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  1. I play her the same way! As soon as I get a pocketknife I’m off to find Jason!
  2. Wow that’s hard. Did have someone hide in a tent in a secluded part of the map once had a lot of trouble finding them. Maybe they just had really good perks too. Hope it’s not another glitch.
  3. I usually knock out all the power boxes and do a 360 at each then go to every corner of the map and always been able to find people hiding.
  4. Maybe that’s part of what they need to revitalize the game in the future is get the rights to more killers like DbyD does and have new game modes like Freddy vs Jason compete in a hospital to kill the counselors or Jason X vs the Monster from Alien on a space ship and still make it possible for the counselors to survive except it would be epic to survive 2 killers!
  5. One thing I do that helps with stun in rage mode is don’t go through the door where the counselor is waiting. Go through the wall further down catch them off guard.
  6. I think it’s a good perk because it encourages shift grabbing rather then hacking. Hacking is kind of lame I think unless your getting ganged. Shift grabbing is a lot easier with the new grab. I used to be so so at shift grabbing now it easy if you sneak up on counselors.
  7. Single player challenges are really cool hope they make a lot more maybe some on the Grendel Map!
  8. They really should make it where you can’t get the mask off when your stunned that’s completely unfair.
  9. That’s the only time I hack is if I’m getting ganged by Jason killers and as he is getting up after getting knocked down shift away turn around and throw knives and hack try not to let them surround you use fence or something to block your flank. If I’m in the mood I think it’s a fun challenge to murder Jason hunters. I have only been killed once been playing for a year and it’s because I didn’t realize at the time that they could knock me to my knees with one hit from a wench. Ironic thing about Jason hunters is once their plan falls a part they quite and go to the next lobby while they would probably complain if you leave once you lose your mask. Hope the salt mines work!
  10. I’m glad gun media is working on it. If a bigger company got it sure they might make something glitchless but they would have made it a sissy game and charged Us an arm and a leg for half the content we have gotten then if it became to much trouble they would just dump it and move to the next game. I am 150 definitely got my moneys worth and their still coming out with more content and maybe more single player stuff!
  11. Some people will just keep window jumping the same window if they don’t die. I say just give Jason credit for the kill death by window.
  12. I attack him in combat stance as he is chopping the door or hack him through a window. Safe and gives you an idea of how good a Jason he is. I have removed his mask several times this way.
  13. I would like them to keep adding new kill packs, new counselors and options for offline bots.
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