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  1. Hi, PS4 on 1.26 just lagging FPS on any maps for rain. 1.24 version didn't make feel me lagging from my own host in rain just fine pretty better FPS.
  2. Again..... Dev has never seen this. 1.26 patch notes "Bug fixes" that is too small... I respected your dev ignored this topic.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Did you vote already? Share with your friends or everyone to vote this poll. It's getting to better patch notes on update history.
  4. @TiffanyIsBae @RoyBurns @ShinOmegaWeapon @Alkavian @Doodoo What do you think? It's idea good?
  5. SametChan


    @GunMedia_Ben @Brigadius It's awesome, This would be added to PS4 and XB1 avatar collection 100x or 200x avatars for $20 EURO/Dollars?
  6. Hi, @wes @[IllFonic]Courier @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben I've seen "Update History" on PS4. Version 1.25 Engine upgrade from UE4.13 to UE4.18. Various bugs fixes. That is really too small patch notes. People will get confused this. Make sure you are a developer to full patch notes on PS4 and XB1. If you can't do a full patch, just make look like overwatch patch notes like here, Overwatch - Update History Version 2.43 - Please visit https://playoverwatch.com/console-patch-notes/ps4 for more details. Which you would choose this full patch note OR visit site official for patch note details more. Friday the 13th: Game - Update History Version 1.26 - Please visit http://f13game.com/patch-notes/May24th/ for more details. OR Friday the 13th: Game - Update History Version 1.26 - Please visit http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19233-patch-05242018-bug-glitches-and-general-issues/ for more details. Please leave your comment and vote for a poll which is better.
  7. Well, Friday the 13th game has no leaderboards. I don't know how much I've played Jason total. F13th BETA has leaderboards. But still hasn't final release oddly.
  8. Thread bump.... I'm waiting for everyone to reply this, if they have idea for extra trophy/achievements more.
  9. Why not just add trophy and achievements on PS4, XBONE, Steam. Add Trophy/Achievements here, Offline Mode - (Beginner/Start a new game from one level) | You got a Jason a beginner! Challenges - All of completed! Hidden Objectives - All of completed! 150 Level - You got to level 150! If you have an idea for trophy/achievements let's just leave a reply. Please leave a vote and comment on the poll.
  10. Oh really? I'm glad so, I hope soon this coming out in October 2018, or late 2019.
  11. @Im A Deku Scrub , just confused. staff dev won't answer this. I liked BETA/Early-Alpha and animation, etc more than Final Release damn.....
  12. No idea, they would do. Could be a reboot from future 2080.
  13. But it is still unreal engine 4. Crap, I've got the wrong word. It's Savini Jason. Senpai, baka... Disable notification this thread Dx OP? What is your idea on F13th:G2...... That is true so. I hope they making on contect/DLC to add a game for Freddy vs Jason, New York Map.... If possible.