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  1. So this issue is unfixable? 2 months and not solved yet and i can't do a refund on steam because i played 6 hours it was working fine before but the last 2 months i have been digging the internet for fix but didn't find any thing useful .. even the forum's developers and administrators didn't tell me something really useful..?
  2. Right. the problem is. it was working fine with me before but idk what happened now... and i've been digging the internet for fixes but there isn't .. it will be fixed only if the developers did something about this problem..
  3. i've been getting this issue for 1 month .. couldn't solve it too..... trust me there's no way to solve it...........
  4. I've been getting this problem for 1 month . can't play bcuz of it and already sent a report on jasonkillsbugs.com for a several times but no thing changed .. i will never be able to run the game again? do i have to refund it on steam or there is a way to fix it?
  5. i am on pc .. and i already emailed them directly 2 weeks ago
  6. I've been getting this issue for 1 month .. sent a mail to f13game@feathergun.com 2 weeks ago .. and reported it on jasonkillsbugs.com like a 100 times . nothing changed Can someone please help me? edit : i am on pc [steam]
  7. yes still happening thank you i sent him a message
  8. I've been getting this issue for 1 month . reported it on http://jasonkillsbugs.com/ like 781247 times . still can't fix it , I'm on pc DxDiag.txt launcher_log.txt