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  1. OP is self centered about this issue. There is a 2 minute break for a reason. Sometimes people want to grab a snack or drink, take a piss, or check player ratings/change counsellor. The game auto readies up at roughly 1 : 30 seconds. Its not long to wait. Sure, if people are doing nothing then they should ready up, but many people will hit ready when they are actually ready, which is the entire point.
  2. The article is somewhat slanted but is also quite respectful. It merely lists the history of major content and patches with a general summary of the community reaction to both. Slanted? Yes. Full of vitriol? Not even close. The article never once makes things up, goes crazy being overdramatic, or resorts to childish name calling. The worst posters here who really are full of bias vitriol do all of those things on a regular basis. The article never does any of this.
  3. I used to do this challenge, but after getting to around 100 it just wasn't practical... so I settled on 3 a week until I hit 150.
  4. Squirrels that are casually munching on acorns and suddenly scramble up the nearest tree, as if they sensed someone coming...
  5. Yes, for me it isn't so much about the lack of customized cars, rather that a feature was promised and then dropped without a trace.
  6. Totally forgot about that. That would have been cool. Way to call them out on that.
  7. I'm right there with you. Iplay through Silent Hill 1 - 3 every couple of years.
  8. Great point. Most of those would be single player games though, right? Still, content updates are not a necessity. The soul of the game should keep people around as it is a unique experience.
  9. I see this as a possibility of the end looming, but I also think we can march on and enjoy the game anyways. Great thread, @AldermachXI
  10. I can see the price cut in half in about a month, but that still won't sustain the game longterm. Even if they were able to get the Grendel map out to provide the game with a fresh aesthetic, that might have been enough. As it is now this is a wonderful game but it is mostly one dimensional. Its not going to go poof as if a magician snapped his fingers, but it also isn't going to win a marathon without any legs. I'll always come back to it once a week or so, but the days of me playing every day or two are already gone.
  11. This is a sad, sad day. Buf fixes always should have been priority, but the game is finally in a decent state and we really needed at least Grendel & Uber to liven things up. The game, on console at least, was so close to being stabilized. Sad day. I'll keep playing casually, but that is really too bad.
  12. How Jason handles Jason hunters in game has to depend quite a bit on the skill of the player playing Jason though, and the skill of the counsellor players, unless you are talking about single player then yes Jason would always slaughter everyone. Otherwise, great points about new kills and more fear inspiring traps : ) i'd love a trap that hangs counsellors upside down temporarily and in first person view, causing no damage but requiring another counsellor to free them. Otherwise they are left hanging for about 30 seconds and Jason can simply walk up and press x to execute an environmental kill on them.
  13. That is purely due to film and budget contraints, so sets were copied and reused. You have a keen eye and wonderdul behind the scenes knowledge , but the audience is meant to think of it as a new residence. That was what the script and plot called for. In game, they would be going off of the story canon and jazzing it up a bit, not the fact that the producers copied a set to help cut budget corners.
  14. Long post warning. Most Jasons can deal with groups if they try a new tactic or are good enough. Its not impossible or even overly difficult for Jason to do so. If really good counsellor players beat up on an average Jason for a while... That is just the nature of being better than someone. And even then Jason will likely get the last kill. Jason should feel like a tank 90% of the time but that doesn't mean he should always be played like one. Jason can get stunned, but he can always get back up again (if he is even knocked down). He does get rage, and if he trades damage with counsellors long enough the counsellors will usually die. If you want the variables of skill and player personality removed, then bots and single player are finally here. There's no shame in that, but an online game that pits people against other people is never going to be a pure Jason slaughter simulator... With that said, I will take a crack at discussing some suggestions for improving group combat before I abandon this thread. It would also be interesting to discuss group combat from the counsellor perspective, but i'm going to leave that for another time. @HuDawg and @AdrianBlackbear and @Bropollocreed79 and @Alkavian for good measure. Here goes... @HuDawg, the reason (I) disagree with your solutions is that they affect the game too much outside of group combat, even though you say Jason being beat on by groups is your main concern. So I will explain why and make my own honest to goodness suggestion to help Jason with groups because I do agree that it can get silly sometimes, although I don't often have trouble with groups myself. 5 second heal time would alienate plenty of players, because players can need to heal for a variety of reasons other than in group combat. A stun meter is similar. These suggestions are decent for group combat, but not all interactions with Jason come in the group setting and these suggestions would swing balance too far in Jasons favor outside of group combat, making the online game too similar to a single player Jason mode. One on one or even two on one, Jason is going to destroy most counsellors already. Its groups of four or more that enter "gang bang" territory. But I'll roll with it if you really want to talk "sensible" solutions... How do you all feel about a knockback ability that fills up much like shift or morph, and fills up faster when Jason has rage? When full, Jason can use it to forcefully knock back any and all players in his immediate vicinity, and seperate them a few feet from each other (so he could still get a grab kill but they could also get a save if they react quick enough). This keeps Jason gameplay uncomplicated by just adding the ability to his basic moveset. Now, perhaps it stuns the counsellors but Jason also needs to recover from the animation before he can move his feet (he could still use all his abilities like shift and morph though, but we can't just give him a free kill). An aggressive Jason could risk using shift to get a kill, or use shift/morph to leave & come back to catch the group offguard or attempt to stop an objective if he needs to. At the very least it would break up a stun fest and give Jason a chance before the next one begins. OR perhaps Jason can move right away so he wont need to shift at counsellors if he wants to go strait for a kill after knocking the counsellors back. Of course in this case the counsellors would also be able to move so Jason would need to react fast enough to get them while they are temporarily extra vulnerable. OR this move would be one time use only in the match, but it would render all counsellors in his immediate vicinity stunned for about 5 - 10 seconds (5 seconds for running Jasons, 10 for walking Jasons). A well timed shift or run could give Jason 1 easy kill. This would help a bad Jason up their kill count or help any Jason avoid being killed themselves if they save it for Tommy or Sweater girl. Of course, Jason would have to keep in mind how many pocket knives have been used up to this point. He could also get several slashes on someone if he is efficient. Any one of these knockback abilities would give Jason a better way of managing groups, but it would not make the game easier for him or harder for counsellors in other situations that don't involve groups. Group combat would be less ridiculous and general balance would be preserved. @HuDawg If it really is that you want group play to be less silly, this is a viable solution that helps Jason WITHOUT screwing over counsellors (actual balance) and I could get on board with it. Either way, I doubt it will happen though.
  15. I'd recommend just morph and stalk shift. Or just stalk. Rinse and repeat. I believe that extreme changes that fix crowd control but create tedious ripple affects for either side should be avoided. Focusing on fair changes that help fix an issue without creating other issues. Playing Jason only requires intricate knowledge in that situation, which does not come up as often as claimed. Dont get me wrong though. I am all for a tactic that helps Jason deal with groups. I would welcome that to his ability-set, but requiring counsellors to build a stun meter to get one succesful stun, or tripling the heal time is not the answer to gangbangs. Its one thing to improve jasons ability with groups. Lets make that happen. Its another thing to just whine about the game being too hard for Jason and suggest changes that screw over all non Jason fanboys with match long repercussions Solutions and suggestions are good, but sensible non bias solutions.
  16. Okay... But its not as if Jason does not have the abilities to deal with gangs. He does. Whether the player controlling Jason can use them to effectively deal with groups is another issue entirely. Also, yes you are bias. You can play both sides and still be bias. Saying its by "jasons rules" is literally a bias. It isnt wrong. Nothing wrong with being bias, as long as you can own it. But you are bias. By saying "i only want one side buffed and its that sides rules we shouldplay by" is essentially admitting to a bias. I am all for changes that help Jason deal with groups but we need to be very careful that they dont otherwise make it tedious for the other side. For example: Giving jason some kind of spin move that he needs to charge just like any other ability is fine. That way he can temporarily break up crowds, but gameplay in general can remain balanced. 5 second healing would not work because it would also make playing the game tedious for any new players, solo players, or players who dont play in active groups. There is a cause and effect of any changes that we need to be aware of. We can implement changes to help Jason deal with groups, but we have to consider how they affect everything else as well. Some changes can help Jason deal with groups without making other aspects of the game tedious. That is balance.
  17. That is literally what I said. Cater to a middle ground, which is essentially what we have now. Hence why balance is goodISH. Dont cater to noobs, but dont cater to your organized 150 friends either. Cater to niether. If we buff Jason so that he can better deal with organized groups in any way that affects non organized groups, we are doing just as much damage to the game as a whole as we are fixing it. If we buff counsellors to make it easier for noobs, then we are doing damage as well. That is why minor changes (for both sides) and free of bias are the only real option. Now that said, a really good Jason can still get kills against good players. Right now, how good a Jason does is dependent on: skill of jason, skill of counsellors, strategizing, and luck. That seems about right to me.
  18. Thank you for actually recognizing how bias works. That is so refreshing. There's nothing wrong with being bias except when posters try to pass themselves off as unbias to validate a bias argument. Its pretty human though, so many posters do it.
  19. Sure, but this is all 150 high end players as you said yourself. Newer players would likely desire the opposite (give or take). I have friends who are under level 20 and find it impossible to survive against any decent Jason. They tell me they want nerfs jor Jason and buffs to counsellors. i also have 150 high end friends who want what you say. The truth, and the balance, should be in the middle... which is roughly what we have now. We can't cater 100% to the 150's like us and alienate the casuals and new players. We also should not cater to the noobs and alienate the vets. Thus, a middle ground is required. Back when there were increased pocket knives and sprays and guns that was catering to counsellors and it sucked. It was awful. Then items and weapons were reduced and Jason was given more throwing knives and a speed increase. Right now, things are somewhat balanced. Is it perfect? No. Does it need tweaking? Sure. For both sides, even. Are drastic changes necessary just to please players who are entrenched on one side or another? No.
  20. You are right about that. You did not demand, at least not in that post. I was lumping you in with others and you have my apology for that. Thats my point. It can go on for a while but after a while it will go in favor of most competent Jasons. So why does it really matter then? It becomes a complaint that A) counsellors made Jason look stupid and B ) then he made them look dumb and dead. Other things he can do: block, knife, shift combo, stalk combo, not be a bull. I would be in favor of a simple push back move on cool down that he can use, but that is about it. It would need only to make him look less stupid but not make it ant easier for him, which is a very fine line.
  21. Agreed with most of your post. And I absolutely think the devs favor counsellors in some ways. I also think they favor Jason in others, but at the end of the day they favor counsellors more when it comes to small things. We could go back in forth with examples of favoritism to both sides forever. But in the end I would agree that small things favor counsellors. But I think this is because Jason always, always has the ability to kill a counsellor with the press of a button, or 3-4 presses of melee. Counsellors cannot negate that. They can try and they might succeed, but Jason is always favored when it comes to big things. He is cabable of killing a counsellor in a matter of seconds. Thus, a good Jason should always be able to get a handful of kills. Just because a group of counsellors decide to try their luck and beat on Jason doesn't really change anything. At the end of the day if the Jaaon player is better than them he will at least get some kills because of the big things in his favor. The devs want it to be hard for Jason to get 8/8 and easy for a few counsellors to escape, with everything else being left up to skill and luck. The game is not perfectly balanced. I myself think Jasons grab should be widened. But overall it is pretty balanced and demanding major changes (the op demanded a stun bar that counsellors have to fill just to get a stun off on Jason) is where bias comes in. I am all for minor changes, but not major ones.
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