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  1. I don't really enjoy killing Jason, especially actual newbies ..Unless i have a reason too. I feel like it makes the game backwards and ruins the game. Thats just me tho.
  2. It usually happened in VS. Even a few weeks ago, when i decided to play L4D again. Watched someone miss a charge with a charger because one of the survivors moved out of the way. VOTE KICK! I vote NO!. A few seconds later. Vote kick for me pops up. (Because the 2 who voted yes must of known i voted NO) 2 People voted yes.. The other voted No. A few seconds later. A vote kick pops up for the person who missed the charge. I vote NO again. If you never had the joy of a Vote Kick fiesta, you are lucky. Which if if was added to F13th. Would be spammed even more with 7 people.
  3. All those names you dropped is just a bunch of mumbo jarble.. And to be honest, last thing i want is a vote kick option on top of everything else.. Because not only will trolls abuse the kick option, but so will all the sweaty try hards. I can see it now. "Ohmaaaygaaawd! Chad zigged left instead of zagging right". VOTE KICK CHAD! I've had enough of Vote Kick BS in Left 4 Dead to last a life time.
  4. I grab the sweater sometimes to protect newbie Jason players.. but i just end up staying away from everyone and using it at stupid moments. Just because, i know that getting killed as Jason when you're a newbie is a heart breaker. I wouldn't pull a last second Judas tho. I give the clear impression of "i ain't helping you to kill Jason" If people asked me in game why, id tell them exactly why. The type of teamers i hate most are the ones that end up driving the cars, picking people up and then stopping for Jason to grab people out of it. I tend to see that happen the most. At first im always thinking "Maybe hes just messing with Jason'. And at that point you only got about 3 seconds to bail (especially if Jason walks by the driver and doesn't smash the car) . Most people won't bail, especially newbies. And end up dying while yelling "WTF? GOOOO!"..
  5. Judging by this poll. Thats exactly what would happen. I was kind of shocked that so many people voted YES its teaming to those question.
  6. Gonna have to disagree here. Jason is 'ALWAYS' Hiding. Even in the movies, he hides. . The lake is also fair game. The fact that Jason can hide all game long (including the lake) and no one cares UNTIL they have Jason in a position to be killed pretty much sums how silly peoples attitudes are when it comes to this game. And yes, it is a game. And if you're attitude is suck it up buttercup, and just go get killed.. Then you must love being killed. If i tell counselors to suck it up buttercup and stop running, they won't listen. So to expect the same from Jason is kind of funny. Its got nothing to do with being scared.. Its the SWEATER thats being avoided. The sweater is a AOE weapon that will stun Jason instantly and allow him to be EASILY be killed. Avoiding the sweater is how you avoid being killed. And its as simple as that. And mother is always proud. Unless you get killed. Just sayin'.
  7. Hiding in the water is boring. Not saying i won't use the water. But i prefer to make Jason killers run around and keep their hopes up, because it makes them extra salty when time runs out. (It also sometimes leads to them making mistakes) And i personally don't really care what counselor players think or say when im playing as Jason... I just ignore them. Like i've always said, its the sweater im avoiding. Its not even an ego thing. To me its just part of the game. I don't expect counselors to let me kill them, so (shoe on the other foot) don't expect me as Jason to let them kill me. I mean, This game is about survival. Jason has 20 mins to kill counselors. I just make counselors have to deal with the same problems Jason has to deal with once they decide to go for a kill. Its their choice.. My mind set as Jason in a game is.. "Don't get killed and kill as many counselors as i can'. Not, "Kill every counselor even if that gets me killed'
  8. Unless they actually agreed with me. Im sure i could easily work something out.. Be it the easy way, or the hard way.
  9. Getting killed as Jason is always the Jasons player fault. We all know how easy the actual game play mechanics are when it comes to killing Jason. But being able to KILL Jason, all boils down to Jason allowing himself to be in sweater stun range. Don't want to die as Jason? Then simply avoid the sweaters stun range by any means possible. Want to die as Jason? Then by all means, go attack the sweater girl and keep your fingers crossed that game bugs out and it doesn't work. I've never been killed as Jason. And at this point, they would have to be a the best Pros around to even pull it off. If mother alerts me when im Jason. Those players have already failed in killing my ass. They would have to be as sneaky and subtle as possible. (But its always the opposite...) IMO if these public Jason players would stop serving their asses up on a silver platter to Jason killers in public games. Less people would go for the kills. Sort of like how national parks have a "Don't feed the bears' sign. Well, stop feeding the Jason killers.
  10. Im not talking about sales... Its not a mainstream game. And for me, the opposite of mainstream is just underground.
  11. If i was in charge... The lawsuit wouldn't matter. And, This game.. Is basically an underground type of hit. Tons of people play it. And the game devs dropped the ball BIG TIME by not selling costume and kill packs. Even before the law suit. Not that the lawsuit now matters.. Id just contact both lawyers and tell them 'We are still putting out content for this game while you two fight amongst yourselves'.
  12. GTA is a mess... and has been for a while. As far as this game goes, clothing and kill packs could have been sold for a very long time. And they could have made a killing off that. Its not like this is the same kind of game as GTA. For me im the opposite. It was playing competitive that made me almost quit playing because its so boring. It was public games that made me enjoy the game. Public game always feel more wild and chaotic. Its why i always say this game isn't competitive.
  13. I've actually 'teamed up' with random counselors a view times.. just for a laugh. Every once in a while i get some random begging me not kill him. Saying he would help me. I don't talk when im Jason, so i just stare at him and follow him. Thing is, its not like anything hes doing actually helps me. Im just playing along waiting for perfect moment to kill him. I remember the last time i 'teamed up'. Just followed him to a house and he led me to a counselor (Which i already knew was there anyways) He starts dancing next to me infront of the fire place as i killed another player. Dancing next to the FIRE PLACE... LOL! Anyways his mic cut out as he died yelling at me for surf boarding his face in the fire place.
  14. Im amazed at how many people have already voted yes its teaming already. At the end of the day. The counselors are basically like an all you can eat buffet when you're playing as Jason. The food doesn't get to call the shots.
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