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  1. Hey @mattshotcha , BETA in Tommy coming animation looks better than final release, also BETA in jason animation also way better. Would you bring back this possible or isn't possible cause with PS4/XB1 graphics issue? I guess?
  2. SametChan

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    But? Not on PS4 changelogs? On PS4/XB1 patch logs are too smallest. PS4 - Update History Version 1.31 Bug Fixes Everyone thinking this one is a bug to be fixed, without any fix more knowledge patch logs? Why you should see this forum.f13game.com/topic/19690-ps4-xb1-update-history-need-to-full-patch-notes-better/
  3. Seriously....... It's been 0.9 months. Still no patch/fix. But... Fortnite and F13th: The Game both are running on unreal engine. Because you know fortnite dev are listening and way faster to fix/patch/prevent glitch like one day or two day than friday the 13th: the game dev take couple months to patch...................zZz
  4. I had that issue happened too. Also take long to up 3 minutes then getting error same from this screenshot after without dedicated server then getting a host weird.
  5. SametChan

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Did Black Tower Studios fix this or just GunMedia?
  6. Same here, I prefer Early-Alpha and BETA looks amazing than Final release.
  7. Yeah. I've seen it. I said the only glitch hasn't patched.
  8. It is an abandoned game right now. Hasn't patched more than 6 months ago.....
  9. SametChan

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Probably. He gonna update game revert to BETA animation. just wait....
  10. Probably, if that company in Japan would be fast to fix than GunMedia takes a couple week or couple month to fix bug funny...
  11. Meh. PS4 own system isn't a problem, just delete game then re-install and solve a problem. If not then report a GunMedia issue about that game. I played overwatch and BO3, Fortnite had no issue and no crashed game. If f13th does. you should report a game better...
  12. SametChan

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    I'll ask a question, A new developer (Black Tower Studios) will be to this official forum and official discord server to update announcements?
  13. Something strange happened. Wtf? I'm playing f13th game on official server EU 5 minutes later then they kicked me and my friends too... Also all everyone. Error! You were kicked!
  14. That is my favorite. It's right from your picture super purple lol.....