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  1. You could ask the same thing for Part II's chase theme. It's based off of a track from Part I called "The Last Fight / The Chop to the End." I believe I found the inspiration for Part VI's chase theme in game, sourced from Part V's soundtrack. The track is called "Tommy's Dream." This is right at the end of the film when Tommy kills Roy, saving Reggie and Pam. Maybe Harry Manfredini decided to use this theme to symbolically represent Tommy's false sense of resolution regarding Jason's defeat. Tommy Jarvis is a troubled soul. Ever since he hacked Jason to pieces in Part IV, he has served as a receptor to Jason's torment. He carries within him the legacy of Jason Voorhees, and he had to decide what to do with that legacy. At the end of Part V, it seems like he succumbs to the curse and dawns the mask as a way of coping with his fear. At the beginning of Part VI, we see a determined Tommy Jarvis with strong integrity come to terms with his fear, intending to eliminate all remnants of Jason Voorhees once and for all. We know how that turned out.
  2. Hitting Jason through the window wouldn't even be as big of an issue if the window break animation didn't exist! It's an expected animation every time, with a nearly guaranteed hit if the counselor attacks at the right time. Jason can also smack a counselor with the animation already. I've had my fair share of miscalculations. If the breaking animation is replaced with this, I'd be for grabbing through windows, not furniture though. In contrast, throwing knives exist and they can be used to stop people crawling/recovering from windows. They do more damage than a Jason without weapon strength. Jason has a weapon that can stop people from going through windows (if properly positioned and you don't smack the siding, of course). Jason has abilities that can stop people from going around tables. If you are getting endlessly looped, the Stalk, Morph and Shift abilities can get the job done. Go for the surprise because your Jason's icon shows up on the minimap. If you are seen, do not exit shift early. Drain the stamina pool. With stalk enabled, morph outside for the heck of it. Use mind games with the static effect for using abilities. When in Stalk, mimic the two static effects of a morph with a shift instead. Utilize the scorched earth policy. Break the generator of the given sector to increase the fear level. Anticipate your opponent and wear them down psychologically. Do not let the counselor see you until YOU want them to. Of course, when they scream when in proximity before Jason is even seen, it spoils the surprise. This needs fixed. Regardless, think as the real Jason would. He relies on sneak attacks and gets beaten to a pulp when exposed to aggressors. It happens in the movies and it happens in the game. Thing is, he is stronger than his victims and can endure the pain. Counselor's have a finite amount of ambition, while Jason's animosity glides over all.
  3. Humor is subjective. I didn't post to entertain you, I posted it because it felt like an accurate representation for what a fall animation may look like. I don't necessarily want it in the game though.
  4. I think pocketknives have their place in here. You said it yourself; they are sought after because it's a means to avoid certain death. The chances of breaking free from the clutches of Jason manually or thanks to the counselor next to you is wishful thinking really. If the timing is right, Jason can swing the victim into the direction of the swing and kill them in front of those who tried to smack him. Human error and the game taking control away from the player with the dead body mechanic, as well as the stumbling mechanic, adversely affect the counselor's survival already. I'm still in favor of the pocketknife saving the user because of these circumstances. I will say this: Ganging up on Jason with 2+ others is essentially a pocketknife anyway due to the chance to be freed, but there is also the chance that they miss and the counselor's supplies are dwindled anyway. If counselors decide to team up on and beat Jason up, I firmly support giving Jason the rage ability in the instance his mask is removed. The disparity between the confidence of having a pocketknife and hopelessness when it is lost excites me as well. Having that difference creates a dramatic effect psychologically compared to not having one at all. There is still a purpose regardless of having one or not in terms of conflict between Jason and the counselors. Without pocketknives, you have to accept the fact that you are already dead. Some people might be to scared to go out alone, some work together, while others race to complete objectives fast because their survival chance depends upon them. When you have a pocketknife, your confidence should be boosted enough to wander alone (to Jason's benefit), and get out there and repair objectives with an even greater emphasis because you are not expendable at that point. The survival of the team relies upon the selfish/selfless actions of others. Now in terms of climactic moments, the "chase" is what provides the tension between Jason and his victims. If pocketknives are removed, the tragedy of the chase loses its dynamic when counselors are dead without a second chance. The police are no doubt the greatest threat to Jason, since it is an escape method that anyone can choose. Jason can still put pressure on repaired cars and boats because they must be occupied to escape. The severity of said pressure depends on the chosen Jason's strengths and weaknesses. I saw @VenomSymbiote bring up the method (in this thread above) the ability for Jason to get the rage ability if the cops are called. If counselors choose to call the police they'd have to survive against Jason with advanced ability cooldowns (13 seconds for strengths, 20 seconds for average, and 26 seconds for weaknesses), so there would be a consequence for calling early game before repairing other objectives or scavenging. When you see a trap you have two options: tank the trap or disarm it. More often it's just easier to tank the trap because of the possibility to fail the skill check, or because one or more traps exist. One could argue that tanking traps is unfair when damage is so easily circumvented with Thick Skinned, Medic and health sprays galore. Maybe this is the leverage that Jason has always needed in order to combat the "counterplay" that the counselors use to "counterplay" Jason's traps. With rage mode kicking in instantly, pocketknives would be cherished even more in terms of combat. The reason why I say this is because I don't believe that the traps were ever intended to be a reliable means to kill. If a trap goes off, it is expected for Jason to morph over to you and snuff you out of existence with the cinematic kills. The thrill of the chase depends upon it! Now I know we don't necessarily see "eye to eye" regarding the use of pocketknives: you are in favor of using them for stealthy disarms, while I favor the "second chance" aspect of them. I respect both usages, but if I have less than or equal to 5 in Repair, I'm tanking the trap with Thick Skinned and Medic. I'd rather have the pocketknife and lose it in a battle, than to never have it at all. The pocketknife is what saved Tommy Jarvis in Part V, after all.
  5. Have to vote no on this. If Deborah's bat breaks because she swung it at any blatant opportunity, instead of buying herself time by using the environment and teamwork to her advantage, that's on her. In relation to what @Redcat345 said, breakable weapons are really the only impedance for counselors to prevent them from endlessly knocking Jason out. Jason can take a real beating in-game, but the war of attrition is innately in his favor. If your weapon breaks and you're in a pinch, desperate times call for desperate measures. I would not want to see this affected.
  6. Mashing X to recover from a fall while Jason is right behind you? I can see it now...a Youtube user by the name of BedBananas has a Friday the 13th video where at approximately the 12:25 mark, it looks like he slips and falls out of the window. If there were to be a "fall" mechanic, then I would want it to look and sound it does at 12:25. Laughs would be had and tears would be shed.
  7. Congratulations, @illchuck. Thanks for enabling my proper introduction to the horror franchise of Friday the 13th with this game! A lot of commendable hard work presented to capture the real-time(compared to the linearity of cinema) social experience. There are/have been issues with this game however, as I'm sure you've noticed. Issues that affect stability and the enjoyment factor that encompasses the atmosphere of F13. Please make Jason proud. I certainly don't envy you or your team, especially the guy who turns the ignition key and fires the patch off to certification. It must be like launching a nuke every time: everyone dreads the aftermath, the damage must be analyzed, and efforts to reconstruct must be made. Soon™ How much do I owe you for the trademark?
  8. Aww yeah, it's gettin' deep in here! I'd love to assist with uncovering the quantitative mysteries of Friday the 13th. Sending you a friend request now!
  9. I agree with shift-grabbing being necessary. I used to bellyache over it before knowing about the zig-zagging that makes it more difficult, but now, with Jason's current grab, I see the value in it with clarity. With regards to sensing someone in a hiding spot, what you are saying is that you want the sense ability in rage to only be boosted when the power is out, thus requiring the fear level to play a more active role post-rage? This might be cool, but I don't think hiding was ever intended to be a reliable means of survival anyway. More so as a way of delaying the inevitable. You want to survive? You have to earn it like Chris Higgins did. At least, in theory. Jason shows up on the mini-map with the flare and line of sight in correlation to the camera position. Jason has a way to get the jump on others with Stalk though, so removing his icon from the mini-map may be a tad too much. On the other hand, removing the line of sight mechanic would place a greater emphasis on being aware of the chase theme, so that could boost a suspenseful element as well. If the sound cuts out and the match has played out for more than 4 minutes and 15 seconds, Jason may have morphed, or he's outside using stalk. This could be cool, too.
  10. What makes you say "93% of the time?" According to the updated weapon list, the pipe is equally as powerful as the wrench and has an additional slot in damage. Axe has good stats, too. I need to pay more attention to how long the axe durability lasts, though. It seems to break much faster than the wrench or pipe, even though it has the same amount of "points" in durability. Baseball bat will always be my go-to stun weapon because of its reliability. Axe for feeling empowered, pipe and wrench for 2nd tier stun chance. Shotgun is also nice, too. Attacking Jason is making a choice. Jason is stunned, yes, but he can endure and wear down your supplies. Conserving and planning attacks may be beneficial than just arbitrarily beating him up for the sake of beating him up. It's so easy to do right now in the game's current state though, so I can understand attacking on a whim. I do it, too.
  11. Combine both options! Either you use a pocketknife to remove the trap, have a teammate next to you mash X to free you, or risk trying to free yourself with a skill check prompt like the ones for repairing an objective. If you try to free yourself, you cannot back out of it. No rerolling for an easier skill check, and every time you press the wrong prompt, 50% of your health is removed. All the while the person in the trap is at 100 fear. Now this excites me. Edit: Well it has been two hours and I cannot help but regret posting. Purely off of emotion. I have to stop putting myself in situations like this. I'll leave it for reference I suppose. Maybe it would be easier to do what @AngronKharn said and reduce the amount of health sprays and/or the removal of the perks surrounding them than to reformat the method of escaping traps. Maybe the war of attrition would suffice. Maybe. Edit 2: It's been nine hours since my last amendment and I'm back for more. I would like to view traps from another perspective. This game was designed to have Jason snuff you out of existence. Since the game's release, traps have been nothing more than an impedance on progress to buy Jason time. If one goes off, it is expected that Jason would come out of nowhere and finish the job himself with the cinematic kills. This is what Illfonic/Gun intended with the trap system. They were never supposed to be an efficient means of killing. So, they added the medical perks and scattered health sprays across the map for counselors as a method of "counterplay." Traps can still be used to kill on objectives if placed one in front of the other. If the counselor chooses to step into the one closer to the objective, they will slide out of the animation and into the one behind them, effectively being incapacitated for however long it takes them to escape. Jason cannot be everywhere at once, but he shouldn't expect the traps to do the work for him. He wants murder to be intimate, right? This places an emphasis on managing morphs (20 seconds for morph as a strength / 13 seconds during rage, 30 seconds for average morph / 20 seconds during rage, 40 seconds for morph as a weakness / 26 seconds during rage). If you leave a sector and your traps go off, sorry but you should not have left. That's the benefit of coordinating attacks as counselors. I see it from both sides now, for its purpose now and for those who want a buff. For me, it has its current role and I am fine with that. I'm sure I'll change my mind in a few hours again. I hope not. PLEASE NO!
  12. A pile of leaves. Totally inconspicuous, right? No. Very rarely will you get snagged in a trap that you don't notice beforehand. They are mostly used as an alert system on objectives, not necessarily as a surprise attack. Being able to place traps indoors around corners and under windows would be no different than placing them around the exterior of the cabin or outside beneath windows. Jason would just be using the counselor's false sense of security indoors to his advantage, no different than placing one in an unexpected position outside. Cutting power to a sector with a trapped cabin could catch people by surprise. That would be a method of using the terrain to Jason's benefit.
  13. Morphing is an approximation. Like what @Alkavian said, the map is on a grid and will make you appear at a "pin" with a morph. The more you use morph, you'll start to take notice of these predetermined "pin" locations. Some morph locations are more reliable than others. For example, on Packanack you can morph right on top of the car at Woodbury if you click on its icon. For your Crystal Lake scenario, morph just south of the car. You won't have to worry about the fence. Same thing with morphing to exits near water. Compensate by morphing slightly away from your intended position if previous results were not in your favor. Edit: Also utilize the stalk, morph, sense and/or shift combo that @Alcanx mentioned above. It can make all the difference.