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  1. Yes, I know. This topic has been done to death, but alas here's my ideas. A lot of threads I see suggest some really OP changes for Jason and then some changes for Jason that won't do shit, so here's mine. Execution Delay Okay, what the hell am I talking about, you might be asking. In Online Matches, there is a delay between throwing knives and blocking. Throwing knives isn't immediate as in Offline Bots, and you can't block attacks and then quickly guarantee a grab afterwards online like in Offline Bots. This is probably a technical issue, and it would help to deal with those if you could quick block. Invulnerability Frames Grabbing a Vanessa - for me - is very satisfying, because I'm going to rip their damn head off. Then, she stabs me in the neck with a pocket knife. Well, time to go hunt her down again, but turns out she's waiting right behind me and WHACKS me with a baseball bat, prolonging the stun. This is really annoying. I feel that even after the animation, Jason needs about 2 - 2.5 seconds of Stun invulnerability so annoying cunts like Vanessa can't stun lock me. Combat - Shutting Down Counselors It's annoying when you are slashing a large group, since that's the best option in that situation, and then they get to swing at you. When you swing, it stops the animation. However, you don't get to recover fast enough to swing again before you are stunned or attacked. Sometimes, you lack time to even avoid their attack at all, and it allows them to get a free hit. Here's what should happen: Upon swinging at a counselor and successfully hitting them, they should either: stumble back and be very briefly stunned, giving you enough time to recover to swing again - or have it so they can't attack briefly. Depending on your weapon strength, the time they can't attack or how far they stumble should increase. This would help against large groups and would allow for better crowd control instead of having to equip Jason with a spear for the extended range so that you can stay further away. Why should Jason attack, do damage, but the counselors can instantly swing again when he recovers? It's quite annoying. Attacking This kinda goes with the first one, but when attacking, Jason needs a wider range of attack, or volley. This would help make him intimidating and a dangerous opponent even against large groups. His Axe is abysmal at attacking, as it has poor range and a short volley. For that reason, give him the animations other weapons have, like the Machete, Shears, Pig Splitter, and even the Fire Axe. If he can swing a Fire Axe with one arm, why does he need two arms to swing an axe in a short range and with an abysmal span of attack? Stalking Personally, Stalk is a great yet underutilized tool, and I think the way it works is amazing, but Jason should not be penalized for moving while Stalking by decreasing the amount of time he has left. It's annoying when you need to move and then your Stalk is deactivated, notifying your prey that you are there. Decrease the amount of time he loses for moving or just remove that part all together. Make His Stun Resistance Strengths/Weaknesses Actually Work Even as Part 9, I still am easily stunned, as it seems that Stun Resistance doesn't work at all. Personally, since he is the easiest Jason to kill, this Stun Resistance buff should be decent or at least significant. It's annoying still getting knocked on my ass as Part 9 by an A.J or Deborah with a machete, and especially infuriating when a Vanessa troll smacks me with a bat. If his stun resistance actually worked, it would make him very good against large groups of counselors stun-wise, but he could still be easily demasked. PART 2 JASON REWORKS Part 2 in my opinion is the worst Jason in the game. He has fine objective control and that's it. Once a strategic group of counselors begin taking out all of his traps, he's pretty much screwed. I think his Shift weakness should be removed so that he has the best mobility out of all the Jasons, and since he's already easy to kill, add a Destruction or Weapon Strength weakness, or perhaps a Grip Strength weakness. This way, he will have amazing mobility and objective control, but will struggle against a large group of counselors and will also struggle to break down doors and slash them to death. To be fair, it took him forever to tear a hole big enough in his door to get the doorblock to his own shrine out of the way. To put this in retrospect: + Traps + Morph + Can Run - Defense - Water Speed - Destruction, Weapon Strength, or Grip Strength. This provides this Jason with great mobility, but makes him awful at catching up to counselors inside cabins. If there's a Destruction strength, there's probably a Destruction weakness. Also, the neutral Shift really helps this Jason catch counselors, as his current shift is trash, and once he does catch up to a counselor, if they have a pocket knife or stun you, it takes a lot more effort to get them, especially if they effectively dodge throwing knives. He's awful at taking out doors, so the counselors have a lot of time to plan and attack. Personally, this minor rework would really help this Jason out, as he is already one of the more mobile Jasons in the game, but still awful at catching counselors. YOUR THOUGHTS Well, what do you guys think? I know you will probably disagree, but let's be civil, eh?
  2. I would buy A.J. and Mitch, and of course Adam. You can't separate those two. Same, dude, same! calm down honey no need to slam your head against the wall
  3. So after seeing this on reddit: Someone brought up the idea of making FUNKO! Pop figures for the counselors and Jasons, and I just love that idea. No idea if it was here, so can I get a Mitch Floyd POP! figure? He'll sit next to Axl Rose on my shelf. My point: Can we get the Funko POP! figures for all of the counselors and perhaps Jasons, please? I'd probably buy all of the figures!
  4. Yay... I cannot even find one fucking spray anymore. That's good as Jason, but sucks ass when you aren't Jason...
  5. That somewhat defeats the purpose of selecting a Jason to play as, since every one has a unique playing style, but I do like the idea, although I think a lot of people would just create a rip-off of Savini Jason or some other OP combination. Also, it's kinda unfair to the counselors because they have no way of knowing your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. I agree with you here. The thing is, Sean sued Victor stating that the agreement was not terminable, where they could easily have figured out how to split profit from future works instead. This would ultimately have allowed the thirteenth Friday the 13th film to be released on October 13, 2017, which was canceled. People say that it was due to Rings poor opening weekend, but I think this rights issue had something to do with it.
  7. “But Victor was not entitled to any of that money. Victor did what the Copyright Act allows him to do, he sent a notice of termination to Sean [Cunningham], giving Sean two years notice of the termination (which would occur in June 2018). The way it usually works in these cases is that the producer and the terminating writer will then have the two year period to work out a deal on how the money will be split on future projects (the termination does not affect movies already completed).” One of the problems is that although both sides argued motions for summary judgment last October, the judge in the case still hasn’t ruled. This has really slowed things down. I'm sure that the notice of the termination, where the date is listed, is why this game can no longer add any more content. This would be, of course, what Zerner says the "working out a deal". The thing is, Sean sued instead of making some sort of deal, causing this whole lawsuit anyway. Again, this is my interpretation and I could definitely be wrong. Law is confusing and messy to me! http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3504232/part-iii-star-larry-zerner-now-lawyer-clearly-explains-messy-friday-13th-lawsuit/
  8. I'm just going to remain optimistic and hope Miller loses and the developers can get back to making content. This lawsuit was stupid in the first place anyway...
  9. So, there is really an argument in the subreddit and the forums regarding the balance of this game. I mean, you might have heard these quotes or similar things said: "Jason is underbalanced!" "Why does he get knocked down a lot?" "Counselors are too OP!" "Jason needs buffs!" "Jason is not fun to play!" This obviously proves that many people think that Jason is underbalanced. In many instances, I have heard the idea of making Jason almost impossible to stun or at least very difficult to stun. As neither a counselor or Jason main, I will do my best to present no bias and present both sides of the argument. Many people have come out to say that Jason is extremely weak. Most of the time, they bring up the fact he gets knocked around like a pinball, and that counselors are too OP, but here are my thoughts on this. I think Jason is completely balanced, although could use minor tweaking, and he is fine where he is. People often complain about counselors being too overpowered, but I disagree. For one, each are extremely good in different areas and terrible in others. In what regard is the counselor too overpowered? To me, counselors have everything to fight back against Jason and escape, but Jason can still prevent this. That's the point of the game. Some characters will be repairing escape objectives, and others will be buying those counselors time. I don't think that combat in-game needs changes. Sure, it is annoying to be stunned by a bat, wrench, axe, or pipe, but the thing that always fucks me up is that many people I have encountered have said that Jason can't do anything to prevent it. Wrong! He has the ability to block, to dodge, and the ability to just hack the counselor to death. Blocking is normally the best option in these situations, and gives Jason a chance to defend himself. Blocking completely negates stuns if he blocks. Of course, he has a set chance to block, but his chance is still fairly decent. Also, to the people that think that giving him a really high stun resistance, that would be broken. For one, many counselors are centered around buying time for their teammates and stunning Jason. If Jason could not get stunned very easily, then Jason would almost always kill everyone. Additionally, many counselors who lack speed, strength, and stamina need to stun Jason to be able to defend themselves. I saw a thread here the other day that counselors should get no stamina for knocking down Jason, but I disagree with this entirely. For one, those counselors who lack athleticism will easily die then, where they already are easy to kill anyway. It wouldn't be fun dealing with so many people playing Vanessa or Tiffany, or anyone with a high stamina stat for that matter. Nobody would want to play counselors with low stamina then because if Jason shows up, they'd be dead. They would not be able to get far at all to help themselves. Jason has everything he needs to annihilate counselors, and the counselors have the opportunities to defend themselves and protect themselves, but Jason also has counters to those. I'm tired of people saying that Jason is underbalanced. This is clearly a balance debate that won't go anywhere or be completely resolved, but here is my analysis and thoughts on combat in this game.
  10. I only find Medic, Swift Attacker, Thick Skinned, Marathon generally useful at all. For stealth counselors, Lightfoot seems very useful for Tiffany and A.J. Literally 75% of these perks are useless. Why do I need to board up a door somewhat faster? Why do I need to hide in a sleeping bag? Level Headed doesn't even seem to do anything at all in the first place. Even if I jog or sprint with 12% Lightfoot on A.J. and I am out of Jason's sight, my level headed doesn't seem to do much of anything. If Stealth additionally reduced the chances to be sensed, it would make that perk pretty good.
  11. Hi. I am an awful artist. Can anybody do fan art for Mitch Floyd that I can use as my avatar? I think it would be pretty cool. If you do, thanks for doing this!
  12. I've defended this game time and time again. I'm tired of it. They have time to actually test this, but they only prove that their methods of playtesting the game are ineffective. I don't want to stop playing, but there are so many bugs in this update that annoy me. I love the hell out of this game, but I think if we had another Kickstarter for this game, Illfonic should use the money to fix this game. I'm tired of "Suicide" after escaping. It's disappointing. Also, what happened to Jenny's HAIR?!?!?! IT LOOKS AWFUL!!
  13. They probably don't get played often because people value different statistics. Deborah has more stealth, speed, and stamina than Eric, albeit by 1 point, but has less Luck and Strength compared to Lachappa, and more composure. And I use Mitch all the time. He's very good for preventing fear from building and is great at repairs, and has a decent stealth on top of it. And to be honest, male counselors are useful. Chad is a good bodyguard. Same with Buggzy, Adam, and you can do whatever with Kenny. Eric and Mitch are good at repairs, and Shelly is a great bodyguard for those characters because of his high stealth. The males have a higher minimum strength than females, but they are still useful. Like someone else here said, it depends on what stats you value more.
  14. I don't agree with a 5-10 second heal and duplicate items, but to alter your idea about counselor attacks being canceled after being struck, I think that counselors should take a somewhat brief recovery. Even if I hit them, the animation cancels as a Weapon Strength Jason, but they can attack immediately after and I can't do shit to avoid it. I like the immediate block again, as I loved doing that. I also think that Stun Resistance strengths should actually do something, because they seem to have no effect at all. I noticed in J9 that it takes less button mashing to rise again, but that's it? I think Stun Resistance strengths to reduce stun chance by a larger amount and be stunned for less time, because J9 suffers from his Low Hit Points which makes him easy to kill. In large groups even he still gets his ass kicked, almost as if Stun Resistance doesn't do shit. (because it really doesn't seem to do anything.) I would ask for like a 20-25% stun chance reduction for counselors on that strength, since there is literally only one Jason with that strength and it would make up for his low HP. Additionally, I find it annoying that it can take up to three strikes against Jasons with low defense, even Part 5, to actually stun that Jason with a baseball bat. It's super annoying and almost makes the Defense weakness a strength. That literally takes away any self-defense counselors have.
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