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  1. It's been like this since the Pinehurst update for me on XBOX. Reported, never been fixed
  2. Sense easily. Wish there was a mode with no sense/pings for jason and no item markers for councilors, would be fun
  3. Shes like Tommy with lower repair...not low enough though, still can easy with right skill check. Nerf her repair. She should be a 1 in repair like bugzy
  4. Vanessa is OP...same with Savini Jason. I wont use them and usually troll people that do
  5. Are the new glitches balanced? Lol I refuse to participate in theese exploits. I will not use neutral shift jason. If i see fellow councilors using window glitch, i will punish them one way or another (traps, body block, run over etc) Not tolerated. The neutral Jason shift thing i let fly because most people main pt3 so i give them benefit of the doubt not knowing, you can still survive. But window glitching clearly an exploit
  6. Nope..ts not 360 block. Maybe you just got lucky?
  7. Paranoia mode for small maps / or Pinehurst This game NEEDED another mode, badly. Still does. Such a shame
  8. Block is useless as Jason. It used to block 360° ,but they changed it and it is sh*t now. Used to let groups break all their weapons on me, now if grouped up you are screwed. Pandering to councilor whining i guess
  9. After few matches of playing...noticed a "super councilor" who can instantly jump through windows (no climb animation). Def seems like an exploit, anybody see this? Also, calling Tommy/cop phone when holding button prompt it doesnt work sometimes, actually is doing the dialogue but it doesnt complete the call, you must do it again
  10. Kill someone with keys in a cabin and you are golden...just sit there and stalk, they will come one by one 😉
  11. Flare guns suck. Stay away from them, mainly for the fact if you miss you are dead. Was that delay to drop added? I dont remember the delay when the game first came out.
  12. Im on XBOX and chat stopped working several updates ago. It shows the mics blinking when people talk but no audio,been like that since , tried diffrent settings and mics but nothing. Works on other games
  13. Who would be on board with this to freshen the game up? I know some kills arent possible in some maps, but LOTS are, and would be very fun (ie generator kill, car kills, etc.) Btw, it is NOT NEW CONTENT
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