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  1. Sounds like a total buzz kill. 6 months after the games was released. I started to fall into the try hard groups. I started to notice that I was no longer enjoying the game. That playing in lobbies with 'coordinated' counselors sucks the fun out of both playing as Counselors and playing as Jason. Took a break from the game due to getting burnt out.. Came back, and realized the randoms/quick play lobbies is where its really at and never went back. Most fun I've had in a long time is when this game went up for free with Games With Gold. A good mash up or newbies, casual and veterans all shoved into the same camp, with barely any real verbal coordination and more of a re-active/opportunistic approach with other forms of bs, is far more entertaining.
  2. Jason is supposed to be overpowered.. And to be honest, hes no where near as dangerous as he was at launch. I do agree that the counsellors have a stamina issue. IMO stamina should only drain when sprinting. Jogging should be the same as walking.
  3. One of the videos I watched. Technically that Jason was on point, creatively he gets 2 thumbs down. 2 Head punches and Choke? Ewwww….
  4. Ya man, this game isn't meant to be competitive. But there are ways of playing it that could be considered competitive, which I understand.. (to each their own) But when people starting acting like they are playing with the "BEST JASONS IN THE WORLD".. I can't help but laugh, since the games skill bar isn't really set that high in the 1st place.
  5. Ya dude.. I understand what you're saying in terms of attacks. I do shit like that when needed too. Its just comparable to a game with actual fighting in it, which meant to be competitive. Like this.. The only way I would I could ever see F13th being played competitively.. Even in the slightest. Is 1 vs 1s. Where both players swap between playing as Jason and Counselor. Where the person who survives the longest wins. Other then that, I think players who play competitively are like people who take Mario Party too seriously.
  6. Dude.. its not a competitive game. There isn't any teams.. Its not team sports. Like I said before, its like you're living on a totally different planet because you've totally lost me. The 'best quick blocking, combo throwing's Jasons that have ever played the game'??? This isn't DOA or Tekken. I just don't get it.
  7. This is exactly what I think about it..^. It sucks the fun out of the game. People who only focus on killing Jason play the game for different reasons than players like me who play for the reasons you just posted.
  8. Its not a competitive game, no matter how much you think it is, it simply isn't. Its not designed like that. And for me, being an asshole to try hard Jason killer is sort of a pleasure. Not giving them what they think they deserve, isn't gonna break my bank. Like I said a many times. I just don't hide. I like to stay close enough to them to give them hope. Like dangling a Big Mac over Rosie O Donnels face and moving it everytime she tries to go for a chomp.
  9. Killing Jason is not fun when its all you ever seem to be fixated on. You obviously live on a different planet then me in terms of game play. You even claim to just kill newbie Jasons ASAP just to get it over with. I also go for 'swims' all the time.. Even if im not getting hunted. Water is Jasons turf/high way. And when play with annoying Try Hards, I return the favor by being an annoying try hard myself out of spite. Im that type of asshole. I also give up 'remaining kills' all the time. I let people escape all the time. This isn't a competitive game. Quality kills is greater than Quantity of kills.
  10. Jason is better off just ignoring what the try hard Jason killers are doing, just doing his own thing. Once the sweater is grabbed, and the game turns into derp fest. Then Jason should start walking around wasting time and grabbing knives. But the best solution is to screen lobbies, making sure that anyone who wants to play Jason is not stuffed in a lobby with a bunch of try hards in the 1st place. I mean, holy shit. If every lobby had players like you in it.. The game would truly be dead. Thankfully most players actually don't and play the game for fun.
  11. I go out of my to actively sabotage anyone trying to kill low level Jasons. Unless they are an annoying squeaker, then they must die. All other newbie Jasons, I slow it down and play like a newbie myself. Sometimes even let that newbie kill me if hes low on kills or everyone escapes. For me, im not looking for a challenge when I play this game. I want to be entertained.
  12. Can't put on a show once a bunch of try hard Jason killers have a sweater in play. Not that theres anything wrong with Jumping into the lake. I myself don't use the lake to wait out kill squad, because it gives them to much time to dance, talk shit and send pms.. Id rather sucker them to chase me around the map Its still a show, just a different type of show.
  13. One of the problems is that theres no real punishment for getting slashed by Jason when playing as a Counselor. Jason hacks a counselor, they barely flinch. Sure they lose some health, but that can easily be healed or have some damage negated by perks. At the same time this means counselors can trade blows with Jason and come out on top. This is backwards, considering almost every melee attack by Counselors lays Jason out on his ass, like Jason is a WWE wrestler selling a light chair shot. I've said this before.. and argued many times about it. But ONE slash from Jason should at the very least, instantly disarm a counselor. Counselors should also be stunned for second. One slash from Jason should also remove the sweater from play. Meaning one slash and the sweater is gone. Making being offensive against Jason, demasking him and killing him an actual risk. And at the same time giving Jason and real chance against kill squads with incentive to actually attack. People of course are gonna argue against that. (like they always do) But that's because some people don't want a real slasher game. The want a beat em' up a slasher game. Thing is, you can't have both.
  14. And if the game devs didn't listen to counselors only whiners when the game was released. There'd be no whining about Jason getting beat up, which has lead to the current state of this game and its current rage mode. As far as whining goes. Players always want to improve or change the game. It make zero sense to have 20 min slasher party game where you can pummel the killer to the ground non stop. Especially when that game is called F13th.
  15. Taunting, dancing and insults are just baiting methods. I tend to block it all out. Like a brick wall. I say nothing back, I just don't care. The sweater is the only thing they have. Without out it, they would all scatter and run like rabbits, or get their heads hacked off.
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