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  1. Like every now and then there is a glitch that causes your counselor to pause and they can't move for a couple seconds. Like fix that shit you idiots.
  2. Like fix Jason when he can't swing or break windows you fucking asswipes....approaching a year now, that and the shit internet problems you committed to fixing last October. Jesus, Gun Media can eat a dick.
  3. When I'm Jason, there have been several times where I haven't been able to grab the driver from the passenger side. In other words the prompt doesn't show up to pull them out, really really fucking annoying, think you could fix that? Thanks Bitch.
  4. I just wanted to say fuck you, fuck you for not having dedicated servers, all the erratic random pings, disconnects and bugs that are a result. Fuck you for all the crashes that I've tolerated. Fuck you for not having a system that discourages the host quiting. Fuck you for when Jason is glitched and can't hit or break doors. Fuck you for when your Jason and trying to stop the car and it pushes Jason instead of stopping it. Fuck you, for when Jason activates a kill and the counselor breaks free. Fuck you, for when a counselor drops keys or other items and they become glitched so other counselors can't pick them up. Fuck you, for when I wait 20 games to play Jason, and everyone leaves at the start of the round. We all understand that shit happens, if it happens infrequently that is tolerable, but all this shit happens ALL the fucking time. So Fuck You...
  5. So...you put the fuse in...you run to pick up the phone, you try to dial but it doesn't start. You step back from the phone again, then try to dial and, and you can't. You do it a third time, now the phone is actually dialing, but guess what? Jason is now there and he cuts the line. Fix the fucking phone you cunts, this has happen about a dozen times now. Jesus Christ....
  6. I don't know what is going on, but every now and then, when I play Jason the yellow arrow that acts as a place holder on the map vanishes. It makes it difficult to utilize morph while chasing a counselor because there is no frame of reference. Perhaps you could fix that too.
  7. It sounds like you were unable to handle the challenge of dealing with multiple traps, that's part of the challenge. I understand that making it easy for you is what you prefer, in doing so it gave you the crutch you needed, because you were unable to handle it otherwise. Perhaps, the next thing they should do is start Jason without weapons, or make his weapons break, maybe lower his movement speed, because a nice and gentle Jason is what drives a horror survival game. Jason should be feared, OP and difficult to overcome, not crippled because you can't figure out how to beat him, when so many others have. Yet you come here "CRYING" about "CRYING", even after you received your crutch, climb back into your shit hole and rot. Cheers....
  8. Extremely disappointed with the trap-nerf, stacking traps was part of the strategy and fun of the game. I enjoyed playing Jason Part 2 alot, now I see no reason to play him. You say it was because of being stunned multiple times, that doesn't register as unfair in the least. All you need are knives or medical sprays, a team of 2 or a solo player can disarm or spring multiple traps with still being able to achieve their objective. I have no desire to play Jason anymore, after putting in hundreds of hours, i'm disappointed I have to find a new game. Also, you think you could fix Jason when he get's glitched? How many fucking times do I have to endure this shit? Jason, becomes unable to melee, break windows or break doors, he only can grab, which fixes it if your able to perform a kill. People wait long periods of time to play Jason, only to have it fucked up, when he becomes glitched, not that people will want to be Jason anymore, since he has been fucking nerfed. Jesus Fucking Christ, give me my god damn fucking money back you assholes. Seriously PM me...I'm tired of games that draw people in that play an enormous amount of hours, then nerf something that wasn't unbalanced to begin with, while hoping all the wasted hours spent on this game, will be the reason people stay because of their timely investment. Jesus Christ, you had fucking potential here....and you fucked it up.
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