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  1. This should really be a priority I stopped playing a lot because I've become quite bored of the same old shit. New maps are cool,but still repetitive as hell (fix car, boat ,cops) . They'e been needing a new game mode since months ago
  2. Your on a spaceship. All assets and game mechanics are based on outdoor camp gameplay. There's too many new implementations to make it work using curent system. Jason will morph inside your room? ...shift where ,to next hallway before you get stuck at another door to break down? ...useless . no Windows? Who knows, I have a feeling this is a long way away, probably last thing we get. If they had trouble on "Paranoia" ....can imagine the nightmare it is making this work For this dev team would probably be best just making own gamemode , i think it would be a great way to switch things up a bit too from the usual multiplayer. And would allow to add Pamela later in game finally with her own gamemode.
  3. Thats not the issue. Its how Grendel will play using current mechanics and jasons abilities is the main problem .... hence own gamemode/sp
  4. It should be...theres no real way to implement the current multiplayer on grendel. Plus it would be pretty goofy with current characters we have in space. Single player or own game mode is ideal And by doing this , they would finally be able to bring Part 1 into the game using similar mode with Pamela/boy Jason If I was running shit , that's how I would do it
  5. Just add 2 second "God Mode" to Jason after a stun to allow him to move . Fixed
  6. It really should just be "Shelly" ....just like "Fox" Sheldon Finklestein just sounds like they couldn't get the rights and are going for a likeness, but im pretty sure they have the rights so it looks like a bonehead move on naming him that .
  7. Not really. It's like they keep stacking changes over fuck ups to cover up last fuck up. If it were up to me I'd revert everything back to the June patch .
  8. This. The map drop icons, small maps, window forcefield...all garbage that should have stayed the hell out the game.
  9. Ok...since the big argument is "we use them to disarm traps " .....have pocketknives only disarm traps! No more get out of death free card
  10. Nobody uses them for traps .C'mon now let's not kid ourselves. We gladly eat the trap and spray ourselves with the other 2-4 med sprays we have .
  11. Take away pocket knifes period ...they are toxic and controlling the freaking game at this point .People would rather run to camp for pocket knifes than help the team repair an objective . Just get rid of them
  12. A positive update. New map is awesome. Love the details and Easter eggs. Map is very dark though, makes things rough for both councilors and jason, would love a day or dusk version . JASON changes are great , people are whining he is too OP but he is not, he is still very less dangerous than the game launch Jason. CONS: -Hiis hit detection and grab range still feel crappy. A lot of whiffing still -Fix this damn Window animation force field shit already , dumbest change ever made to this game -exiting car as councilor you still get the glitch where you are rubberbanded back to car (you run away but in the others screen you are just standing there , then die) ...started happening last update, why is this not fixed? , car is a death trap But overall good update, at least peeps can take off councilors only setting now
  13. i like it only at the moment because it seems in Jason's favor over all the other maps. I prefer a challenge since the poor man's been nerfed so heavily. The map itself is nice, love the details and Easter eggs put in. But some goofy decisions really keep this map from being liked. 1.The random item spawns of course, for some reason this is the only map that has an actual RANDOM place for parts ,sometimes across whole map. 2. Too few cabin clusters. You might say map is too big...or just not enough cabins? 3. 2 seater and boat ....still happening 4.Why not put phone/fuse at main house? ...like in the movie...hellooo. no brainer . Glad it's not always down south at least.
  14. In game vehicles

    Does this not look familiar? But yes...diffrent vehicles and escape methods would be very much welcomed. I really like the 1 man motorcycle option. Oh the betrayals we will see fighting over who gets it
  15. This game is dying because .....lets see....people are bored of playing the same 4 maps over and over again, same mode over and over again, patches that make the game worse, no update after months , no communication, etc. Strike while the iron is hot , after the successful sales, should have had a bigger team in there and got shit done. Hate saying it, but the devs really dropped the ball on this since launch . I still love and play this game , but it seems to have been just so mismanaged. From content,to balance changes, to testing .