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  1. is it possible for a user if they want to host a server on there PC for the game so you use that PC to host multiplayer games for Friday the 13th the game, like how we did years ago before Steam....? I sheared a memory on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/spannernick/posts/10225531485294827
  2. So I still can't use multiplayer part of the game without getting PS Plus,Lucky for people who has not got the game but have PS Plus already,I have had the game from when it came out on PS4 ,can't use the game online.I wish some multiplayer games were free to play online On PS4.anyway had to get the PC version cos its free to play online on the PC and had to lower all graphics to low and running it at 640x480,its still playable and no lag,,I only have a Pentium G2020 ,Nvidia Geforce GT 610 2G GC.I use it for multiplayer only.I have never understand how Multiplayer can be free on PS3 and still is and not on PS4,.anh well.. :)
  3. So you must of got permission the do Fox from Part 3 then..?,You can use my face for free if you like,well why not get the players in the game and use them as a character,one way of getting them for free.I sure alot of people on here would love to be a character and you feel more involved too.. I have made models in 3Ds Max so and modelled a person so its not just the texture you have to do but make sure all the polygons are right,it takes a lot of polys to do a face.In a scene there must be millions of polys and even some you can't see,well the ones you can't see are not rendered.Polys are like sheets of paper but can be triangle or square and fit together like a jigsaw. But alot more that goes into a games,like telling what the character does when you press a button like pick up a item and so on on.alot of work.Look at the title screen and Jason's mask, the polys are so small you can't see them ,but thats done with filters too.It helps what engine you are using,this game uses Unreal Tournament engine,(Unreal Tournament came out in 1999 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unreal_Tournament its abit like Quake)The same one used for Batman Arkham games,(Batman Arkham games were made in the UK By Rockstedy).https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/what-is-unreal-engine-4 Thanks to Epic Games we have games like this.
  4. I agree It needs a Single Player to be alive for a long time to come,I am getting board of the game already,only had it for 5 days ,got it on my PS4,cos you are doing the same thing every time you play it,(and if you want to play it on the PS4 you need PS Plus that like $59 a year.I think multiplayer should be free on PS4 anyway.) I like the game and its a good idea but I like games with a story to them,and this game could have a good one,you could do a offline time attack mode, so its like you play as Jason and have to kill everyone as quick as possible and get XP for the way you killed them and how long it took to kill them.This game I got from eBay(there are a load on there) and it cost me £17.99...thanks to Nectar Points,its was,£27.99 glad I didn't pay that much for it..:D I get all my games from there. no game is worth £30 or £40 and I will never buy one for that,I buy pre owned ones only,the only new games I have came with the PS4.I remember the the days when a game was £2.99 of the c64 in the 80s... yep I am a old gamer..a Retro Gamer.
  5. You added a Counsellor called Fox.shes from Part 3 and is in a biker gang,maybe you could change the name from Counsellor to Character,cos thats what they "Characters from the films" another from Part 3 is Chuck but you have called him Mitch Floyd for some reason and he is not a Counsellor,hes one of the stoners,"yeah man get stoned on weed"..? There was not Counsellors in Part 3. Part 3 was the best one out of all of them "The film has the third most attendance of any film in the Friday the 13th series, with approximately 11,762,400 tickets sold during its initial run.[3]Jason's look in this film, which varies greatly from its predecessor, has since become the look to which the character is modeled in later incarnations." Interesting... "The script for Part III called for Jason to wear a mask to cover his face, having worn a bag over his head in Part 2; what no one knew at the time was that the mask chosen would become a trademark for the character, and one instantly recognizable in popular culture in the years to come.[6][7] During production, Steve Miner called for a lighting check, but none of the effects crew wanted to apply any make-up for the light check, so they decided to just throw a mask on Brooker. Martin Jay Sadoff, the film's 3-D effects supervisor, kept a bag with him full of hockey gear, as he was a hockey fan, and he pulled out a Detroit Red Wingsgoaltender mask for the test.[8] Miner loved the mask, but during test shots it was too small. Using a technique called VacuForm, Doug White enlarged the mask and created a new mold to work with. After White finished the molds, Terry Ballard placed the new red triangles on the mask to give it a unique appearance. Holes would be punched into the mask, and the markings were altered, making it different from Sadoff's mask.[8] There were two prosthetic face masks created for Richard Brooker to wear underneath the hockey mask. One mask was composed of approximately 11 different appliances, and took about six hours to apply to Brooker's face; this mask was used for scenes where the hockey mask was removed. In the scenes where the hockey mask is over the face, a simple head mask was created. This one piece mask would simply slip on over Brooker's head, exposing his face but not the rest of his head.[8]"
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