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  1. Look at what I found in my captures... I was such a rookie! I hadn't had the game that long, but I was getting better at being Jason. In this game was playing semi-serious up until about the 5:30 mark. Some familiar people, who I didn't know at the time, said " He's not a good Jason." I thought to myself, really? lol I thought I was better than I was at the time, but I stepped up my game after this one. I was determined to not hear that again. lol I had gotten to a point here people in QP would see me and leave. lol
  2. If I were the only one saying these things, your job would be easy, wouldn't it?
  3. I played this game exclusively since I got it, which was about the middle of July. Were it not for the grab nerf, among other things (read: most of patch), I'd still be playing this game. Exclusively. ...and I have a ginormous backlog.
  4. @RKSDooM As far as the canned door chopping, I don't think it's a bad idea but that's only if Jason is a threat. Presently, he is not a threat. He should be able to melee the door, seeing as he has been nerfed into the ground. The windows should be either/or. You should be able to melee or "canned attack" them. The item dropping thing is a little too useful. If they nerfed it to show only on the mini-map when you are close, it would be better for the atmosphere of the game. Outside of that, we agree on just about everything else.
  5. There are only 2 or three people on my friends list who still play this game after the patch. That's out of the 15 (or more) people I had added while playing. I know why they don't play anymore. All I had to do was ask them....
  6. Which is exactly the problem with players like you. You're only concerned about what? Yourself. You know, I used to play the same game that you did, against the same grab. I've even been grabbed from seemingly unusual distances. You know what I didn't do? Yep, that right: I didn't cry about it.... In contrast to you, I actually liked the game as it was. It made me play harder, learn more about the game's functions and rules. It was gloriously challenging and fun. This game is at its best when escaping is something to brag about. Edit: By the time the Easy Mode patch came, I was already escaping 60% or more of the time. The game is unbearably boring now.
  7. @Jawbone You don't even play as Jason. You're team counselor 100%. Your preference was all counselor even before the patch. As someone who hates playing as Jason, you shouldn't make suggestions about that part of the game. In other words, don't make suggestions about a part of the game that you don't play or that you don't care for. The devs at Warframe experienced a similar thing. People who didn't use a certain warframe would complain about said frame being too good and cry for nerfs, the Rhino nerf being just one example. The people who actually played those frames screamed bloody murder when they listened and nerfed their frames. Eventually DE, the Warframe team, decided (wisely, imo) that they should not listen to people that complain about parts of the game they don't play. They realized that some people push an agenda that makes their lives easier at the expense of other players, the game, and its balance.
  8. The game is boring because Jason was what made it interesting. Now that his grab has been nerfed, he no longer poses a threat. You can only bully the monster for so long before that gets boring, but it was NEVER boring running away from (or using) pre-nerf grab Jason. Why do you think I keep calling the last patch a game-killing update? I knew it would get boring without Jason to bring the pain. I haven't played it since that last match where I walk slowly to the cops.
  9. The current grab is NOT fine. Again, there was nothing wrong with the old grab. Seriously. I and MANY others I played with had no problem escaping before. Looks like Participation trophy entitlement to me. You don't want to become great, you want to lower the bar so that being mediocre seems impressive. But, due to the presence of the less skilled who complain, the length of grab should be 75% of the old grab but non-running Jasons' walking speed should be increased by 25% because honestly, they walk too slowly to catch anyone especially since the grab nerf. I think that the reason that grab would reach as far as it did was because a counselor could sprint at the beginning of grab and be out of range before it could connect.
  10. I was so rookie! I'll just leave this here....
  11. Looks like somebody's triggered.... Yup, it's just me. No one else sees any problems. I'm being totally delusional since I only needed to be Jason ONE TIME in roughly 15 games to see a totally nonexistent problem....
  12. Nah, Savini Jason is fine. I'd prefer that he had a shift nerf, as you appear to propose, but it would never be something I'd ask for. For one, I don't have Savini Jason. I think it's lame to ask for a nerf to someone else's enjoyment.
  13. That guy might be going for the Survive the Night badge. I like watching some of these. Less so lately, though. I tend to leave if I'm in a lobby with low-levelers. I don't look to see who is what level though, unless the people in the lobby get me killed (last, usually) because they're running around like headless chickens. I've had games where I couldn't find objective items until people have died (recently) and none of the objective have been completed. Yeah, I tend to leave those lobbies. You can learn from others, that's very true. I've learned a lot from others when I was low-level. There's always that guy who guns for the sweater, panics and uses the sweater, and gets killed almost immediately after, all while Jason's still wearing his mask.
  14. @Tommy86 Don't know where? Review your last posts. lol @ unhealthy obsession. You responded to my post. I didn't say anything to you specifically. You responded to a post about my opinion and tried to imply that I am acting like a baby. And why?, because you are compelled to respond to any opinion that runs counter to yours, especially if you think that something will change against your favor because of it/them. I don't have anything to be embarrassed about. If I were responsible for ruining a game by complaining about its mechanics such that the devs create a terrible patch, maybe I would be embarrassed. Imagine how some of you would feel if you found out you were responsible for killing a game. Don't respond to this post. You have clearly worked yourself into a frenzy about a relatively trivial matter. Take a few deep breaths and move on.
  15. @Tommy86 I'm no rookie. I've used the door icon to dodge the traps in many of my games. The last 2 of the of the 10 or more of my games since the patch I've tried it, but it cancels and the icon disappears. When I try to move, the trap springs. I'm not acting like anything. Stop kissing the devs asses. The last patch RUINED the game. Ask anyone outside of your circle-jerk buddy group how they feel about it. The only people who like the patch are people who hate Jason. Seriously. ...and why would anyone buy this Friday the 13th game if don't want to play as Jason? It was literally one of the advertised features! lol