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  1. Happened to me on Thursday. Rolled Legendary Adrenaline Rush and Legendary Quiet Swimmer.
  2. Of course, but that's you... most Jasons dont have that confidence. In most scenarios, Jason being hit through doors was beneficial to counsellors (easy demask, bullying etc). Sure, some Jasons liked it or benefited from it in certain scenarios, but generally it was a counsellor exploit that has now been removed.
  3. That is not irrelevant. Tons of players exploited door combat to stun and to demask Jason as well as farm stamina and those options were removed. That was in his favor. I am not saying it should be harder for Jason. He should be favored every match, but there were some changes in the update in his favor and just because they dont work with your narrative doesnt mean you can magically wave them away as irrelevant.
  4. Wouldnt be shocked if a couple of these were shills but I am sure many are just new players or posters spurred on by the update.
  5. A couple things that really unvalidate the OP Calling this the best kickstarter game ever Calling this the greatest horror game ever (with EVER in all caps) Still nice to see some positivity though.
  6. Anyone else on PS4 notice that every once in a while a weapon just won't stun now? I had game where I hit Jason 6 times with the same bat. It never broke, but also never stunned. Just now, I saw a Chad hit Jason with a pot a whopping 11 times... no stun and no break. After the game, the Jason said he was feeling the hits too, so it doesn't appear to be a latency issue although that is feasible. Kind of interesting, adds to the tension... you have a 5% chance of picking up a fungo bat!
  7. I would state this patch is 60/40 (60 in favor of counsellors) and 40 in favor of Jason. A big change against Jason is the grab, but two big changes in his favor are that he can no longer be hit through doors at all, and weapon swapping (although weapon swapping is only available to some players)
  8. CPLhicks31

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Unfortunately nope, I am on ps4. It just happens to people in various amounts. I have frienda who it happens to 50% of the time and friends who have never experienced it. But I got the short end of the stick... Every time. Oh well. Another glitch I have experienced. Since the update, roughly half the time I place a bear trap I will lose function of the X button for the rest of the match. Very limiting as well.
  9. I know. This irks me. I always loved the satisfaction of the door fortification sound. The sound of temporary relief!
  10. I completely agree here. Distance is fine but it is too narrow. A player can be just off centre right next to jason and not get grabbed.
  11. The OP was making good points until he resorted to calling people shitheads and retards. Now the thread comes across poorly.
  12. this. exactly. as for teaming. I dont really mind if someone makes some spontaneous, outlandish deal with Jason. That might even spice up the game. But when someone is logging side to side with jason, checking their map and telling him where others are, and body blocking exits for counsellors etc... that should still be in the code of conduct.
  13. CPLhicks31

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Indeed, I will.
  14. CPLhicks31

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    It breaks my matches, so I beg to differ... but I also respect your opinion and that of the devs.
  15. CPLhicks31

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Please reread my post. In my example, I was not at the phone fuse with the new players. The trap at the phone fuse was not even the problem. I was at the car, using the start up sound as a distraction to lure Jason to the car so that I could get out and distract him. I needed to pull him from the others and take up his time so that his morph would be unavailable to him when the others took the trap at the phone box, and since there were no traps at the car there was no way for me to get his attention other than getting in and starting the car (using the engine start up noise as a trick to lure him), and then getting out to fight him when he showed up. Hypo and Medic do not help with the rubber band glitch in that situation (I run with them as well). What I'm saying is, if I ever want to distract Jason by starting up the car, I can't anymore. If I ever want to start the car without driving it, I can't anymore. These are scenarios that come up for me often and I'm the one who experiences the glitch every time, which is why I consider it game breaking. It's not up to you to consider it game breaking because you don't experience it every time as I do. Edit: and no, it isn't game-breaking technically but it is "match-breaking", as in it is a glitch that actually changes what people see on their screen and makes it so that they can only travel within a three step box. That is pretty damn "broken", but I do respect our different definitions. That's fair enough. When you play the game as often as I did, you're going to start to think outside the box more and want to use the car for other purposes beyond just driving strait to the exit. When that happens, the glitch severely affects the game. Until then, good luck with your escapes.