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  1. Dilly Dilly!!!! I love this game. My favorite game of 2017 thus far, and probably will be until next year.
  2. I have it and I'm only level 42...got some lucky RNG. I actually have a few good epic and rares. I get a lot of commons though, and duplicates. I'd have to say my thick skin and lead foot are two I use the most, since I mainly play Deb and do repairs. Still waiting to get some better melee epics to make a good Chad and Bugs for combat.
  3. I think my biggest down fall is I get kite around trying to kill a Vanessa player. I've learned to let them go and protect the fuse box and car/boat as best as possible cause I know there is multiple Vanessa's delivering parts...and I've just got to let them get to their destination and finish off any "repairer" counselors. Where things really start to get bad is when I got 2 or 3 Vanessa's get together and I find the group in the cabin and they escape going in multiple directions. I'll try to focus on one and I get determined because I want to get at least 1 kill out of finding 3. I get distracted and then the other 2 are fixing/calling cops or possible in the route to escape. Well organized teams with 2 or 3 Vanessa baiters tend to better me, and if I'm not focused on the others...I'll have a quick 3/8 match in 9 to 10 minutes. I used to be worried about Debs, and AJs....now its become Vanessa baiters and BJ/Chad batters!!! VANESSA IS THE BANE OF MY JASON!!!!
  4. This has happened to me since post-patch (most recent) more than it ever did. Before the most recent patch it would happen to me once or twice a week. Now its about once or twice a day when I play. Kinda frustrating, and hopefully its something they address. Glad to know its happening to other people (not that I want it to) and not just my game/connection. I've had several Jason matches that wouldn't been 7/8 or 8/8 then BAM no connection or exp! Also happened to me at the worst possible time, when I was about to be the sole survivor as Tiffany, and earn that achievement. One counselor left and she was being stalked by Jason, with like 6 minutes left in the match. The one time I was actually rooting for Jason to get that kill. Oh well! I know there will be more time, but I just really wanted that one done and over with. Game is still great, and I love it....even with its flaws. I still would like to see this issue addressed, and away around this raging host quit issue. Other than that, I'm a happy camper!
  5. Title of the topic says it all....I'd have to say a experienced Vanessa is my biggest weakest as playing with Jason. Multiple Vanessa's (3 or more) and I tend to probably have a 5/8 match. I haven't gotten good enough with Jason to deal with such a threat yet. Also 3 or more veteran Tiffany's in a match tends to give me issues, as one or two will either escape in the boat or car. I'm all about people playing with Kenny, Chad, Mitch, Fox, BJ, and Chappa though. The male counselors seem to be the easiest kills for me in this game.
  6. I always try to see who the host is playing as when I start the match as Jason, and if I morph and its the counselor they are playing as I tend to let them go, and I got about my way placing a trap by the phone box, and then morph to a car and place one. If they come at me though or refuse to acknowledge my presence as Jason, and continue about their way to hit the trap and fix the phone box.....then rest assured, they are dead. Host or not, you not calling the police on me 2 minutes into the game. I'd just rather let the host counselor run about there business and come back for them later. I'd rather let them live for a bit, instead of killing them and then the game ends in a host rage. I used to not do this at all, but considering it happens 9/10 in QP if the host is the first one dead....I give them a get out of jail free card once a match. PM though, its on and I don't care wiping out the lobby in 5 minutes (unless there is multiple Vanessa's).
  7. Since the patch I'm still getting 5 to 8 kills a match....I never multi-trap a spot, and I've just had to practice more with shift grab, and grabbing in general. Players average around lvl 40. I think the game still plays great for Jason.
  8. Not a scenario I've come across yet, and never hope to. I've played Jason against 3 skilled Vanessa's and it was bad enough. I managed to finally kill one of them, but the other two got away in a boat....I finished off the rest of the counselors, but 7 Vanessa's is a scary thought.
  9. If people are doing that, then they are negative to their community base, and should be portrayed that way. I'll call them like I see them, and nobody likes being around their "elitist" douchery. So far, the majority of complainers about this patch, are people that teabag Jason, taunt, team kill, steal cars and take off with Tommy, waste everyones time being selfish, and are mainly children...They think its funny, and live a sad life. I don't care how many times this game gets patched, its not enough for me to go on some witch hunt, and complain about a bunch of minuet changes. At the end of the day its a game. What I don't like is seeing instead of people being supportive and helping other learn the game, they do dumb crap like this, and eventually single player will be the only way to play this game.
  10. It was free on Xbox store for a few hours, $6.99 on PS store for a few hours, and since then people have been sharing on other accounts to people for money/free cause they are friends/etc.
  11. Ditto @MyNameisJason I'm not talking about if you're the last one alive, and 3 or 4 others have escaped by means of car. We're talking about people just sitting around the police spawn, and just taunt Jason/run around and firecracker/bat stun him over and over...etc.
  12. Once you learn the game, and play it more...there isn't much "challenge"? The game is meant to be fun for all, not the selfish few that won't to parade around and taunt. Its not funny, clever, leet, or anything else but boring and lame. I don't understand what you are even getting mad about? No flame war at all, but yeah majority of people that are crying about the nerf grip since the latest patch, are the same "elitist" pulling this trolling BS on low level Jasons, where they waste the entire 20 minutes taunting him, instead of leaving for the police/boat/car, when it was available.
  13. Yeah I know that....but most people that backed the game to get Savini Jason, has probably had more than enough time to be in the 15 to 20s by now. I'm taking about just the other week ago. Most low levels that have him now have game shared to get it....so its lost its creditability now.
  14. Its mainly about having good/fun game etiquettes with the others in the lobby with you. Nobody cares to see someone run around for 20 minutes eluding a n00b Jason. Its been done before, and done to the point where it is boring. I guess if that's the type of person you want to be, then have fun...I'll only be around for one match with ya.
  15. I do believe something should be done about Savini Jason, since Microsoft and Sony dropped the ball and let most people obtain it. On top of that all the people selling it on eBay. Its kinda lost its magic now, and I don't even mess with using him anymore. This point in time, a new Jason should be given to backers, and Savini is just some future DLC. Sad, when a special version of a skin, that was "suppose" to be limited, is exploit. A few days ago I was in a lobby that had all Savini's and here I am running around with part 9 lol. Looked at some of these peoples levels and 2 to 3 of them were under level 9 hahaha.
  16. I agree with you man. Everyone complaining about the grab nerf are the same people that do this stuff. I want to finish as many matches as possible, and as quickly as possible whether its escape, death, or I massacre. Seems like sooo many people now troll Jason for 10 minutes after the cops are called and are literally doing nothing but wasting everyone's time. I've gotten use to Jasons grab now and have moved on. The two things that still bother more than whatever it is that GUN is doing to the game, are the people that do this childish stuff, and salty host rage quitters. I worry about the later far less now because I'm doing a lot more private matches now (like we had to do at launch) then QP cause of it having the worst host possible. In time, the more patches, the better the game will be. Its about near flawless to me other than children in matches, doing this stuff...and bad host. Sometimes they drop the game because of the previously mentioned behavior.
  17. With the history that PS systems have with online multiplayer (minus fighting games) I'm sure I'd be just fine. PS online gaming has always been weaker in the talent department....then xbox, and PC have the best (and the most cheaters lol). Waste of a spray and time. Other than hanging around to get in a car on Pacanak or Higgins, there is no reason to be in the main cabins, much less upstairs. You spawn by then, and see what parts are there and then leave with them. I haven't been upstairs hiding in a main cabin since a month after launch. There is no reason to be up there for more than 2 minutes tops....if any at all.
  18. Agreed! Staying upstairs in one of the main cabins is the worst ideas you could have in playing this game.
  19. Funny you should say this...because I accidently helped 2 counselors get killed last night this very way. They were running from THE MAN, and open the door to the cabin I was hiding in, only to get beared, and then watched them get their headchopped off. All the while I was hiding under a bed watching the whole thing take place. I was playing as Chad though, so technically, I was playing the role of the character exactly like I should've.
  20. Same here! I love playing with Mitch...but Debs and Chad are still my go to guy and girl. No future counselors will ever replace the CHAD! Used Fox like twice, and went right back to them. Mitch on the otherhand is fun to play with, if I feel like just relaxing and having a fun time playing.
  21. Chad's "OOOHHHH!!!" is definitely missing on the Jarvis Map intro after the previous update. I'm sure it will be back though....hoooohhhhpefully.
  22. Played last night, I saw two Tommy's hunt down Debs in the bunny outfit and shoot them down in cold blood with the shotgun....then proceeded to teabag them. I don't know if this is a thing or not, but its not the first time I've seen it down. Crazy that I saw it happen within 2 hours last night, in different lobbies, and by different players. Also once playing as Jason, I went to grab someone as Chad, and the right when I was in the animation to pick him up, he was murdered by Tommy as well....that one I actually saved a clipped to, and its pretty hilarious.
  23. Yesterday was terrible...both matches I got to play as Jason ended in the host quitting. The first, I was having the best match as Jason in my life. I only really play as part 9 now. Everything was going to plan. Phone box trap, AJ killed within 30 seconds. 2 power boxes and 1 trap by the car. 2 more dead trying to call tommy. 4 minutes in and I got 3 dead bodies. 2 minutes later I have two more down, both Vanessa, who were laying parts by the car. I go to check the boat, and BOOM the last 2 people. They both start to flee and I choose to go after Chad instead of Kenny based on speed....grab him, start ripping his jaw off, and then I get a message. "You grabbed the wrong person b****". Host quit! I couldn't believe it...I was gonna have all players wiped out in less than 8 to 9 minutes....easily my best J game to date. About 10 matches later in different lobbies I get to be Jason again, get my first kill as soon as I morph near the car. A Deb trying to install the battery already...As I start to chop off limbs to Debs bodies as part 9, BOOM, Host quit the match. MY BAD!!! I'm sorry I took out the host in the first 30 seconds Double xp and I couldn't get some mad points from being Jason, my only 2 times in 18 matches yesterday, because of salty host.
  24. Glad I don't....from what I read its a bunch of unfun and toxic players. So I'm extremely happy I'm blessed not to be playing on that system. Close to 500 matches as a counselor, and I've only died 121 times. I'd say I have a pretty successful survival rate with my tactics.
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