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  1. That's the most reasonable response to this yet and I appreciate it. While I believe changing counselors and stuff like that can also still be done outside of the lobby, the other parts I can see. I suppose a three minute timer in the first place is what gets me. Just fill the lobby like most every other online game, then launch it. You hitting Quick Play is essentially saying you're ready, why do it again in the actual lobby? If you're ready when it starts, you're ready. If not, Jason might get an easy kill. lol Here's how I kinda view the F13 lobby once you're in there: Eight people are sitting at a red light. The person at the front is texting, not paying attention. The light turns green, then yellow, then back to red, with no one going anywhere because they weren't done texting. Light turns green a minute later and the same thing happens. You all just going to sit there, not honk your horn, not think anything of it? Let's be honest now...😂
  2. Let's try another perspective for the oh-it's-my-bathroom-break-smoke-break-deal-with-my-own-personal-crap-during-that-time group: If you've played any extensive amount of this game, you know you might have a game where you get killed quickly. Game overall probably isn't gonna end for another ten minutes or so. THERE is your rest break. Or if you manage to escape early. I've done that in under three minutes a few times. Now, there's up to 17 minutes of sitting around while the game is still going on. Think you can take a dump or finish your weed in that amount of time?😂 Quit using the excuse that the lobby is the only place to do all of your personal activities as your rationale for keeping everyone else waiting.
  3. So the solution/alternative to selfish people is to go make your own games...noted. *rolls eyes*
  4. It's completely unreasonable when over half of the lobby is already readied up to play. Three minutes doesn't sound like much, but when you multiply it over several games a day, that's a good chunk of unnecessary time. It's not present in many other online games in 2020. Once again, you can do all of your goodnight stuff on *your* time, then hit quick play when you're ready. Why's that complicated? It's selfish that's for sure.
  5. I hate the button mashing too. So annoying. But as has been said previously, go to the bathroom on your own time, then go in the lobby. The lobby isn't your bathroom break location.
  6. Here's an amazingly novel idea...go to the bafroom first, then go join a lobby. Crazy, I know...lol
  7. Awful mature of you. This is why we can't have nice things.:/ lol *kidding*
  8. This is my biggest gripe, the timer resetting every time. Just get the game going. And if people have to take a break to go smoke, eat, use the bathroom, etc (the dumbest excuse I've seen on here)...you don't have to be in a lobby to do that. Go do that first, THEN hit Quick Play.
  9. Like are you really changing out your perks each game? I haven't changed mine many months. There's only so much you can do with them. Besides, it still has nothing to do with the original intent of the post. Why derail it?
  10. Have your perks ready before going in the lobby. Three minutes isn't much, but when it's game after game after game, it adds up and is less playing time for all involved.
  11. I still can't believe after all of the patches and updates this game has had over the years that they still haven't implemented a way to ready up games faster. The games just need to automatically ready up either when the majority has readied up or if the lobby becomes full. Having two or three players just sitting there and everyone else has to wait a few minutes before a game can start is ridiculous in 2020 (it's ridiculous for any game made in the last ten years). I know they can't add any new content or whatever to the game, but certainly they could change this aspect of the game. People want to get into games as quickly as possible. Make it happen, please!:) Thanks!
  12. I guess that's one way to view it... Or maybe it's the best option if you're character has high Stealth and most everyone else is dead or have escaped. You can't kill Jason by yourself and running all over the map for the last five minutes looking for a weapon is pointless. And tipping off your spot calling the police is a worse idea as well.
  13. I think a big reason for this (and this applies to many online games) are the insane achievements tied to just playing in matches. These players typically just want to get in the game, don't care if they get killed while they're in the bathroom or off to the kitchen for food. Just get another game notched on that achievement tracker. IMO, achievements, trophies, and whatever other unlockables (unless done right of course) produce selfish gameplay and quality that could be far more superior without them.
  14. This may be one of the dumbest features they've put in the game. You mean I'm not allowed to hide in the woods now unless I have to move around to let him "hear" me? Makes sense in a game where you're trying to either escape or HIDE from someone...lol
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