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  1. The small maps are "easy" mode for councilors basically. I do like them for the sake of more action on both ends, but it is just a cheap and redundant of the same 3 maps. If they were actual new maps that would have been awesome. Even generic ones would be cool
  2. No...you perform the kill...but it glitches and eventially councelor is forced free and gets another chance. This i believe has been happening since launch , but seems very often now
  3. They definitely serve a purpose with the car as you can destroy the car with one (how waa this not addressed in the latest patch?)
  4. They bailed on this game a LONG time ago...way before the lawsuit , thats why the chose to do the crappy engine upgrade instead of cramming in new content when they still could. They can make a generic summer camp map this very moment if they wanted with existing assets ...to keep the game fresh at least, but nope
  5. Yeah ive only 0layed a few games from the last patch (rage patch) ...but idk what was "fixed" here. So far on this one people throw a knife at the car and its destroyed, as jason you do kill but only plays music and you are just choking for an extended period then counselor gets out freebie (this happened in past but happens every single game now)
  6. Idk...havent played in awhile , am on Xbox , but throwing knives as Jason sucks, it has been for few patches at least. I used to be good at it, but now it is buggy or the animation changed? Idk. Looks like it doesnt even throw now? You aim and "throw" and i cant even tell if it threw or not. I dont even bother with them anymore tbh , not worth the frustration.
  7. There was supposed to be a "Sandbox" mode. Idk if players would have been able to make custom maps using existing assets, but would have definitely kept the game alive a lot longer. Even "paranoia" would have really helped. Devs dropped the ball on this game since launch....a lot of mistakes and questionable decisions. Shame as it one of the most fun games i ever played, i miss it but its too boring now
  8. Savini ....duh. He's easily the best Jason in game. Hes OP. Gets shift back like every 10 seconds, plus destruction, AND has all 5 traps?? See thats why some Jasons stays suck so bad , in comparison to stats like theese.
  9. Idk about perks per say...but i always thought it would cool if you gave jason some additional tools. Whether he got to choose or he just got one of each or something. Such as a tree stump barricade he can place on map (just like in part 2) Make it little trickier for car escape. Also the snare trap , which would leave a councilor dangling, only another councilor can save them with mini game. And pickup weapons on maps...sledgehammer, baseball bat, weedwacker, etc. Maybe just a one time use for the kill? How cool would that be. Cool extras like that
  10. I highly doubt any "new" content will be made after this is settled. But.....we clearly know of new content that is finished already , and that will at least be released or sold ( new kills, clothing, emotes, and most likely uber and grendel , which im sure they decided to finish). That at the very least will be put out, they spent time and money making theese so why wouldnt they. New content and ideas though are dead. Which brings us back to why Gun did not focus on getting all the content out before the deadline instead of doing the engine upgrade? Its a bone-headed move which i think is why everone questions Guns motives. Everyone would have been happy. Lawsuit is filed, all new content is already in game, now we focus on engine , bugs, and dedicated servers, then move onto next game on good terms.
  11. Isnt it PC only? Definitely no then, as console base is huge. That Deceit game that came out past year was awesome but unfortunately PC only as well.
  12. It is very easy, too easy The biggest problem is councelors in groups. There is really no counter, there needs to be a 360 attack or something. Or be able to meat shield with the grab. Once that group forms...just leave, because you WILL get bullied, no matter how good you are. And most likely mask is coming off. More hits should also be needed to demask.
  13. Cunningham is a clown . He killed the movie franchise (JGTH , Jason X) . Claims he never watched any of the sequels after pt.2 (yeah, right). But that statement alone just goes to show, he doesnt care anything about the Jason character or the franchise. He only cares about the $ Him appealing is a bad move...legally. He got off fairly easy with original ruling, only losing basically Part 1 (Pam/Kid Jason/ Crystal Lake) . Him appealing he can lose or possibly have to split adult Jason "Hockey mask killer" ....thats the $$$$$. Just goes to show greedy this dude really is . Hope he gets it worse this time round
  14. Sure. Not exactly top priority, but im with it. Currently if i have a pesky councilor following me trying to a cheap shot in...i turn the camera facing me, run forward pretending i dont see him, and do a quick 180 grab . Its a chore doing it so a look behind button would be way more efficient
  15. There seems to be 2 diffrent interact bugs. The first one you can fix yourself, usually happens when you swing in combat stance. Fix this by swinging weapon normal. Second one you cant really do anything, usually happens after you shoot flare or shotgun , its still in your hands , but its happened without gun also. You are screwed...you cant interact or climb thtough windows , only fix is getting grabbed it seems. *Another annoying bug is the camera is locked facing you, you cant tell where the hell you are going and cant navigate . Usually ends in death or just quitting because of how annoying it is.
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