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  1. New Counselor, But still no release date.. All Announcement but no release date.. This morons are waiting for the game to die before they release this update. Lol.. Fucking Devs.. You fucking lazy bums..
  2. Blah, Blah, Blah.. This devs are a bunch of lazy bums.. They talk about Update after Update but no release date.. You want us to wait for another year when this game is "DEAD"? After making millions out of the game? You devs are all talk.. a bunch of lazy bums..
  3. Check the first post.. They said this April.. No update on release date.. And day by day, This game is Dying.. Whether its on the console or PC, and only an update could save this game from being uninstalled permanently.. Either the Devs are just lazy to do their work.. I rest my case..
  4. Just a bunch of lies from the Devs.. Release this April my Ass.. It's May now..
  5. Seriously, After all the announcement and video updates Gunmedia released on youtube.. no single announcement on when will it be release. The game is practically dying every day on Steam. With no more than 600 players a day, sometimes it even reach at 300+ players at its lowest. What the hell are the devs doing and letting this game die. Please feel free to post your opinion about this.. I just wont expect any word from the Devs anymore.. It might take 10 years before they release the next update.
  6. Yes.. Its up to the players what server they should join.. No wonder this game is dying.. because most of asian players who got good ping rather quit this game since the asian servers are DEAD.. Imagine same lobby with same players and no other lobby than that.. Not to mention majority of the players are in United States.. We need this Region Selection back Devs.. Please think of the players from the other regions as well..
  7. Devs, Can you bring back the Server Selection. Since the Auto Detection, I play with the same lobby everytime. not to mention the lobby in asia cant even fill 8 players.. So Please bring back the Region Server Selection on the PC. This ruined the game for us. And Im not having problem when playing with US Servers since my ping are just 120-150 tops. So please do something about this Devs. Thanks.
  8. Devs, can you remove the Auto Region Detection on PC? I'm from Asia and for your info, there's like only 2 lobbies every hour, and the problem here is that such lobby can't even reach 8 players at a time.. The worst part is, if there is only 1 lobby in asia and such lobby has only 3-4 players, its the only lobby i could join.. Since Im using a Fiber Optic Net, Joining to US servers has no problem and im only having 130-150 ping tops.. So Please remove this Auto Region Detection Region on PC.. It just ruined the game for us Asian Players.
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