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  1. Faverite WWF/WWE Wrestler

  2. F13 original artwork

    It's not dead yet. I encourage anyone who has f13 artwork to post it here
  3. F13 original artwork

    Wow that Looks epic. did you do this in photoshop?
  4. I believe Jason was always Superhuman which would explain why he was able to be resurrected in Jason part 6 because the only explanation they really gave us he was hit by lightning and according to Freddy versus Jason his gift was Always that he could never die
  5. Well it was believable that someone could survive those things the way they're presented in the movie. I just couldn't see Jason 6 or 7 falling to the ground after being hit with a pocket knife in the leg. in fact if they do the pocket knife animation with Roy where he pulls a knife from his neck it will look completely stupid. that's just my opinion
  6. No one said had to be realistic but it needs to At least fit in the Friday 13th universe in Friday the 13th Part 4 Trish did jump out of a window and survive and still got away from Jason.
  7. He was but that was by an army. roy went down pretty hard after Tommy got him in the leg with the pocket knife.
  8. He was but that was by an army. roy went down pretty hard after Tommy got him in the leg with the pocket knife.
  9. So what happen if Roy is shot with a gun? he is Human after all.
  10. Rename the Games

    The most fitting name for this game would actually be MANHUNT.. basically the game is about 7 teenagers who hunt down a man in a hockey mask and kill him…..
  11. F13 original artwork

    I'll have to keep that in mind.would you care to share some of your artwork here?
  12. F13 original artwork

    I did not like digital drawing at first but when I started doing, comic books I fell in love with it.. Now I have a hard time going back to traditional paper and pen.
  13. F13 original artwork

    ...No it's definitely not a 3D render on. it's a 2d drawing using Photoshop techniques to get the look that it has. I draw most everything in manga Studio But I did use some 3D assistance with backgrounds
  14. F13 Game App Update 2

    do you have a video of the gameplay?