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  1. Which is why the vague tweet only mentioning that SP Challenges were coming, and not the entire update that SP Challenges were always gonna be included in anyways, confused people. 🤪
  2. lol he said we're getting everything they've announced since the previous update.
  3. To be fair, I saw more than a couple of people unsure if we were only getting SP Challenges this Thursday or the entire update, and another tweet had to be made clarifying that we are. So... no.
  4. Have a like for the reference.
  5. Would explain why the update is taking so long.
  6. I’ve been the sweater girl for many Jason kills, and 75% of the time, the Jason player leaves.
  7. I understand why they reduced item spawns a while back, but because of their size, I think Jarvis and Pinehurst should have been exempt from this. I've not found a map or a walkie on more than one occasion on Pinehurst, and even finding a weapon to defend yourself with can be a chore after cabins have been looted in the first few minutes. So, they reduced items because there were too many on the small maps, but doing so completely raped the bigger maps.
  8. For me personally, its a better strategy to hang on to the pocket knife. Say the phone is trapped and you have a pocket knife, and your teammate has the fuse, but someone else also has car parts. I'd rather tank the trap, bringing Jason to me and allowing my teammate to quickly work on the car. IF I get grabbed while I'm purposely distracting Jason, I have a get out of jail free card. Then, when Jason leaves to deal with the car, the fuse is free to put in too. Getting Jason's attention isn't a bad thing if you're working with a team.
  9. BFizzle

    Yet another counselor post.

    Right. Let's get rid of those pesky black counselors while we're at it. /sarcasm Also, I'm fairly certain we already have a republican counselor. His name is Chad.
  10. I agree about the phone. Even though there are two main houses on Jarvis, I feel like I never spend much time in them, because most of the action on Jarvis takes place on the south of the map - where the objectives tend the spawn.
  11. I typically only like to play as Tiffany or Jenny. I don't want to be forced to play as LaChappa just because he's one of the only counselors left when I get into the game.
  12. I didn’t even notice this, but you’re right. I regularly found Pamela tapes before, but ever since the event, nothing. 🤔
  13. BFizzle

    Who has the best voice actor?

    Tiffany’s lines give me chills. “Just. DIE!” 😁 Ironically, she’s the only female counselor who doesn’t sound sexual when using the sweater.
  14. There should be a “leading male” trope counselor, for sure. Like the love interests from Parts 7 and 8.