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  1. HuDawg

    Jason is weak

    ....How do you pick off 7 people in a group that stayed grouped up and look for openings to attack Jason? Its simple to swarm Jason, and he ends up in the middle in seconds. If in a game filled with skilled try hards. You literally have to play this game like a some bottom of the barrel, dollar bin fighting game and use game play mechanic flaws to get kills in. OR just hope you end up in a lobby filled with mostly idiots that balance things out.. Because thats the only time its fun and it actually feels like a real Friday the 13th game.
  2. HuDawg

    Jason is weak

    It baffles me how how vids like this don't light a fire under the ass's of people in charge of this game. Durh.. Look at me Dodge Jason.. Durh, im gonna dance.. Durh Durh.. Hey dudes in charge. Pull your fingers out of your ass and do something.
  3. HuDawg

    Jason is weak

    Hope something is done soon to flip the current state of the game upside down. RDR2/O is basically taken over my life at the moment. Unless counselors get put in check and Jason gets the buffs that he deserves.. I'll probably have zero reason to jump back into this game again.
  4. Well its really not a team. Id say.....5 Squeakers yelling through the mic..Yelling 'cache me out side' while looking to kill Jason. Is a perfect example of a reason to sabotage 😜😅
  5. .....lol. Keep praying you end up playing against newbies. ..So you're saying if the counselors group up, they can just do ever they want? And Jason should just go home?.. I didn't say say they should remove the ability to kill Jason or fight back if needed. Besides.. which F13th movie had Jason getting beat down by everyone for most of the movie?
  6. Well i would never want it to be a cake walk for Jason either.. But people should not be able to stand their ground against Jason. Is what im saying. Last night, with 5 randoms.. We where able to beat Jason silly at the phone fuse box, call the cops.. and escape. Jason only killed 3 players. There was nothing he could do about it. We FORCED the repair and called the cops. He got the few kills near the end That Jason player was a long time player, who used to post here regularly. (won't mention his name). Its just ridiculous
  7. Id rather they take away SMALL maps from random map selections.
  8. I know all this. . I just don't think it shouldn't be like this.. Jason should be able to steam roll through counsellors like Rosie O Donnel at all you can eat Big Mac Buffet. There should be a way to push through gang beating.
  9. But if they beat you silly.. While pushing an objective or going for a Jason kill, they will pull it off before they run out of heals and weapons break. If all they do is attack Jason and nothing else. Then they do run of heals and weapons. But Jason doesn't have time for this lolligagging bullllshit tho... Hell, maybe the Rage Icon when it activates should be a new skill, that charges up and has a cool down. RAGE.. For 3 seconds 100% immune to everything. 30 second cooldown.
  10. This is the game play flaw that needs to be fixed. I mean, ya you could try and melee them all to death. But IF they work together, they will also melee you back, stun you and heal. Which, with the right perks.. Can lead to same migrane you get grabbing people in a tight group.
  11. When i was talking about removing all weapons, i didn't mean that I actually wanted this.. I was just making a point that counsellors would still escape. So a change to combat mechanic, be it nerfing counsellors or buffing Jason would not be a huge problem. The game would just play out better. I think BillyBallo really thought i wanted weapons removed.. I mean maybe im crazy. But, Jason biggest weakess is not being able to be everywhere at once.. It sure as hell shouldn't be counsellors beating the crap out him.
  12. No one said the weapons should be deleted..
  13. I play on xbox... So im not about to buy a Ps4 or PC just 1 vs 1 you... I didn't refuse anything..lmfao. Ok, you buy me a PS4 and i'll 2 vs 1 you and your boyfriend. Anytime you want
  14. ... Even after smoking 10 bong hits I got more brain cells than you. We both know you ain't nothing but nothing. You should refrain from telling me what to do, because i don't take orders from you. Besides, You have never played with me. So for you sit there and judge me just shows who the real imbecile is.
  15. Ignore all posts by @Tommy86. He loves to give old men lap dances.