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  1. No, people are so Mad because they never come here. If they were more present people Will be more polite
  2. And when the next patch it will be ? Could you please tell us what are you working on ? Are you going to fix something ? Balance anything ? I think we deserve more information and communication from you guys. Have you seen how many people complain ? Have you seen all those post filled with suggestions, ideas, rant, etc ? Can you tell us the status of the game ? The areas of the game you are going to improve/change/rework if any ? Thanks
  3. I would like to suggest to change the traps totally. Right now you can step on the trap, unlock, heal yourself and done. IMHO, it would be better if you can't open the trap alone, you need someone to help you and, if no one come to rescue you well, you will die soon or later. In this way you are FORCED to use a pocket knife, you're FORCED to do some teamwork, you will fear the traps. If you're caught in a bear trap in real i don't think you will be able to simply open it by yourself in few second, you need help. The other option is to have a QTE based on your strength to release yourself. A mighty one may try to walk on the trap, perform a "easy" QTE and then heal himself, a weak one will be in a real danger
  4. The problem is not that someone is able to perform 8/8 or not, i can do it as well sometimes if the room is filled with new players or trolls or people who don't coordinate. The "score as Jason" is not relevant, the real problems are the incredible number of bug, people who chain stun Jason with no effort, some perks ( medic anyone ??) OP, glitches, the damn hit box, the windows bug, grab missing someone beside you, the incorrect object spawn, the silence from the devs, the ruined atmosphere of Friday 13th where now you have stupid people dancing while they wear a silly Halloween costume because they are not afraid of Jason anymore. Then we could discuss if the grab range is wrong or not, traps stacking, item visible on the map and more and more but the real issue right now is we have a game where a guy with a funny mask try to kill 7 person and those person are not afraid of that guy because bugs, balance issue and more. What we want is a game where there is a big fucking unstoppable killing machine called Jason that butcher anyone on his path and the 7 people must work together to survive. Right now there is no fun to play as Jason because he is not what we want, he is not that unstoppable killing machine, he is not feared. Right now is no fun to play as counselor because well..who is afraid of a guy with a funny mask when i can outrun him, chain stun him, i have a magic barrier around me when i jump through a window and i wear a bunny costume ?
  5. Just add a third step OR make mandatory to use a pocket knife to open the phone box
  6. And those are just few things broken right now, the list is longer
  7. This game gas so many issues, bug, glitches and balance problem but the real problem here is the complete lack of communication from the dev
  8. Then, in this situation ( and come on, how many time you have seen all those things happen in the same game ?) you have to die, simple. Also, moving the time in favor of Jason will reduce people just abusing the windows mechanic, the infinite sprint and all the other exploit ( yes i call exploit ) we face every game
  9. This game has so many issues, bugs, glitches, balance problem, exploit and more that single player is probably the last important thing to add. And no one from the developer team is going to give you an answer
  10. i see bullshit like those in almost every game. Hit detection totally broken, counselor able to hit behind doors and so on. This is not the game i've paid for
  11. That's the only way to prevent Tommy to leave. Tommy have to stay and die until everyone has escaped, if someone is alive Tommy simply cannot leave the camp
  12. THIS Please fix those damn things. I'm so tired to see ANY counselor hitting Jason and stun him every single damn time, this make no sense AT ALL. I'm tired to miss someone right in front of me because the hit detection is broken. People jumping 10 times in a broken windows suffer no damage, combat stance to destroy door that lock you in silly animations while, counselor to the other side are able to hit and stun you and more. The problem is not the grab range or the trap stacking, the problem is that Jason is bugged, the grab cone wide is silly, the weapon damage/range is wrong, and so on
  13. Not sure if this is a problem with every Jason or only with part 3 Jason but, if you're in CS and try to break the door, sometimes your weapon get stuck in the door with a very long animation ( looks like the same one you have when try to destroy and empty wardrobe ). This is something like a "stun" because you're lock in this animation ( few seconds ) and the door is not even damaged.
  14. Double traps : no Add a third step or rework the police call : yes Rework how trap work : yes
  15. i'd like to see more Jason's death mode but only if one method is allowed in a game, when the game begin, only the item required for one type of death spawn.