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  1. I'm not a fan of this mechanic, counselors can stun Jason through both windows and doors. Some people are very good at this and can one hit you ever time and get an easy stun. Yeah Jason can clip a counselor through the door but they have to be right up on it or you have to stand at an angle as Jason to get a standard combat swing and hope your weapon just doesn't bounce off the door frame. I had a Chad run me around for a good stretch must have stunned me more then 10 times easy just by hitting me through windows and doors. He would jump in a cabin I would smash a window then BAM stunned next window same thing. Get to the door, get stunned he would run to the next cabin and just repeat. Lucky for me he was the last kill and I got him by shifting in front of him and blocking his path to the next window. But he survived a long time just stunning me through windows and doors it's very frustrating as Jason and in my opinion is a bit of a cheap tactic. As Jason you are basically defenseless against it. If Jason's weapon didn't bounce off the door frame so much in combat stance you could guard against a cheap stun, but that's not the case.
  2. Yeah I got PhD in murder with offline bots as well on PS4. Funny, all I needed was the generic choke kill you start the game with never used it in online play, thought it was to easy. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out which kill I hadn't done then just tried that one and got the trophy. Totally forgot I had never used it.
  3. I'm going to start by saying again nothing I say in these post is meant to insult you, just so we're clear. The reason your logic is not sound is that the devs of the game have already addressed the "issue" of Jason stacking multiple traps on one win con with the last patch. I call it an "issue" because it really wasn't an issue, it was a change most people seem to agree was for the worse. Since now it's almost impossible to set more then one effective trap on a win con, in your original post like I said in all likely hood two of the three traps were bad. In your scenario you did the right thing by tanking two of them, you just didn't do the eluding Jason when he shows up part right. That's fine it happens but to suggest the traps need to be looked at again because of it not being fair to counselors is wrong. I've already had the argument of why Jason being able to use multiple traps on one win con is completely fair and well within reason. So I don't really feel like doing it again as the last guy couldn't properly rebut any of my arguments and just resorted to cheap insults to feel like he won. I don't think you would do that cause you seem more reasonable however, beating a Jason who multi traps was easy with team work, communication and perk combos is the short answer for why I don't think multi trapping is a bad thing. If Jason's decides to unload all of his traps on one win con, there are two win cons that are left completely unprotected so I don't see any balance being upset either. You have two easy ways to escape a bunch of traps at one spot doesn't take that away from you. As far as Jason being able to clear a room using his other abilities and not traps, yes it can happen I've seen it several times as well. Again however that doesn't mean the current trap system is not fair to counselors. Another statement the devs made about this game before its full release if I remember correctly was an experienced Jason player should kill five to all counselors in every match. Should it be difficult to the point of being frustrating to survive Jason? No. Should it be a challenge? Yes. With the current trap system and the ease in which counselors can get around them it's not at all difficult to survive Jason. As far as your proposed idea of how disabling traps should work, you're on the right path you're just not there yet. Here's why, there is no real sacrifice or risk for the counselor who's disabling the trap. Ok so he/she is vulnerable while doing it, ok but you're vulnerable while fixing the car, boat or phone box. There are signals that alert you to Jason's presence and you could just stop and run away. This is already an element of the game and to apply it to the traps would make them more in favor of the counselors then they already are. As Jason I wouldn't want to reset a trap on the phone if it was disabled without my knowledge and the cops were called. What would be the point of resetting it? Same for the car battery if the battery is installed what's the point of resetting the trap? Now before you reply to this I'm going to strongly recommend you go to general discussions and find the thread titled "Jason hasn't been nerfed, the counselors have just gotten better, do you believe this?" go to the 16th page of that thread, find my post and read it. I have a whole paragraph dedicated to how I think the traps should work. Just so you know what I view as acceptable as far as traps are concerned.
  4. I don't use the perk combo I suggested to you, I suggested it to you because it's the most effective way to deal with Jason's traps without using a pocket knife in my opinion. So my charecter is not built with tanking Jason's traps in mind but I still find health sprays and tank Jason's traps and I do it pretty effectively. If you'd like again to read my post on the thread I mentioned in my first reply to you and you will see how I feel about that perk combo (I can't stand it). Yes Jason's traps can be effectively deployed with game start morph, this is what any veteran Jason player will do because it is the best way to make good use of their traps. Using the scenario in your original post I'm going to say that two of the three traps that were on the phone box were bad traps and there was really only one that had to be dealt with to get to the phone box. Because after this last patch made Jason's traps even weaker it's become extremely difficult to set more then one effective trap on any win condition. I've read all your post and replays in this thread and again I mean no insult but you're clearly a newer player. The traps are unbalanced but unbalanced in favor of the counselors because of the ease in which you can deal with them pocket knife or no pocket knife.
  5. The easiest way to get around his traps is to just tank them. What I mean by "tank" is just step in it and then use a healing spray to recover your health. If you have the thicked skin perk, hypochondriac perk and medic perk run those three together and traps will not be an issue. You'll still have to avoid Jason when he shows up to see who's messing with his traps but the traps themselves shouldn't get you. Thicked skin will eat some of the damage and medic and hypochondriac will let you start with a health spray that has two uses on it, plus if you find more health sprays they'll have two uses. Even if there is more then one trap you should be good but, step in one heal up and if Jason doesn't show step in the next one, cause if he shows up and you step in the other one he'll probably get you. Also pocket knives don't alert Jason if you use them to disable his traps he can see on his map the trap is disabled but he has to check he is not alerted.
  6. Sorry to say this but you seem like you might be a relatively new player. I'm not trying to insult you or anything but getting around Jason's traps is pretty easy and they actually nerfed Jason's traps with the last big patch (not sure if you're aware of that). I just posted on another thread about how they could make Jason's traps deadly (under general discussions Jason's hasn't been nerfed the counselors are just better if you'd like to read it ) again because the current system is easy to beat with certain perk combos and pocket knifes. Being able to just disable Jason's traps without healing sprays or pocket knifes would be a huge mistake. Any experienced player knows what those traps look like and where to look for them, they're not camouflaged that well. Plus the whole purpose of the traps is to deny the win condition so they're doing what they're supposed to do. Again, no insult intended but you might need to get some more time in with the game and you'll see getting around Jason's traps is not that difficult.
  7. I understand where you're coming from with the strength thing but I still think composure would be the way to go. Strength already has its place in the game as the charecters with high strength can stun Jason for longer periods of time and can unmask him easier. Where as composure has no place and Jenny Myers is the weakest charecter by far. I understand composure manages fear and might help you avoid Jason sense but stealth does that better and it's obvious with how few people use Jenny that the 10 composure doesn't mean a lot to players. Being able to keep your composure with a bear trap snapped around your ankle or keep your composure when trying to disarm a trap makes just as much sense if not more than strength. I agree with you on the high repair charecters having good composure but I also think many of the charecters need to be retooled as far as their stats because there are some who are obviously far superior than others. I would have gone into that on my original post but it was already so long and I didn't want to add a whole new paragraph or two explaining how I think the charecter stats could be better balanced to fit my suggested changes. On the number of checks you get I'm going to have to stand by the three checks if you're stuck in the trap and two before your knife breaks. I know enough people who use Vanessa or Tiffany who can make repairs without missing a check. It something you can get better at and four misses before you're done is too many. Three strikes and you're out seems fair and two for a knife would make people think before using them, which was the idea behind the changes make people afraid of those traps and not so eager to mess with them.
  8. The problem is that the strategies of counselors before the last patch had caught up to Jason. A room full of experienced players was about a 50/50 split as far as Jason getting 8/8 kills or any number of people escaping. Counselors had figured out tanking Jason traps using the thick skinned perk combined with the medic and hypochondriac perks is the easiest way to escape. Take down Jason's defenses early and let the high repair charecters go to work. This is the strategy my friends and I used on each other and like I said about 5 out of 10 matches we would be able to get about 1-3 counselors out. Jason's traps were no longer dangerous they were basically speed bumps. However, experienced Jason players would still get sufficient kills because of how over powered Jason was. Counselors were also crowding around Jason chain stunning him with everything they could to allow the car to be started or the cops to be called. The playing field had become balanced and then this last patch just pushed it in favor of the counselors by a long shot. Now that I have had a solid month of playing with this patch I can say without a doubt the biggest problem is the grab nerf. I know some people are going to say the grab is fine and the "Vader grab" was unfair and needed to be nerfed, I know, but you're wrong. Most of the matches I play in random lobbies now end one of two ways the time of the match runs out or Jason quits, usually after the cops have been called and a car gets started in the first five minutes. Matches timing out before this patch were rare the reasons it's happening so much is because Jason can't get his kills in a timely matter. Jason needs to kill a counselor every 2 minutes and 50 seconds to get 8 (I'm counting Tommy since he's called in pretty much every match) kills and that would put the 8th kill at the 20min mark when the match ends. I record a lot of my game footage and before this patch my avenger Jason round was between 9-13 minutes. Now 15 plus and if I'm up against one or two experienced counselors a time out is a legit threat. Jason's old grab was what kept him on schedule for a lack of better terms, I have played several matches where counselors just run right past Jason straight through his grab, those counselors should be dead. Instead however they go on to survive for an extra 3-5 minutes sometimes longer and those minutes add up especially when there are 7 more kills to chalk up. Being able to effectively shift grab was how you got experienced counselors before this patch, when they added the no Jason music when shifting it was one of the best adds they made because now there was no warning for the vets to start zig zagging. Effective shift grabbing has turned more into lucky shift grabbing, too many times while playing as a counselor Jason shifted right to me and was not able to grab me. So much so that Jason's red arrow on my mini map completely covered my arrow. So basically Jason was on top of me but couldn't grab me and I just ran away and would go on living usually the rest of the match. The grab nerf has bought the counselors time, a lot of it and not to just time Jason out but to organize, strategize and basically mess Jason's world up. You combine this with the trap nerf and all the other things too aid the counselors and you get the game in the state it's in now. I know people are going to say "I still get my kills" and "I don't get timed out as Jason" that's fine I can still clear rooms in a timely manner as well but the reality is it's mostly against newbies and people who are just messing around. Against good players who know what they're doing it's going to be a bad day for Jason. I'm going to offer up some solutions to which I'm sure some will agree and some will hate but I don't like to point out what I see as a flaw without offering a solution. First Jason needs to be reset to how he played at launch he was damn near perfect at launch "Vader grab" and all. I've played this game almost everyday since launch and I can honestly say the "Vader grab" wasn't as much of a problem as people made it out to be. It was something that was out there and people just used it as an excuse for how they died, you were in the boat it got tipped and Jason drowned you, it was the "Vader grab", you were running down the road the car came by and ran you over, it was the "Vader grab", you tried to go toe to toe with Jason and he crushed your face, it was the "Vader grab". Most of the time Jason snatched up a counselor was fair and you got what was coming to you. Second the hypochondriac and medic perk need to be removed from the game and what ever the perk that lets you start with a pocket knife all three need to go, give everyone 3000 free cp and delete those perks. Starting with these items is too significant a boost for counselors. I played a match on the Crystal Lake map where a friend of mine who runs hypochondriac and medic charged both healing sprays you find in the bathroom for me and then found another in a near by cabin. So within the first couple of mins of the match starting the two of us had 8 healing sprays between us. If you play this game and don't see how that's a problem then you haven't played enough or there's no convincing you those perks are a problem. I shouldn't have to explain why starting with a pocket knife is too much. Third the item count on all maps needs to go down including weapons. Tommy's pocket knife needs to be taken away as does his healing spay there should only be four pocket knives on every map and five healing sprays that's it. There should be two shotguns, one on the map and the one Tommy brings that's it. The same goes for the rest of the weapons on the map, every cabin has 2-6 (maybe more) weapons in them right now depending on if it's a small or large cabin, that needs to stop there has to be a number placed on how many wrenches, baseball bats and so on appear on each map. It needs to be low enough to the point where when you find a weapon you take it and hold on to that thing like it was your first born. There should be cabins that are empty and have nothing in them, no weapons, no car parts, nothing. This would help with a number of things people wouldn't be so eager to attack Jason knowing how scarce weapons could potentially be and it would make killing Jason more difficult as again don't know how many weapons are still out there. Fourth Jason's traps need to become a skill check game or wheel game which every you prefer. With composure being the stat that determines the ease in which you can escape or disarm the trap. The trap should deal 50% damage when you step in it and every time you miss a skill check 20% more damage, you mess up three times you die in the trap. If Jason shows up and hits you or throws a throwing knife at you it should knock you out of the trap because if it didn't that would just be some bull. However, Jason should be able to just grab you out of the trap as well. While a counselor is stuck in one of these traps whatever win con the trap is protecting should be disabled and cannot be interacted with until the counselor is free or dead. If you go to disarm the trap same thing skill check but I'd be more strict about this you mess up twice your pocket knife breaks and it's gone, wasted. There would need to be new sound effect added to alert Jason you are messing with his traps if you miss a skill check, but if you can do it without messing up you're good too go and Jason in none the wiser. Also the icons on Jason's map need to be white which is the color the phone and power boxes appear as where the cars and the boat are red. Since Jason's traps appear red on the map it can be difficult to tell what traps are set off when the traps are placed on the cars. The phone is easy because it's a different color but you really have to look when they're on the cars so just make all the icons white. Also add a radio tower icon to Jason's map to show where the Tommy house is so if he wants to take Tommy out of the game he can, I'm kinda surprised that's not already a thing. And lastly counselors who are crippled should not be able to jump through windows or set bear traps. Basically take the suicide option away, there have already been a couple of changes to combat trolls in this game this falls in line with those. The people who troll Jason and know they're about to die find a window in a back corner of a cabin and just start spamming the window. Once you're crippled you can't do anything but walk around until you find a healing spray or someone finds you and heals you. You should still be able to open doors that aren't locked, make repairs, pick up weapons and so on but no bear traps (unless it was already set) and no windows. This just helps with trolls and people who run thicked skin and try and time Jason out by spamming windows (cheap tactic).
  9. This patch does some good things for the game such as Jason not getting cheated out of a kill/XP when a poor sport quits, new counselor, new kills, fixed glitches that's all great. However, I feel like this patch has hurt the game more than help. So much so that I'm considering not playing anymore. Counselors being able to see items on the map is a split it does help combat trolls who hide items. At the same time while playing as Jason I target counselors with items looking to kill them off the path to make it more difficult for others to escape. I've seen some suggest items only appear on the mini map, I'm ok with that but I think appearing on the larger map is too much. Overall this is a change that makes the game easier for counselors and really should not have been made as based on my experience the number of people hiding items is not very high. Jason not being able to double trap is the biggest problem with this patch. Jason should be free to use his traps however he sees fit. This problem is most evident with the phone always double trap the phone ALWAYS. No longer being able to double trap has made calling the cops extremely easy for counselors. I've seen some say just replace the trap the problem is if a pocket knife was used you will not be alerted and unless you just happen to check your map at the right time you would never know until the cops have already been called. I've tried different ways to set two traps to get around this new minimum distance but in most cases one trap ends up being good and the other bad. Since this new update this has happened to me more than once playing as Jason, match starts, morph to phone, set trap, break some Windows, morph to car, set battery trap, set gas trap, cops are called. Way to easy...I've been playing this game since its release and can count on one hand the number of times the cops were called that quick on me as Jason and it's happened way too much with this patch. This is a change made just to make the game easier for counselors and should not have been made. Tommy Jarvis 2.0 should be called Tommy Jarvis OP. TJ already has max stats a shotgun and now has a pocket knife and health spray. He can potentially take three traps out now without sacrificing himself. Also based on my experience people are not playing hero Tommy they are just escaping as quickly as possible. This was a change that did not need to be made and was only made to make the game easier for counselors. Limiting Jason grab was also unnecessary and was a change only made to make the game easier for counselors. I understand sometimes Jason got cheap grabs on counselors but most of the time the grabs were fair. It wasn't a situation where Jason's grab was so broken it made it impossible to escape him. Like I said sometimes yes he got cheap grabs, sometimes. However, every match now Jason misses grabs when counselors are well within his reach and sometimes right in front of him. The grab is broken now in favor of the counselors. I enjoyed playing the game equally as a counselor or as Jason. The challenge of trying to survive against Jason and get as many of my teammates out as possible was always fun as was hunting down and killing all of the counselors with ease playing as Jason. I've heard on gaming podcast and from people I've played the game with both friends and randoms that some of these changes were made because many people complained that Jason was just too overpowering. To which I say yeah he supposed to be that's what makes the game fun, difficult as a counselor, easy as Jason. Plus surviving Jason wasn't even that hard...don't get me wrong it's a challenge but not so frustrating that it's not fun. The game should always be largely in Jason's favor and this patch even though it did some good has swung the game in favor of the counselors by a considerable margin.
  10. Hey, still here, haven't fucked off yet and won't be anytime soon. You still haven't provided a valid response to the many ways I've explained how you can beat multi trapping. Since you are in favor of this patch and it taking that away since you see it as a change that had to be made. OK, so you say the grab needs work, I agree it does. However, it wouldn't need work if they didn't nerf it in the first place. I gave you that it was too long at times, I gave you that because it was but it wasn't so bad it was game breaking. As far as what my argument is focused on, I know you're exaggerating and what you're saying isn't intended to be taking literally (I know hyperbole means too). However, just for clarification so you know where I stand. Everything you said has been easy for me to debunk based on my experience playing this game. From your morph/swim strategy, trap stacking and Jason's long grab I told you how my friends and I easily beat these things because they weren't a problem and didn't need to be fixed. So it was never about personal attacks or anything like that it's just you're wrong and I've told you why based on my experiences with the game. Also on a side note if you want to play the insult game you have to do better than idiot and telling me to fuck off, those are rookie level insults.
  11. I did, multi trapping was cheap, Jason's grab was too much that's the short version of what you've been saying. You need to learn how to properly rebut people, I've explained multiple ways to beat multi trapping and explained why Jason's new grab is more broken than the old and you just keep repeating yourself instead of explaining why I'm wrong (cause I'm not). Saying the developers had to fix these things is saying "daddy hold my hand". So I've done a great job of listing it's just unfortunate the devs listined to you too much and we're where we are now.
  12. Fine agree to disagree. If you like games where daddy needs to hold your hand so you can win you should go find one.
  13. Wrong again, let's go over things that HAD to be fixed in this game. Counselors being able to get to places Jason could not access like the roof of a cabin or just walking off the map, that HAD to be fixed. Let's go over things that have to be fixed that haven't, counselors being able to hit Jason through doors, walls and windows before they've been broken that's a problem. Especially when people are trying to kill Jason or time him out. It allows you to attack Jason from basically 100% safety, this has to be fixed. Now what didn't have to be fixed. Jason placing more than one trap on any objective why, because it wasn't a problem. Two or more traps on any objective is not a problem. Especially when there are pockets knives, health sprays, perks that allow you to use health sprays more than once. Perks that let you take more damage so you can step in multiple traps without taking serious damage. Perks that let you escape from traps faster and you can use many of these perks together, you have three slots. There are many ways to beat people who multi trap as Jason, it was never a problem, it didn't need to be fixed. Jason's grab at times was a bit much but as I said before not so bad it broke the game and HAD to be fixed. Now it's so bad it has to be fixed, I've seen Jason miss grabs where his arm literally goes right through the counselor. So we go from sometimes Jason gets a cheap grab to Jason misses easy grabs multiple times every match...and the old way was broken? The only things that HAD to be fixed were the major bugs, glitches and exploits which most of them have been fixed. But peoples games are still crashing, there are still some connection issues and part 7 Jason is still garbage, and you say these changes HAD to be made? You're wrong, you're wrong 100 times over, these changes were made just to make the game easier for counselors, not because Jason needed to be nerfed. New advantages for Jason will just give poor players something new to complain about until they nerf Jason again. This patch has set a precedent showing anytime Jason has the upper hand he'll be nerfed. When he never HAD to be nerfed in the first place.
  14. I'm sorry the game was too hard for you the way it was and you think the game being unbalanced in favor of the counselors is correct. I have news for you...it's not. The game is supposed to be unbalanced in favor of Jason (once again I've already explained why) this patch nerfing Jason and giving the counselors the clear advantage was a big mistake. If I was the only person who thought this it would be one thing, but the larger portion of people seem to have a problem with this patch one way or another. The game is too easy for counselors and that is just wrong.
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