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  1. Glad to hear that, you really liked it and watched... A final release is something like old running engine unreal 3 only. Early-Alpha is on Engine unreal 4. Your link is still on the homepage. Just edit and remove http:// or https:// should fix. I agreed that. It's engine unreal 3 are only on final release. I didn't like that well. I prefer EU4 = Engine unreal 4.
  2. Leaderboards

    Voted: Yea. Early-BETA has leaderboards. You can watch video on my thread: forum.f13game.com/topic/12716-early-alpha-vs-final-release-new-full-video-tommy-return-video-060218-enter-vote-please-leave-comment I don't know when timeline in Early-BETA main menu.
  3. @Splatterhouse , @Santi_Lee , @WashingtonJones , @Official_Adam_W Bump, forum.f13game.com/topic/16669-dedicated-servers-updating-the-engine He said: Potential for physics improvements and fixes for vehicles, ragdolls, hair, and more Better performance on all platforms. This could be early-alpha on dedicated server improvements?
  4. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    @ShiftySamurai, I have ask question. You said: Potential for physics improvements and fixes for vehicles, ragdolls, hair, and more Better performance on all platforms. So, this will be early-alpha version right? Thread: forum.f13game.com/topic/12716-early-alpha-vs-final-release-the-return-of-tommy-jarvis-video-030118-enter-vote/
  5. Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    Keep up new update & improvements, Gone a BUG! When is early-alpha coming out yet?
  6. I would say better multiplayer to early-alpha run PS4/Xbox ONE and PC. PS4/Xbox ONE used 8GB RAM GDDR5/DDR3 it's good enough to run game? Same on GTA V and Black Ops 3. Black ops 3 and WW2 don't use unreal engine 4, they use "IW engine". Tekken 7 has unreal engine 4, it's same on F13th: Game in UE4 why? Tekken 7 has realistic a little not much. Also, another game WATCH_DOGS E3 back in 2012 Trailer has alpha, When downgraded for release in 2013. I've seen it on YouTube, Ubisoft was a fault. I prefer to use early-alpha looks like realistic so.
  7. Yep, I felt same bring back to early-alpha has far better now. Bump, Hey everyone, Thank you for voting keep up for Early-Alpha: 40! You're very appreciated!
  8. Could play Jason killer in the hospital? That would be great. "Friday The 13th Part 3 Was Almost An Exact Replica of Halloween II" Need to feature this map hospital a big house = awesome.
  9. Why not, make a poll. Yes | No, for a vote.
  10. I have felt weird kinda of this Jason different with weapons.
  11. Could be like this windows glow? Or just windows glow high from screenshot - new sense. Which is more interesting?
  12. Same on PS4 crash for F13th game issue.