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  1. @HaHaTrumpWon's video showcased a good use of shift as a means of avoiding the stun. @Tommy86's video demonstrates the ability to predict an attack, block and follow up: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNfB2e6udo8&t=79s). This video has probably the most important information a Jason player can learn. Watch GamePlayingGuru's video, too: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lqkiyXaFUg) It either comes down to predicting when your opponent will attack, or taking the offensive HARD. This means using shift to its maximum effectiveness and either going for a slash or grab when necessary. Boredom Era has informative tutorials regarding shift. (Side-shift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bRjiSJwYFM) and (Speed Shift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCpi4wutWqU) This is what you can become. You have to work for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbcbtyEEu4g Now I must say this. These techniques work best when you're hosting a private match. The dedicated servers add ping for everyone, meaning that Jason has to account for input lag when ping is higher. Blocking feels clunky and you often can't follow up with slash block effectively off-host. Dedicated servers were the worst debuff to Jason. Alternatively, you can ignore everything that I said. Never learn from your mistakes or get better. Let yourself get punished over and over again until you get rage. Why learn from your mistakes when you can't get stunned? What a joke. Can you tell that I'm not happy with the new change? Haha. Ha.
  2. Oh come on, this cannot be a legitmate complaint to get banned. Ridiculous. It's hilarious to look at, it takes precision to even pull off, and the range advantage is hardly an issue. Most likely the counselor wielding said weapon will end up smacking the environmental terrain or whiff completely trying to get the range right. Same fighting rules apply. Shift grab / slashes using combat stance as both an aiming and blocking tool respecively. Sprinkle in throwing knife out of shift for deadly combos listed above. If you get in their face it won't matter. The wielder gets advantage at range, so don't give them the advantage. Keep pressure and anticipate. Why murder fun when you can fight it and enjoy it at the same time?
  3. The victory can still be secured as long as you familiarize yourself with Jason's morph locations. For example, there are instances on Packanack Large where you can morph directly on the south road to stop a moving vehicle easily. Other spots drop you in the woods off-road. Crossing your fingers and hoping that the spot works is not efficient. The driver may continue forward, reverse, stop in place completely, or try to mind game with driving forward/backward/halt scenario. This is why it is important to morph to a precise chokepoint that gives Jason leverage. Morph to a spot where your shift will be able to last long enough to immobilize the car from the front or rear as necessary. Go into offline bots and practice morphing along the driving paths. Once you understand where the favorable morph spots are, you will be able to catch drivers off guard with a followup shift if you have to. Timing is important. It won't always work, but you have to try.
  4. One thing to add here: If you want to block on hit, you have to make sure the swing arc collides with solid geometry. Doors and counselors are destructible; they do not allow an immediate block. This explains why you should position yourself to the left of the door. Weapon passes through and eventually collides with the inner wall. Then you can immediately block. You'll still have to respect approximately 0.8 of a second where you cannot attack, but you'll be blocking instead of continuing the swing. It can be a little tricky to consecutively find that sweet spot, though. Combat stancing doors is more efficient. It's faster and allows player control to override the door-breaking animation. The greatest threat is getting your weapon stuck, which is like 2.5 seconds to recover from. Without combat stance, Jason is just as susceptible to being hit right when the door breaks as he is during the destruction animation anyway. Really the best advice to door combat for the Jason player is to stay unpredictable. The counselor can easily anticipate an attack if a predictable rhythm is established. Part 6 has no issue with door combat because he can combat stance and poke from a distance.
  5. If the sweater is activated while Jason is recovering from a stun, he is cursed! Next weapon stun will bring him to his knees. Here is an example: It's pretty cool to know, especially if Jason is being evasive. Stun him, then activate sweater as the animation of coming out of the stun is visible. The moments where he is standing back up from a falling stun, tilting his body forward from a standing stun, or putting arm back down from firecrackers are when to activate sweater. He'll probably think you messed up and will try to regain the offensive. Easy kill.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/0HzwL Update to thread 1 Feb 2018: Pinehurst added. I took screenshots of each variation offline. They certainly are not as flashy and informative as Geekboxing's images (shown here: https://imgur.com/gallery/XzfIF), however I believe that they can still be of some use. Key information such as generator spawns and the phone box location will tell you exactly which version you are on. Knowing which variant is currently being played will also let you know exactly where Jason's shack is. Just be aware that generator spawns may overlap, like it does with Variants B and D on Crystal Lake Small. Just look for the phone box at one spot to know for certain. I did not focus on vehicle spawns because they are procedurally generated every game. They do have fixed locations, of course. Find a map for certainty.
  7. Last Year looks appealing. I hope it will take the shortcomings of Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th and refine gameplay. I hope they make each killer and survivor stand out. It seems like they are on the right track with specific roles for each survivor, but we won't know how it plays out until it gets brought into the spotlight. Hopefully in a few months, more info will be shared from the developers. In other news, Dark Souls Remastered just got announced. I hope it doesn't destroy the mechanics of the original.
  8. Repair roles can be beneficial when time is of the essence, but these characters are placed at a disadvantage when it comes to survivability. This is why characters like Vanessa or Chad are held in high regard. They may not be able to repair as efficiently under pressure compared to repair characters, but they have a better chance to hold out and survive due to stat allocation. Vanessa has her 6 Luck and her mobility and Chad has his 10 Luck and high speed. Maybe if they had made the game where only certain characters could repair objectives, we would have seen some better protection for people like Eric or Deborah. Team Fortress 2 comes to my mind for some reason in this regard. Characters have strengths and weaknesses in that game, and it encourages diversity when in the select screen. In Friday the 13th, anyone can repair. The speed and ease of repair can be overcome with patience. If you coordinate with others and repair objectives at the same time, it will still make Jason's head spin. Not only would he have to prevent objectives from being repaired, he would also have to deal with Vanessas and Chads. Both of these are versatile in the combat/repair scenario. They can still repair objectives in his face as long as they are defended. Since people have a fair understanding of Jason as an opponent, he is susceptible to aggressive retaliation. Combat is a reliable offensive play style. Players like Pappus have demystified the killer by exposing Jason's weaknesses in combat. Jason is much more approachable when you have the knowledge of how to fight. Grab range nerf, trap stacking nerf, hit detection, item marking, and arsenals at campfires only aid in Jason's downfall. Cooperation nullifies the need for repair characters. Plus, mechanics like stealth are useless. Combat is king. Kinda makes me wish that they didn't scrap the idea of unique player abilities. It could have potentially made each character stand out a bit more if implemented correctly.
  9. Traps don't work with Luck anymore. Each trap reduces health by 50%. Window damage has always been the same for every character. On topic, Jenny isn't worthless. Her high Luck gives her the power to fight, but she is objectively the weakest choice out of the fighter bunch (Chad and Vanessa). She is outclassed by Chad due to his maxed Luck and high Speed, and is outclassed by Vanessa due to her near perfect mobility with an excellent Stamina and Speed combo. Eight points in Luck gives Jenny one more wrench/pot/pan/machete hit compared to Vanessa's six Luck. Big deal. More stamina and speed gives Vanessa the potential to fight longer against Jason. Composure is a support stat. I'd be willing to say that it is slightly more valuable than Stealth or Strength, but not by much. We all know how valuable those stats are. Managing fear is like delaying the inevitable; if you survive long enough, you will gain fear, especially in Jason's presence. You will get sensed because if you are playing the fighting/repair role, you will encounter Jason. Losing the minimap and the screen going grey are minor visibility setbacks that can be worked around. Stumbling is increased with higher fear, but as long as adequate distance is maintained, it will be rare to die strictly because of a stumble. The noticeable drawback to high fear is the stamina regeneration penalty. You want to know how to get around that? Attacking Jason with melee. He is a resource begging to be tapped into. Unleash imperialistic fantasies upon him. High speed means better mobility. Speed is only useful with stamina management, but the difference is clear without it. Map control is important for combat characters. Being able to rush to someone's aid to draw aggro can mean the difference between life and death. Gathering survival items or objective parts will determine success. Time is important. This is Jenny's major weakness. Competitively, you want to be able to fight under the most strenuous conditions. Jenny is not the most optimized under those circumstances. Her mobility suffers due to an investment toward a mechanic that can be circumvented (with relative ease) by adapting a combat playstyle. This is why Chad and Vanessa are better choices. Otherwise, you'll just have to work a little harder for survival against a Jason with a solid understanding of gameplay. There is nothing wrong with a challenge, of course.
  10. Did you happen to enter and exit the driver seat of a car by any chance? Currently, there is a bug where your character can remain outside of the driver car door on Jason's screen. Then he can slash you to death even when you are nowhere near him from your perspective.
  11. Wow, I love this idea! Incorporating Jason's strengths and weaknesses as bonuses to the weapons themselves would provide some variety for each Jason. Your strengths and weaknesses are nothing outright gamebreaking, either. They make sense and that is what matters. Thanks for providing a detailed system for your idea.
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