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  1. Thanks, but this is so wrong. Jason can’t properly grab counselors anymore. We can, literally, walk beside him and he can’t grab us. His grab wasn’t balanced before, but now? It’s horrible. This game is just getting too freakin’ easy for the counselors! Nerfing Jason’s trap? Really? What’s even the point of owning, like, 7 traps? Counselors can easily disarm it and run away. Seriously, this is so disappointing. You’re nerfing Jason too much. No one complained about the traps. Now, beside that, Counselors get to see where items now? Too easy. There is just NO FUN in that. And, no, you don’t have to ‘just replace’ the trap that the counselors disarmed, because if you teleport to the wrong place (to the car, for example), it gives them enough time to fix the fuse box and call the police. Jason is supposed to be hard to get by. What’s next? Not allow Jason to break the fuse box when someone is already making a call (which kind of happens since I try to hit a counselor when they are trying to fix something and it does NOTHING, my hits simply don't hurt them, nor stops them from doing what they are doing)? Not allow the car to be destroyed? Stop this, please. This is not a survival horror, it’s an adventure game apparently.
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