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  1. Well even if they added it he’d just sit right up after being shot anyway.
  2. Tiffany is the canon final girl of the game because you get an achievement for it, and no one can tell me otherwise.
  3. I’m really not trying to be a smartass, but why would anyone still be scared of Jason six months into this game? I’ve died by every kill multiple times in my hours of gameplay, I’m really not afraid of it happening anymore and don’t mind running up to Jason to save a friend he’s tunneling or buy others some time. Maybe people are just hunting Jason down, live or die, because it breaks up the monotony of escaping via the car, which must of us have done ad nauseum at this point?
  4. Don’t worry, I like your idea. I don’t understand how some people are so worried about immersion when most of us are about 1,000 rounds into this game. Do the fall leaves on the ground, in Higgins particularly, piss you guys off too? Those aren’t very summery.
  5. I usually play with a group of five, and whenever this happens to us, we always just turn the tables on them and do it right back, but in larger numbers. It’s so satisfying watching two trolls drop out of a match because they can’t take their own medicine.
  6. I have no desire to play against bots in single player lol. That sounds beyond boring. I really feel bad for people who haven’t found a good group of people to regularly play with. For me that makes or breaks the game.
  7. Not always. I’ve found it on tables, and just the other night I panned my camera right over it because it was on a cardboard box and I wasn’t even expecting to find it there, my friend noticed it. Also someone once claimed to have found it in the back of a toilet.
  8. I’m not trying to be that person, but my friend slashed an entire lobby to death as Part 4 last night lol. Have I had instances where my weapon phased through a counselor? Occasionally, and they may or may not have been too close, but slashing is hardly as broken as this thread makes it seem.
  9. I’ve had the boat glitch happen to me several times now. I think Jason trying to tip the boat while you’re cranking may cause it. I think once it lasted for the whole match, but every other time I was finally able to escape after a few minutes.
  10. Tiffany. I tried mixing it up and playing as Adam the other night, and I died instantly. 💀
  11. This is what I’ve been lobbying for. The anti Chad.
  12. Do you like Tiffany?

    Huh. It was never listed as a PS4 trophy, but it was listed as an achievement for Xbox. I just Googled it and someone said it was bugged for PS4, but that post was five months old. Maybe they fixed it recently if you just got it yesterday?
  13. Do you like Tiffany?

    What do you play on? It’s definitely not an achievement for PS4, or I would have gotten it several times already.
  14. Do you like Tiffany?

    There’s an (Unlikely) Final Girl trophy on Xbox for being the sole survivor as Tiffany. 😉