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  1. Exactly what my group of friends and I have done.
  2. Jarvis and especially Pinehurst could use item increases I feel, due to their size. I’ve spent entire rounds on Pinehurst without ever finding ANYTHING.
  3. I think he does have a secret stun resistance. My friend plays Savini and we were both shocked when my bat swings kept bouncing off of him, and I was using the 25% sucker punch.
  4. Space Outfits

    I don’t want like, Star Trek suits, but outfits from Jason X would be cool.
  5. They got rid of the music Tiffany’s dancing to too, right? Fix both of these!
  6. Isn’t the whole point of -shift that it’s... a weakness?
  7. Fix the stuns

    Chill lol. Stuns are fine. He probably just has an epic sucker punch. I use the same perk on Jenny and my bat swings haven’t stunned Jason before. It’s just the luck of the draw, and he got lucky.
  8. Catty girl names

    This is a character from Ugly Betty lol.
  9. Catty girl names

    It’d actually be pretty hilarious if she was named after @Barbara Ann, whose been the biggest advocate for her.
  10. Mine is 25% with no penalty.
  11. This is a multiplayer game, there HAS to be balance. If that’s what you want, then only play bots.
  12. If you’re getting stun-chained, BLOCK! Slash. Shift away and make them scatter with throwing knives. Get good, because it’s not about Jason needing a buff, it’s about you being outplayed by counselors who’re better at the game than you, and they shouldn’t be penalized because you’re too lazy to learn basic combat mechanics.
  13. This times 1,000. We have to stop blaming mediocre Jasons on the balance lol.
  14. Please, God. Make this an option. It rained in EVERY single match in our lobby tonight, and we played for two hours, six rounds in a row. It feels like it rains more often than it doesn’t, and I don’t think that should be the case.
  15. This actually makes a ton of sense.
  16. They’re some of the last clothing options. There’s the three backer outfits, and then the two that were added shorty after release. For example, with Tiffany, they’d be the three clothing options before her Muffin shirt.
  17. “You son of a BITCH. I’m gonna give you something to remember us by...”
  18. I noticed last night that the radio sometimes doesn’t come on either now.
  19. For starters, they could fix the battery spawning under the dresser.
  20. Nope. Summer of Heat is the best song in the game, and it does play when male characters turn on a radio or crank the car too. And it was around long before the Jarvis map.
  21. There are certain characters (Vanessa and Tommy) and players in my group I always slash once I close in on them, because if I get pocket knifed by trying to grab them, it’s gonna take so much time to wear them down again.
  22. Nah, he wasn’t blocking when it happened to me.
  23. And I have footage of the bat bouncing off of Savini Jason without stunning him.