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  1. If it can happen... it will happen. How much it happens is really not the issue. Maybe its just me but i prefer game devs to plug all the holes no matter how much water is spillin' out. That way even a 1% chance is impossible.
  2. Ya it needs to be lower.. And Jason should be immune to being stunned for a good 30 seconds after being stunned to prevent people from trying to Gang Beat Jason. Make it a lower chance to stun.. But once stunned you better RUN!... No more dancing around stunning Jason every few seconds. That is insane that the devs even allowed this in the 1st place.
  3. Suicide is not a huge issue. But i've seen it used plenty of times as way to avoid giving Jason players XP and credit for a kill. Nothing wrong with changing it to stop players with that mentality from doing stupid things like that. Theres no whining or crying.. Its the game devs job to polish their game up so shit like that doesn't happen. Fixing how suicide works is not game breaking NOR doesn't make the game total crap. No need to be so over dramatic.
  4. People should not have time to T bag and dance around. Jason should be almost impossible to stun and his stuns should only last a second.. And after hes stunned he should be immune to being stunned for a good 30 seconds afterwards. Also healing should take 10 seconds... Also pocket knives stun time should be reduced by half. Theres alot of ways to curb this... Wish they would just do something. Instead we gotta wait here for a some patch.. that may or may not fix things. SInce they don't really talk about anything.
  5. Oooh.. How about we make leaving the game a suicide and give Jason 150xp too? Solves that problem too.
  6. Dude.. You make it sound like playing a game is a job and someones got a gun to your head to play it. I don't play games to skip the game play. Just like i don't watch movies to skip to the end.. So i have no way of relating to anything you said .. except more beers.
  7. And using suicide is a way for players to prevent players from getting points after fighting for it. Fighting for points.... I've seen Jason chase this one dude for 3 mins once only to have him jump in and out of a window 4 times and die. And hearing the suicide player laugh saying "Sorry Jason you get no points from me" ^That comment i heard.. Is the mindset. So, why not just give Jason a crumby 150 xp and -150 xp? Seems fair to me..
  8. Not sure how you 'liking' to earn kills has anything to do with punishing players that abuse suicide to avoid getting killed.
  9. ...Ya, playing a game and skipping out on actual game play just to get XP. SoOoo much fun. Imagine if you where Jason every time and everyone did it.. And you got nothing. Well at least you'd be drunk sooner then later.
  10. Earning things is over rated. This is a game not a job.
  11. Its not a valid point tho.. Just because you think it is doesn't make it so. Dafuk does dancing have to do with rubbing your crotch on a window till you die just to avoid being killed? And, Really don't care if its considered an act of trolling or not. Sure some do it on purpose to piss Jason off and some do it by mistake. If theres nothing there to prevent players from from doing it chances are they will do it. Im just wondering.. If you ended up in a lobby where everyone killed themselves ASAP would you enjoy it? Seems the only thing you care about is quick matches. Just think of all the fun you would have when matches are over in 1 min. More beers 4 uU
  12. Well.. since theres no way to deter them from using suicide they will keep doing it.. Its as simple as that. Did Jason get the kill? NoooOO.. Did they kill themselves to avoid being killed by Jason.. Yes.. So Jason has directly influenced that players action. And that players action was taken to avoid dying. So give the points to Jason and a penalty to the suicide player. Jason player gets points and can easily 'move on' without being angry and suicide player can take the penalty.. And this would make people think twice about killing themselves by mistake too.
  13. People having trolling/dance party at the exit is not the issue being talked about. Just because you some how connect those two totally different issues together and then make it sound like suicide is justifiable because of it is pretty dumb.
  14. ..So what? This is a game. And purposely dying to avoid being killed in a game about getting killed is a crock of shit. Only reason he killed himself is because Jason was after him and to avoid giving Jason the kill. Hence Jason should get the points and the suicide player should get -150 point for being a bitch.
  15. Telling someone to suck it up when they bring up a valid issue makes no sense to me. Game is 20 mins long.Its already short. Shortening it even more because you don't want to die to Jason in a game about getting killed by Jason so you kill yourself, gets no applauding from me. I've seen people jump in and out of windows till they die.. I've even seen people use traps on themselves till they die. They are purposely doing this to selfishly screw over Jason. And Jason is the franchise here. So anything that screws over Jason in anyway is an issue imo. Suicide should at the very least reward Jason players with 150 xp. And give that counselor player that did suicide a -150 xp penalty,