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  1. IMO its better to speak your mind.. how you want to speak it. Sometimes the best results come from arguing as much as possible.
  2. I stopped playing this game back in Nov.. Was toooooo boring as counselor. While this update didn't really change much. It did makee Jason a real threat post rage...
  3. ...Either enjoy the rest of the show while spectating or leave? Nothing should be added.. Especially not mor counselors
  4. You can still grab every second... The skill is in the counselors avoiding Jason, not Jasons grab. The change to his grab is why so many people in the past year started fighting Jason more and more. The issue that was caused due to the grab change and the borked block. Everyone who enjoyed 'fighting' Jason is the reason why he got the Rage buff. Trolls enjoy fighting Jason too. I stopped playing because the game became almost a joke.. It was 'too easy' to fight Jason. Which in turned made playing as counselor boring. Jason needs to be able to steam roll through counselors, the skill should be on counselors to run away or escape. Not on Jason being able to fight his way through aggressive counselors.
  5. I can spin around and grab someone.. Jasons old grab was more of a quick swipe grab.. while the new grab is a slow lunge. Nothing is realistic about the new grab. Because anyone thats Jason size would be able to instantly grab anyone in his range. This is why in real life fights you don't want to step into grab range against some one bigger than you unless you can defend it, strike or grapple 1st. Jasons new grab has a sort of momentum penalty.. While counselors can sprint/change direction with zero momentum shift penalties. Even a counselors melee swings should recover slower than a grab. Either way, this game is not about beating the shit out of Jason.. Grabbing should be easy..
  6. No way in hell you played this game since day one if you think the game prior to this patch was pretty balanced. I find it HAAARLAAARIOUS that all these newbies come out of the bushes claiming to be day 1 players and lvl 150.. Sure you are. The grab was not nerfed because if could do a 180 grab.. What ever the hell that means. Also grab spam? WTF does that even mean? And NO ONE PLAYS THIS GAME FOR SKILL WHEN IT COMES TO JASON! Jason job is to slaughter counselors, not prove his skills. This isn't a competitive game.
  7. There was plenty wrong with Jason before this patch, which in turn made playing as counselor too 'easy'. Newbies like you obviously haven't played long. Telling people to adapt.. wtf? I remember when counselors would hide in cabins and hit Jason through the door...because facing him 1 vs 1 was an instant death. Then the engine update happened with the new slower/longer grab and broked block. Next thing you know everyone and their grandma was out there attacking Jason and all of sudden everyones a bad ass Jason killer. Im not the biggest fan of being immune to stuns after getting rage. But I would have done far worse in terms of nerfing counselors ability to fight Jason. So it is what it is..
  8. I lol'd so hard off this. GOOOOOOD! And hopefully those 'kinds' of people stop playing.
  9. If anything melee slashes should have a longer recovery.. for both Jason and counsellors. The grab recovery frames for Jason are already long enough.. If anything it Jasons grab should be quicker on recovery to make it less punishable.
  10. Missed counselors swings are about the same as missed Jason swings. Jason grab is far more 'punishable' when missing. Which is basically backwards. I mean.. Momentum from a melee swing should take more time to recuperate from then a grab. Leaning forward to grab things should be extremely fast, especially if the momentum behind the grab is slow pace walk jog. Grabbing should be easy...Its a grab.
  11. Simple really. Being able to stun Jason so easily and consistently turned Jason into a joke. Which ruins the fun and the point of the game.. Lets be real here... If you played this game since launch, it kept getting easier for counsellors with most updates. So really, who should have adapted?
  12. If counselors had momentum and direction change animation frames. It would probably solve that issue. Because they don't, its far to easy to sprint in and of grab range. Which is why everyone baits Jason into grabs before attacking him.
  13. I say every swing... That's just me tho. Makes zero sense that any of these counselors can take any hit from Jason and still hold on to anything.. let along instantly swing back at Jason Or still connect with a swing after being hit by Jason. Im not in charge of this game. But believe me, if I was id flip this entire game upside down. Id buff counselors in terms of stealth and nerf them to the ground in terms of combat. Id buff Jason in all combat situations and nerf Jasons speed and ability to easily find counselors. But I guess it is what it is..
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