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  1. New holiday players are definitely doing some toxic things in QP right now. I’ve resorted to just playing with Jenny and doing my own thing....keeping to myself, taking items to objectives if they wanna use them, collecting items for myself to survive, and just ready to survive long as I can. Sadly, I’ve also learned if I’m not the host, and I’m the last one alive...I just have let myself die, because if I don’t, they will just close the lobby.

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  2. It works (offline mode) for every Jason trophy but the 500/1000 matches as it states “multiplayer match” in its description. I’m on Xbox One and I believe PhD is suppose to but it’s glitched. Many PS4 and Steam people are confirming it unlocks with offline bots but on Xbox One it is constantly giving you credit towards the achievement and then resetting back when you start a new match.

  3. 7 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    i went from 52/56 to 55/56 only with offline. on PC. I still have not the slightest clue what i miss tough. :/

    Might be the environmental kill in the graveyard. It’s one of the ones I know I’m missing cause nobody goes there, and only way I see myself getting it is to ask for help in private match....or drag a easy bot Chad all the way to it.

  4. 5 minutes ago, pApA^LeGBa said:


    Never saw them even trying a boat on any map. but there was a boat on jarvis once i think.

    this get´s boring as soon as you know the pattern of the bots on each map. they aren´t even slightly challenging unless you just started to play. it´s a good way to get used to jason controls, learn morph locations and practicing long distance kniving, that´s about it. And for PhD in murder ofc.

    Can you get the PhD in murder achievement this way? I’m on Xbox one and it keeps going up to about 76% then drops back down to 71% every time I start a new match. I’m guessing it’s an Xbox issue and you can unlock this for PS4 and steam his way? I’m only missing that one, 500/1000 matches for Jason and 1000 for counselor.

  5. 4 hours ago, MichaelMemers said:

    4 is definitely not the best on small maps. It's much easier to do objectives on small maps and part 4 has fewer traps, making it far easier to get a car started or call the police, and a poor shift which will make it difficult to stop the car.

    2 was never good against anything but inexperienced groups without mics. 7 is trash and offers nothing over part 8, who also has the water speed that I assume draws you to part 7.

    It’s all personal opinion and experience...

  6. I would have to say 6 is the weakest in the game, 7 included. I actually am very successful with part 7. I easily get 4 to 5 kills every match. All 8 if the counselors are terrible. His water speed is handy on Higgins and Crystal Lake. I got bored with Part 2-4, and have switched to using 9 and 7 the most now. 


    I voted for 6 though...low hp and his weapon is terrible.

  7. I had a similar thing happen to me. I’d grab someone and then instantly I’d drop them being stunned to what was fireworks. They would stand there and let me grab them again, and the same thing would happen. After the 5th time I knew something was up, so I let them go and....well I mean they survived. While this was happening I must of slashed them 20 times as well....they never limped or used a med spray.

  8. The “new” holiday players are a cancer at the moment. 5 matches in a row just now in QP and they are quitting. Either because they are lvl 5 and get wiped out first, or they are Jason and everyone is leaving in cars/calling police.

    Yesterday I’d say I only got to finish 4 out of 15 matches because all the children on and rage quits within 6 minutes of the match. 

    Guess it’s back to offline bots so I can get some xp since it’s not happening in multiplayer.

  9. There was probably more left around campsites. I can confirm that as Jason I’ve been hit with 6 in a match a few days ago. Counting Tommy’s 7...

    Just got done playing a QP match and found 2 in the same cabin and then one at a campsite which gave me 3 on hand.

    There is definitely a absurd amount of pocketknives now. I don’t even try bother grabbing with Jason anymore. It’s Part 4 or 3 for now on....which is sad cause I love playing with 9 the most. 

    Also the amount of holdiday children is staggering. I’ve seen it all over the forums but I didn’t get the severity of it until a few hours ago when I hopped on and played. Many of them grabbing weapons and gathering to go Jason hunting. Soon as the match would start they were already talking about where to meet up at. Jason piñata and teabags for 10 to 12 minutes straight.

  10. On 12/16/2017 at 12:31 AM, MichaelMemers said:

    Jenny is unpopular because she sucks. She's slow and her stamina isn't great either, so she's very vulnerable. The high luck doesn't make up for it because due to her slow speed she can't control the pace of chases and Jason can just approach her, bait her into attacking and then counter. She isn't very surivable and serves no group function that can't be served better by other characters.

    Kenny is a jack of all trades and many people don't like that. People who do like that probably go for Adam instead, who functionally is just Kenny with worse weapon durability but more strength. Gives them a goal to work towards. I also just find Kenny bland in general, maybe others do too.

    Lachappa is unpopular because he's the least agile character in the game and his main role, repairing, is done just as well by Deborah. Those who value weapon durability over stealth, speed and stamina may choose Lachappa, and he can be excellent in a group, better than Deborah, but for solo queue players Deborah is definitely a better choice, and she's better to look at too.

    I use LaChappa a lot more than Debra now...For some reason I have much more luck coming across boat and car parts with him. Out of all the counselors, I have the highest survival rate with him. Either because I’m with a good team, or I lone wolf it in the boat within 3 to 4 minutes in game. LaChappa and Jenny are my two favs to play with.

  11. 13 minutes ago, Psychosocial23 said:

    You do get xp from bots but obviously it's not as much as playing a real game. I've noticed that they removed some of the bonus xp rewards such as "No Survivors" at the end. 

    It is still faster to level up by playing bots even though you receive less xp. You can either spend 5 mins murdering retarded bots and average 1050 xp or play a real game and earn 500 -1850 depending on how the match goes, how long the match is and if you get to play as Jason or a counselor.

    It’s faster because you don’t have to worry about the host rage quitting and costing you all that sweet xp.

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  12. It’s almost like the game’s roll has been reversed. Now the game is Jason surviving the night from 7 counselors. He’s got 20 minutes to hide, and try to find a weakness into killing them one by one or he will be beaten, teabagged, and emote to death...while trying to survive cops, and teenagers going on boat trips escaping after violating his body. I almost feel bad for Jason and see the game as him being the hero! Somebody stop these damn kids!

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