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  1. Hi, I don't have a pc desktop/laptop gaming, I just gave to my cousin to a bit play Friday the 13th the game with my family sharing a library. He just played online like 3x match, then continue to play black ops 3 custom zombie, etc. For reason, I gave to cousin want to play subverse (early-access game) and any cod our library. Not just Friday the 13th the game a bit. This is confused so. 5 days later, then what happened this steam notice me, VAC System and banned by the game developer. What I am wrong?
  2. Yeah yeah. then..... Developer CANNOT ANSWER for BETA Animation in Jason. DEV NEEDS TO ANSWER.
  3. @mattshotcha , Can you bring back Beta Animations (Jason And Counselors). Please? It looks sexy and better than final release. Tommy face and animation in beta looks way better than final release. Please bring back too.
  4. Here, 1) forum.f13game.com/topic/12716-early-alphabeta-vs-final-release-new-full-video-tommy-return-video-060218-enter-vote-please-leave-comment/ 2) forum.f13game.com/topic/16745-what-should-be-graphically-improved/
  5. I can't believe, for my level 1, but you're 0 level? Like wtf.
  6. Really? in Offline mode then beat and finish then will back everything perk and CP, level?
  7. Same here issue on PS4. I've lost my level and perk, etc. 1 level and perk are gone too, lost everything. What happened?
  8. I hope too. If they make continue content would be great than films like 1 or 2 hours watch then ending and you got nothing. The game is better than movie.
  9. If you want a sandbox mode, then use this http://elmrtevblog.tumblr.com/post/163479790331/friday-13th-the-game-lan-menu-mod-makes-lan BTW, People just voted 98+12 = 110 poll over now. Just wow.
  10. Well... Same here. Everyone is no longer this thread, because of DLC content no more future, they're gone now. Sad more...
  11. I hope PC won't be cross-play because they are a cheater. If everyone wants to play PS4/XB1/Switch with PC player, options can be there enable/disable.
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