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  1. i wish that we could have a chance to spawn as the police similar to Tommy, we have to wait for them to arrive, once they do, the need killed before the escape point opens up [reinforcements ] , their stats are completely random depending on if you get a beefy cop [strength but loud] , female cop [ stealthy and fast but lacks strength] , fatass cop [ worst one, he's slow, does low damage and isn't stealthy ] , and the basic cop that is basically a kenny clone, they all spawn with a shotgun and healing spray and have a chance to kill jason, cops can only spawn if tommy has not been called otherwise they become a blockade
  2. jasons face

    i would love this, his face is emotionless when he's hit , stabbed or killing, i'd like some eyebrow and mouth emotion similar to part 4 and 7 when he his unmasked
  3. Favorite Freddy Glove

    i like the original, part 3 and fvJ gloves the most
  4. My Fanart

  5. still stuck at the woods maze , i get to the badge and when i try to go back, Jason Kills Me and i loose the badge, i have a hard time seeing the path, it's sucks XD never mind, i forgot to dig XD
  6. Jurassic World 2 : Fallen Kingdom

    this one was always a favorite
  7. Disturbing/gory fims - what are your favorites

    alot of these are just favorites, i didnt find them disturbing much, the only thing that freaks me out is when finger nails are ripped off XD , i've seen the films you listed except Requiem, Martyrs and Serbian film,
  8. just something fun, share the goriest films you know, disturbing also counts my list Cannibal Holocaust The Descent Alien Hellraiser Jason Goes to Hell Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Evil Dead Remake Hostel 2 Cabin Fever Salo - more on the gross and disturbing side Last house on the Left Dead Alive Dawn of the Dead -original Day of the Dead Silent Hill House of 1000 Corpses Devil's Rejects 31 Caligula - so graphic that it's basically porn XD
  9. What kind of music do you like?

    Rock and Metal mostly few favorites The Agonist Korn Rob Zombie Staind Seether Dio Black Sabbath Evanescence Arch Enemy Blutengel Rammstein OOMPH Megaherz Eisbrecher Avenged Sevenfold Rainbow Iron Maiden Creed Nickelback Godsmack Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks Tom Petty Ozzy Osbourne Motorhead Motley Crue Cinderella Dokken Marilyn Manson Tool Static X Epica Unleash the Archers Amon Amarth Killswitch Engage
  10. Jurassic World 2 : Fallen Kingdom

    June 22 2018 personally so excited for this, been a fan of the series since i was 5, loving the darker tone and Lost World feeling to it. also Jeff Goldblum is back !!!!!
  11. Ginny - part 2 Jimmy [Crispin Glover] - part 4 Robin - part 7 Trish - part 4 Melissa - part 7
  12. i place one on one side of the box and the other a bit closer, sometimes they can angle themselves in and avoid the trap, also the battery spots, never at cabins or doors unless i have enough traps like with pt2
  13. I went a week without being Jason when the pt4 update released , it's ridiculous sometimes, now it's alot more often that i get chosen
  14. i slash to wound and chase them when they are limping for a grab , but i have no problems with it other than Jason missing sometimes