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  1. HookerBarbie

    Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    I'm surprised that I'm actually here for this. I tend to keep them for bear traps, but this will make the game more thrilling for sure. Will encourage the ten year olds who play this to stop standing around like they're untouchable and actually go and fight to survive for once.
  2. Jarvis House is... Probably my least favourite map, purely for the fact it's so huge and some matches can take like a millennium to end.
  3. HookerBarbie

    Christmas Jason

    I'm not sure I'd want a Christmas map HOWEVER... Snow in this game could be amazing. Yeah, this game is set in the summer - whatever. If Jason can keep coming back from the dead time after time, there can be some snowfall in the summer. The snow can also be pretty sinister. So some snow, some costumes that fit the snow (literally just the normal outfits with jackets and boots) and there you go.
  4. HookerBarbie


    So this is probably the next map we're meant to be getting. Exciting!
  5. HookerBarbie


    Realistically, it's going to be one counsellor versus the rest as opposed to counsellors transforming into Roy before they kill someone. 1. Transforming into another character every 2 minutes doesn't sound viable, and 2. It'd be more suspenseful to be running around not knowing which normal looking counsellor is about to swing for you. If you see Roy coming, you can be like "well shit, got to go".