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  1. We know why it was changed....was tricky to break windows using melee at times. But created an even worse problem, the invincible councilor. No devs have mentioned a revert or fix for this? I'm up to date on updates for the game, this never seems to be a concern or even addressed , it needs to be
  2. Have any devs mentioned any change to the window animations? Im talking.about the fact you can't hit councilors going through Windows with the "force field" crap because of when they added break animation . This is probably the stupidest thing added and most annoying as jason. Just revert Windows back to launch day, this shit didn' work .
  3. Starving for information

    The fact you are basing most of theese atrocious new changes based off quickplay makes sense why the game is in the sad state it is in now. Buffing councilors/nefing jason for this mode was a bad decision . Quickplay is garbage...bunch of randoms with no mics. You should go in EXPECTING to die in that, seriously.
  4. Window fix?

    It's very cheesy. I thought it was just a bug from the added break window animation patch, but it's 2 patches later and still the same .
  5. With all the jason nerf talk....one of the biggest setbacks being Jason has to be the window change which has remained since the animation prompt was added. This is the goofy force-field that allows players to wait until last second to go through as jason runs to window after you and can't do anything but wait until councilor is nice and safe on the other side . I actually do it all the time myself and think is really dumb and kind of a troll move . Can this getting taken away already! Windows should be like launch day where Jason can hit them with councilors going thru doing damage to both window and councilor. I'd be content with recent nerfs if they can revert this back . If they have to take away window animation so be it , just deal with getting your weapon stuck every once in awhile . Thoughts?
  6. This is better than the "easy mode" system they have now. Catering to mic less scrubs was a bad idea
  7. I'm not even going to comment on your santa hat comment Not gonna be like anything from the movies? Have you even seen the friday movies? If so you would notice the detail that went into the maps and characters, really true to the films, add awesome gameplay and your as close as you can get to being in the movie. Adding junk like this takes you out of it . Casuals might like it . But as a fan of the movies and game it waters it down
  8. Yeah..because it's halloween. Should have just been a temporary "event" skin . Next summer seing dumb ass costumes at summer camp,fuck it just give jason a goofy costume too? bunny ears and shit, customized with neon shirts and a cartoon machete .
  9. At first glance....theese are cute. Then realize theese are permanent , not seasonal. Poor choice on Gun to ruin atmosphere of game with theese cosmetics (and emotes) How are there not any "camp councilor" shirts yet? So simple to do , for all the councilors
  10. Oh...and just ruin the atmosphere of the game by adding wrestling Lachappas and karate Chad's . Wtf were you thinking . It would cute if this were a seasonal thing for a week or something, but this is permsnently there !....forever (facepalm) Will do...have to stop this madness before it's too late
  11. Glad to see update today! Been playing since day 1 launch , love this game. However .... every update just seems to take more fun out of surviving as a councilor and / or playing as Jason. Last update or 2 ago made me change my preference as Jason to councilor. It was not really fun being Jason anymore, and this new patch is VERY dissapointing. Just catering to letting councilors escape!! Dropped parts icons...nerf grab range...nerf traps...Tommy with knife and spray (I'd be cool if this was the only thing added) And how bout fixing the fucking invisible force field councilors have when climbing through windows already! ... "oh, let me let this councilor slowly climb through this window!" Jason on launch day was a beast (how he should be ) ...keep making it worse and worse, cmon now . Hoping for some reverted changes next patch for the future of the games sake .
  12. Gamer Tags for F13!