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  1. Gacys Clown

    Still Undefeated

    We must play with different people or something. lol I've been in roughly 400 matches so far, about 50 as Jason, and I've never seen Jason killed, except in the one boosting session I was in. I'm not saying it's impossible, just that, from my actual gameplay experience, it's incredibly difficult to coordinate with randoms.
  2. Gacys Clown

    Still Undefeated

    Weird double post.
  3. Gacys Clown

    Still Undefeated

    I've said it many times before, if you're playing with a group of friends rather than a room of randoms and most not even using a mic, killing Jason is nothing to brag about. It's not all that hard to do if each person knows the various requirements to do it and can plan beforehand and communicate in party chat. Some of you wanting to take this guy on, I wanna see it in a randoms lobby.;)
  4. Perhaps it's just me, but it seems like there's some real overthinking the boat escapes here. When going for the boat repairs achievement, I couldn't tell you how many escapes I had, but I only ever got caught once. Not once did I ever worry about which Jason was playing or any of that nonsense. Most maps you can reach the exit rather quickly, so unless the Jason just happens to check his map at that point, you're golden. Love repairing that boat and getting out!:)
  5. For me, it's the players that are the last ones left, the vehicles are all gone, they don't have a fuse, so they just run and/or beat up on Jason for 10 minutes trying to survive. Don't get me wrong, I know it's sort of the purpose, but I'm also aware there are several other players bored watching this and want to get the next game going. If I'm the last one left and in this situation, I just let Jason kill me. I can't kill him once he's found me, it's pretty impossible for him to not know where you're at the rest of the game, and even if I had a fuse, if he's even a somewhat mediocre player, he's not gonna let me make that phone call. So rather than quit, just die gracefully, and try to be cool to other players in the game.:)
  6. Just jumped in and was able to read half of the first page's responses talking about thread locking. Christ, you all never disappoint. Let's not talk about the content or anything (irony I know, with my response here), gotta call the forum police first. Not sure why I continue to think this is a forum about Friday the 13th and not Chucky Cheese ballpit games...
  7. I've got the achievement, but it was a whole room of players just letting it happen. And you'd be mistaken if you thought I cared if some hunters actually killed me as Jason. If they do, cool. But it hasn't happened yet. The only hunters that are gonna pull this off is if they're all together from the get go. Randoms in the lobby, half without mics, aren't going to coordinate anything to kill Jason. You have a personal group of buddies that all know what they're doing and attempting do the same thing, then, yeah, I'm sure it's quite easy to kill Jason. But that's not the norm by any means. Personally, several counselors running around Jason tagging him is dumb and doesn't fit with the spirit of the game for me. I'm constantly searching for parts, repairing shit, etc. to get the hell out of there. I'd rather die doing that than living killing Jason.
  8. I subscribe to the same philosophy as @Nomadder. If I get tag teamed, I just take the beating, knowing with each pocketknife they use, with each bat they break, with each spray they use, that I'll still be standing and ready to go once they've run dry. And once they start to run out, they usually start splitting up to try to find more supplies. For some reason, I'm happy when they use a knife. It let's me know roughly how many are left and the odds someone later in the round has one too. I do try all of the other tactics listed here, but if all of the counselors that are left stay grouped together, ya just gotta not be a pussy and get in there and fight for mamma!:) Edit: Reading a few more posts talking about blocking most of the time. Other than damaging weapons, I'd rather just slice or try to grab and make people use their items. There's only so many and it's not like Jason gets weaker. Lost his mask? Who cares? Take that beating, absorb their items, get the job done once they're done with their pinata party.
  9. Look, I'm by no means saying I'm great at this game and possibly it has to do with whatever platform each of us play on, but as an XBox player with nearly 300 counselor games played and about 50 Jason games played so far (small potatoes to some of the vets here), I've never one time seen anyone kill Jason and despite getting bullied a few times as Jason, I've never came close to actually being killed either. But, like I said, maybe my experience is more common because it's XBox and maybe it's different on other platforms?
  10. I got the one that makes the cops come 25% faster if you call them. Can't remember the other two traits on it, but it's a pretty good one.
  11. Gacys Clown

    Toxic xbox one players

    Just had two friends playing, one was Jason, the other...well a counselor obviously. I died early, so I watched jason let his buddy run right by him to pick up a battery. Then watched as he never attacked him the whole game, while the counselor friend led him to all of the other counselors. Lo and behold he tried to deny it when i messaged him to play legit as if I hadn't been watching from the beginning and he was an adult no less. Pretty sure he reported me, but I'm gonna call out stuff like that evey time.
  12. Gacys Clown

    buying the game

    And that's the thing too, they'll probably be having sales on this game periodically in the future and all that's going to do is add more players to the mix. Yeah, only 1000 players online sounds shitty compared to other games, but I only need 7 others for a full game, so that's not going to be a problem still for quite awhile.
  13. I honestly don't know the numbers, but I would logically guess that way more people have this game on consoles over PC, so trying to base everything off of PC numbers may be a bit disingenuous. Fewer and fewer people have PCs, especially for gaming due to costs, but it seems like everyone has a console of some sort.
  14. My only complaint with Jason and when he's being teamed up on (only had this happen twice so far in about 40 goes as Jason) is how slow his kill commands will load in before another counselor whacks you, freeing the one that you've grabbed. I'm not talking about any specific kill, just any. I've had a few times where I've got the grab on someone for a second or two before I get hit and no prompt ever showed. If you can't get in those kills when you can, it's very hard to take on a whole group just dedicated to beating on Jason...which isn't fun at all. Other than that, I enjoy playing as Jason as much as a counselor. I like that cat and mouse aspect.
  15. Gacys Clown

    buying the game

    Realistically, they're not shutting off servers, so there are many months still in the tank with this game. I'd say it will still be going into next year, tbh. When the patches officially stop coming in, then that's when we'll probably see the biggest drop off and demise of the game.