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  1. Well the fact that they got rid of kane was a big turn-off, to start out with but the movie studios seem to be horribly disrespectful to the fans of the Friday the 13th franchise' there's absolutely nothing about the character in this movie that make’s me think Jason. They were completely Obsessed with Jason showing some kind of emotion which just goes to show us the director and a movie studio didn't understand a franchise in the first place, and should have never had any kind of control over it. And I hated the design of Jason in fvj that dumb jacket they put on him and now everyone makes Jason with that dumb jacket.. overall' I'll still watch the movie but it's like Batman versus Superman it's not a great movie but it does have Batman and Superman on the screen at the same time.
  2. Super excited for this one, I just Hope they don't make him cgi
  3. This is one of the issues that, I have always had with dbd and also most of the Dlc Horror Icon's are from the remakes.
  4. I love Hellraiser . But over time they have ruined his character.
  5. No thank you because this game has been out for over a year now and it is a glitchy mess I prefer them to get professionals to make a Halloween game..
  6. to me this is what' sit Friday 13 apart from them other games ..for some reason gun media is the only one that thought if I'm playing as the killer I might want to be able to see the Killer I hate playing games in the first person perspective in yet most of the slasher genre outside of Friday the 13th is FPS...
  7. Consoles require certification if Jason X is not working right and they tried to bundle it in with the last update it may not have met the game console requirements... And we wouldn't have any new content.
  8. It was better then Rambo for the PC...but not as good as Scarface for the ps2
  9. I thought this at first but from what I've heard on Twitter earlier today that the Friday the 13th puzzle game was also hit with the same thing..
  10. I'm not asking for any money back I feel like I've got my money's worth out of the game, I'm just saying for people that came into the game late it should be completely possible for them to get their money back if they bought the game on the assumption that that map would be completed... I mean a few months ago if you bought the game you probably thought all there's going to be new game mode coming to it there's going to be a ton of content added to the game that's called false advertising….
  11. Everyone saying that you played so many hours so you got your money worth well let me just say this $40 or even 60 is a hell of a steep price for a game rental when I buy games because I want to be able to play them. I've bought games for $30 back in 2010 that I can still go back and play, right now unfortunately because this game only has one really solid game mode on it which requires online play they should consider giving people their money back that bought the game on the idea that the game was going to be Completed.
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