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  1. That’s why the topic is “majority vote”. You’re commenting on something that is not the OP. It doesn’t matter who the Host is when it comes to majority vote. Also, the developers are currently working on dedicated servers, so this will not be an issue much longer. Read the OP, you can only vote to kick players from lobbies NOT from an active game.
  2. I’m not fully understanding your question. Also, on the topic of Savini Jason read the last post. ??
  3. @Punisher_2099 Make sure you give it a like! You make some valid points, people can definitely abuse it. I personally think that the mature players shouldn’t have to suffer because a few rotten apples.
  4. @Truth I get what you are saying but both those threads are just broad statements saying we need Prestige. They don’t elaborate on the idea.
  5. Obviously it was big enough of a deal for you to post a thread about it. Teabagging is the only form of trolling I am not concerned about. What’s next? Taking away dancing in front of Jason? I personally don’t care when Counselors show off because inevitably they are all going to die.
  6. Two totally different games. Also, two or three people would not be the majority on Friday the 13th.
  7. Thanks! I’m a couple boat escapes away from completing all my Counselor Badges. Check out ??
  8. I agree. @HorrorPops86 Earlier today I had to leave a game as Host because a Counselor was working with Jason. However, if there was a vote to kick option I would have allowed the game to be finished. Then put up my vote to kick in the lobby. The lobby should be able to kick someone for being a nuisance or for simply not having a mic.
  9. Ba ha ha! You are right but it’s satisfying to me. Thanks for your input!
  10. Once again, just because someone’s opinion is different than yours that does not make them unintelligent.
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