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  1. HuDawg

    The game is done with me.

    I have ZERO problems joining games. 10-30 seconds at the most. Always packed games.. So it must be his internet.
  2. lol. Bother? Im purely speaking about the game devs reaching out to him and asking if he cares whats added/not added to a video game. Its not any deeper then that. Its not like a simple question is comparable to a online death threats. Also.. for the record i think adding critters would probably mess things up.
  3. WTF does death threats have to do with anything i posted?
  4. No im being serious. Why would Miller care about whats being added to a Video Game? Did anyone call him and be like ' Dude, do you care what we do with this video game?"
  5. HuDawg

    E3 2018

    Cyberpunk 2077 looked awesome..
  6. IMO in Public games counselor traps should not work on other counselors. I know, this is watering it down. But Jason can't trap himself in his own traps. So why should counselors be able to trap themselves on their traps? Also counselor traps should not be re-usable. If Jason can't reset his traps, counselors shouldn't be able to either. On a side note... JASON should be be able to use his traps indoors.
  7. Did anyone call Miller to see if he even cares about the Game? Just wondering...
  8. Maybe im reading this wrong. But are you saying people should get salt 'AFTER" the game is done? Wtf? lol Preach!...lol
  9. Block doesn't work correctly at the moment. It has a delay before working now. Which means, that you have to block much earlier.. Despite that.. It makes ZERO sense to be able to stun Jason so easily/consistently. MELEE Stun immunity for at least 5-10 seconds after being MELEE stunned 5-10 to me.. is fair and balanced.
  10. HuDawg


    I play RANDOM/RANDOM. No counselors use the same perks.. All unique in perk selections and emotes. I try and act the part as much as i can.. And no bullshit T bagging/dancing around Jason like an idiot. As Jason.. Totally random. I also put entertainment over efficiency. I must act like Jason as much as i can and put on a show.. and do different kills. And i usually prefer at least ONE person escapes. I consider myself the BEST type of player. Because a lobby filled with people like me will just be a really fun night..
  11. Then why don't you go play a PS1 game? (We all know you won't :D) Get more value.... LMFAO? Its $40. I spent over $200 on a night out parting with friends.. I've gotten over years worth of fun of F13th.. for $40.
  12. Its only easy to kill Jason because its too easy to stun Jason.. And to easy/fast for counselors to heal. (my copy past solution) With the new grab being so slow.. Combined with quick block no longer working. Its made Jason a much easier target for group beatings. Also factor in perks..for easier stuns.. And counselors being able to stunned Jason 90% of the time. And the medic perks. For me.. i can easily see that Jason needs a stun immunity after being stunned. 5-10 seconds is fair (considering its 5-10 seconds when Jason gets stunned) Healing time needs to increase. To at least 5 seconds. (Loop the spraying animation one time) . To force counselors to move away from Jason, instead of just quick healing and jumping back into the battle, and to also respect the damage they have received. This would push aggressive/combative counselors to avoid Jason more, instead of attacking him relentlessly. (People will disagree... i don't care. Thats how i think it should be)
  13. Even the slightest bit of block immunity would help the ridiculousness of Counselors gang beating Jason. Jason wacks counselors with a melee attack.. Counselor barely flinches. And then can heal in 1 second. Counselors wacks Jason with melee weapon. Jason stands there or falls on his ass for 5-10 seconds. Which can be repeated over and over. Im no mathematician. But even Stevie Wonder can see that this shit doesn't add up.
  14. I honestly feel bad for players that actually want to level to use things in this game thats locked behind level locks. This game leveling system is painfully slow. I was lucky enough to bypass this..lol Double XP events to me is what the standard XP gain should be. At the very least anyways.
  15. The game is too dark = your tv and game settings is toooo dark. Also your 1st question in the poll has no. "No its fine as is". No need for it to be darker as messing with option can make it as dark as you want.