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  1. If anyone would buy a game from them again, they're a glutton for punishment.
  2. As someone whose been waiting for the pajama DLC since it leaked last summer, I'd *really* like to now this as well. @wes
  3. Not I get it, the environment isn't too dark anymore when you slightly adjust the gamma, but I'm talking about the clothing. His speedo in that video is darker than it used to be. One pair of Tiffany's shorts used to be flesh colored, and now they're just brown, etc. These aren't just gamma issues, the game itself is darker than I'm used to.
  4. I'm playing on a 50" Samsung Smart TV lol. The game is just darker now, beyond just the lighting.
  5. The darkness is annoying because simply turning the gamma up doesn't solve all of the problems. The clothes are so ugly now. Tiffany's shorts that looked flesh colored before now just look brown, and that's only one example. It's hard to get used to, after you've been playing the game looking another way for a whole year. And please, spare me any @'s about other bugs being more important. Of course they are, but you guys already have 'em covered lol.
  6. BFizzle

    Craziest play sessions?

    When I was still new to the game I survived the remaining 10 minutes with Jason tunneling me as Tiffany. The only other counselor alive was Tommy, who was hiding under a bed. Despite having made escapes in other rounds, that was the first one that felt like a "win." This is also why I've never thought the clock should be in Jason's favor.
  7. This. It's frustrating that stuff like this will be totally ignored, but there always seems to be time to reply passive aggressively when people are complaining. See above lol.
  8. You mean like the last one that didn't fix anything and broke the game even further?
  9. Thank God Jurassic World Evolution comes out in exactly nine hours lol.
  10. I escaped a lot in the car last night as Tiffany and never experienced this. I’ve actually been lucky enough to not experience the car-suicide glitch at all. It’s the action prompt glitch that plagues me every round.
  11. I was just saying this last night, I wish they'd never done the engine upgrade. All it did was introduce a slew of new problems, make the game too dark, and the clothes look shitty.
  12. BFizzle

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    And Jarvis.
  13. BFizzle

    The match ended early. Why?

    Happened to me twice tonight as well.
  14. Currently playing my first round of the new patch, and 30 seconds into it this happens to me too and I can’t do anything. ☹️ EDIT: Second round, I installed the propeller and then couldn’t move. ☹️️
  15. I’ve always thought Tiffany to be the best sweater girl. People say stealth is useless, but if you grab it early on before sense is strong, she’s the only counselor fast enough and quiet enough to completely disappear by the time Jason morphs back if you time it right.
  16. The reason AJ doesn't make noise when she sprints is because she has higher composure, I believe. I wonder if anyone has ever tested lightfoot on Tiffany with fear resistance perks... And sense avoidance is based on each time Jason uses it.
  17. BFizzle

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    Umm they're aware of all those things and they're on the list to fix. Y'all act as if me pointing out her belly button for them to fix in a future patch is somehow going to take priority over those things.
  18. BFizzle

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    PlayStation 4.
  19. BFizzle

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    While I know it's too late for this patch, I noticed last night that Tiffany has an extra belly button? @wes @ShiftySamurai
  20. The devs must be so happy we’re distracted arguing about stupid shit like this, a mechanic that’s been in the game for a whole year that no one has complained about until today, and not their patch being late. 🤣
  21. Creating a counselor wouldn't work because everyone would just give them Vanessa's stats with a couple more points in repair. They'd be too OP.