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  1. Hahaha.. Hell i was hosting games last night. This match starts, Jason morphs near the cabin im in. I run to open the windows real quick and mistakenly jumped through the window like an idiot and landed right infront of Jason.. he killed me with 19 mins still left in the game. I was bit salty at 1st. But i just sat back and watched the rest of the match and cheered on players. After it was over the Jason player sent me a message and saying "Thanks for not rage quitting bro,". I told him its all good. I don't mind dying. He invited me to a party chat. Ended up making a new friend and played another 7 games with the dude. Good times
  2. When i purchased this game i knew full well what i was getting into. A game where my survival chances should be slim and i would die alot. And everyone i know and play with, who bought this game feels the same A few people here on this forum seem to want to complain non stop about dying and about fairness.. While i myself enjoy being killed by Jason. I mean sure, not at the exact moment im killed but a few seconds later.. Im cool. Dying to me in this game is usually expected, especially against a Jason that knows what they are doing. And while people get killed, other better be trying to escape.. If not, then everyone DIES.. :D. Sometimes i get killed 1st, sometimes i get killed last.. And sometimes i escape. Which is basically how it should be for everyone and it currently is. And the best part about dying,,, Is being able to sit back and watch the rest of the game like a movie and control the camera shots. I really enjoy that part of the game. Sometimes i cheer on the counselors, sometimes i cheer on Jason if i really hate the counselors. Thing is, some people treat this game like some sort of super competitive game with winners and losers and can't take dying.. EVER. Rage quitting in Jasons hands.. Complaining about Jason being OP. These people are buy far the WORST kinds of players to play with because i don't think they get the spirit of the game. They seem to be confusing escaping with winning and could care less about enjoying the the experience this game brings. Anyone else cool with Dying? Cause im cool. You cool?
  3. NO ONES FORCING YOU TO COORDINATE. In 8 quick matches i played last night i escaped 4 times.. What in blue freakin hell do you keep YAPPIN' about? Fair this, fair that. Im not sure why you think anyone should respect what you're saying, when nothing you say makes any sense. Just because you keep spinning this "No one has a chance" BS, doesn't mean anyone has to buy it. Because i sure don't
  4. You are DoiranRO need to get a room together. So you can lock the door and whisper sweet sounds nothing in each others ears. WTF is coordinated Jason Players? Is there a Jason team now? This may come a shock to you but MOST players who bought this game fully expect to DIE alot to Jason. And players like you need learn how die.. And shaaad up
  5. Jason was never HARD to play... But the challenge was always meant to be in the counselors escaping. Jason getting kills is not meant to be for PRO Jasons only. Either way... Bad Jasons barely kill anyone. Usually only killing players that mess with him instead of trying to escape. So it does take some degree of skill as Jason. Jason cant be everywhere at once.. Counselors are meant to die while others escape. The real problem seems to be, some players can't take dying.
  6. "Get ready"

    Lobbies are for players to group up in and play. If everyones ready and you're busy dicking around with perks and clothing id be pretty annoyed too. READY UP.. *click click click click click. Not sure what Russians have to do with anything. If you want to mess with perks and clothing.. Do it afterwards on your own time.. Hell, thats what i do. I mean, if the lobbies empty and you're waiting, go nuts.. But if its packed and everyones waiting .. G the F up dooood
  7. Me neither.. Hell i wish they never released any SMALL maps in the 1st place.
  8. ...Dude, stop being so over dramatic.... in ever topic, belting out the same sob stories of how you think Jason is too OP. I've escaped with randoms, with no mics.. all the damn time. And so do many others. They ain't gonna give you a bag full of guns and bullets. You need learn to enjoy dying in this game,. Have you tried, some herbal remedies?
  9. $40 is like 3 beers and a shot at a strip club. I've gotten hours and hours worth of fun from this game.. for $40. Can't say the same about $40 at strip club. Oo
  10. Oooo GAaaawd the squealing and the squeaking! Make it stop.. make it stop!!!!..
  11. I've been complaining about Jason weak grab animation for months now. This new grab animation looks damn near perfect. Alot more menacing for sure.
  12. Piñata Jason

    ... 3 is can be a pain... But im talking gang bang. Like at least 4 or 5. But i still say Jason should have a 5-10 second cooldown on being stunned. Its not about if Jason can some how MASH through it all Too many stuns looks stupid from boths sides so the option to stun Jason Non stop shouldn`t exist.
  13. ...Really bad Jasons don't really kill anyone, unless people start screwing around.. Hell, sometimes i let bad Jasons kill me just let Jason have a kill if its that bad. Average Jasons should be killing at least half.. Besides, i lone wolf all the time with repair characters.. Might take longer running a part across the map, but the repairs are fast. WhOoooOOp Deee DoOO.
  14. Piñata Jason

    Dude.. I play random/random no preference. As it stands for me.. I know if 3-4 counselors have weapons its usually gang beat city. I don't like seeing that especially the taunting of Jason.. As counselor id rather see Jason get up and just head punch some t baggin squeaker with ease. Theres no urgency to run most of the time until all weapons are broken, and by that time Jason has probably been stunned a few times. (Even tho Jason may have also got a few melee swings of his own). Which is dragged on even longer by health sprays.. For me personally.. When playing as a counselor i have no issue with a 10 second stun cool down. Besides, i was saying 5-10 seconds. Either way, 10 seconds isn't very long.. I mean its just one way to stop it.
  15. And a competent Jason can also catch a FAST counselor. Shit just happens... It doesn't all go down like a check list,. ..
  16. Don't care about outfits, but perks.. No thanks., DBD is biggest problem is its huge imbalance that it has due to its perk system and the leveling process. Also DBD is filled with players that care more about getting blood points and leveling then they do actually playing the game. Shouldn't really reward people just because they play more. Thats how i see it. People who play more usually are better then those who don't. So no point giving veteran players a bigger advantage over others with special perks,
  17. Piñata Jason

    ... Im not sure why im supposed to care about people living... Thats like me caring about people staying dry at a Water Park, Sorry dude.. I disagree. 10 seconds a very...very short stun cool down for counselors and seems pretty fair.
  18. Piñata Jason

    A real block button that makes jason really slow, and blocks for all directions, but functions like the melee stand block would be a good idea too. Hell, Jason melee swing should knock Counselors to the ground.. Not sure how counselors can so easily stun Jason, Jet when Jason hacks at them they barely flinch.
  19. Piñata Jason

    ... Well i sure as hell wouldn't be hanging around after smashing him.. Im just speaking purely from how to stop myself.
  20. Has nothing to do with a competent Jason.. Its all situational. Good players play Good.. Bad Players play Bad. You seem to want to pick and choose when BAD players matter and when good ones matter. The fact of the matter is anything can happen.. Slow counselors can kite and fight competent Jasons, Jason can't be everywhere at once. And yes.. Counselors are supposed to die. They are not all supposed to ride off in the sunrise holding hands.
  21. Piñata Jason

    ....10 seconds is long? ... What? What does it do?.. Well it stop gang beat down dance parties. Sure you'll be able to hit him again soon.. (Which is the point) But it stops the circle jerk beat downs..
  22. Piñata Jason

    1.) 1.5 second stun immunity doesn't stop Gang Beatings. Obviously.. . 2.) It only takes a second or two to do objectives with repair characters. Hence one melee stun from a counselor is plenty of time to do said objectives. So basically 10 second stun immunity does not prevent anything ./.. Other then gang beating dance parties.
  23. 10 seconds isn't long... It would stop Jason Gang Bang Dance parties. Its got nothing to do with Bias.