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    I use Nerves of Steel and that alone helps so much with her weaknesses. I'll try Preparedness too, but I've never attempted it since I know she wouldn't be immune to fear like Jenny.
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    I play Tiffany and therefore stumble as much as a counselor possibly can which messes up her biggest asset: kiting Jason. I've never once complained about it. It's fine. Next!
  3. Never seen those! How cool. One of the Easter eggs that took me forever to find was Sarah's blanket, book and bag on a dock on the Jarvis map.
  4. I agree with this. I've rolled a handful of legendary perks and only kept a couple because my epics were better. Legendaries are TOO rare to be inferior to epics, because it hurt me to sell the legendary marathon I rolled the other night.
  5. This. Luck and composure also determine to repair wheels.
  6. I literally said rank doesn't determine skill and that Tommy selection should be based on XP, not level. And let the new players get good as counselors first. There's nothing worse than needing help while a level 3 Tommy is hiding under a bed.
  7. Don't forget the lingerie pack. ?
  8. Haven't they already done so? ? I stopped playing for a few months and since coming back there are significantly less weapons.
  9. Last night I had three new counselors trailing me across the map in a line like goddamn ducklings. ?
  10. Rank doesn't always translate to skill lol. I'd personally rather have it be based on XP if it were to be implemented. I hate coming back as Tommy when my friend and I are the first two escape in the two seater or the boat, because I feel like Tommy should be a second chance for someone who was killed, not sending someone who already escaped right back into the fire, but my friend loves coming back as Tommy, and yet, it always chooses me to come back over him. I'd happily pass the opportunity to him or change my preference if they wanted to add something like that.
  11. I think the counselor tropes are what make them so fun. Repair counselors are smart and slow, and bully characters are fast and dumb. I'm not one of the people who thinks Jason is as underpowered as this board would have you believe, but he has 7 counselors to kill and he should know who to prioritize them, and teamwork is supposed to be important. Like having a fast character purposely mess up on the phone to draw Jason's attention and distract him while you trip the traps at the car, heal up, and put them in quickly with a repair character.
  12. This, 100%. The balance doesn't need to go too far in the way of Jason players looking for a handout.
  13. I've never seen anyone play Victoria since the week she was released, and I have to assume it's because of her horrible outfit.
  14. This. I will adjust to any other balance changes that occur like I have in the past, but this just eliminates an escape option.
  15. Tiffany. Nerves of steel. Marathon. Restful.
  16. I hope not. The official game Twitter account blocked me for talking shit to Shifty when they weren't even tagged lmao, so if news isn't posted here I guess I'm SOL. ??‍♂️
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    The statement was that they can't make a statement. ?
  18. I can't remember if I originally saw the idea on here or Reddit, but my friends and I did a Date Night mode a couple of times, where essentially you only work with one other counselor and no one else - your "date."
  19. You must not be a fan of the early films then.
  20. What system do you play on? On PS4 it'd be R2. If you're using a PC then idk.
  21. To make this study more interesting, let's also add whether or not you utilized block.
  22. I deleted the game yesterday to make room for Spider-Man lol.