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  1. There is a perk for that. But it's damn near impossible to get.
  2. Had no issues playing what so ever the last five days. And it still loads the game up. Just won't join anything. Any other game i own works fine.
  3. Hooefully this patch helps Jason's gameplay and limits some pocket knives.

  4. T bagging jason is fun. And if that happens it's usually not gonna change. Because your either bad or multiple other reasons aka that are your fault. Thats the least of the devs worries.
  5. My question is. I have seen my level bar increase over and over again. Being im a level 101 was the game keeping track of my leveling up or is this just a glitch? Basically im asking if it is actually leveling me up to 150 already. Or it will just show it on the update?
  6. Exactly!!!! My point is every other thing has been accordingly added on such dates already. Is this gonna be this coming month of dec or later? I mean damn the stupid pumpkin was pretty much meaning halloween. Now why wouldn't the flake mean start of winter or xmas?
  7. And then why dont they say that? Or at least give a damn date. I've backed this game from day one of the damn thought process and before release. I just wanted some honesty is all. And jpops this is what i was talking about. I was just curious if this should be expected soon or later? Cause according to this map and they way it has followed suit with dates has been pretty much on point.
  8. And seriously, a real answer would be appreciated. Instead of these generic bot responses. We as a community deserve some honesty. Instead of hey that snowflake doesn't mean xmas. Um well duh. Its days before xmas anyway. I just want to know is all this content gonna be released on time? And is there any other news on fixes? And what are they?
  9. That's the exact same damn one i posted. So what's so official about that one from mine? How about since there isn't a update this month we get a break down on whats next for dec patch/update?
  10. Well in your map showing all the content. We will be receiving quite a bit of stuff before xmas. So whats the deal is that true or are you guys gonna retract all thus in a few weeks?
  11. Just another day at the office


  12. All for a crossover at some point. Hopefully Robert Englund would be intrigued to do green screen moves. That would be so sick.
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