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  1. If I was in charge of this game id be selling kill packs for $10 a pop. And there would be tons of kill packs. Lawsuit or no lawsuit. Would not matter.
  2. No such thing as a Jason Main. Jason rage is here to stay. As it should be. Without it, Jason would get his ass whopped and dance on till the end of the game. Game is not supposed to be balanced for counselors to kick the shit out a Jason all match long. Jason is supposed to kill counselors while they try to escape.
  3. Tommy not showing up till the last 3-5 mins of the game, is still the best solution in terms of pushing back Jason kills to the end of the game. So that way, killing Jason will still be easy.. But you gotta wait till later in the game.
  4. I really don't care if someone can't do something in 3 mins. Its not supposed to be fair for Tommy. Besides, The point of Tommy is to KILL Jason. If people want to be a hero.. They can be a hero with the counselor they chose at the start of the game and act like a hero all match long. If they want kill Jason with Tommy. 3 mins is more than enough time to pull off a kill. Also. if Jason runs away or Jumps in the lake, then theres only a few mins left in the game anyways. It makes ZERO sense for Tommy to come into the game so early.. Or for Jason to even be in a position to die too early. Both of that should be late game.
  5. IMO The act of killing Jason should be easy. The window of time that Jason can be killed in should be much smaller. Tommy should not show up till the last few mins of the game. Tommy is the result of getting KILLED when playing as a counselor. Tommy should not show up with 15+ mins left in the game. Getting Tommy should NOT be a reward for allowing Jason to kill you early in game. Instead it should be a reward for players who stuck around till the end of the game to have ONE last chance at saving someone or going for a Jason kill. I don't think its that much more complicated then that. To balance Tommy showing up in the last few mins of the game. Make Tommy still be able to stun Jason with Melee Weapons.
  6. That sounds great.. Hes basically reduced to kill Jason at the end, like a movie. Jason shouldn't die early anyways.
  7. Not sure how it ruins the hero role. In your video it took you under a min to kill Jason. So that gives you 3 mins to be a hero
  8. Imo, Tommy should not show up till the last 3 mins of the game. But the Jason in that video kinda made it easier then it really is.
  9. Should wait for Tommy to spawn 1st. Then go grab the sweater together...
  10. I mean, if fire works and flare guns stun Jason while in rage. A group of players can force Jason into stun, repair the fuse and call the cops right in Jason face. This is why I think adding stun mechanics to rage mode is a bad idea. This is basically regressing the game to stunning and mocking Jason and forcing objectives on top of him, except now in RAGE mode. As it stands now.. Counsellors can put pressure on the fuse box but avoid Jason. While another group fixes the car. If Jason commits to protecting the fuse the car is open, and vise versa. At that point if the car gets started, Jason now has to make another choice, chase the car (which leaves the fuse box open) or keep protecting the fuse.
  11. ...Meh, I think the game is fine at the moment. Players get the chance to get a few wacks in, then rage kicks in. Players should not be fighting Jason, they should be running or dying. They should not be fighting for the car or fuse. If Jason targets the fuse, the car is open.
  12. IMO theres two kinds of people.. Ones who think everything is harassment. And constantly use the term toxic. And just can't handle anything. They sort of make themselves a victim. And people who simply don't give a damn. Nothing is toxic.. its just trash talking. I mean, i myself give everyone open permission to be as toxic as they want to me.. Harass me all you want. I simply don't care. Either you're going to entertain me (if you're good at it) OR bore me (if you suck at it). And if you suck it at it, I'll find a flash point easily and dig right in. If you're really bad at it, I just ignore it (because its like taking candy from a baby) if its funny.. I'll just return the serve and see how far I can take it. At that point its now mind games.
  13. Lol.. So you want Jason helpers to be able to kill you instead of Jason?
  14. In my defense, even a 747 looks small when its flying into the grand canyon.
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