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  1. Ooooh please. Its all about ego.. always was. Jason toys with his kills when he can. He savors the moment. For example... In this clip. He didn't have to do that with the Corksrew. But he did. And he didn't have to hit that car. But he did....
  2. Its too late now i think to do anything. But you're right. This game is is way more enjoyable when counselors run.. not fight. I haven't killed Jason in over a year, because its just not fun for me... I want to play Cat vs Mouse not Mouse vs Cat. This also lead me to be a huge asshole as Jason when dealing with try hard Jason killers. I've never been killed as Jason, and my only goal against try hard Jason killers is to annoy them.. not kill them. Just drag it on, make them run in circles, make them send me messages crying about it. Last time i got a hate msg was a few weeks ago. About 10 of them in a row from some whiner. My only response was. "Remember my Gamer Tag" And hopefully he does. Because trying to kill me when im Jason, is a waste of time.
  3. The fact that he goes out his way to say that PROS don't bother putting on a show and just kill for speed and efficiency. And anyone who puts on a show is a "CLOWN" is what i took issue with. Because.. that is backwards. I think most of us prefer a good show during a match. Hell, for me. Its the players who do put in the effort in the way they kill, is what makes me still enjoy this game. It sure as hell ain't players who only go for quick kills and take this game waaay to seriously. They are the actual buzz kill of this game.
  4. In this game..'survival' is winning. If you consider that some how competitive, thats on you. Most just see it as a experience. But, Your attitude seems to be "Kill them all as fast as possible, doesn't matter how you kill them'. Like you said. ^ And...This right here. Is a joke. Most GOOD Jason players can 'put on a show' and get the job done. But i guess you can't do that, and would instead prefer to call them clowns. That fact that you think you're professional for not putting on a show... is funny. Because its actually the exact opposite. A PRO does put on a show.. and gets the job done.
  5. Only clowns would prefer speed and efficiency in a non competitive, casual party game based on Friday the 13th. If you can't get the job done and look good while doing it. You ain't a no 'professional'... You're just being a Try Hard because you can't cut the mustard.
  6. Id rather they don't because it looks and sounds like a Cartoon...
  7. I don't have any problems hearing that music. I just think anyone who actually uses NES Jason because the music is a bit more quiet.. is peak Try Hard. It borders on pathetic. I play Random Jason. So that pretty much shows how much I care about it.
  8. In this game, winning is not the most important thing.. You need to also look good while doing it. This is whats separates good Jasons players from garbage ones. Also.. crying when getting slashed, while in a group attacking Jason makes no sense. Any group of players who are easily gang beating Jason would do the same thing if one of them where Jason getting gang beat. Doing shitty kills. Just for the sake of getting the kill. Is what makes someone a Trash Jason.
  9. Lol? Is that even a thing? I've never had problems hearing NES Jason music. Im just gonna assume that using Jason for his music because it sounds a bit lower, is peak Try Hard. Because that it literally licking the bottom of the barrel.
  10. Try hard does get over used. But a Try Hard is easy to spot. I always use GTA O as a good example. A Try Hard in that game for example.. Are the ones that attack attack players, then use suicide and passive mode to avoid being killed by players. Of course ANY idiot could do the same, but only a TRY HARD would play like that. Same goes for all games...
  11. Among Us.. Its like going to the best Restaurant in the world and eating Toilet Paper. Horrible visuals, horrible audio, horrible game play...literally nothing good about the game. But hey, its Trending! 2020...Needs to die already/
  12. The best Jasons will always insist on using flashy environmental kills instead of hitting the first kill available.
  13. Ya but.. This game is meant to be dark and some of the game mechanics involve darkness and light sources. All the Movies last chapters involve the dark. And this game is a take of that. On top of that. They are supposedly not allowed to add new content to the game.
  14. ..No, this game doesn't need day time. Like i keep saying. If its too dark. Your TV sucks. I don't even use the gamma slider. I just use the tv settings.
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