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  1. Actually thats a true statement for me. Counselors where much weaker and the game was much more difficult when the game 1st released. And counselor mains complained for months about it till things where changed and flipped around. I would prefer to be weaker as a counselor. Because it is Jasons game. He is the draw. Either way, nowadays when playing ever since they ditched the servers, you have to pamper the host.
  2. I've played plenty of games where you can murder half naked woman. Some of those games even allow you to eat them... Besides, This is a F13th game.. You can also murder men who are even more naked than the women. As far as kids go. Bad parents are bad parents.
  3. Its kind of like adding fuel to the fire because you want to fight fire with fire.. while complaining about getting burned. Much easier to quit the game instead of allowing the local yocals to throw down in a counselor death match. Again... Seriously dude.. I've been playing this game since it came out and never had any issues teamers. If Jason is that BAD that he needs someone to help him, i don't even care. It would be like a father teaching his kid to ride a bike. It was worse with friendly fire on and i liked friendly (for what it was meant to be). Not to 'fight counselors with'. But because it made fighting Jason more of a challenge. But it got removed because players kept attacking other players.
  4. It was a game mode where Jason ran around slaughtering people who play Among Us.
  5. Teamers can only help shitty jason players by slowing you down or getting in your way. With friendly fire back on. You basically allow teamers to also injure you or kill you. You also allow players to kill you for what ever reason they want. Maybe for the laughs, maybe because they don't like you Gamer Tag. Maybe they think you're a teamer. I actually like friendly fire... btw
  6. Awww man. I didn't want this post to be a negative thing. It was more of thank you post. For me, this game was awesome for what it was. The fact that this game is still being played is a testament to that. Also this is Sober me talking. Not sober me will probably be like 'Fuck it, lets try a game of F13th"
  7. Public games are where the bulk of the player base plays. Hosts will quit if they aren't Jason or they get killed. Since there is no more dedicated servers.. the game will end. This is how it was prior to dedicated servers. So for me, i won't be going through that again.
  8. I just wanted to say thank you for making F13th the game. No game has ever come close to what F13th is, and probably never will. Its sad to see you guys shut off dedicated servers.. But for what its worth. Its been a hell of a ride. Also.. this is one of the few forums that never banned me for speaking my mind. So thank you to the moderators too. To everyone else on this forum that i've argued or agreed with. You made it worth staying around. With only a few days left. I will now try to get myself killed when playing as Jason. I've never been Killed as Jason. But hey, i figure my 1st time should be my last time. A fitting end..lol
  9. Before the dedicated servers, the biggest complaint was about hosts leaving and how P2P was ruining the game. I remember how it was. When playing as Jason, 99% of the time, i would always had to baby and pamper the host.
  10. I've had it happened few times to me over the years... I was barely bothered. Shit happens..
  11. Whats worse? "Teamers" or counselors that kill other counselors? How about Teamers that will also kill other counselors.. or wound them to HELP Jason. Allowing you to kill Counselors will not stop "teaming'. It would only HELP teaming.. And help counselors kill other counselors. Teaming isn't even a big problem. Its rare..
  12. IMO.. i think thats a load of crap.. Or they didn't bother pushing back against that load of crap. Adding "NEW" content doesn't matter.. and has nothing to do with the lawsuit. The game already exists.. Im more interested on why they didn't sit down with either party and work shit out. Because this is something that could easily be worked out. That fact that the game can still be purchased YET can't get new content never made sense.
  13. Nah.. P2P is what will kill this game. Dedicated servers is what actually saved this game in the 1st place. F13th still has a healthy player base. Once this game goes back to P2P, most of that player base will not put up 90% of public games ending due to host leaving the game OR host losing connection. At that point, the game will be dead.
  14. Ya, im sure the game devs will get right on that one. ..lmfao. Thats by far one of the dumbest comments i've seen on this forum. Jason would be lucky to kill ONE counselors if that happened..
  15. I play on xbox. And never before 9pm est. Because there is less kids on after 9pm I rarely see teamers. And when i do, that Jason is usually horrible. (because no decent Jason player needs help from counselors) I usually encounter Hit and Run counselors that love to run people over just for the laughs. . So from that perspective, why would you want to give these players the chance to kill you with weapons too again? When it comes to teamers.. Fuck it, id just quit and find a new game. Because its so rare.. But if you give players the ability to kill each other again, it would not stop teaming. It would just give assholes the ability to kill you with weapons. So now, you would have to deal with teamers and killer counselors.
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