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  1. This video has nothing to do with what I’m talking about but ok. And you’re one to talk when i caught you teaming on PS4 multiple times with your buddies Mateorobe, Night26killer, GimmieSum_toxic, and a dozen other people on your friends list I have blocked. Just as I thought, trash. You are what is wrong with this game. Fuck all the way off
  2. Came back after a few patches and my god. The embarrassment. To see so many downlow teamers in every single lobby is shameful and pathetic. Call them out in a message and they’ll fervently deny it yet their buddies follow each other and all leave at the same time en masse. To see max level players in this game be such trash is both embarrassing and a disgrace tbh. This was never the case at launch of years ago. Yes, yes there will always be scum in online games, fact. This, however, is a shocking difference that is immediately noticeable. This game was NOT designed to be 5 friends in party chat coordinating in a public match to ruin the game for everyone else Here are some obvious things I encountered in 9 matches and five different lobbies before I re-called it quits: -Jason magically knowing you’re at the shack before you go in (with Debbie) -Jason showing up at the fuse when you put it in with no mistakes. Conveniently checking on the fuse the exact moment I was there, sure -Jason showing up at the boat before you even begin to repair, completely tipped off -Jason running past his buddies to tunnel me (I didn’t even have the sweater) -Being followed and sandbagged by the same counselors -Players walking around with repair items refusing to use them or drop -Sliding glitch with flaregun still a thing smh -Players unabashedly trapping windows and unlocked doors right in front of me -Players trying to scoot me into the traps -Players sidling me and trying to lay a trap on me as I call Tommy, fix a generator, or repair a part -Players tagging items as bait and trapping windows and doors of that cabin, if you step in they grab the item and Jason shows up -variations on these Basically a once-beloved indie game with potential turned into every troll’s wet dream come true. As a backer, when I first started playing, the playerbase was clearly dudes in their 30s and 40s. Now it’s another kid’s game and trolling streamers exploiting and cheating to get kills. How unfortunate, that’s all.
  3. Jason Ability Rate - Half Starting Items - X2 Rage At Start - On Stun Proof - Off Throwing Knives Damage - Half Break Free From Grab - On Attack Damage - X2 Always Visible On Map - Off Sense Loss On Rage - On Counselors Hud - On Perks - On Tommy - On Tommy Ignores Rage - On Max Fear - On Friendly Fire - On Health - Normal Extra Fear - Om Camp Maps - Off Sprays - Off Lights - Off Sweater - On Vehicles - Half Vehicles Repaired - Off Match Timer - Half Police On Scene - Off Weapon Rarity - Half Shotgun - On Pocketknives - On
  4. Sending positive thoughts & prayers; no, nothing useful.
  5. Apart from every connection issue possible, the spawning mechanic has become egregious, and the amount of glitches has become insufferable. Counselors stuck underground, stuck in cars, stuck in the boat, stuck inside a window. Jason suddenly cant grab or attack, car parts won’t activate, weapons disappear. WTF is wrong with this game man??? I’ve submitted multiple reports and nothing happens. I can only guess that the amount of bugs being reported is astronomical. I’m trying to understand how it can deteriorate so lateafter a patch. This game finds a way. Match after match where new people enter the lobby and get to be Jason while others wait HOURS to be a Jason and when we finally do he glitches, the host quits, or the cops are somehow called within the first 30 seconds, REALLY??? How is a game possibly fun for anyone if the cops are called within moments of spawning? In no realm should the cops even be able to be called within the first 5 minutes. What gives? All this issues and this game is finally unplayable. Bottom line, it’s just not fun, and games are supposed to be fun, cut and dry. What is going to be done? Does anyone care?
  6. There should def be certain house items a Jason can press X and grab you over, and also if you are too close to the window, he should be able to grab you through it
  7. This needs to be addressed. I’m not submitting a report for every bug and glitch because frankly I’d need to get paid because that’s a full time job. Everything about the game is broken now. Maybe not one match, but the three after that.
  8. There are three of these threads a day. You cannot punish a host because there is no way to tell if the host is quitting, getting a connection error, or blue screen. For this game to punish anyone would be a joke with as temperamental as the game and its servers are. i’ve Hosted plenty of games where all have happened. I was once the last person standing and my game crashed when Jason’s kill animation started. Did I rage quit moments from the game ending? No. Punish me? No.
  9. Perfect. It’s very risky and the cost and benefits are addressed as being very slow, but making little noise. You’d have to escape early while Jason was distracted because you could never escape later when there are only a few counselors left. We need more variety in the game now. We need another vehicle too, a Jeep that holds three and a moped that holds 2.
  10. I don’t see an issue, if you can’t keep up, find a lobby where you can
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