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  1. story mode - play as survivors with their own tasks and locations, for example Laurie would have a stage where she must take care of the children, - Michael is an AI similar to the Alien in Alien Isolation, no set routs, he reacts to noises , sight , smells [if your character for example uses perfume , he can use that to find you] - if michael has found your player character , he will stalk you, watching everything you do, everything you pick up in his sight he will know about such as a pocket knife or other defense items - other npc characters will roam the map area , like for example, the doyle house and streets , hospital or even the prep school and some neighboring areas, michael will hunt and chase them as well, - your character will become fearful over time once they find a dead body, blood, Michael himself or hearing footsteps in a house that they would be alone in, michael has a sense like jason and can use that to find you easier. his ai would be noticing a high fear from a general direction - making noise like running, slamming doors, tripping over objects, dropping objects and talking to npc characters will alert michael when he is within the appropriate range, gunshots for example are louder than dropping a brick - third person mode but some stages are first person only - guns are rare and have limited ammo, Michael takes damage and can die if hurt too much, killing him ends the stage but he appears stronger later on, sneaking to escape is preferred, other weapons include knives, pots, pans, axes, garden tools like shovels and rakes - Michael can set traps, block doors, open and climb windows, drive, hide in closets and under beds , throw weapons and objects, run in a rage mode [he did run at the end of the remake], and break through doors and windows , - online would be like f13 but Michael would have different skills, morph, stalk, rage and sense are base skills but he does not have a shift ability - players are unaware of where michael is and don't know what objectives they need to do, michael is free to set up some traps, place npc bodies around to induce fear and pick a spawn point, but other players are random,this would have a time limit of one and a half minutes before spawning. - the person to play michael is chosen random but in a better way, a spin wheel with each player's lobby number on it spins, what number is chosen is michael - Michael can use different weapons found around the map but he always spawns with a kitchen knife as a default, you can use points to purchase new weapons, skills and skins for Michael, - players can use just about any object as a weapon or baracade , - players can find various objects to help them survive, healing spray, pocket knife or other small sharp object for defense , - objectives vary per stage, the town maps could have the classic phone objective, cars only require keys here but cannot leave designated area while walking, you can also barricade and hide for a certain amount of time to maybe remove fear or become invisible to Michael - Michael can only slash healthy players until weakened enough to grab , unless its a stealth kill which is instant - players can respawn as a police officer or nosy neighbor after death, only as a cop can you shoot Michael and only Loomis can kill him, loomis is similar to tommy as a hero character, he cannot escape until everyone else is dead or escapes . neighbor characters gain no points or ingame money but allow you to continue playing after death
  2. Welcome to Prime Time Bitch Gotch yer nose welcome to my world bitch
  3. i'm down for new trap types like the snare, maybe it automatically transforms into one if a trap is placed by a tree, i'd also like a door trap like an axe attached to a wire or something
  4. Mortal Kombat 3 - good game but FUCK Shao Kahn
  5. new one i just finished
  6. Trex - Tomb Raider Window Dogs - Resident Evil Fighting Lu Bu - Dynasty Warriors 4 Scarlet - Silent Hill Homecoming my first Fatality - Mortal Kombat 2 Xenomorph in the Med bay - Alien Isolation all of Guitar Hero 2 Temple of Xian - Tomb Raider 2 Louvre Galleries - Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Tomb of Ancients - Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Train Climb - Uncharted 2 burning to death - The Sims [ps2 version]
  7. i hack if the situation calls for it or to wound players to make grabs easier. i will hack you if you are around other counselors, fixing something or if i assume you have a knife because i saw you grab one XD i really only go for the grab kills though
  8. i'm pretty much Brenda every match XD i swear all the loud characters run towards me when im hiding XD
  9. honestly hate the unrated version of Zombie's Halloween, but i did enjoy some parts of it, i hated how he got the iconic mask in the very beginning of the film, also some of the raunchy dialogue is a bit much. i do however love the cast of this film, all of them do an amazing job, and the return of Danielle Harris to the series <3 the original is a classic and has nothing wrong with it,
  10. there's also mention of Smith's Grove too [Halloween]
  11. i really only use CS to try and knock Jason out through Windows or broken doors , otherwise i take the risk of blind fire XD
  12. i agree with this, i think each Jason should have at least one other alternate weapon. Pt2 - Pitchfork or Spear PT3 - Machete , Kitchen Knife PT4 - no idea, love his cleaver honestly PT6 - Machete , Hunting Knife PT7 - Tree Trimmer, that spear thing he uses to kill Mrs. Shepherd pt8 - ?? he uses a spear gun, guitar and bare hands in the film so no ideas here Pt9 - again no idea, maybe the demon dagger another idea i had was that Jason could pick up various counselor weapons, use them for a onetime special kill like smashing their head with the wrench or a quick throat cut with the machete
  13. Tiffany's Costume is almost exactly like Sammy's costume in Halloween 5 minus the cape
  14. any other fans of this series based off of the Historical fiction novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms ? there are a total of 8 main titles in the series, with a ninth one coming next year, add in the spinoff titles too. personally i love 3,4, and 5 the most, they are challenging , fun and full of secrets. the first game in the series was actually a Tekken style 2d fighter , the rest have a large open area full of enemies. my favorite characters include Zhuge Liang Lu Bu Cao Cao Guan Yu
  15. so this idea pertains to the open windows, being tossed through and open window and ground level would not kill, maybe just hurt alot, so here's my idea - open window- jason slams their head on to the open pane and slides the open window into their head that breaks the window, jason does this again and they are decapitated by the broken glass - already broken window - Jason slams their face into the broken shards