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  1. Utterly disappointed I was hyped for the weapon swaps, I’ve played all weekend and have only advanced 4 level, I’m 78 now, I’m never going to be able to use the awesome feature as I work, I guess my only choice would be to play a double xp weekend from start to finish without eating, please consider lowering the level cap.
  2. Seems I'll be dropping my sence avoidence build then, I have to try and hunt for light foot next.
  3. I've never had light foot either, love the game hate the perk system, overall are sence avoidence perks worth it ?
  4. Thanks for the replies I literally just joined the forums to get straight answers to these questions, I'm trying to use AJ with low profile and level headed I don't have home body yet.
  5. It's pretty ambitious, so if I'm standing to I get the chance to avoid it.
  6. What exactualy hides you from Jason's sence, what stops a house glowing red ? And the low profile perk does it only work if you crouch ?
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