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  1. I would rather have a different kind of clothing pack. Maybe make a season pass for all the clothing packs they're going to make...? I would like that because what if they make a Spring Break 1984 pack for the additional counselors, and then a few months later add a new one? That gets annoying as hell.
  2. Yeah, I'd like to see Nick, but I'd like him to be able to run and repair. We don't have a repair counselor that is good at running from Jason. Like 8 stamina, 6 speed, and 9 repair. All of the repair counselors are slow and all stealth. What about a repair that can run?
  3. I would honestly like this perk, considering every other counselor but me gets knives and I do not because they seem to take all of them. There are servers I have played as Jason where almost every counselor had Pocket Knived me. There are also some games where a counselor had three pocket knives. It was annoying on Jason's end, but I would like to have this perk so that I don't have to die because people hog all the knives. I would definitely like this as well.
  4. let me axe her in the face lol
  5. No, I don't exactly hate the current game's visuals. They honestly could have done much worse. It's just that after playing for a while the game begins to look a bit bland and unscary. If I had something that was my favorite visually, it would definitely be Jason's animations. His run is intimidating albeit quite slow, and I love the way he walks. It's just amazing that Kane Hodder did the anims via MOCAP too.
  6. I really want to see 60 FPS on consoles. The game's graphics are not that advanced so it should already run a solid 60 FPS.
  7. Since I play on PS4 and seeing the visuals quite a bit, I just starting realizing how... well they're not terrible, but they're not good either. They're okay. So, to help with this, I'm going to inject my ideas into updated visuals. Keep in mind I write this before the engine upgrade patch, so who knows whether the game will look. Also will be adding in other miscellaneous details as well. ATMOSPHERE I feel that when playing, the outdoors environment is very bland and not too scary. In fact, it can be a little bright outside for the dark. I hope that shadows are slightly darker, and the outdoors are a little more dark, even if it is a negative for gameplay. In the films, you couldn't see too far into the forest or woods because the dark obscured it. But then again there are street lights... COUNSELOR MODELS You know what looks uglier than Jason? Some of the counselors. No, I'm not thinking like a smash or nah thing, but some of the models are a bit questionable. First of all, the best example? Kenny. Now, I think that Kenny's model is the worst. His face looks pretty deformed, and his eyes need readjusting. I'm hoping the models are updated to look a little more realistic. I think they also need a bit more skin detail. It seems all the counselors have no skin details except for Vanessa. Perhaps some should have hair or rough skin, or pimples... etc. They all look like a bunch of dolls. MOTION BLUR, LENS FLARES, etc. I feel why the game looks like it has outdated graphics because it has minimal lighting and detail. Look at most AAA games. Also, some textures seem to have low quality, oddly enough. If you compare F13 Game to an AAA game, F13 is inferior. Perhaps if it had the same sort of graphics and lighting effects in those games, it could look a lot better so that you feel more immersed into the game. FRAME ISSUE FIXES This one seems to depend on your internet, which is odd. If you have terrible internet, frame rate is a bit worse. If you have good internet, it's fine. Also, in some cabins even when facing a specific direction, the frame rate will drop significantly. (on PS4.) I hope that the frame rate can be locked at 60 FPS and can stay there. ANIMATIONS For the most part, the animations are good, but how come the counselor's mouths don't move? Probably beating the dead horse by this point, but they don't move at all and feel out of place. Also, the animation of counselors attacking are generic. How come no counselors actually STAB Jason or try to stab with a machete or other similar sharp weapons? Because smacking Jason in the arm with a machete sure is deadly... UNIQUE VOICEOVERS The one other thing that is a bit distracting is that counselors share the same VO when they die. When Mitch Floyd dies, it sounds like Chad dying, when Eric dies, it sounds like Chad dying. I initially noticed this after watching some of the older trailers, specifically PAX West 2016 trailer. All of those counselors had original VO when they died. How come we don't have that? Also, can we get their mouths to move when they scream or talk? UPDATED HD TEXTURES When looking at some of the textures in the game, it is evident that they are low quality or SDs. Not all are bad, but a lot are. I would like to see HD textures to help make the game more campy. If we also had the option to have HLSL over our game or an 80's VHS scanline on our screen while we play, it would definitely make the game feel like the 1980's. UNIQUE KILLS/GORE I feel that all the kills in the game are broken bones, blunt force, dismemberment, and decapitations. Why can't we slice a counselor completely in half along the waist? Also, why does the blood flow in a large clot? The blood looks somewhat funny at times. I don't think blood would be shiny and should be a bit darker, and shouldn't glow under light. Also, when a counselor gets cut, how come we can't see the actual wounds? Look at when Jason slices a counselor with his weapon or when Roy Burns slashes the counselor's wrists. All we get to see is blood stains and no wounds or cuts except when jumping out the windows. OVERALL IMPROVED VISUAL The game looks okay, but looks like a PS3 or XBOX 360 game. I think the graphics should be updated completely, and that there should always be suspenseful music playing. The game looks bland and has low-res textures, but fixes to the lack of visual details would be appreciated. REALISTIC HAIR FLOW Realistic hair flow is something somewhat present, but not for all counselors. If their hair flowed when they stood still, it could imply wind blowing. Everything seems static. Counselors with long hair like Adam or Eric don't seem to have any flow in their hair at all, and a lot of hair just looks like plastic. I think it needs a texture update and individual strands. Why can we see the black shadowing under their hair? Just update counselor models and textures a bit and they would look so much DLC CLOTHING FOR SHELLY, MITCH, AND FOX All the original 10 seem to get the additional clothing treatment. Hopefully with a new clothing pack these three aren't excluded. CUSTOMIZATION BEYOND SHIRTS, PANTS, SHOES I think that we should be able to customize beyond shirts, pants, and shoes. For instance, we can customize make-up, glasses, bandanas, hair styles, etc. I think that it would make all counselors look unique from one another instead of running into twins commonly. I know most of it was graphics, but that's the biggest issue other than the bugs. The bugs are removed with each patch, but I hope the graphics are updated.
  8. Anyway, if you're wondering what the hell that title means, I hope these suggestions will explain it. 1. UNIQUE DEATH SOUNDS This was a feature I saw after reviewing the 2016 PAX trailer. With every kill, all of the counselors had unique death sounds. This is something I really liked because they didn't just reuse sound effects. Guess what? Never made it into the final game. While miscellaneous, it really makes the game feel a bit more polished. Every time you kill someone, it's the same SFX for the male and female counselors. The unique death sounds would make the game more disgusting and more polished. Some of the death screams in those trailers were actually cringe inducing due to how realistic and horrific they sounded. 2. LESS CONTENT FROM PART III If there was something I noticed as the patches were released, all of the new counselors are from Part III or based off a character from Part III. Shelly and Fox are ripped from Part III, and Mitch Floyd is based off of Chuck from the same film. If they add more counselors, I would like to see original counselors not based off of the films. In fact, there are so many counselor stats they could play around with that they have not done yet. 3. GORIER, BRUTAL, AND CREATIVE KILLS It's always nice to see new kills in the game. Look at Part IV and Part VII Jason. Their premium kills are actually pretty cool. However, a lot of the kills are the same or just boring at this point. There is so much potential with kills. Instead of decapitating and stabbing counselors, there is so much more. They can eviscerate counselors, and guts can pop out. Jason could also rip people in half, and I could just make a list about this. Kills in this game need to be more original and brutal since they get dull after a while. 4. COUNSELOR BACKSTORIES OR BIOGRAPHIES This will tie in with my fifth and last idea, so here we go. We know nothing about the counselors, except that they're stereotypical 80's slasher characters. Characters can be really interesting by having character backstories. I feel that there should be a biography and statistics regarding the counselors. In fact, they can revamp the counselor select screen to include this and to make it look more polished, pretty, and provide detailed statistics about a counselor. 5. COUNSELOR RELATIONSHIPS The point of a counselor is to work with other counselors to survive, escape Jason, or just put a machete in his face. After a couple rounds, the game can get uninteresting for some. I think that to make playing as a counselor interesting, counselors have relationships with each other that provide different buffs. If an Adam and AJ are near each other, they could both get a speed or stamina boost, although it's not a large boost. Fear from seeing a dead body could also be impacted depending on what counselors are used in this situation. There is so much that can be done with this.
  9. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Considering that in the dev roadmap Paranoia (New Game Mode) will be released in the Winter, this patch might come with the Paranoia and Virtual Cabin 2.0 update. Who knows? Just be patient and positive.
  10. Uh, no. Just no. Vanessa is not going to repair much. It is very difficult to repair anything with Vanessa because of her 2/10 repair. It takes about 15-20 seconds for her to repair something, even if she doesn't miss any button prompts. Because of the lack of repair speed and time she has, she is likely to mess up, which alerts Jason. I don't think you see that 2/10 repair isn't that great. Also, all the counselors are already balanced and good for different things. I don't consider Vanessa that great of a fighter character, since she has low strength and a mediocre luck. There is really no need to balance counselors again because they are fine. In one area where they are great, there is another they are very weak in.