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  1. WTF? You trapped objectives? Dude, those traps are for catching rabbits. So yes... you are toxic. And you should be ashamed.
  2. Its not just about grabs. Its melee attacks too. I mean, I don't remember any part in the movies where Jason chops someone with an axe, then after getting hit, the counselor hits him with a bat.. Jason falls down and the counselor runs away. This is one of the most flawed mechanics in the game. Id be cool with Jason falling down, if counselors also fell down after getting hit. Now I know they won't add any new animations for counselors. But at the very least, a disarm of counselors would be the easiest thing to implement. This would basically make it so it came down to who landed the 1st hit. And remove the RAGE stun immunity. This would basically kill off that mentality of "Im gonna hit Jason no matter what'. Jason hits you 1st, weapon drops. You hit Jason 1st, Jason drops. And no more Jason hits me, and I hit Jason right back and Jason drops. Get into a battle with a group of Counselors? Well now Jason could now actually pick his targets, disarm them and camp their weapons and fight them off. Instead of a bunch of counselors ganging up on him, tanking hits and attacking him.
  3. The mechanics are already borked. Jason should never be knocked down unless its by a gun. In this game. Both Jason and Counselors can trade melee attacks and Jason can end up falling down on his ass, while the counselor barely flinches and only loses some health. At worst. Jason should only be dazed for a few seconds on his feet. Counselors at the very least, be disarmed when melee attacked by Jason. This would mean both sides are equally are being punished for whiffing attacks. As it stands, theres really no punishment for melee attacking Jason with counselors besides loss of health. This is why groups of players can take advantage of this mechanic.. Which is also prolonged by perks and med sprays. And this is why we ended up with Jason being stun proof while in rage mode.
  4. BALANCE! In a game where 1 player needs to hunt down 7 other players in under 20 mins. Im not sure why you would rather be slashed to death.. (Which is the actual WORST way of getting killed). You're better off uninstalling the game if you can't handle being killed by Jasons.. Its kind of the point.
  5. Im always amazed by people when they make a new account just to post the dumbest shit possible. By all means, go play as Jason and never, ever.... eeeeeeeeeeever grab someone using shift. Then come back here and make a new topic how its not fun that everyone survives, because you don't like using shift to grab people because its not 'FUN".. lol..
  6. Meh.. its not really an insult. It needs to be combined with other words, for it to be close to an insult. For example. " A smelly legged, panty wearing, crossed eye, stuck your moma's basement try hard'. Now that's insult, but the Try Hard part is just to stick the landing. Used without any sort of build up. Its a just description. Sure, some people whine about everything. Maybe call people try hards, that aren't even try hards. That same shit happens with many other words. Like the term 'Troll'. Some people think anyone who disagrees with them on anything is a troll. So, there's no doubt people are out there that will call people a 'try hard' anytime they lose in a game. But for me, I I've been around the block many times. Im also the type of person who adjusts how I play depending on who I play with. So a Try Hard is the opposite of me.
  7. Public games are too much of a crap shoot. Yes,, its annoying to deal with idiots. But if those same idiots become host, they will be kicking people for their own personal reasons. And now, you could be spending hours to play a full game, because dumbass's can kick you anytime they want. I always look at L4D. A game where people can vote kick. And 99% of the time people will try and kick people for the dumbest reasons possible. Now imagine that power in ONE persons hand in this game.
  8. Really, 'Try Hard' is not an insult. Its description of someones behavior. I'll take another game. Like GTA O. You get people who attack others non stop for no reason. And when people fight back they start killing themselves with sticky bombs non stop, to avoid having their K/D ratio harmed. This is peak Try Hard.
  9. Naw man. Try hards are people who take it too far, even tho they are already better at what ever it is. It would be like NBA players playing a basketball game against 10 year olds. And the NBA players blocking everything, dunking in their faces and trash talking them the whole time. Basically trying their hardest like its the NBA finals... There's a certain level of bitchery and mindset to be had, to be a full on try hard. Sure, if its a super competitive game, trying your hardest is the point. But if someone is going to take candy from a baby, you don't need a ghillie suit.
  10. If Jason kills someone before his sense ability activates, he obviously didn't have to try that hard at all.
  11. I get them all the time. Even real life death threats... I love it. I think it makes them even more angry when they see I enjoy it. I look it as a wrestler drawing heat. Gimmie more...
  12. Friends who play together and the friend playing sucks as Jason, so they help him. Don't think its any deeper than that.
  13. I find this more of an issue when playing as counselors. Since one less player alive means, means less time and targets for Jason. As Jason, same logic. Less players to deal with, equals more time and wiggle room. And more time to pay/set up good kills.
  14. Full Frontal Nudity... My final wish is to be able to chase naked counselors...
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