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  1. This is extra stupid. The game was fine before. Now it's damage control that's doing even more damage to control at some later point. In all seriousness though, how many of you have had people exit a car, successfully evade your grasp, and get a decent running lead on you? I always thought that was dumb. If you're exiting a car and someone is standing just outside of it, you should be screwed, just like IRL. IMO, it looks wierd because the devs aren't very skilled, apparently. Ironically, this was my justification for the so-called force grab from earlier (read: more fun) versions of the game. If you got within a certain reasonable distance from Jason, ie. 5 or 6 ft., You should be screwed. I think a big part of the complaints about 'force-grab' was due to programmer error rather than faulty game balance (read: it didn't look convincing. It looked like a force-grab). But, like I said in another thread: the clock is ticking and my patience isn't running thin, it's running out.
  2. I wonder how he'd feel if the people he claims are bitching (read: 90% of playerbase) just ditched the game altogether. The only reason I'm posting this is because a PSN friend keeps trying to invite me to F13 games. Were it not for them I would not be posting this. I have/had already moved on to playing Watch Dogs 2 (not bad) to Nioh (Amazing) to returning to Warframe. I just returned to Tekken 7 after playing a bit of Street Fighter V. I had forgotten about this game. In their efforts to appease the kiddies, they lost potential revenue. Why would I spend extra for a grab kill pack I won't be using? The next patch is make or break for F13. At least for me. If they don't restore the game to a comparable level of fun that it had circa Oct. 11 patch, I'm deleting the game for keeps. Seriously.
  3. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Between this, Michael Bay's Transformers, and Disney's Fanfic Star Wars, it seems that cultural vandalism is this era's claim to fame...
  4. Children Everywhere

    This is the duplicate thread? Methinks someone is grasping at straws... Anyway, to defend myself since I was locked out, I don't think Video games make kids violent. I think kids who are already violent or unstable may get ideas. Conjecture? Sure, but it shouldn't be entirely ignored.
  5. You assume ENTIRELY too much. You should also check your tone before things get nasty. My kids like to watch me play F13, BUT I DON'T ALLOW THEM TO PLAY IT.
  6. If you're playing the game with your child, then you are likely explaining the difference between reality and fiction, ie. active parenting. NOT EVERYONE DOES THIS. No one is suggesting to you how to raise your kid. You should, however, exercise caution when doing so and raising the issue raises awareness. Also, you should take your own advise and go fuck yourself.
  7. There has to be some kind of accountablilty. Before that last school shooting in the late '90s, there was a game that literally looked like a school shooting sim on the OG Playstation. It's not the kind of discussion that I'd like to have, but it is quite necessary. I was playing Street Fighter 5 in front of my lady recently and I started feeling a little uncomfortable because all the females in the game were scantily clad. A sentence I thought I would NEVER utter. I started feeling like, 'what does this say about me?.' I never felt like this when I played alone but when she was watching, it was awkward. It's not always evident why other people are complaining but that doesn't mean their complaints don't have merit.
  8. Except that kids are mass murdering like its going out of style. Today's kids are not like we were. They don't seem to be able to handle things the way we did in the '80s. I know how impressionable children are. Do you? You wonder why there's so many senseless school/church killings? look no further than the mirror.
  9. Yeah, it is HIGHLY unethical is what he alleges is true. This is a game for adults, NOT KIDS. THIS IS NOT A KID'S GAME. Any parent who buys this game for their kids should probably be investigated by social services. Gun/illfonic should be ashamed of themselves if they are pandering to a younger demographic. There was no need to reduce the gore (as I've seen recently). There was no governmental pressure and there never would've been. I played Friday the 13th on NES, but that was before the ESRB ratings were established. Now that they are here, this kind of thing should be frowned upon. I think @ZooMalfunction is on to something. If this is true, then it changes my opinion of the company as a whole. JPops shoiuld be ashamed of himself for locking that thread. I read the whole thing and thought that his lock was a disgusting display of unnecessary censorship. As an aside, if there is a thread that is similar to one that exists from now on, LINK the original thread please. Thanks.
  10. Exactly. Then they have the gall to ask you to buy more grab kills. It honestly wouldn't shock me at this point. Also, people would head punch or choke based on trying to get off a kill, not necessarily trying to spam it. Other kills take more precise situations to execute.
  11. Except that we had our cake and we were eating it too, up until late October...
  12. Well said, guys. I agree 1000% This kind of shit is what killed the game for me. I used to play this game everyday. Now, I get pissed off just looking at the Main Menu screen. I agree 1000% That last patch in October put an end to one of the best experiences in video games. Hopefully we get some part of it back. If not, then my backlog has gotten out of hand, anyway.
  13. Feinting is planned ahead. Changing your mind on a committed attack is not planned ahead of time. This is a significant difference between the two that would realistically effect different outcomes. Edit: Wrong effect/affect lol