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  1. What system do you play on? On PS4 it'd be R2. If you're using a PC then idk.
  2. To make this study more interesting, let's also add whether or not you utilized block.
  3. I deleted the game yesterday to make room for Spider-Man lol.
  4. You can't fight back against the killers in DbD or bully them like you can in this game though? That entire post was you talking out of your ass and it's so ironic for you to be whining about whiners when actually it sounds like you're the one who doesn't like the game and should maybe go play something else. 😁
  5. Things like this have been this game's undoing. Ignoring actual issues to implement changes that literally no one asked for.
  6. lol. I don't know exactly what will go wrong with with dedicated server patch, but something has gone wrong every step of the way and this will be no exception. I'm honestly more excited to see what it will be than I am for the dedicated servers themselves at this point.
  7. The last couple of nights I tried to play, I got interaction locked every round and couldn't do anything, including opening doors or even hiding. So, it is quite literally too broken for me to still play and have fun.
  8. A nice girl who is fond of skinny dipping.
  9. Why do people get so bothered by threads like this? 💀 There's already a thread on that topic, and this one doesn't effect its existence at all. And spoiler alert, their answer is just gonna be, "Soon." anyways. But back to the topic at hand, I'm pretty sure Kenny is latino.
  10. It started happening to me every round, whenever I'd hit Jason. Ultimately lead me to stop playing.
  11. My thread getting locked for this duplicate. https://i.imgur.com/K2qD9f5.gif
  12. Did anyone else not know about this? A friend just linked me. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FM9NL8Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1531762131&sr=8-2&keywords=Friday+the+13th+collector's+edition
  13. I'd buy a Tiffany Pop! figure in a heartbeat. And maybe the counselors my friends main as well... They'd be a cute little ode to our many, many games together. But, it seems like too good of an idea, and will therefore probably be another missed opportunity from this game.
  14. Probably 80% of my escapes are in the two seater or the boat lol... That's why I've always been on the side of stealth not being a useless stat. Playing as Tiffany, you can quickly and quietly find both boat parts and any counselor with a decent repair stat and escape in the first couple of minutes.
  15. I don't think so, but I know who we could ask... @ShiftySamurai
  16. Which doesn't make sense. It says this edition includes SPC, VC, and all maps, counselors and Jasons. There isn't a version of the game out there that doesn't have these things...
  17. Selling the game for more than it'd cost to buy a physical copy and download the DLC lol smh.
  18. Yes! I was Jenny every time I survived the night in the tent. She really is underrated.