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  1. The problem seems to have been resolved. I can now finally play the game again!
  2. I was playing a few matches just now, when all of a sudden I got kicked out (like normal, lol). After that I tried to start up another match, but now I simply cant connect to any match. I find a server, and after just one second I get kicked out, prompting the message "Connection to host lost". This has been going on and on for at least 15 minutes. Anyone else having this issue right now?
  3. My favorite film is part 6. My favorite Jason to use is part 4, he's just hands down the best (imo). I also like to play as Roy, tough I dont have as much love for the film.
  4. I'm all in for this! Nothing is better than playing the game the way it's actually meant to be played, with people that thinks the same. Always use mic. Feel free to add me. PS4 - arildsundby
  5. Found my first Pamela Tape (#3) yesterday, on Jarvis House. Today I found my first Tommy Tape (#12), on Crystal Lake. Both in my inventory!
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