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  1. Its also enough for players to notice that the radius is to small and can be easily used against Jason. I mean.. I played against ONE bot.. Hacked that bot to limping state and just keep testing the grab radius over and over and over. You can see Jason CLIP through a counselor with his hand and the grab is not registering.
  2. Grab needs a radius as wide as Jason shoulders. And could use a few frames removed from his grab recovery. Theres to much of a hang/stall after a miss grab. Other than that. The new grab is a hell of alot better and is next to perfect. Those that keep saying Jason should be able to move/swivel/spin are wrong. Thats not how grabs work. But the grab radius is too small. Needs to be as Wide as Jasons shoulders.. (Thats how grabs work) Right now the grab radius is about as wide as his head. This does not match the grab. *Almost there Gun
  3. Seriously tho. The actual MAP makes sense. But that mini map/gps should not be a thing. Id remove if it was up to me.
  4. Could be an internet issue. Or an Xbox issue. Try again later. Also its early morning. This game is more of late night thing.. 4 pm est - 2 am est is usually the best times to fine quick lobbies. Early morning sucks.
  5. I buy a game like F13th to see some murder and mayhem. Just like I go to a strip club to see titties. At the end of the day.. A topic like this is basically a bitch thread. It exist to only to bitch, but from a 'do you recommend it' angle. Which to me, is just an annoying way of doing things. I get it.. People are upset about some of the new bugs/issues. But theres topic about that already. So not sure what this topic does.. In the end, the game is $40. And i got my $40 worth of fun out of this game a long time ago. So ya, damn right i recommend this game to a friend. Hell i bought this game for many friends and i don't regret it. Despite its issues.
  6. It cost $40 to get into a strip club and buy two beers.. Im not there to support the owner, im there to see titties..
  7. ..I understand people are bit upset due to issue with the latest patch. But is a topic like this even needed? The game is $40... If you can't get at least 40 hours worth of fun out of this game you're outta your damn mind. This is the type of game my friends and I have been wanting for years. Constantly getting baked an saying 'Dude.. wish someone would just make a horror movie type game where you can just kill everyone'.. Like F13th.. where you're Jason or the counselors". And than finally someone has the sack big enough to to go all in and make a murder fest game. So of course id recommended to my friends...lol $40 ain't gonna break our bank. I do tell them not to waste their money on DBD tho..lol
  8. I would gladly help @BrokenFattHardy give Dorian a double twist of fate off the top rope. Il grab the ankles.
  9. I always ignore things.. Im more of a. 'If want to do something right, im gonna do it. So fuckin DO IT! Type of person.' Nothing against you dude. But i see excuses and not results in your reply. id get fired from my job if thought like that. And the reason i make the money i do is because i don't fuck around.
  10. I disagree. Because its really as easy as 1 2 3. Step ONE.. Release test servers. Step TWO.. A few players TEST the game. Step THREE. Listen to the players played on the test server. Or.. don't release test severs and keep releasing updates/patches and letting the player base deal with issues. It really boils down to how much GUN actually wants to polish their game.
  11. Theres alot of good.. and some bad with this update. Sadly the bad can sometimes over shadow the good for alot of people. Like the topic asking if you would recommend this game to a friend.. As if $40 for a fun game is a big deal. I've had more fun in the last few days than i have in months. Not happy with the new bugs and grab radius. But despite that, im having alot of fun with this update. Hopefully... Gun will not take their sweet time fixing and updating this game. Funny enough my biggest problem with new update besides the grab radius is they didn't include the song from the trailer..to play on the radio.
  12. ..Pubg has test servers on PC and Xbox. Honestly.. if Gun wants to get serious about really polishing up this game. They need to have test servers. Nothing more to it, than to do it.
  13. You could never 'sleep walk' through QP. But i think your real question is. "CAN YOU LONE WOLF"? The answer is.. NO. You will still die.
  14. While this post is over dramatic. ..(DBD at its best is not even as close to F13th at its worst) I can understand the posters frustration. As this game has just taken a good two steps forward.. and one step back. This game needs a test server.. Rainbow blood, laggy audio, small grab radius, button prompts not showing up. These are things that could have been addressed before this update got put out. I love this game.. Im enjoying this shit out of the single player addons. But these other issues should not be present.
  15. Ya... i mean. I've been testing it as much as i can against bots. Im bumping into them with my chest and missing grabs.
  16. HuDawg


    Wooooaaaa !! The colors!!! Looks like Jason has been raiding the counselors secret stashes again.. Hes trippin' balls.
  17. HuDawg


    I've yet to see it happen Feel like im missin' out
  18. Really... this is truth of it. The grab animation looks perfect. The grab range is perfect. The grab Stinger sound effects are great. (Some may not like it) but i love horror movie stinger sounds. The grab RADIUS is the PROBLEM. Needs to be as wide as his shoulder width. (This is the only problem) People need to come together on this^. Stop saying 'You need to learn".. Stop complaining about other random nit picky things. The grab RADIUS is currently as wide as his head.. Needs to be his shoulders. A straight rectangle.
  19. I love these single player challenges. But it should also grant XP.
  20. After banging everyone, there's definitely something salty about it. Nuthin' a lil soap and water can't fix tho.
  21. She's grinding her way to lvl 113 for weapon swaps..lol
  22. A few times last night i couldn't tell if i was Walking or Running with Jason. Running Jason feels more like a slow jog now. And with slower Jasons, even catching up to limping counselors takes longer than it should.
  23. i 100% disagree. And its not even about 'getting gud'. You need to see things from real perspectives other than you as a counselor not wanting to get grabbed. The GRAB needs a bigger radius. They nailed the range and the animation. But a REAL grab radius is from shoulder to shoulder. Seriously.. go grab something in real life and you will instantly notice everything directly infront of you between both your shoulders is easy to grab. Currently.. the issue is the grab has sort of a small tip, like Jason is reaching out from his face. That grab radius does not match the grab animation. Either way.. Almost there Gun. Just widen that grab radius and its 100% perfect. Also shave off a few recovery frames. To much of hang after missing a grab. Thats waaay to long.