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  1. Agreed. Cheesy, yes. Big deal, no.
  2. I am on ps4. I hear you man. I get that too. Host quit, connection quit all the time. But that should be almost sorted out by the time weapon swap comes around. And I do concur that levelling up takes too long once you get up to around 90. It shouldn't slow down so much. If it were up to me, uber Jason would be 101, and weapon swap would be from the get go (as each Jason becomes available). There just needs to be something cool at the end, or near the end of the grind, and whatever it is some people will get angry that they don't have it. But uber would be better because he isn't really a gameplay feature the way weapon swapping is.
  3. On ps4, I can hold down the button to morph or shift while stunned, and then only have to tap one button to do so. This gets me out of these situations pretty quickly. But I have to be fast, calm, and committed to turning tail. That's where the issue lies with many players. They get frustrated and want to wait and see if there will be a moment to get in a slash, or they try and choose where to morph to etc.
  4. Well it IS a key aspect. It might not be an aspect you like, but levelling up is a part of the game that unlocks the counsellors you use, Jasons, and CP, so you might not like it but it is absolutely a key aspect. Plus, there is an actual perk dedicated to grinding. Two hours a day is great. That's about how much I play and I am 150. Every once in a while take a weekend day and play all day. You'll shoot up 5 levels right there. Double xp weekend? A new player can go 0- 30 or higher pretty quickly. Now I do agree that it takes too long to level up in this game at the later stages. I'm with you on that, absolutely, but if you keep playing you will be at 101 in a weel or two. A level a day keeps impatience away.
  5. I don't doubt you. My complaint was more for other players who don't keep those things in mind (I tried to mention that), you are always a reasonable poster!
  6. People love to comment lately about how often they are getting stunned as Jason. its really frustrating getting stunned consecutively, but terms like "Perma-Stun" and "Stun-locked" get thrown around sometimes which is rather overdramatic. I was stunned six or seven times in a minute the other day, and it was the most i'd ever been stunned in a short time span, but i'd hardly call it a lock. The lobby was going for a kill and I could have turned tail, but I was pretty sure I could scatter them, so I saved shift in case my mask came off and stuck it out. I got lucky and their morale cracked once buggzy found himself bear hugged. I am curious as to what your worst experiences being stunned are? Fifty times in one match? Ten times in a minute? 4 -5 stuns equates to maybe 30 seconds of game time, but terms such as perma-stun seem to imply that the game is broken. In reality, it is usually a group of smart coordinated counsellors that are keeping Jason preoccupied after Jason has backed himself into a corner. Furthermore, many of these instances occur next to objectives such as a working car, so that if Jason really wanted to avoid the stuns he could leave, but he won't because it means he would be giving up the objective. So what's your worst stun experience and be honest, was there a way you could have prevented it? For me, it's almost always my own fault for ignoring that instinctual itch telling me to morph to the 4 seater. By the time I get there its an all out war that I probably could have prevented, or at least made better for myself.
  7. Stalk- shift over and over again should get this done, IF he is picking out the right people around the edges. Not saying it would result in a clean 8/8, but if he spams morph plus stalk-shift every chance he can get he probably would have gotten more than 1. I know you said he did stalk shift, but he should have been doing it over and over. Also, did he not use or collect knives? Some counsellors did this to me the the other day and while I had a pretty "meh" game I was patient and still got 5/8.
  8. See, while 4-5 stuns is frustrating, I don't find it to be a stun "lock". 4 -5 stuns equates to less than 30 seconds of game time. I'm not saying that you don't know this, but what gets frustrating about people who complain about "stun locks" and "chain stuns" is that these same players often state that Jason can be "perma" stunned or whine that they get "Stuck" in stun loops. These terms seem to state that the game is broken or that Jason gets stuck in one spot for an entire match, utterly helpless. In reality, it is usually a group of smart coordinated counsellors that keep Jason preoccupied. Furthermore, many of these instances occur next to objectives such as a car, so that if Jason really wanted to avoid the stuns he could leave, but he won't because it means he would be giving up the objective, so instead he stays put and gets stunned again, or grabs for a counsellor with a knife that is baiting him. It just amounts to complaining. Again, i'm not saying that is the case with you, it's just the case with others often enough that gets a bit eye rolling when people keep complaining that they spent entire matches perma stunned. Its more of a player issue than a game issue. If they back themselves into a corner as Jason against a good group of counsellors, of course they are going to get stunned a handful of times in a row. Then they come here up in arms about it.
  9. In high octane lobbies like this, the difference between a solid 6 -8/8 or a measly 2-4/8 can be so slim, too. Just a couple decisions, or a moment of good or bad luck can be the difference between a crap game and a slaughterhouse for Jason.
  10. Those Jason(s)....

    I main Jenny. If Jason tunnelled me at the beginning of the game i would be happy because A) This gives the team time to get objectives complete (which even happened in your game) B ) Jason doesn't have shift at the start so he is easy to run away from. Don't be mad at Jason for trying to kill you. Instead of complaining about it, make him regret it
  11. I use bear hug as my only semi-quick kill. Jason absolutely should need space to execute certain kills. This makes tapping out a slim possibility and promotes strategy for both Jason and a counsellor. The problem with choke isn't that every jason uses them in close quarters, it's that they use them when they could have space for other kills. That's when choke becomes redundant.
  12. 80% of the good content in this game are available before level 40, we're just suggesting 101, which isn't even that high. This is not a "grinding game" but it isn't really the opposite, either. Grinding is still a key aspect of the game. We are suggesting ONE thing be available 49 levels BEFORE max level, and you can't wait that long? Hell, by the time weapon swap is implemented you could be another 20 levels higher. There needs to be some kind of carrot for players to work towards. That said, if it was me I'd have uber Jason at 101 and weapon swap available as each Jason is unlocked. Fair for everyone.
  13. Counselors relationships

    Some people use their imaginations, just for fun. I am a fiction writer in my spare time so theorizing about characters is natural. Its just fluff. Some people take it really seriously though.
  14. Yes I am that Cpl Hicks ; ) I think stones would be a bit gimmicky, but I concur a way to defend yourself while taking an objective item would be nice. I think you should just be able to carry small weapons in your other hand, so wrench, pot, pan, flaregun.
  15. The 2 x 4 is one of the blandest weapons out there. Really ought to be replaced by a shovel or something. I have had fun beating Jason with a sauce pot.