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  1. Overwatch does like this "Play competitive" if left or rage quit would be been banned/suspended for 30 minutes. If highly left again time, to up more 1 hours, Do same time more, 1 day. Possible to keep your XP could be killed and stop left and rage quit. Would be good an idea make on Friday the 13th game too. non-host and host if an end of the game back to lobby, then you may leave this game. You won't suspended. Please vote for a poll.
  2. Possible feature 1980s police official character boy and girl? That would be great!
  3. No problem, you can vote my thread "Early-Alpha vs release now (video) - [Enter VOTE]"
  4. Voted, "Yes for bot"
  5. Do you have an idea? 1. How can we Kill a Jason X from the T-shirt of a mother? 2. How can we outside of escaped something Aircraft‎? Jason X story of movie has characters there, KM-14 Janessa Zachary Olivia LaFontaine Adrienne Thomas-Hart Elijah Brodski Tsunaron Kirra Cooper Read more Wikia:
  6. I agreed with this. Console and PC are still next-gen possible upgrade graphics of unreal engine 4... I'm waiting for F13th: game upgrades to early-alpha and UE4 better in graphics. So if a possible update of the game version may take time long Gbtypes more like 20GB or high.
  7. Anyone there? I would love to this feature UFO map. And Jason X character too.
  8. Thanks for the reply, So this will be the feature to next update of PC and Console on online and single-player? Thanks for voted! I want to about know.
  9. I've already from search "Alpha", "Early-Alpha" said no found the thread. Your answer isn't voted for pick better for graphic early-alpha or release now.
  10. I do not own this video, we found this video which graphic has improvements of early-alpha more than release now. If you watched this. Please vote for a poll which better early-alpha or release now.
  11. +1 that would be great! 12+ Character with jason two character OR, Freddy and jason character, unknown and jason character?
  12. I've been watched Jason X movie. It is from UFO on gravity. If we add the feature to Friday the 13th: Game, that would be great an idea! Can we talk suggest about outside escaped from Vehicles and Aircraft‎ in gravity?
  13. I guess I would say both great weapons than a knife.. I've got an idea, also create a Jason character with chainsaw or weapon from GIF to paid on PSN/XBL/Steam Store item. $5,99 or something great a weapon more a cost.
  14. Yep, It's great than a knife. Jason has known weapon for a movie. I don't know about the word yet.
  15. I'd would be love this new Jason character with a chainsaw or weapon unknown - (gif) on Friday The 13th: Game for PS4 and Xbox One, PC. Can we feature add chainsaw or there, (I don't know about the weapon for known).