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    Where is everybody from...

    Houston Tx
  2. I once played a lobby with this one person(can’t remember his psn) and he played chad. But he was in character. It was so satisfying to kill him because he made the death funny. Head punch kill. Responded with “ hohoho guess I just lost my head hohoho” in this preppy rich socialite type voice. When he called tommy it was “ hohoho big brother, poor people are dying out here. Bring the Mercedes hohoho.” It was probably the best lobby I’ve ever been in.
  3. Jason is still conflicted with his attachment to humanity to some degree in 2 and 3. I think Brooker played that out perfectly. Jason wasn’t yet a psychotic wrecking ball, but still just an aggrievated man wanting the teens off his campsite. Basically the horror movie equivalent of these damn kids need to stay off my lawn
  4. Complaining about slashing in a game based on a slasher flick. Logic lol
  5. Django73525

    12 VS 2

    I had an idea similar to this. My idea was to increase player count for counselors and have both Jason and Freddy as killers at the same time. Both Jason and Freddy would be working against each other to kill the most people. Jason and Freddy can sabotage each other and steal kills etc. There would have to be some other ways for the counselors to survive though.