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  1. @GeneiJin Also a good idea... I do enjoy breaking windows a bit too much, but with the amount of med sprays and medic and thick skinned perks that are used, attrition is a good idea in many circumstances... every little bit helps when trying to force them to burn up resources. I also am in favor of a bit of a buff for the big guy... but too many little buffs add up to a bit too much. I would rather see different buffs to him than this... as you know. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow The thick skinned and medic perks combined with the number of med sprays already in game come pretty close to nullifying window damage as it stands now. The only people this would hurt would be players like myself who never use these perks. Making the broken window animation longer only gives Jason a chance to catch up if the player decided not to jump through it... and no one should be jumping through a window in slow motion either... Without Jason in the area, anyone would show more caution when climbing through a broken window... but they would be rushed if he was behind them... imminent threat and all that... It probably shouldn't be slowed if the counselor is aware Jason is nearby... but perhaps it makes more sense to be slowed (just a bit) if the counselor is not aware Jason is nearby (including when he is in stalk and hasn't been noticed yet)… or perhaps even the speed of window climbing should be tied to fear level... slow and low damage at no fear and increasing in speed and damage level as fear rises. There are, however, other issues that should be dealt with that could make this a bad idea if they were dealt with. Either way.... any adjustment to damage here should be very small to faster or slower window crawling animations... if it were ever to be implemented at all. But... if we did have two speeds of window crawling as I just described, perhaps the cautious window crawling (slower animation) should also do less damage then the panicked window crawling (faster animation). It is merely food for thought anyway.
  2. Lone wolf only states a percentage of fear resistance... it does not state that it only works when you are alone... its just the name of the perk that is deceiving here. Perks that are affected by the number of counselors nearby, such as teamwork... do state this in their description. I have tried it with preparedness and nerves of steel and found it does take even longer to fall into fear, whether or not you are alone... But it is not necessary for a no fear build with high composure counselors, the two you are using work fine by themselves (particularly with Jenny)... which allows for the third slot to be used for whatever else you like and still have great bonuses for fear resistance.
  3. @RustInPeace Given the circumstances... I don't see that you did anything wrong in that video... The message at the end shows how rude some people can be, and your reply was nothing but truthful. Jason just morphed to your location... and it was not a +water speed Jason... so as long as he was not in the water beside the boat after you got it started, he had no chance to catch you... a Part 2 Jason might have regenerated morph in time to get ahead of you... but that was not old bag head. Not sure how she figures he was following you... he came because of repair failures. For the times you used your map and looked at the list of players, we could plainly see he was across the map dealing with others, and close enough to the only car to know the gas screw up was on the boat. Its a shame circumstances did not allow for you to wait for her... I would have done the same thing in the same circumstances. The boat does not allow for you to safely circle around to pick up other people while Jason is fully aware of what you are doing and close by. But remember, just because people are in another chat program, does not always mean they are using it to cheat. Sometimes people are having a private conversation with friends, which is hard to do when everyone else can hear you. Teaming is not a ban worthy offence anymore, its not like they have to hide it either way.
  4. This also happens to me (seemingly) every time... both ways... with such consistency that it does not seem like random chance. So I generally keep preparedness on every counselor... its a great help in knowing where to take a part when you find one right out of the starting gate. This also helps to make it possible to escape in the car before Jason gets his first shift... if other players can forgo speed looting every cabin before they touch a part... which it self it extremely rare.
  5. Brick walls knock more sense into me than smashing my head off of things as fragile as toilet seats... and I don't have to replace the brick very often either. I have a very hard head. My cranium has been approved by the C.S.A. Inspiration through head banging! That's awesome! Its too bad whacking Jason on the head doesn't make him stronger... oh wait, that counts towards putting him into rage... oh wait, rage doesn't actually make him stronger. Perhaps this flux thingy can be used to go back and let Pamela know that Jason didn't drown and that she can find him hiding in the woods. She seemed like a reasonable woman... she just had a fascination with sharp objects. #End Chain Stunning Now
  6. Its not you. There has always been people suggesting this kind of thing... there has just been a slight uptick in it lately. Last week, there was a new guy trying to explain how its too hard to stun Jason and it need to be buffed so he can be stunned even more. That one was even funnier than this one. @thomasnut You really do not need to say any more. From that last post you wrote, I can tell you either did not read the reasons I posted above... or did not understand the reasons. I cannot put it any simpler than that and still have anyone be able to understand it... there is more than one point involved in the problem of selection. The math involved is not difficult at all, it doesn't even go into double digits... and there is math involved whether people like it or not... in everything. Remember, its not all about you... there are other people that want to play Jason as well... and if you want to play Jason against actual people, you will be stuck playing counselors way more often like the rest of us are.
  7. I you want someone to see your reply... you need to tag them... like this @chewie1974. As to being wrong... not so much. Time is NOT on Jason's side. Running down the clock means a counselor survives. A Jason that wants to look for a specific counselor... or even a specific type of counselor can and will waste way too much time doing it, while foregoing opportunities to kill other counselors that he may have just as hard of a time finding and leaving objectives open for anyone to complete, whether they are a repair counselor or not. Jason is pretty slow when walking or even running... its his morph ability that teleports him around the map and it has a cooldown... There are also only so many "pins" in the map that Jason morphs to... he does not teleport to the exact spot you click on the map. His sense range is more limited than most people think until Jason is in rage mode. His shift ability is needed to be able to catch up to counselors that understand how to manage their stamina... and with its cooldown it can be unwise to use shift for travelling around the map. Stalk has its uses... but is nothing without sense at least, combined with sense, morph and shift it is deadly. And remember, Jason sees sound pings from counselors. Low stealth = more sound pings... high stealth = less sound pings. A big ping is closer to him than a small ping. When sound pings are cluttered up in one area... guess where that Jason is about to show up. I like playing Jason and counselors and I am flat out against this. There are no Jason mains in this game unless they are just playing offline bots. We ALL play counselor way more than we play Jason. Mitch rocks... as I said before, I do VERY well with him. If I were to use a faster counselor I would probably have to surrender to die. Dying is part of this game... If new players could easily escape even the best Jason players consistently... NO ONE would want to play Jason as it would be beyond frustrating and that would be it for the game. Once you learn how to play better through practice and knowledge of how both sides of play work... even playing as a slow counselor, you will not get caught so quickly. If you are getting caught first all the time, there is one thing you can do to avoid this. Run away from Jason. Learn how to kite him effectively. When you die first... spectate the players with more experience than you... you will learn a lot from this to better your own game. If you are still fairly new, I do not recommend combating Jason players with experience... but learn how to use the combat mechanics along the way when you can. Counselors are way too overpowered as far as combating Jason goes... but it takes practice, just like anything else in life. No one is good at anything without practice... lots of practice.... which takes time... lots of time. If this, or any other game was balanced around new players... it would get pretty damned boring REALLY fast. Also... even the best players die first sometimes... whether they would admit to it or not. If you like the game and are interested in learning more about how to play effectively... There are two threads pinned near the top under the General Discussion section. "The Playbook - Techniques and Strategies".... and "Tips for those of you who are having trouble" both of these can be very helpful to new players.. or even players that have been around and think they know what is going on... but really have no idea. Check these threads out when you have the time... if you are interested in learning more. This game may seem simple at its core, but there is a lot more to it than you would think.
  8. @Somethin Cool I suspected there may be a toilet seat involved... but I could never figure out how the capacitor "fluxes". I will bash my head off the wall a few times and see what happens... toilet seats are too fragile. If the philosopher understood how the seven are entangled with the three... then he deserves a cookie... But he forget why 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything... or was it the question he forgot? I can't remember exactly how the whole 42 thing worked... but I think it was the binary translation for '*'... and an asterisk is just used for a substitution.. so it is "anything you want it to be."... which is a good answer for the ultimate question... Douglas Adams was a programmer back in the day. If the philosophers solved all of the problems, they would be out of work... and Christmas is coming. You honked, so they had fair warning.... It sounds like the third time was a charm for you at least... And I bet you put a smile on that noob Jason's face. Keep on enjoying the little things! ... life is pretty boring without the little things.
  9. @tyrant666 I have walked through open arches that contained a door before I smashed it down with varying implements of destruction on many occasions during demolition jobs. I assure you, it is quite safe to do so. Others that have walked through after I smashed the doors down also found it to be quite safe to do so and I have never seen nor heard of an injury caused in this manner. I don't have to smash the doors down on jobs like this... but I can... and I find it amusing... unless they want to re-use the door, then I can't smash it down. Passing through a window frame that still contains broken glass... well, don't try that at home. Have you tried shifting against a table, wall or other object to stay in one place when shifting? They cannot tell where you are shifting to and very often they will run towards you... that one has worked well for me to counter the looping. The hardcore mode you mention sounds interesting... I have seen a few suggestions for hardcore modes before. I would like to give this, or any other hardcore mode a try. But I don't think they would need new servers for that. An alteration to certain parameters within a match, menu options in the lobby for match setting and stuff like that... but I don't think separate servers would be needed... but there's that damned new content again... Damn!
  10. Those sound expensive... and I thought they only took you to Kansas, which really limits your vacation options. How do you get those tiny little slippers on your feet anyway? My feet are monstrously large compared to most people I know. I doubt they would be any use to me... but I might be able to use them to focus a beam of light that I will call a "laser."
  11. That is good to hear. I tend to wait until the rush calms down before going to a theater to see a movie... maybe in a week or two I will check it out.
  12. Repair counselors are far from useless. I play Mitch most often (3 speed, the only way you can get slower is with speed penalties on your perks) and I do just fine. I escape quite a bit and in those games I do die, I have almost always got a few things done, if I have not actually fully repaired one or more vehicles and / or got the cops called. If Jason wants to target me first... he is welcome to try. I can kite a very experienced Jason for very long periods of time with the slowest of the slow... and if I do die, then so be it. That kind of thing actually happens to everyone quite a bit in this game... By that kind of thing, I mean dying... and it should be expected to happen to anyone quite a bit... let us all remember what game we are playing.... This is not Dora the explorer chasing you... Even the best of us sometimes are the first to die... and not necessarily the last. This makes surviving the game in any way far more rewarding than surviving every match. Most Jason players do not target repair counselors first... It is more luck of the draw as to who is nearest to him. He can actually spend quite a while before he finds a repair counselor and just leaving other counselors alone because they are not repair counselors is not a good idea. A half descent player that plays say... Vanessa can kite Jason for VERY long periods of time... and is still able to get things done when he is not on their ass. There are many players that are extremely talented with repairs, even with the worst repair skill counselors. Many players can do any repair without a single mistake on these counselors, it just takes them longer.... and practice, lots of practice. There are many other reasons why Jason should not necessarily try to target a specific counselor or type of counselor. You take what you can find, when you can find it... but if you screw up a repair, you can expect to see Jason nearby very shortly... unless he is otherwise occupied with someone else. If players could "roll" or choose their own skill load out... the trolling would be far worse than it is now. On any counselor you could get 10 luck and 10 strength. The piñata party would never stop... demasking would be made even easier than it already is on ANY counselor. It is far better for balance purposes to keep their stats as they are. Should the track star have 3 speed? Should little Tiffany have 10 strength? Should Lachoppa have 10 stamina? The answer to these questions is a resounding... NO. Pick the counselor with the types of skills that fit your gameplay style that you want to play during any given match... Change up your counselors and try a different playstyle. Practicing evasion tactics will help anyone in this game, no matter who they are playing... eventually you will have to run away from Jason (which is usually a better strategy than trying to shake his hand), being good at playing keep away with the big guy is a big help to any player... and if you can get good at that with a slow counselor, imagine how much longer you could keep up the chase with a fast counselor. Also... welcome to the forums!
  13. Now that was funny... I bet the hunters were full of salt. I forgot to ask you about your time machine... To travel in time to a specific place and time... we must also travel through space, not just time. How did you overcome the problem of travelling the distance to where in space the earth actually was back in 1989? Our entire solar system has travelled quite far since then. Without anti-gravity to nullify the effects of mass and inertia on speed, a vehicle could not travel faster than light. Let alone the time vs. speed variable... and the tyranny of the rocket equation... among other things... so it could take a long time to reach that point in space. With our current (publicly known) level of technology, this can still prove to be rather difficult to achieve. Although Nasa has had the equations for creating a warp field since the late 80's... I don't think they have proven that time can actually stay outside of the space/time continuum inside the field yet... unless there is "gasp"... something they are not telling us. A working warp field would nullify the whole time vs speed thingy, or if not nullify, at least make it manageable beyond the slowdown of time to a stop for the vehicle and all of its contents (including passengers) when you reach light speed. Wormholes are still an option, but how to overcome the power consumption required without using up all of the energy from a star is somewhat of a conundrum. The nearest star other than our own sun is pretty far away, and we kind of need our own sun. Manipulation of where and when the wormhole's other side opens is another problem... which would require a whole lot more power, and the math involved is mind boggling to say the least. The forces that a vehicle would have to endure while travelling through the wormhole present some big problems as well. I am genuinely curious as to how you worked around the problems I mentioned...
  14. @Liquid Swordsman Most people consider "realistic" as being a "Debbie downer"... We don't know what Black Tower Studios will do... or whether or not it will be good for the game or create more bugs and glitches. I will reserve my opinion until they actually have a history where this game is concerned. Just because they are new to working on the game in this manner, I fully expect a wait for any kind of patch out of them... because I am realistic. I will be surprised if we see a patch any time in the near future, but hey... you never know. You are correct, the game is not dead... people are still playing it... and I like your analogy. But a great many people took "end of content" as "end of game". Look at the content we did get. Most of it has no effect on the game what so ever, they are cosmetic. Any one could actually enjoy the game just fine without having ANY cosmetic additions to the game... They could also enjoy the game just fine without buying any of the kill packs… they are not required to play the game, nor to have fun with it... but it doesn't hurt to have them either. New DLCs or content of any kind for that matter would not change anything in this game to make it unlike going back and watching the same episodes over and over again. Even if we had Uber Jason, it is still just us playing Jason... its a few different kills with his weapon for those high enough level for weapon swapping that even people that didn't care about Uber would probably still use if it was there. When I bought this game, I thought I would be bored of it in a month... but I found every match is a completely different experience, which I found delightfully surprising... and am still playing the game a year later. Games can actually still be played after an end is put to new content. I still play quite a few old games that have even less hope of new content being added, but they are still fun to play. Many people did think they were stopping bug fixes even though they told us they would continue with these, and they have continued. Eventually, bug fixes will cease as well. As far as the engine upgrade, as it was required for dedicated servers to be implemented on consoles... and a great many people where demanding this since before I ever arrived on these forums... Now many of these same people are enjoying the dedicated servers, but are now complaining about the engine upgrade being a bad idea because of the content being halted. Some people wanted Uber Jason, some people didn't. Some people wanted emotes, some people didn't... and so on. You cannot please everyone, no matter what you do. Personally, I could have put up with new content being favored over bug fixes... But with the amount of people constantly complaining about bugs and demanding they be fixed... bug fixes had to be done. Many of the bugs people complained about and called "game breaking" were far from "game breaking"... annoying yes, funny... definitely... but a few were actually game breaking. And once again, you cannot please everyone. I was neither for, nor against adding Reggie... As long as he had a few years added on to how he appeared in the movie, I didn't see a problem with adding him. I would have liked to see more counselors other than him... everyone's preference would be different, but in the end... it would be up to the devs on who they would add or not... We get no say, all we can do is suggest. As @Armani👑 stated... If anyone had a problem with Reggie, they could have run him over with the tractor... if they had added a tractor. But the car was still an option to "accidentally" run him over if people really wanted to. Although Muffin would have been an odd addition to the game, it could have been amusing. But as Jason, I would probably just give Muffin players a cookie, or maybe scratch behind their ear... or both. A lobby full of Muffin players would have been good for a laugh at the very least. Even if these threads were meant to be satire... I agree that these forums can be a strange place sometimes. @Slasher_Clone From what I understand... they could make a movie without calling him Jason Voorhees. They could even make jokes about "He who should not be named." They could even call him "Josh"... but that might be taking it a bit far. Mr. Miller has no rights to the hockey masked killer from what I have read in a few articles. As long as there are no references to anything in Part 1... I don't think there would be a problem... Camp Forest Green, here we come! But that would not stop a possible lawsuit from Mr. Miller if they did proceed. If there was even one legal issue with them doing it this way... then it would be a colossal waste of money to make another movie. When there is money involved... and two (or more) parties cannot agree on something, it goes to the courts to decide for them. Its just how it works with the laws regarding this kind of stuff. It is also more civilized than people beating the crap out of each other until one caves in and agrees with the other's proposition... Arguments escalate. One person yells, another yells louder and it goes from there... It can get pretty ugly. Court rooms tend to keep people's behavior more civil. Never any hard feelings Slasher... we agree on many things, but not everything. No one agrees with everything that anyone has to say. We can also disagree rather politely with each other sometimes.
  15. @Pazuzu Many posts can become a giant wall of text just to get a point across without a great many questions as to what you mean by a one sentence statement. It can also be required when responding to someone with many points and you would like to address each one of them, or responding to several other people's posts. When someone has multiple points, I like to address each one of them... No one said you had to read the entire thing... but if you don't want to read the whole thing, you can easily miss something relevant to the one point you address from that post. Think of how many sentences it would take you to explain how to achieve a correct answer to the extremely simple question of 1+1 to someone that has no understanding of, and has never even attempted a math question. Everything in life beyond 1+1 becomes exponentially more difficult to explain to anyone who does not already understand what you are talking about. Never be afraid to read... or learn stuff... or even write stuff. We all still have a lot to learn about a great many things... no matter how old we are. Exaggeration can be pretty easy to recognize when you understand as much or more or even not quite as much as the person doing the exaggeration.... and you are correct, just because someone on the internet says something does not make it true. This also applies to conversations with people in the same room as you. But some of us humans are actually honest... the truth hurts, and seems more upsetting to people than when they are lied to, but the lie was what they really wanted to hear. I question everything... as should everyone else. These days, even video evidence is questionable. I have been on dedicated servers since I bought the game just over a year ago... I play on PC. Also... no offence taken... and I apologize if I in some way offended you. @Somethin Cool Yup... I know... But I got a good laugh out of that whole short sentence thing you posted. I hope you are not too hard on the new guys playing Jason... They have no idea what they are in for... yet.
  16. A surprise attack on Jason.. out in the open.. while he is trying to kill a team mate... and then running away giggling... Priceless!
  17. @Slasher_Clone Mr. Cunningham may have tried, he may not have. According to Wes' announcement... Horror Inc. has reached out to Mr. Miller several times and he ignored them. Some will (and already have on certain youtube videos and in the steam community and probably elsewhere as well) call this a lie. It is however all we have, and if it was a lie... Mr. Miller would be fully within his rights to take legal action for libel, would he not? Which would make it pretty stupid to be lying about it. Mr. Miller also may not have the same opinion on what is fair. If he asks for too much... the fight would continue either way. If Gun tried to move on with new content and he demanded more than they, or Horror Inc. think is fair... there would still be no new content. What any of us think is fair is irrelevant in this situation. But for the people that know the numbers and details... he may very well be asking for too much. Horror Inc. may be offering too little in some people's opinion... but remember. He wrote Part 1, and never would have created the story that was written if he was not hired to do so or without Mr. Cunningham's input... and a few parts would have been quite different if another writer was not hired to do re-writes for certain scenes. He had nothing to do with anything else in the franchise beyond Part 1 except for the name Jason Voorhees (his appearance was conceived of and designed by the magnificent mind of Tom Savini), the name Crystal Lake, and any usage of Pamela... and oh yeah... Alice and Ralph were also in Part 2. Beyond these things... I cannot think of another thing from Part 1 that was in any of the other movies. As far as Mr. Miller was concerned, Jason drowned in that lake when he was a kid and it was stupid to bring him back (he stated this in several interviews from many years ago, but not those exact words)... Out of all the movies that were made, what percentage should he get?... Should he get all of the money part one made since day 1?... That is utterly ridiculous. Even if he came up with the story and tried to have a movie made out of it himself (which he did not)... the people that put the money up to make the movie get the lion's share... as it should be. Its their money at risk and no movie is EVER guaranteed to make money. Remember, back then... these two men were very good friends according to interviews and documentaries... I have watched them all and you can find them on youtube. They have obviously had a falling out over the years... how drastic of a falling out and the actual reasons for it are truly only known to them. It is unfortunate, but we can do nothing about it... neither should we. Don't you just love it when you have a problem and everyone and their brother has an opinion on what you should do yet non of them know ANY of the details? It is also pretty damned hard to cut any kind of deal with someone who ignores your attempts at communication.... whether they would accept a "fair" deal or not. In the end... the dispute is between them. Our opinions are irrelevant and probably pretty unwelcome by all involved parties. Although we will probably get no new content from this point on... all any of this means is that nothing has really changed since the original announcement of "no new content." We still have the game for what it is... it is still fun to play. We probably won't see another movie for some time... but we have not had a new movie in almost ten years at this point already. It is a shame, but it is what it is. I would have thrown money at them for any DLC that they could release, as would many other people I am sure. I am disappointed... but not angry. Technically we are not really losing anything... to lose something, you have to have had it first. I am still happy that the game is still there to play... and Halloween is almost upon us, perhaps I will re-watch a few of the movies... perhaps even the entire series... again. An issue between good friends over money can turn very ugly, very fast. Broken trust from either, whether it is right or wrong... cannot be forgiven so easily. Its even harder to forgive when you believe it is wrong. I know this because I have had a falling out over money in the past with a very good friend... He still turns and runs away every time he sees me... I am not a forgiving person... and this was over $200... not millions of dollars.
  18. Awesome!... The best moments stick with you forever. Their overconfidence was their undoing! And perhaps the fact that they couldn't hear what you were doing over their own mouths running off. If more people could pull this kind of thing off... there may even be less teamers around. From here we will witness the final destruction of their alliance... and the end of their insignificant teaming!
  19. I am seeing the blame getting thrown at Mr. Cunningham now. Stop throwing blame around!! Go back... watch every interview anyone involved with Part 1 ever did. You can find them all on youtube… at least the ones that count... the old interviews... when their memories were still fresh. Mr. Miller did not come up with this story on his own and try to have a movie made about it... if he did, I would be rooting for him. Just this fact alone forces me to take Mr. Cunningham's side of the argument... But there are many other factors involved... back to legal crap again. Either way... it is out of our hands... and non of our business. This is between them. If this means we will never have any more content... Well... that sucks, but it is what it is. Its not like anybody needed to be psychic to know Mr. Cunningham would appeal this decision. ANY one of you would do the same in his position. What really sucks is the fact that we may not be getting another movie in this franchise either. Most of us were already resigned to never having new content anyway... a distant glimmer of hope changed that opinion, but all of us should have known not to get our hopes up too high... and some of us didn't get our hopes up. We still play the game and hope for more fixes, optimization and hopefully some balance changes that will make it a better game.
  20. @Redrum138 That was hilarious... thanks for the story. I got a good laugh out of that and wish I could have seen it happen.
  21. Jason can... at least last time I tried... turn Jason's camera around to see a counselor coming up behind him and center this counselor where the crosshairs would be and do a quick throw. It does also turn Jason to face in that direction when you do this. I have got many a jump scare with that in the past, but have not tried it for a while so I don't know if they removed that one or not. I learned about that from reading it on these very forums a while back... but I could not tell you who mentioned it or what thread it was in. I may have to try that tonight, just to see if it is still possible. It is harder to make an accurate quick throw this way... at least for me it is. I did not think of targeting with the rear view button at all. But wouldn't that be a way to change targets in combat stance... we do need some way to change targets in combat stance... but I think a target selection button would work much better. I think I have to agree that if Jason was given a rear view option, it should cancel sense. Counselors may glow in his eyes... but not in the rear view mirror. @Fair Play Sometimes you can leave your flashlight on and sneak up behind him. It depends on the Jason player at the time. But if the stun chance where reduced, it would be a good idea to keep the flashlight off and bravely run away after the hit. That flashlight is a dead giveaway that something is amiss.
  22. @Fair Play Sometimes a point just needs a tad bit more of an explanation for even more people to understand it. @FinalBoy The only real point would be to give other players a rough idea how long someone has been playing the game... nothing more. Even if they added new content, putting the level that unlocks it too high would cause a lot of crying from new players. Could you imagine if they added something like Uber Jason at some point in the future and the level to unlock him was 1313? The backlash that would ensue would be terrifying... well, it would be amusing at least. @badassgixxer05 Yup... I am on PC. I have not had a chance to play with Wolfy Mcwolfster yet. I don't think we have even been in game at the same time since we have been on each other's friends list. I am in Canadabis… (my country just earned itself a new nickname yesterday, I am hoping they change the leaf on the flag too) and that time zone thing can make hooking up for a game brutally difficult. But during the winter months I am around more during the day and night so hopefully we can eventually make the differing schedules work out. I use the same name on steam as I do here. That way no one gets confused.
  23. Somehow... I don't think you've thought any of this through.... Raging through a door... is literally meant to "scare" someone away, not to invite an attack... let alone give a free attack to stun or demask. The changes suggested in this thread are merely meant to help make it what it was meant to be. Personal fear in this or any other game is never going to happen without the threat of actual harm coming to the real player... which is also never going to happen for obvious reasons. A "horror survival game" is meant to be "scary"... but concern over your character in the game's well being is the best that can be hoped for. Some of the suggested changes here, and in other threads may actually help that to happen for a great many players. And as I have said many times... people that complain about suggestions that are meant to stop "griefing" in any of its forms ALWAYS come from the people responsible for the griefing in the first place. A great many people have proved me right on this point... a great many times. Also... using part of a quote with no context to the rest of what was being talked about is NEVER going to prove the person you are quoting wrong. And yes... I have seen eight J-kills in a row while the game dumps me in with different randoms several times over the course of several matches matches... which is just one of several reasons why I think killing Jason is too easy and why I used that particular number. I am also pretty far from the only person with this opinion. Although the best Jason killers out there may still have trouble getting that many in a row, these games that I speak of were played with almost every game having a new team of Jason hunters pop into the lobby... and not even all in a row. I stop between games for a smoke break sometimes when I am playing alone... or get something to eat... or to do something else that needs to be done around the house... and so on. Just because you have not seen something happen, does not mean something does not happen. I also never said I was playing Jason at all during that time, so I am unsure what you think should be "on me."... There are nights my preference is on counselor (from time to time, it is just a rarity). It is rare that I bother with private matches, but I prefer to play with players that know what they are doing... I am not here to dominate anyone, I play the game for fun that does not involve ruining the experience for others... but I actually enjoy a challenge. When something is too easy it is boring and quickly gets put down permanently. When someone pounds their chest like a gorilla after accomplishing something that is easy to do over and over again... does not make them actually good at anything... and leaves them with little hope of ever getting good at anything worthwhile trying to do. But yes I have made friends with players that "suck" as you call it. They were new players and wanted to learn more about how to play, so I helped them as best I could. Quite a few of them are now excellent players and give me a hell of a chase from either side of play. If you want to be a smart ass... I suggest trying it with someone with a lower I.Q. than yourself.