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  1. I attack him in combat stance as he is chopping the door or hack him through a window. Safe and gives you an idea of how good a Jason he is. I have removed his mask several times this way.
  2. I would like them to keep adding new kill packs, new counselors and options for offline bots.
  3. I just wish they would add more environmental kills for Jason specially in the main house. Also be nice for bigger cabins up north when the fuse and car are both there it’s a death trap.
  4. Piñata Jason

    I assume they might be working toward killing me and try to avoid getting hit at all by shifting to outside the group and trying not to get surrounded throw knives and hack(normally don’t like to hack). I will shift to the back of the group and even retreat hack till they scatter. There are a lot of groups that try to kill Jason every time. Once you lose the mask you could be in trouble!
  5. Just about every post on this topic deviated from your original statement so it’s really silly for you to address how an increase of traps is off subject and not helpful in preventing Jason kills.
  6. host always leaves the game

    What I have been running into lately is groups of Jason hunters hosting that get beaten at their own game and then quit. So they attack Jason and get killed then quit and ruin it for other players and cheat Jason out of ex. These same people expect Jason to stick around and play out the game when his mask is removed, sweater and tommy are present , frustrating.
  7. It would be nice for all Jason’s to have more traps too at least one. If you use one or two on your house you have less for other objectives.
  8. I know this has been addressed

    I just hack people to wound them then they can’t get away as easily. Specially toward the end of the game or if I am getting ganged. If they have pocket knives then they don’t have room for spray or fire crackers. Even hit them with knives of your own.
  9. I find it frustrating that tommy doesn’t help he is the best at everything and ends up being useless half the time.
  10. I have noticed a lot more Jason’s using pocket knives more often and very effectively.
  11. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Just playing devils advocate but it really is a tough balance because you are a counselor the majority of the time and what if it’s not fun playing the counselor anymore. If even experienced players die 8 out of 10 times won’t that kill the game too. I just think the devs have a really hard job figuring out the perfect balance.
  12. Upcoming patch notes

    You can check out the content guide road map. They still have a lot of really good stuff planned! Just doesn’t go into specific detail.
  13. The State of the Game...

    Or what about at least 2 on line game modes one that favors Jason and one that favors counselors. Jason favoring mode would have better grab fewer pocket knives and med. sprays. Counselor mode would be the current setting.
  14. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    I agree! I hope they just keep improving the AI and giving more options on picking counselors and outfits but the bots will be cool to play long after people stop playing multiplayer as much.
  15. I am thinking they might just use the stats and figure out who the most popular counselors are that people like to use the most and make the new counselor some sort of interesting variation or improvement on that counselor. That might make the most people happy. A Tiffany like character with high strength and red hair or something.
  16. But are you one of those people that gets nothing done and leaves all the doors unlocked and open?
  17. DBD just seems generic compared to f13 can’t tell the gender of the want to be survivors they look all hunched over... the killer just looks like a knife floating around ...no furniture in the houses ...f13 (bugs aside) just seems like the devs put a lot of effort into the detail and have created a game that will be a classic that will have a lot of replay value!