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  1. I have this happen all the time. Restarting the game always fixes it. For me anyways..
  2. I don't get what you're complainihg about.. You escaped Lol, at your internet being shut down. People like that are just funny.
  3. You can do what ever you want.. Alls i know is I've seen plenty of games crumble for Jason when trying to protect the boat at the wrong time. It a numbers/gambling game IF counsellors push objectives. If they don't push objectives, it doesn't matter Also when i use the boat i stay close to shore.. So if i do get tipped, i can get to land quickly.
  4. Till you get a boo boo and quit... Jason can't kill you.. If you quit. Right? lol...
  5. Its pretty sad that you get off on trolling newbies. And then send videos of yourself beating on the newbie Jason to the newbie. Like you're sooo bad ass. And then quit the game when you're limping. (So much for bad ass) Im not sure what you're laughing at. But its kind of pathetic. Knowing full well that quitting because you're limping is much more laughable than beating on newbie Jasons. Like said.. You're the worst kind of player. And you prove it everytime you post.
  6. You report the hate mail? What hate mail? You're quitting because YOU aren't filled with med sprays..You're gonna get called out for it.. And you report those messages like a little bitch. The entire point of playing as a counselor is to get killed by Jason or Escape. Not live forever because of med sprays and you wanting to beat Jason and dance. (Even tho you can use a perk to at least start with ONE med spray and have two uses) You're by far the WORST kind of player to play with.. Because you don't get the point or spirit of the game. You're a whiney try hard that hates Jason in a game about Jason killing people. The easiest map for Jason to play on is Pinehurst. Ain't no one one who loves playing as Jason, picking small maps. Not that it matters in PUBLIC games. And anyone who doesn't LIKE to play as Jason.. Shouldn't be playing this game.
  7. We must be playing a different game. Because this has nothing to do with Jasons brain cells. And more about Jason not being able to be everywhere at once or noticing the boat. The boat is low priority anyways. If someone repairs it without messing up, and the Jason in play is a slow swimmer. Its a guaranteed escape. Screw up the repair and Jason is a fast swimmer... Ain't no one escaping via the boat. If Jason focuses on the boat too much.. It gives other objectives an easy opening. Many times i've had to let the boat escape when playing as Jason. Not because i could not catch it, but because if i did, the car or phone would have got repaired. So it comes down to letting 1 or 2 escape to make sure everyone else doesn't.
  8. Like people have already said. Sometimes players have been waiting for 5 mins +. People leaving.. Re Joining.. Maybe a few games in a row where Jason quit, so everyone has to keep re loading an waiting.
  9. I have found a new way of playing as Jason in small maps.. And its quite enjoyable. Tunnel the host ASAP and kill him...ignore everyone else and ignore objectives until the host is dead. Last night i kept landing in loading games of Pack small. 3 in a damn row. Tunneled every host to death.. It was quite satisfying. Especially when they quit and shut the lobby down..and sent me a rage message. At this point.. Id rather 7 people escape if that means the host is dead..lol
  10. Nut Choppers ^... Ain't no nut huggin' going on here...lol
  11. Trying to convince someone that DBD is a good game, when they dislike every apect of it.. Is like trying to convince a straight guy that BJs are fun to give to another dude. Its just not gonna happen..Unless you're into it. Theres nothing fun about DBD to me., No matter how many times a i look at it and play it. Its looks like a game made in 2008. And the core game play is hooks and gerators. While F13th looks recent and authentic.. And its core game play is murder and survival.
  12. I play full games every night.. Guess you had a bad night with shitty hosts. Its not a big deal dude.. How old are you? And do you play sober?
  13. Depends on the Jason player, map being played.. and hoping the sweater stun actually works if you get to that point..
  14. HuDawg

    Ideal Counsellor?

    For me, i really don't think it matters. Thats why i play random. A good Jason player will pick anyone off they want regardless of what counsellor you use. The best defense againt Jason is another counsellor. And the best chance for escape is getting obectives done while Jason targets other counsellors. Jasons biggest weakess is time. And not being able to be everywhere at once.
  15. You can't choose the Jason player in QP... And killing Jason is never a for sure thing.
  16. I hate SMALL maps. I can't back out of lobbies or quit small maps fast enough. Wish they would AT LEAST remove small maps from RANDOM map selection.
  17. I wonder if Salt Minds even work... I went 4 days (about 12 games) without getting to be Jason. On the 5th day, i quit 5 games straight till i got Jason Never landed me in salt mines. So, not sure how salt mines work. But from how i see it. You really need to work to get to the salt mines.
  18. Buy perks later?... if the whole lobby is waiting for you, just do it later.
  19. Just quit the game.. I quit games all the time. When im glitched up, or end up in SMALL MAPS
  20. Playing as the killer in dbd is tedious and anti climatic. Survivor has its moments, it does get intense when getting chased. But that generator shit drives me insane. Just thinking about all the hours the hardcore dbd players have spent kneeling 4 generators...HOW did they not lose their damn minds.???
  21. It works for me.. Sometimes that bong hit really hits hard.. I hear that 'click click click'. I snap out of it and ready up.