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  1. I'm from South Carolina, too. 🍻

    1. F134Ever86
    2. Dragonfire82877


      @BFizzle, what part of South Carolina are you in? I stay in Chapin, right outside Columbia and Lexington.

  2. I know they said we won't be getting anymore content regardless of the legal outcome, and I totally believe that Grendel and Jason X will never see the light of day, but I still (maybe foolishly) think we could get emotes/clothing/kill packs in the future. They're such an easy cash grabs. And c'mon, in the meantime, Wes is literally sitting around reshaping Victoria's butt lol.
  3. Last night two players spawned into the lobby together and one of them was immediately Jason, while his friend hoarded the battery, fuse and keys and hid in a tent until there was only one other player alive and then she escaped by herself. But I typically play with at least three friends, so if you're gonna come into the game and team, we'll show you how fun it is to be on the receiving end. Not surprisingly, they didn't stick around very long when my friend got Jason the next game and the tables were turned.
  4. Vanessa when I'm Jason. Nine out of ten are just there to troll and dance in her Halloween costume, and then they leave the game when you shift grab them. Shelly is who I least wanna spawn in as if I have my counselor set to random.
  5. I was going to be snarky, but I pulled up the game to look at Victoria as she is now for a comparison and it does look a LOT better. Maybe I'll give playing her another go after the patch comes out, because I was initially excited for her when she came out, but that all went out the window when I got a better look at her outfit and recolors lol.
  6. New outfits would make me so happy. I'm still bummed we never got the lingerie pack. 😢
  7. I've used the sweater before to escape to the cops when Jason was patrolling the exit, but can you even do that anymore since they patched out sweater cancelling? The last time I did this, I was stuck in the sweater animation for as long as Jason was. Luckily someone else was there to stun him when he came out of it and we both escaped.
  8. In a lot of quick play lobbies my friend and I jump into these days, we're the only ones pushing objectives, which are also hardly ever trapped.
  9. People have been killing their fellow counselors since launch... it's why they took team killing out...
  10. I don't consider myself a "good Jason" and had my preference set to counselor for 99% of the time since the game came out, but changed it to none since the patch, because I thought, why not? I used block to eat a baseball bat shot the other night in the barn and then grabbed the counselor and killed her. I'm not sure why people act like it's so hard...
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