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  1. i am so disappointed with all this, i have been a F13 fan for a long time, loved the game the moment i saw it, and was even more excited that we where getting some new content on a somewhat regular basis, i was so excited for part 10 jason but i guess i'll never get to see him, great game but i always love seeing new content for it. will most likely uninstall the game soon.
  2. Ozzman123

    Tomb Raider [series]

    yeah i enjoyed the Temple of Osiris and Guardian of Light [overhead camera games] as for the movies, i like the first one but the sequel and this new one are garbage
  3. Ozzman123

    Tomb Raider [series]

    so i didn't see any Tomb Raider pages here, honestly one of my favorite series of all time, i grew up with Lara and love the Classic Games, i've played them all but i prefer the original 6 games. but Shadow of the Tomb raider coming out this year in September i'm pretty excited for it, looks more challenging and difficult , what's your favorite in the series? my personal favorite is Angel of Darkness or TR3. also, i make fan art for the series aswell,
  4. Ozzman123

    The best live music you've seen?

    both shows i went to where amazing Bullet for my Valentine, Lamb of God and Slipknot In This Moment, Rob Zombie and Korn
  5. i'm only lv 86 but i can't play all the time or as long as i used to be able to, so i'll probably never get to use this feature that i have been hoping for,
  6. i had the idea for an abandoned version of crystal Lake where the camp is overgrown and cabins could be missing window glass or doors/walls. also has some new objectives to the map - game starts with counselors walking into the camp at night - all power generators are broken at the start -car batteries must be charged before they can be put in cars, - cars are liable to stall and drive slower - cannot call tommy without fixing all generators - animals can pop from nowhere scaring the counselors - weapons break much easier [due to being out in the weather elements - no shotguns on map - cops cannot be called due to the phones all being destroyed , tommy calls police automatically but they take twice the time to spawn - boat has a timer, if it is not repaired on time it sinks into the lake, you can find a third repair item to fix the holes in the boat - can see ghosts walking through the woods at various moments when your fear is high , even those of young Jason and Pamela's decapitated body - other maps can also get a random blackout with all generators broken
  7. Ozzman123

    Your favorite horror movie deaths

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974] - girl stabbed onto meat hook Texas Chainsaw Massacre [2003] - guy gets leg chopped off, then stump is salted and he his hung on meat hook, later stabbed by his own friend Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning - young man strapped to a table, he is impaled with a running chainsaw and his face is cut off Day of the Dead [1985] - Captain Rhodes is ripped in half, Shovel splits zombies head, guy has head torn off Cannibal Holocaust - girl impaled on spike [offscreen but it's iconic to the film and even used on box art], man has his manhood cut off and then bashed and chopped to pieces , man bit by venomous snake and has leg cut off but he dies from blood loss and shock Salo : 120 days of sodom - bread is stuffed with nails and fed to one of the young captives, i assume she swallowed them or they cut into the top of her head. young man is caught having sex with a maid which is against the rules, he stands in salute before being shot by a firing squad . Hellraiser - Frank who is wearing his brothers skin is bound in hooked chains and utters "Jesus Wept'' before being torn apart , Julia hits a man in the head multiple times with a hammer, his face is completely smashed Resident Evil - Laser grid trap slices a bunch of soldiers into pieces, highlights include missing fingers, decapitation , cut in half at waist and cut into a grid Halloween 4 - Grady has his face crushed before his neck is squeezed and twisted , guy driving a truck has his neck ripped open Halloween 5 - guy has sex and is impaled by a pitchfork , Halloween 6 - Mr. Strode is stabbed and impaled to an electrical box and his head explodes. Michael kills various medical staff with a machete in an operating room massacre. Michael smashes a guys face into a metal bared door and his face is split between the bars Sleepaway Camp - girl is stabbed through a shower wall, Sleepaway Camp 3 - fat chick is buried and her head is run over with a lawnmower Silent Hill - the Great pyramid rips a ladies skin off, woman is killed with barbed wire that rips her apart Alien - Chester Burster scene , Alien Kills Parker and lambert Predator - the creature Rips out Billy's Spine, guy is shot in chest with cannon Commando - Arnold uses saw blades and shurikens Saw 3 - Ribs torn out of woman in "angel wing" trap Friday the 13th - Arrow through bed Friday the 13th 2 - double Impalement Friday the 13th Part 4 - Jasons Death Friday the 13th part 7 - all of them A Nightmare on Elm st - Tina's Death, Glens death The Burning - Raft massacre Scream - Opening scenes in uncut version where they show the boyfriend being gutted and Casey is hung from the tree with more of a closeup
  8. Ozzman123

    Better singer - Justin Timberlake vs Usher

    Ronnie James Dio is better than both of them....
  9. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Jurassic Park Evolution Red Dead Redemption 2 Warriors Orochi 4
  10. Ozzman123

    BOI of War

    i honestly liked the original 3 games more, Kratos was full of rage and brutality, not to mention boobs
  11. Ozzman123

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    i can understand skipping Halloween 4 and onward by why skip 2, but anyway, i can't wait for this, hopefully it's good
  12. Ozzman123

    My Fanart

    i understand that, it was easy to get lost, die or accidentally save while falling XD i've raged a few times XD
  13. Ozzman123

    How about other horror games?

    i want a Hellraiser game that plays alot like Silent Hill.......
  14. Ozzman123

    Who is your favorite Jason?

    Ted White was my favorite of the Human Jasons , i also love Kane Hodder and CJ as wel
  15. Ozzman123

    Let's talk about "Zombies"

    i love zombies, a few of my favorites include Zombie 2 Night of the Living Dead [1968] Dawn of the Dead [1978 ] Day of the Dead [1985] Land of the Dead Diary of the dead 28 days later Return of the Living Dead Resident Evil [film and game] Resident Evil Apocalypse Resident Evil Extinction Shawn of the Dead as for games Resident Evil Series, i love them all Dead Rising , have not played 4 yet Dying Light Dead Island Yakuza Dead Souls