two passengers), came back as Tommy, knocked Jasons mask off, and killed him....600 something xp with TJ, and 3,500 something with Deborah, but my bar didn't move an inch. Second match I repaired the boat with Debs, has a passenger with me, and we both escape, get around 2600 something xp, and my bar moved up more than the previous match with Tommy. It might show you are getting xp from both characters, but its not being put into effect. This is on XBOX ONE. I've notice the two different xp stat screens at the end of the match, but I seem to get Tommys exp only. So yes, for right now, I don't want to be Tommy!!!
  7. I love HEAD PUNCH CITY...pretty much the only grab kill you see from Tryhard Jasons, but I understand why they do it.
  8. Gratz to everyone that's hit 101. I recently hit 34 yesterday, and I'm loving the game. I guess I've been lucky with the Pamela tapes. I've collected 3 thus far in my 52 hrs of gameplay. Probably cause I'm not Jason 90% of the time, but oh well. Game is awesome!
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