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  1. This game has a clunky, buggy combat system that favors the counselors over Jason. And its the only reason why killing Jason is even remotely easy in the 1st place. IMO removing the Jason kill would be a quick fix, make the game more enjoyable. If I was in charge... I would keep the Jason kills in the game as is. And change this. - Jason melee attacks should disarm counselors - Jason melee attacks should destroy the sweater. - Counselors should not drain stamina when jogging. (Only running) - Counselors should NOT gain stamina when hitting Jason. Instead counselors lose stamina when attacking, even if they hit Jason or not. - Tommy does not enter the game till late game. - Once all that's added ^. Remove Jasons Stun Immunity during rage. And cut stun time by 50-75% instead.
  2. IMO removing Jason kills would probably help the game. Theres not many people who are fixated on Jason kills only. A bunch of Try Hard Jason killers do more harm to the over all player base then anything else in the game. It makes the game look silly, since counselors are supposed to act like rabbits not wolves. I mean, theres other things they could do. But removing Jason kills, would probably be a good thing. At the very least Tommy should not show up till the last few mins of the game. Jason attacking counselors disarms them. Attacking the sweater girl removes the sweater. But I doubt anything will happen..
  3. Slashing, Chokes and Head Punches only Jasons players are the worst. Dealing out the right kills at the right moment is what F13th is all about. I personally can't do it. Like, I have to be forced or put in a position to kill players like that. Hell I don't even like doing the same kills period. Which is why I HATE when Jasons players kill me in the lamest way possible. Had a Jason last night. Just standing there looking at me, while was on a dock. I was using LaChappa while wearing his wrestling out fit. So I flexed my muscles and started to clobber him with a 2x4, till that 2x4 broke. He stood there and allowed to happen. Then Jason grabbed me and headbutted my to death. That^. shit is gold. lol
  4. I don't know about that. It seems to me the people who only play to kill Jason are a very small minority. I played F13th for 8 hours over the weekend. Only saw 3 games where people where going for the kill. And only one Jason kill happen, due to the Jason player being stupid and walking right into it.
  5. Ya, It makes no sense to leave because of Savini. Now the NES Jason, I can understand. The Music and Color drives me bonkers.
  6. Experts... lol? Honestly.. Only reason I don't use him is because I prefer the classic looks. Personally I don't see the difference between the Jason as that big a deal.
  7. Things are wonky for a reason. And I doubt what ever devs are left will do any drastic changes. How it should have been. -Stamina should NOT drain when walking or jogging. Only running and attacking should drain stamina. Hitting Jason should not give counselors stamina. - Getting melee'd attacked by Jason should make counselors instantly drop what ever they have in their hands. - Getting attacked by Jason when wearing the sweater, should instantly remove the sweater from play. - Jason should never fall down from melee attacks. Only the SHOTGUN should lay Jason out on his back. - Rage should NOT make Jason immune to stuns. But instead cut the time spent stunned in half.
  8. This game has a fairly decent active player base on xbox. It also went up for free with games with gold a little while ago, so that helped.
  9. Sounds like a total buzz kill. 6 months after the games was released. I started to fall into the try hard groups. I started to notice that I was no longer enjoying the game. That playing in lobbies with 'coordinated' counselors sucks the fun out of both playing as Counselors and playing as Jason. Took a break from the game due to getting burnt out.. Came back, and realized the randoms/quick play lobbies is where its really at and never went back. Most fun I've had in a long time is when this game went up for free with Games With Gold. A good mash up or newbies, casual and veterans all shoved into the same camp, with barely any real verbal coordination and more of a re-active/opportunistic approach with other forms of bs, is far more entertaining.
  10. Jason is supposed to be overpowered.. And to be honest, hes no where near as dangerous as he was at launch. I do agree that the counsellors have a stamina issue. IMO stamina should only drain when sprinting. Jogging should be the same as walking.
  11. One of the videos I watched. Technically that Jason was on point, creatively he gets 2 thumbs down. 2 Head punches and Choke? Ewwww….
  12. Ya man, this game isn't meant to be competitive. But there are ways of playing it that could be considered competitive, which I understand.. (to each their own) But when people starting acting like they are playing with the "BEST JASONS IN THE WORLD".. I can't help but laugh, since the games skill bar isn't really set that high in the 1st place.
  13. Ya dude.. I understand what you're saying in terms of attacks. I do shit like that when needed too. Its just comparable to a game with actual fighting in it, which meant to be competitive. Like this.. The only way I would I could ever see F13th being played competitively.. Even in the slightest. Is 1 vs 1s. Where both players swap between playing as Jason and Counselor. Where the person who survives the longest wins. Other then that, I think players who play competitively are like people who take Mario Party too seriously.
  14. Dude.. its not a competitive game. There isn't any teams.. Its not team sports. Like I said before, its like you're living on a totally different planet because you've totally lost me. The 'best quick blocking, combo throwing's Jasons that have ever played the game'??? This isn't DOA or Tekken. I just don't get it.
  15. This is exactly what I think about it..^. It sucks the fun out of the game. People who only focus on killing Jason play the game for different reasons than players like me who play for the reasons you just posted.
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