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  1. Ah don't worry about it. If anything I live constructive criticism, and that friend is what you have given. I agree 100% on everything you said, I do understand that people will hear Jason walking behind him but what I'm getting at is that if the counselors can't see him with the naked eye - they shouldn't hear is music. Footsteps are fair game but to new players they might not know which footsteps are what and their instinct might tell them to turn around. For instance for some reason when I talk to other players who I know are near I literally make eye contact with them, I turn around when making a point. Now if i were to do that not knowing that it's Jason is behind me i would soil myself. So if counselors can't see him, don't play his music is all I'm getting at.
  2. I don't even know what language it is but I know for fact he's scamming fake savini jason codes ?
  3. I've been thinking of ways gun media/illfonic could improve the overall experience of the game. Here's what I got... Change counselors vision. Currently, counselors have eyes in the back of their head, if Jason walks up behind you, not only do you hear his music, but your counselor starts flipping out. They need to change counselors field of view to a cone that expands about 10 feet in front of them, so that if Jason enters that invisible cone, his music triggers and the counselor becomes frightened. However if he's out of that cone, his music won't play and the counselor has no idea he's there. This would make for some awesome jumpscares. ________________________________________ Change the sound of Jason's footsteps. This one is basic knowledge and logic, when people walk around or step on leaves, regardless of their size , their footsteps sound the same as anyone else's. This should be the case for Jason too, his footsteps should sound just like the counselors. Simple as that, when you hear footsteps around you, it could be anyone. ________________________________________ Remove the mini map (bare with me) As you know, if you look at your mini map, you can see yourself, the surrounding area and counselors. This should be removed until you obtain a map (2 maps in one!) This also plays into the footstep changes, you won't know who's creeping up on you. ________________________________________ WHAT does everyone think of this? How would you enjoy the game if these changes were made?
  4. Hey everyone i m new here. Just wanted everyone to know more about me so here's EVERYTHING about me. I'm dead inside K bye ?
  5. Ever since i performed my first kill as Jason on that fateful May 26th, I noticed that only blood was spilling from the counselor i had just mutilated. So I ask, will more gore ever be added? For example, one of the new kills is splitting a counselor in half, yet they are in one piece, will making them actually split in 2 with visible organs be a thing? Or seeing the wound on a throat slit? I know, i know, i'm a twisted, sadistic fuck for asking this but a little bit of realism never hurts. I'm sure NetherRelam studios (Mortal Kombat, Injustice) could loan you a nerd or 2.
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