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  1. As long the official devs statesman about balance is "Jason is fine, learn to be like a lion" nothing is going to change
  2. Any comment regard the "slight increase of item spawn at campfire" that turned out into a massive boost to counsellor ?
  3. There is a way to remap your controller/keyboard ?
  4. Yeah sadly i have to agree with you. The last two patches are a balance nightmare, but, reading their post here they claim the balance is perfectly fine and jason's players have to "git gud"
  5. I voted "yes" but what this game really need is a complete re-work, a patch dedicate only to fix bugs and rework balance. Then yes, an hard mode can be interesting but the real problem is the vision of the game the Dev team has, spawn item increase, grab's nerf, hit detection broken and many other issue everything indicate a kind of gameplay
  6. I've raun a match without using any jason's skill other than sense, no traps, no knife...still 8/8
  7. Steam Player Count...

    I don't care any more, they are going to kill their own game and that's their own fault
  8. Steam Player Count...

    Well i logged on just to finish the Virtual Cabin, had few games against the bots and i'm not going to touch this game again until they fix the multiplayer. I think many other people are doing this as well.
  9. Lets talk about the item increase

    In a quick game vs bots they were able to pick up 8 pocket knife and 4 shotgun lol If that's what you mean with "slight increase of item spawn in campfire area" i'm afraid of what may come next
  10. So let me understand, people complain because an exploit has been, finally, fixed and you cannot be untouchable anymore ?
  11. At this point i also see no reason to talk with Devs as well since, for them, the game is perfect and we just need to git gud and become a lion
  12. Sure and i can fly and cast fireball from my nose
  13. The "state of the game" right now is : nearly unplayable because awful balance and bugs