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  1. Just read more of this thread. As I said in the earlier post... These dudes are only here because I threatened to call them out here. They're new here, afraid they'd get banned. Fear not, cheaters. I couldn't care less.
  2. You're full of s**t, Truth. You're just mad that Jason's grab got buffed. The only time the game 'glitched' was when I was about to either grab or melee kill someone. Those players were clearly cheating. If playing fairly against exploiters cheating means 'I'm getting my ass kicked,' then you are clearly delusional. ...and did I accuse you of cheating? Get that broomstick out of your ass. Did you think I would see this post and not respond? Except @ 3:57, I couldn't get any kill prompt. The only reason I got that kill was because of luck, and mashing on all the buttons like a madman. For your reference, I was level 101 LONG before they upped the level cap. I just didn't feel like grinding back up to the new ceiling. I'm kind of done with the game, honestly. That Oct. grab nerf really took me out of this game. That said, you don't find it wierd that these Jason Hunters were so on top of things? They knew they were cheating. They knew what they were doing. I've dealt with Jason Hunters before. Check out my channel on YT. Like I've said before, I used to play this game EVERY DAY. I had gotten so good with Jason, that when people would see me enter a lobby, they'd leave. I stopped using J8, my old main, because of it. Unless someone was talking junk. lol I had the head punch kill active. Used it, too. If it wasn't seen in the video, then it was exploited out. This game has NEVER glitched on me to the degree of this video. EVER. Out of hundreds of hours of play. "Shortcoming in Jason ability." LOL! My channel is on YT. I still have the game on PS4. We can see for real. I'm rusty, but not THAT rusty. "Get better at the game...." We can play, for real. PSN Tag is similar to my name here. I still have friends right here in this forum, actually. To logical non-haters, the exploiting in that video is OBVIOUS. This guy sees it. Why don't you? You're a cheater. Accept it. The only reason you're here is because I told you I would call you all out on the forum. In reality, I didn't give a fuck. While you're rubbing one out in your mom's basement, I go "swimming" 3 or 4 times weekly. Here's an idea: go outside. There's more to life than cheating on the internet and video games. LMAO ...and I didn't hide in the lake, either. I denied you cheaters the satisfaction of cheating your way to a cheap win. If I was hiding, I would've morphed to the other side of the map, cheater. You self identified. I didn't name and shame you. Additionally, my download speed is 100 download/10 upload. I know what I pay for. Connection issues, if there were any, weren't on my part.
  3. Late night comedy hour! lol! Sorry I can't stay and chat. TTYL, chaps! LOL!
  4. The reach was never so far as to feel unfair unless people were cheating using either lag switches or some other device. I never felt cheated at anytime playing against "force-grab" Jason. It's ok to not be great at games. You have to pick the ones that best suit your skill level. ...and I saw your initial response. lol I ain't mad, tho.
  5. The players in this game were using something to glitch the game. It was intentional. Two different characters used the same glitch to the same effect. Both Vanessas. I used more caution against the other players once I realized what they were doing, which is why I wasn't glitched on other occasions. I started slashing when I realized what was going on, hence the title of the video. Edit: @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow Why don't you play Dead by Daylight? That game seems to be the game you want to play. You get multiple chances to live and if you're caught, it isn't the end of your game. F13 is simply too challenging for you, and that's ok. DbD features a more forgiving experience. You should enjoy it.
  6. Obviously you missed the first grab. I was locked and couldn't move. The second grab on Vanessa I triggered a grab kill and player glitched it out. Third kill attempt was a grab on same Vanessa. None of the grab kills were registering, so I mashed on all of the buttons and got the eye kill. And that was just the first kill.
  7. Back before Gun/illfonic nerfed Jason, there were cheaters. The difference was that back then, Jason was sufficiently able to handle them. Now? Not so much. Also, chain stunning is still a thing, which sucks. I'm not saying to necessarily make it unbalanced, but Jason shouldn't be able to be interrupted breaking the phone box with a counselor melee attack if he can't interrupt window climbing with a melee attack of his own. Jason's Melee attack must be more viable and his knives should do more damage. Counselor players shouldn't taunt Jason players either. These idiots were being toxic as hell. I had to block them to keep them from harrassing me. Look closely at the video. There's a lot of exploits being used. I think this is why counselors don't want Jason to be able to reach beyond his arms grasp. Shorter reach helps them cheat against players who play the game fairly, as intended. Cheaters: the reason we can't have nice things. [Video removed by moderator] The thumbnail here is quite apt. lol Youtube: [Video removed by moderator]
  8. Caulus

    Oct. 11 Mode

    Nah, the Oct. 11 patch was the last good patch before the super nerfs. The trap nerf, grab nerf, counselor buff patch was Oct. 26 or 27. It was late Oct. That patch almost made me quit this game. lol
  9. Vanessa's repair skill is better than you think it is... There are some expert counselors out there that would school you something serious.... If these guys didn't stop playing, then do NOT take this challenge. lol @Maddogg_8121 Yeah, I'm not 1/2 the counselor that I used to be, either. I'm still decent, but I don't escape as easily as I used to in a more difficult version of this game. My hiatus during the pinata Jason patches really atrophied my skill.
  10. Same. Sometimes I can do it with no errors at all. It's rare, though.
  11. Caulus

    Oct. 11 Mode

    I think the walkie talkies should have purpose. Today no one takes them from drawers anymore. If the devs made it so that you needed the walkies to see the drop icons it would make the game more interesting. @bewareofbears I wouldn't suggest reverting to an older patch so much as a more challenging experience. The current balance isn't far from being great; it's only missing a few things. The suggestion came from wanting to play a game that is similar to the old version without taking the new build from those who like it.
  12. If I'm in the lobby, it only takes a pocket knife. I can fix the phones with the non-repair counselors with little to no error.
  13. Poll Question: Would you be in favor of a game mode that is configured to play the way the game used to be? ie. No Drop Icons, faster car, Strong Jason, mask off required to kill, etc.
  14. I tried to let a friend of mine play as Jason (J8), yesterday. It was brutal. Jason is easy and boring? Not to newcomers. I tried to take over and play after the police were called and the 4 seater was started and I was only able to get 5/8, and that's because they were trolling too much. One Vanessa trolled me spectacularly, running right past me and I couldn't grab her. I got her in the end, but only because she got too cocky. If they had been serious and not trolling, I would've only gotten 3/8. As I've said in the past, Walking Jasons need more; some kind of grab buff or something. Walking Jasons are decent but still not viable. I switched back to a running Jason after that. Playing as Jason should be seen as a reward for all the counselor play. Playing as a walking Jason is cool against noobs but a tedious exercise in futility against the more skilled.
  15. @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben @Illfonic_Casey I think I may have helpful info on this issue. I was playing as Jason earlier and I grabbed a counselor. As I was lifting up said counselor, another player shot me with the flare gun. This triggered the Melee Glitch. The players seemed to know that I was glitched before I did, because they didn't run. Two different players; neither one ran afterwards. I morphed out to the lake to no avail. No prompts worked either, like no killing the power as an example. Perhaps if Jason is stunned in a particular way during a grab, it triggers this bug/glitch. I managed to find an AFK player and grabbed him. It was the only function to still work outside of movement and abilities. I couldn't initially perform a grab kill, so I spammed all of the buttons and I got a grab kill to work. All of Jason's functions were restored after the grab kill. I went back to the cabin, where they both still were. I believe that I shocked them when I raged into the cabin (no prompts worked earlier) because they were in such a panicked scramble that I made short work of them.