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  1. I find this more of an issue when playing as counselors. Since one less player alive means, means less time and targets for Jason. As Jason, same logic. Less players to deal with, equals more time and wiggle room. And more time to pay/set up good kills.
  2. Full Frontal Nudity... My final wish is to be able to chase naked counselors...
  3. Maybe its my lack of brain cells. But what exactly did GeneiJin say that has your feathers so ruffled?
  4. Don't waste your time reporting anyone.. As far as cars go. Use solid objects like trees to block cars. Notice a car coming, just find a tree. Jason teamers usually means that the player playing as Jason is really bad. Either quit the game or take advantage of how bad he is.
  5. Booo Hoo the lake. Jasons needs permission from Lord Wesker before going into the lake? is that it? As if I need a lake to avoid being killed. ...lol Lord Wesker has deemed hiding is gutless. Stupid Jason, hiding, trying to ambush his prey. So toxic..
  6. As someone who prides themselves on being toxic. I find your comment extremely and utterly offensive to us people of toxicity. You wanna bust GeneiJins ass for being a Try Hard, that's one thing. But calling him a cheater and toxic? Whaaat are you talking about?
  7. Can't believe posts liek this still exist in 2020 Give Jason a cool down for his grab? Spamming grab doesn't make it easier to grab counselors, it actually makes it easier for counselors to attack Jason. Ain't NO Jasons walking around spamming grab. So this is pointless. Also the 'game is not balanced' comment always......always cracks me up.
  8. If that's what you're into and you've found enough like minded players to play with.. That's cool. But I don't understand why you keep calling them the 'best'. I mean, you can be the "BEST" in your group of players you play with. But calling them the "BEST" period isn't really true.
  9. Ya, I don't get it either. Also the comment of 'Most of the best Jasons are now league players" is a HUGE stretch. No doubt they are good at playing the game. And if they enjoy playing the game like that, good for them.
  10. Honestly.. The game devs should have made it harder for Jason to find counselors. And harder for counselors to defend themselves/heal. They made this game too easy for Jason to find counselors. And too easy to for counselors to fight back/heal. Its kind of backwards. Pinata parties would not exist without all the healing, weapons, and being able to trade hits with Jason. There really should be NO medic perks. Should not be able to hold duplicate items. Not be able to start with weapons. Should only be ONE of each weapon type per map (One frying pan, one bat, etc). Healing should take longer. At the same time. Counselors should not drain stamina when jogging. (Only running). Jasons sense should only sense sound pings of healthy counselors. Red Auras should only show when counselors do not have full health (unless they hide in a actual hiding spot). RAGE sense should still work the same. Jason should only fall down when shot. All other attacks should leave Jason standing stunned. Jason disarms counselors when he lands an attack. This is really how it should be^... It would really make counselors play the way they are supposed to be playing.
  11. Meh.. I enjoy pissing off kill squads. They try to ruin my play time as Jason. I ruin their play time as Kill Squads. Just last night dragged one out with 3 people, till the last second. I killed the sweater girl, right at the end.... Literally at the last possible second. The "DEAD" sweater girl player sent me a PM. " I gave up, you're a pussy you just kept hiding and running away"... I love the PMs. …. Always cracks me up.
  12. If they are clear douche bags, yes. But, if the player has a reason, i don't really care. Sharing is caring.
  13. Thing is I hide as Jason all the time, especially in the lake.. when there is no Jason kill set up even going on. So, nothing changes for me when a Kill Squad is active, other than staying well out of sweater range until its dealt with. And since the game is only 20 mins. Time can run out. There is no game play mechanic or rule that says Jason needs to alter his play style to suit the kills squads basic needs. It would be as silly as Jason telling counselors to stop trying to avoid him. Or Jason telling players to stop healing, or using PK or helping other counselors. Really, This game is not about killing Jason. Killing Jason is just one aspect of the game in terms of counselors 'surviving'. And this game is about survival.
  14. The irony of it all.. You literally keep proving my point. Keep going.. Dying with dignity? That's a new one. For the record, I never bragged about never losing. Like I said, there are no winners and losers. Just death or survival. I don't expect counselors to just "LET ME" kill them. So I don't expect Jason to "LET ME" kill him either. Do you let Jason kill you easily as Counsellor? Because if you don't. You're not dying with dignity. LMFAO
  15. You killing Jason doesn't matter. The process is simple. Its on Jason to make it difficult. I called you a newb. Because, If you think... Counselors try to avoid getting killed. That's ok.. Jason trys to avoid getting killed 'COWARD"... Then clearly you expect two different rules, and that's the mark of the newb. Putting people like me down? Well... last I checked I have never been killed as Jason. So don't compare me to the dear in the head light newbie kills you pull off. Next game I play as Jason. Im gonna strut around the map calling all the counselors who try and avoid me 'cowards'. " COME TAKE THE L".. I wonder if that will work? LOL Hel, i'll set a bunch of bear traps on the ground. And tell everyone if they don't step in it right now. YOU"RE A COWARD! See these traps, STEP IN IT RIGHT NOWAZA!
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