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  1. Yeah, the lighting was so much better. I know a lot of people on here don't care about the aesthetic stuff like counselor clouting, but the engine upgrade made a lot of the clothes look like shit.
  2. They'd obviously never do it, but I'd take the launch version of the game as well. Longer stun times, force grab and all.
  3. No shift-grabs come to mind - I'm admittedly not very good at them - but one time I morphed, immediately pressed L2, and grabbed and killed Tommy as he was running by (back before he spawned in with a pocket knife).
  4. I don't think they made it 'bigger' I think they just reshaped it so it didn't look like she was wearing MC Hammer pants.
  5. Just threw the game on to see exactly how different Victoria's body looks, and now she only has blue pants. None of the other color patterns work. It's just... sigh. How do you miss that?
  6. I like this idea, too. Would strengthen the final girl/heroine trope these movies were so fond of and add more immersion if the sweater girl could fight back.
  7. Weirdly, she's the only bot I feel like I ever see repairing the phone. Probably just a coincidence, but sometimes I hang back and watch from afar and let her escape if she's the last one alive, just for her troubles.
  8. No, that symbol was already in the game, along with Pamela's laugh. It's more like... repurposed content.
  9. I thought this was gonna be a poll for the dogs like Muffin, Gordon, Toby, etc. smh.
  10. My "Stand back, guys. I got this." loadout for when Jason is standing between my friends and I and the cops. 🤣
  11. I've always thought Tiffany easily had the best voice acting. I personally love her delivery of the lines, "I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you!" "Take that, you bastard!" and "Fuck you!" I also love the way AJ says, "Why won't you fucking die?" upon stunning Jason.
  12. I don't fault Jasons who do it, but being tunneled just makes for a very stressful round lol.
  13. Swap Chad and Eric out for AJ and Fox and those are the seven counselors I tend to see the most.
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