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  1. No its not. The game mechanics/perk system allow it to play out like that. Its got nothing do with Jason being dumb. Everyone can simply use the med perks. If they do thats 14 med sprays off the hop, without even including the ones on they can find on the map and Tommys med spray. Also all the healing contributes to the issue of being able to constantly fight back and stun Jason.
  2. Alls i can say. Heres a video showing the issue of Med Sprays and med perk in F13th. Ashton Kutcher Jason...and the Chinese Lady is the counselor.. Everytime you hear and DEN!.. Thats A counselor healing.
  3. Boring limping party? Are you saying being able to heal over and over again makes it more exciting? Im sure anyone playing as Jason would never agree. Hell, having too many med sprays makes it less exciting because it allows people to null Jason melee attacks, broken windows, traps and throwing knives. Might as well have pocket knife perks that do the same bullshit.
  4. He actually wants to BUFF the stuns...lol Basically turning Jason into an even bigger Pinata by nerfing Jason and Buff Counselors.
  5. That really sucks that PC is lifeless. Xbox or PS4 is a like a party that never ends. Theres always players, all the time.
  6. There needs to be a host... to start the lobby. The host is nothing but a place holder. It takes around 30 seconds to find a lobby at the most. If it takes and HOUR like you claimed. (Which is insane that you actually waited an hour, i think you're either nuts or lying) Restart your game or try again later. All games can run into server issues.. Shit happens.
  7. Grabs don't need a cool down. That would ruin the game.. Pocket knives and other counsellors can infinitely free you IF you get grabbed.
  8. I kind of agree. But there is a problem with med sprays. Med sprays null broken window loops, traps, Jason melee attacks and throwing knives. So when game is filled with a few players healing 10 times and more, it becomes abit tedious and annoying for Jason players. Med sprays end up being worse than pocket knives. Game should not allow counsellors to hold duplicate items, at the very least. And even then, Jason can run into a 4 players with 2x heals each, which is still bonkers. Thats 8 heals..
  9. If Jason doesn't want to be killed, and knows how to play. He will never be killed if he plays defensive. I've never been killed.. Probably never will. Because if Tommy and the Sweater girl are together, i turn into a ninja knife sniper. If they get too close, i shift and morph away while looking for knife throws. I also have to spend alot of time collecting throwing knives. This turns into a very long...... boring game. But i feel as if its my job to make it boring to punish Jason killers.
  10. I understand that alot of newbies don't use block. But you can't block forever at all angles, and block doesn't work as good as it used too. If a good Jason uses block, good counselors will simply take their time with him and punish Jason when he attacks or hit him in the back. Or just shoot em'
  11. Dude, i can demask Jason in a couple hits depending on which counselor/perks im using. Its currently easier than ever to beat on and demask Jason. I also think theres to much stunning going on. Its got nothing to do with practice, since practice just makes players learn just how easy it it to beat down Jason. If anything Jason should be immune when raging through doors. To many counselor main players nowadays thinking they're special because its so easy to demask and set Jason for a kill. That shit needs to change.
  12. Well to be honest killing Jason can be impossible if the Jason players chooses. But the lead up to the kill is a simple as can be right now. Really only need two players on either side of Jason trading melee shots with him and he can be de-masked in few hits. Jason can't really grab them and can't really melee attack either because that leads to free hits on Jason. Med sprays and pocket knives punish Jason even further. For me. . I go full on dick mode when people try and kill me when im Jason. Tommy +Sweater girl means, I go for loooooong walks in the woods, looking for throwing knives, and snipe while in stalk. They get too close, i'll use shift and then morph away. They keep healing the throwing knives i land, il go look for more. I refuse to allow them to get anywhere near me. I feel as if they are trying to ruin my precious game play time as Jason.. SO, i ruin their precious game play time as Jason hunters. Listening them cry about me not allowing them a kill is usually the best reward...lol This silly game of beat the crap out of Jason with ease needs to be fixed. I really don't get how no one at gun hasn't fixed this yet. This is something a few minor tweaks could fix and be patched in ASAP.
  13. Good thing i only ask for small changes that make the game better. At least im not asking for knock back on hit, like Jason is some sort of Paladin form Diablo 2 crackin' everyone.
  14. I never said it helps Jason not get beat down.. Was just talkin about stamina. And I don't see how everyone would start choosing vanessa. As far as I see it, those kinds of players already do. Not sure how letting everyone Jog stamina free, and charge for running is a big deal anyways. Thats how alot of games do it.
  15. Are you saying Lachappa can't jog too? Could always give everyone the same walk/jog speed if its that much of a problem, but i don't think it would be. Not really an huge issue anyways, just don't see why counsellors drain stamina for slowly jogging. The biggest problem in this game tho, is Jason being easy to beat down and kill. Counselors escaping isn't.