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  1. I know and this really was my favorite game for the past 6 months. I think I'm burnt out. Some days when I'm off work I'd play all day til my wife got home. Now I just play like an hour sometimes not even finishing matches. Not cause I died, just on a stage without a tape to look for or I'll drive the car around and fuck with Jason, or run people over. Depends how high I am or what mood. I really crush it like a 85% of 300 or four dominated, I just get bored with it now. I'm probably not the only one either, used to be 100 streams live on ps yesterday there was 34. I think new trophies would make me want to play more
  2. I think really people put too much into themselves on this game. The real thing is that everyone should be strictly trying to unlock trophies now for 500/1000 games. I only play private now to play competitive matches, but I've already unlocked every trophy in public matches. So now the only thing I care about doing is playing as many games I can as Jason. Mostly what I do now is I go into public, get Jason, or quit, and I stay at the shack and watch TV until the match is over. I was determined to get all trophies without boosting, and now my goal is to finish up. I think that a lot of players on here don't realize that this game is dying. Look at the amount of streams and people playing, it's dropped by a lot. So good Jason's, bad Jason's, what's it matter. It's over people. I'm surprised people stayed interested this long in this game. There is a lot of sp content I'm looking forward to but private matches public matches who cares anymore. It's been real Friday but you were dead as soon as the nostalgia ran out
  3. Not really a question, I've killed Jason a few times as I'm sure everyone has. And since then I don't care about killing Jason anymore. I really don't care about anything other than hitting 1000 games as killer. I was just thinking how cool it would be for a new way or two to kill Jason to come out. Just as elaborate as the sweater stuff but just different like maybe non Tommy kill that you'd have to lure Jason to the boat and chop his head and chain him or hang him or just electrocute him. Idk something with requirements that's a totally new holy shit moment. That would def kick ass
  4. Thank you, I said the same thing. And everyone jumped my shit. Public/private you still shouldn't get wrecked as Jason. Every so often I'll get a team on private rooms that kick my ass but I still get 4 or 5/8. And if you aren't killing anyone on public there's a problem, and even with a private match with coordination, you should not be getting embarrassed by the counselors. Original poster is buns.
  5. Im not here to argue I'm just saying how it is for me. I don't see that big of an adjustment. If you want send me an invite my PS4 name is my name here. I usually play from after 2-8am most nights Don't get me wrong this is it, 2-5 hours a night after work. This has been mostly the only game I play. So I'm sure not everyone plays that much. I can't help it I've bought 6 games since this month and since release this has been it aside from maybe 15 hours on other games
  6. Don't get me wrong this is it, 2-5 hours a night after work. This has been mostly the only game I play. So I'm sure not everyone plays that much. I can't help it I've bought 6 games since this month and since release this has been it aside from maybe 15 hours on other games
  7. But when you're rage fills up you can find everybody easily. And second thing I do is cut all the power. Makes it easier.
  8. Who said that I don't play both. I'm also on 4 communities and started one on PS4.
  9. Well most lobbies I'm in are with level 50-101 players. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's good with Jason. Out of 20 games I probably get one where 3/4 ppl survive. I'm nothing special either so I'm sure other people are doing it too. It's not rocket science, you keep them from doing objectives, the herd will thin. That's anyone you're playing against. I usually main part 2 so maybe the morph makes it easier.
  10. If this is how matches go for anyone after the patch, then you truly are horrible as Jason, and you were dookie before the patch as well.
  11. Idk I'm still playing on ps4 and 9 times out of ten I get 7/7 8/8 kills. Every few games maybe I'll have one or two escapes. The grab didn't stop me I just am a little more accurate. The trap thing isn't a big deal, just patrol objectives until you thing the herd. And if you morph way in front and use stalk you can usually stop any car. I don't like the update, but I'm just as dominate as I was, maybe slightly less but all I need is Jason 500/1000 trophies to Platinum so I just dick around anyway.
  12. Yeah I never play as part 6 and I was starting at the bottom going through all weapon kills and I just said maybe I'll get his out the way and it was the first kill of the match lol. Funny thing is that when I started the kill this time, the player left and my trophy still popped soon as I started it lol. I did them all in public matches except the barn closet I cheated on that one lol. Now on to the 500/1000 as Jason and 1000 as a counselor. That seems a bit excessive lol I'm probably way off still I got the 1313 last month and still haven't hit 500 as Jason. I'm determined to Platinum this only using public matches (except that one kill, that one time, but to be fair I had already seek destroyed like 100 closets lol
  13. Found it! Last night I did Part 6's kills again and after doing the sheesk kabob kill it popped,! I had already done all weapon kills multiple times but i had to go back and redo them. I think maybe I either missed it or someone left the game. Thank God that's over
  14. Today I was playing on PS4. I had a spray, and a knife and another knife. I had no perks for med spray or items. I was planning on grabbing another med spray, when I grabbed it, instead of dropping an item or switching it out, I picked it up and my med spray slot got a 2x in the left corner. Has anyone else had this?
  15. These players are so predictable. All you have to do is shift but stay in one place, they'll run right into you, end shift, grab, repeat. Just like the car, morph, stalk, shift, boom, repeat. Most players don't think about you shifting but not moving