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  1. Rename the Games

    The most fitting name for this game would actually be MANHUNT.. basically the game is about 7 teenagers who hunt down a man in a hockey mask and kill him…..
  2. F13 original artwork

    I'll have to keep that in mind.would you care to share some of your artwork here?
  3. F13 original artwork

    I did not like digital drawing at first but when I started doing, comic books I fell in love with it.. Now I have a hard time going back to traditional paper and pen.
  4. F13 original artwork

    ...No it's definitely not a 3D render on. it's a 2d drawing using Photoshop techniques to get the look that it has. I draw most everything in manga Studio But I did use some 3D assistance with backgrounds
  5. F13 Game App Update 2

    do you have a video of the gameplay?
  6. I wouldn't the fps view is why I hate playing the killer on dbd...
  7. F13 original artwork

    looks cool do you have any more work?
  8. My Fanart

    these look cool... are you using poser 11?
  9. What kind of music do you like?

    any thing Meat Loaf..
  10. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. Wait aren't the developers adding sex to the SP challenge mode ? I agree with the OP think this has always been the one thing that was missing a Jason game should be an overall hardcore experience in my opinion.
  12. Super religious people who judge you

    My wife's parents are very religious and I have dealt with this quite a bit myself.I do believe in God but I think that some Christians have invented their own version of him.
  13. Disney's Next Big buy

    That's why I'm not buying their products now. I used to buy there WWE game every year but I quit buying them after they started removing Hulk Hogan .And trying to erase his legacy from the WWE.
  14. Man I wish there was a Jason movie I hadn't seen yet. most fans have mixed reactions to part 7 but it's probably my second or third favorite Jason movie and I actually think it was the last movie that was Made that stayed within the Cannon.
  15. Disney's Next Big buy

    Yeah I agree 100% I quit watching like 8 years ago but from time to time I'll go back and watch the older footage I like the Monday Night War and stuff.