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  1. I agree that the stealth aspect maybe better. But thats something that can easily be fixed. DBD maps look like something some modder whipped up for a survival map on L4D. Escaping by hatch.. Really? Guess its better then dying by hook.. At the end of the day. DBD still doesn't have KILLERS killing but boast about killers. That itself is a huge joke to me. Its popularity means nothing. People nowadays are brainless sheep. We live in an age where people think Cache Me Outside bitch is good rapper. People think Fortnite is a good game. So obviously in bizzaro world people will think some game where Killers don't kill is a good KILLER game. Its not all about the Slashing. But at least Slashing will actually kill players in F`3th. Unlike DBD where Leatherface can hack someone with a chainsaw for 20 mins and they're still alive. Just reading the comments on DBD reddit made me laugh. * No one notices the killers don't kill? Dafuk? DBD doesn't have killers.. They have Cosplayers.
  2. DBD has ONE kill per killer, and can only be used with a specific item equipped at certain moments. DbD can put all the updates the want. Seems to me they are missing the most important aspect of having a MOVIE slasher in their game. The killing. DBD with all its so called updates and less bugs is still an inferior game when it comes do map design, game play and kills.
  3. Im not sure what point they have. The only thing DBD can boast about is their player count. Because if they start talking about game play, map design and actual killers. There isn't really anything there. At this point thats like a Fortnite player saying "At least we're not Vermintide 2" Just because Fortnite has more players. (And thats all you got)
  4. Theres no need to burn them back Dead By Daylight is a joke. The KILLERS don't KILL. Oo. wait. They do kill, but only if they have a special item equipped and the time is right. Sort of like an old limp dick man who found a half a Viagra pill under the couch AFTER he paid a hooker to come over. Lucky HIM! I mean running around smacking things and wiping it off can be fun. But i prefer going all the way. DBD = just a Tease. F13th = Jason goes the all the way. Someone call me when DBD killers learn how to get it up.. Because i sure was hell don't want to play a game where the serial killers have performance issues.
  5. So let me get this straight? You want this game to die... That way Jason can be in another game with other movie serial killers that don't actually kill anyone. If you want to play Dead by Daylight Jason style now you already can. Just slash all the time, don't use any Jason abilities and remember to not kill anyone.
  6. Look man.. Im not going to debate this, A game filled with players that dance/T Bag Jason till they die is not helping anything. I don't care if you frustrate players, its looks retarded and we all know this. Again, this trolling shit only really works on newbie Jasons. So who you trying to fool? You might get your rocks off annoying newbie Jasons by acting like a dip shit. But, I don't... And if you think that doesn't lead to new players not wanting to play the game anymore you're outta your mind. So ya.. enjoy frustrating newbie Jason. I mean, i sometimes love stealing candies from a baby. And after i steal that candy i make sure to rub it in their stupid baby faces. Teach em a lesson
  7. This has nothing to do with challenge or competition. This game isn't even really competitive. I mean, of course I care about perspective. I just don't see how being annoying 'Just because you can" for no reason.. Is a perspective that i need to respect. And when less and less players play this game because of that kind of in game actions.. You can stand up and take a bow.
  8. Ya.. its not like im a control freak shouting at players telling him to play. But theres limit to this shit. Last night playing a game 4 counselors decided to just rush me and start beating on me.. T bagging, Dancing, calling me shit. I killed all 4 of them with 16 mins still left. One of them even quit as soon as i grabbed them. This in turn left the 3 other players still in the game up shits creek. Those types of players are not doing anyone any favors. And the only time that shit even works is against a newbie Jason. And who the FUCK gets off trolling a newbie jason? I know i don't. I mean, just trolling and and trying to annoy new players is not cool in any game. This can make NEW players not want to play anymore. And in a niche game like this, its not healthy long term. If i see a newbie Jason get trolled and get no kills i will sometimes offer myself up as a kill. But at least i sell it make it seem like im "NOT" trying to offer myself to him. Il give newbie Jason a bone.
  9. I don't care about perspective. Its about the the spirit of the game. I prefer everyone have fun.. And players trolling and dancing near Jason non stop is bullshit. It just is.... I could do what you do, i just don't. I mean, if i catch any of my friends doing that shit to anyone.. Il drive over to their house and punch them in the face. And they know it...lol I always tell people how to play, especially if they look like a bunch of horny ducks trying to hump a trash can. I'll call that shit out and i have no problems doing it. Feel free to argue with me all want. Its just is what it is.
  10. Its not about snow flakes and thin skinned players. I mean, i could T bag and Dance every time i hit Jason too, i just don't. As you said, you like to join QP and do 'throw away' games. And dance, t bag and attack Jason till you die. Then you quit. Now imagine most of the players in a match doing what you do. The effect of this makes the game look completely silly. And it also infuriates counselor players, which leads to people like Dorian and others that complain about how USELESS everyone is in QP.
  11. No one says they don't believe you. And i doubt anyone wants to see videos of players being useless. Really is no point bitchin' about it because it is what it is. Alls i can say is. If you're an extremely sober/serious/try hard player, stay away from QP. Me, i smoke a bong before every match. So i instantly forget any prior game i play in unless something really wild happens. Short term memory wipes for the win..!! And i always go into QP with the lowest of expectation.
  12. And this is why Friendly Fire was removed. Players like you need to be kept in check. Its not more complicated then that. Can't play a F13th game where the counselors are killing each other faster then Jason can kill them. It makes no sense.
  13. Jasons current grab range is close to 5 feet . If the current grab range is in sync with the new animation then it will be next to perfect. At this point might as well stop complaining about grabs until the big update. All those videos you showed against bots only highlight the problems with the animation. Not the grab range.
  14. And when the animation shows Jason actually stepping into grabs. You won't be able to use bad grab animations as an excuse for 'broken grabs'. I mean if you think it both those animations look the same. Really don't know what say. One is a lunge an the other is just a swipe.
  15. You know that grabs are based on connecting hitboxes right? This is why slight lag can make it seem like Jason is grabbing players from 10 feet away. Its not the GRAB thats the problem its the animation (Which has always been the issue). Even in the bots you showed. Thew grab range is fine. Its the animation thats wonked. This is why .--->