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  1. Me too when ever team killing was allowed The only people I was ever purposely killed by. was streamers They did it trying to show off in front of a little fan base, And they still do it with the car If they have the chance
  2. I think it has have something to do with how lucky your character is, because I mostly use chad and every time I've used him, It’s almost always startsme out near a cabin with a pocket knife in it.
  3. it's not that uncommon anymore I found 3 a few days ago, and I always find at least one pre Match
  4. No they broke Jason Grab Range, just look around on youtube, the game is becoming a dead by daylight clone...
  5. I made this for an fb group
  6. at this point I would like to see whats all on that list because I haven't seen any fixes
  7. This game should have been sold as as an early access game, it's still far from a full game
  8. What I think with the game developers underestimated the most had very little to do with the game mechanics, they underestimated the fact that online games bring out tons of trolls, people that have no interest in actually playing the game, but just play to mess with people, I noticed after team killing was taken out for the game, The number of people playing on Steam went significantly lower...I also bet they never thought people would be teaming up with Jason….
  9. Trolls are 60% of what makes this game suck, we would still have team killing if not for Trolls
  10. Yep Jason can't move a table or Break It , but he can stop a car with his bare hands
  11. That's a great idea
  12. Anyone planning on creating any cool mods when single player Or bot Mode comes out on PC?
  13. I don't think they want to answer for that last update
  14. We don't need the old grab back, but this grab also need to be fixed