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  1. Under 100 for me. After about the 30th time.. Started to notice it kind of ruined the fun of the game and began to limit myself from doing it too much. Once it became too easy.. After the engine update. Probably only killed Jason 15 times.
  2. Maybe its just me.. But theres better words instead of toxic. Toxic to me sounds like a blanket statement type word. Like troll. I mean.. I always see people use the word troll like its always bad thing.. And the word troll can sometimes be used to shut down valid comments because people don't like whats being said. I mean.. if someone is being 'toxic'.. What does it actually mean? Someone being a prick and you're a prick back and come out on top, doesn't seem toxic to me. That to me is justice...
  3. Why does everyone use the word 'toxic' so much nowadays? lol.. I do the same shit. I love it when I save that one person for last. And then just drag the game on while they limp around.. Until they beg Jason to kill them. BEG for it BITCH! Like a dog!... WooOOF!
  4. Trolling comes down to context. You can't just slap the word 'trolling' on something you don't like. Trolling isn't always a bad thing depending on context. I've teamed with Jason plenty of times.. I've even helped Jason players learn how to kill by offering myself up as the victim. Is that trolling? To some, yes.. to a newbie Jason learning how to play..No. So context matters. Far as im concerned. Try hard Jason kill squads in public games that hunt down newbie Jason are even worse then someone who holds the sweater to prevent them from getting the kill.
  5. Its not trolling unless you're actually trolling with the sweater. Theres a specific way of doing it that makes it trolling. Just grabbing the sweater and not helping the kill squad is not trolling. Just like getting Tommy and not going for a Jason kill is not trolling. I'll never kill a newbie Jason.. It like taking candy from a baby.
  6. This is why I said that's nothing really changed. Its the same as its always been. Just a random crap shoot when it comes to public games. And that's basically how it is for most free for all public lobby style games. Beauty Number 2 seems to be the type of person that blocks everyone for everything. So raising the bar that high when it comes to public players will just lead to much bigger disappointment. Me.. I set the bar real low. Also my short term memory is nearly non existent when playing games as I never play video games without a stock pile of cannabis near by. Meaning even if I run into some bad apples. I completely forget it about by the next game. Sure.. every once in a while I run into Jason teams and people who use exploits. But its mostly filled with all kinds of players.. from newbies, casuals, fans and try hards.
  7. Yes.. I saw a 'randoms in public games' complaint topic and instantly got upset. You figured it all out Doc... Well, i'll have you know, that I hold two Ph Double Ds. And you can't teach that..
  8. My point stands.. And if you don't like it.. ToOooO bad! You sitting there whining about landing in a few bad lobbies? Suck it up princess, it happens. No need for you to make topic about it, like you need a support group because of it.
  9. Its the same as its always been.. Public lobbies haven't changes... Its a mixed bag, and always was. Don't like the lobby?.. Just find a new one.
  10. You didn't point out anything.. We all know what DBD is about. Hell I own DBD. Theres a reason why I don't play it. Its because the killers don't kill.. And when I say they don't kill, it means they can't kill at will. The DBD survivors are made out of silly putty, because Leather Face can carve at them with chainsaw for a minute straight and they just stay alive with their limbs intact. And I really don't care if more people play DBD. More people play Fortnite then DBB and Fortnite is complete dog shit. DBD does nothing better than F13th where it matters. The single most important thing in game with Slasher Movie Icons is the KILLS.. The least important thing..is the only thing that DBD does better. Which is the leveling up system. Which since this is not a RPG, doesn't matter.
  11. I made a topic a long time ago. Basically telling them, my wallet is open for more kills. Id happily spend countless amounts of cash on kills and so would a lot of players. They offered up small amount of kills for pocket change instead. Its kind of their loss..
  12. The could have made.. And still could. Make massive amounts of cash from selling kills, clothing and weapons.
  13. Are you saying Killers can kill at will.. And have tons of ways of killing them? The killers just don't kill.. unless they have a special item equipped. (Not how its supposed to work) And im fully aware of Moris. DBD doesn't feel like a proper slasher movie style game. It feels like a game that uses Slasher Movie Icons to make more money. Jason has more options for kills in ONE game, then all the so called killers do in DBD combined. Infact you could see more kills by Jason in one game then you would see from DBD killers in the course of a few months.. maybe even a year.
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