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  1. OP is self centered about this issue. There is a 2 minute break for a reason. Sometimes people want to grab a snack or drink, take a piss, or check player ratings/change counsellor. The game auto readies up at roughly 1 : 30 seconds. Its not long to wait. Sure, if people are doing nothing then they should ready up, but many people will hit ready when they are actually ready, which is the entire point.
  2. The article is somewhat slanted but is also quite respectful. It merely lists the history of major content and patches with a general summary of the community reaction to both. Slanted? Yes. Full of vitriol? Not even close. The article never once makes things up, goes crazy being overdramatic, or resorts to childish name calling. The worst posters here who really are full of bias vitriol do all of those things on a regular basis. The article never does any of this.
  3. I used to do this challenge, but after getting to around 100 it just wasn't practical... so I settled on 3 a week until I hit 150.
  4. Squirrels that are casually munching on acorns and suddenly scramble up the nearest tree, as if they sensed someone coming...
  5. Yes, for me it isn't so much about the lack of customized cars, rather that a feature was promised and then dropped without a trace.
  6. Totally forgot about that. That would have been cool. Way to call them out on that.
  7. I'm right there with you. Iplay through Silent Hill 1 - 3 every couple of years.
  8. Great point. Most of those would be single player games though, right? Still, content updates are not a necessity. The soul of the game should keep people around as it is a unique experience.
  9. I see this as a possibility of the end looming, but I also think we can march on and enjoy the game anyways. Great thread, @AldermachXI
  10. I can see the price cut in half in about a month, but that still won't sustain the game longterm. Even if they were able to get the Grendel map out to provide the game with a fresh aesthetic, that might have been enough. As it is now this is a wonderful game but it is mostly one dimensional. Its not going to go poof as if a magician snapped his fingers, but it also isn't going to win a marathon without any legs. I'll always come back to it once a week or so, but the days of me playing every day or two are already gone.
  11. This is a sad, sad day. Buf fixes always should have been priority, but the game is finally in a decent state and we really needed at least Grendel & Uber to liven things up. The game, on console at least, was so close to being stabilized. Sad day. I'll keep playing casually, but that is really too bad.
  12. How Jason handles Jason hunters in game has to depend quite a bit on the skill of the player playing Jason though, and the skill of the counsellor players, unless you are talking about single player then yes Jason would always slaughter everyone. Otherwise, great points about new kills and more fear inspiring traps : ) i'd love a trap that hangs counsellors upside down temporarily and in first person view, causing no damage but requiring another counsellor to free them. Otherwise they are left hanging for about 30 seconds and Jason can simply walk up and press x to execute an environmental kill on them.
  13. That is purely due to film and budget contraints, so sets were copied and reused. You have a keen eye and wonderdul behind the scenes knowledge , but the audience is meant to think of it as a new residence. That was what the script and plot called for. In game, they would be going off of the story canon and jazzing it up a bit, not the fact that the producers copied a set to help cut budget corners.
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