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  1. This ain’t gone work cuz I bet y’all there’s gone be a bug for even players who play fair and don’t leave ... they’ll still be put in the salt mines because of a bug... every time there’s a new update there’s a new bug or glitch and this gone be one
  2. Tbh it’s gonna be stupid and weird to me do they use each other’s weapons I feel like the each Jason should have 12 weapon kills , 4 weapons but each weapon is exclusive to that one Jason so different types of weapons for each jason, but minimum of at least 3 weapons
  3. I feel like a nice kill would be Sabina grabs counselor, counselor is punching and kicking and trying to escape but savini stabs his pitchfork into their chest raises them up to his face and punches them off of it.
  4. I wouldn’t agree with the volcano bs and lake . . . Instead of a lake of fire make it a run down dry area full of mud. And Jason’s shack made with broken pieces coal and ash.
  5. I’m still confused on why has paranoia not been spoken of since the last tease.
  6. I’m so confused this made no sense to me. Not to be rude but can you clarify this.
  7. It’d be nice to have all counselors in spacesuits or futuristic outfits
  8. Yeah, I believe stalk should be at an unlimited use.
  9. Well at times I’d have someone who knows my techniuques but 99% of the time I see the red blip which makes it easy for me to see them during stalk or shift. They really need to change that ; hearing their music and seeing blip. The woods is really meant for Jason to be stealthy.
  10. Well really the only Jason’s who were able to kill me where my friends because they know my techniques, but for the past few months I’be never died so easily in all the lobbies I’ve played in.
  11. Yes I could survive with anyone. Being such a try hard at this game just makes it a piece of cake.
  12. Will we be able to get the clothing the backers got soon and the people with physical copies also. I’ve always wanted to have the backers clothing and it’s better than the physical copy’s clothing so plz can we get both or the backer’s clothing
  13. As someone who’ve been playing for a while, i am very great at using AJ I do not mess up to repair a thing rarely. And I can also survive quickly. And using Tiffany I literally almost never mess up repairing anything because when I use Tiffany a lot I’ve gotten good at using her and if I can’t repair something due to how slow she repairs I can survive through the whole round ez peazy
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