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  1. Perhaps we can raise that bar a bit... The fix everything without speed looting strategy works for six escapes very, very quickly... but only if you can convince people to forgo the speed looting. Jason can't catch a car before he gets an active shift. With only certain counselors able to fix certain things... this strategy would be even harder to implement, but not impossible.
  2. Some things are more frightening then others I guess... For some people, one boob is not quite as terrifying as two.
  3. Ahab

    Jason is weak

    @mattshotcha Just my opinion... The easiest and most commonly used way of demasking Jason is the indefensible hit after any one of his animations... people take great advantage of this, both to demask and get a free stun after certain animations. As long as this exists in game, it will remain easy to kill Jason... No amount of extra hit points will help him. Even a 25% bonus to his hit points only means one more strike anyway, 50% and Bugsy can still do it with two hits... easily done after his next animation, or stun... whichever comes first. An actual chance for Jason to resist the pretty much guaranteed stuns would be nice too... too many pinata parties staring Jason as the piñata... No one is afraid of a piñata... and each stun is an incredible easy to get free demasking hit with a sharp weapon, as with each animation he has. If a counselor has to question if a hit will actually stun him, then the grab is far less punishable as well... I actually like the grab as it is now... but its biggest complaint is that it is too punishable. The slowed block is in need of fixing as well... and meat shielding as they call it around here is very much needed, it makes no sense that a counselor can strike through another counselor anyway. I don't agree with showing Jason the Tommy house or power box and it should be left random... in my opinion... both sides need a chance... all we really need is to make it harder to get Jason's mask off to solve that one. The game is in a pretty good place other than the piñata issue and it being so easy too kill Jason. I don't think counselors should be buffed or nerfed further at all... considering the perk system will eventually be getting a workover anyway... which in itself could present further balance issues.
  4. Yes, please enlighten us on this rule #34. I would like to know why nudity is more worthy of complaining about in a game than the brutal dismemberment of teenagers... perhaps this rule can explain that logic.
  5. @ConnectTheKings I will manage to escape anyway... eventually. I will be in gem more as the holidays draw closer.
  6. I drink a lot of water when drinking anyway... the major cause of a hangover is dehydration... stay properly hydrated and... no hangover... even with the salt.
  7. Ahab

    Slugger Perk?

    @Dr Pecker Light foot will give A.J. the ability to make zero sound pings even when sprinting... pretty sure it works that way when it carries over to Tommy as well. When you are using any perk that gives a % bonus to a low stat, it gives such a small bonus it is hardly worth it. Man at arms on a low luck counselor or marathon on a low stamina counselor are good examples... The biggest bonus you can get with these types of perks is when you equip them on a counselor with 10 in the affected stat.... although, marathons bonus to even a low stamina counselor is still helpful, I don't think man at arms is worth using on low luck counselors at all. For Jenny, the no fear build works best I think. It takes her forever to get to max fear. I use preparedness, nerves of steel... and whatever other perk I feel like using. Also works pretty good with other high composure counselors.
  8. You don't need to invert the controls... drunk gaming has been done well before without resorting to this. The witcher games come to mind... But inverting the controls would make for some amusing, yet short lived chases.
  9. I will make a note of that one to try in the near future as well... thanks. I am more of a beer drinker... but now and again I will make a trip to the liquor store for something different. Hard to do does not make something impossible... if it was easy, everybody would do it... and you came up with that one pretty quick.
  10. Ahab

    Buying savini?

    How exactly is this game not supported anymore? The devs only sold him as a kickstarter reward... the legit sale of Savini Jason has been over for a long time. Although some backers bought several codes and could sell one to you legitimately, but good luck finding someone that still has an unused legitimate code. Everything else that will get you Savini will get you banned... eventually. Also... talking about how to hack the game to literally steal something you are not supposed to have... you actually have to ask if this is against the rules?... WOW. I recommend actually thinking before you ask a question.
  11. Ahab

    Winter Maps

    @Official_Adam_W The pics look great... I like it. Snow is not so bad when you don't have to shovel it. Now if only they left footprints in the snow that didn't disappear after a minute or so... but that would probably cause memory locks or something. @Slasher_Clone Perhaps one of those crazy counselors just left the door on Packanack lodge wide open... Chad, we are looking in your direction. @tyrant666 You forgot to add a cross country skiing DLC... for that additional speed boost when going downhill... and slower movement going uphill.
  12. I will try that sometime... thanks. This sounds like it could be... very interesting... A very fitting name as well. @Slasher_Clone Any thoughts on how to make this one? @SirMang I always check the bathroom in Higgins lodge, and walk far enough into a room with a spot like that to be sure that no one is there... Many players are shocked at being found so easily... but I watched the same youtube video that they did. I don't often hide as a counselor, but I have been know to use the outhouse when I need a bathroom break.
  13. @GeneiJin If my counselor met my Jason... well... this might fall into "I know that he knows that I know what he is up to"... for both sides of play... But I do play Jason to counter players like me when I am not 'toying' with my 'victims'... I imagine I would have a fairly balanced escape or death ratio... trying to kill myself as Jason makes no sense to me as I have always felt the suicide is not the answer.
  14. @Spiritwolfshado0 Our new lead community developer makes a good point... As with any other problem in the game, it is good to state which platform you are playing on.
  15. @DeadMilkman1975 They are a great band... and I love the twisted humor. They may not have been too big outside of Philly back in the day, but... even up here in the great white north, we managed to find all kinds of obscure punk bands long before we had this 'internet' thingy. Punk Rock Girl is merely a good introduction song to the band for those who have never heard of them. There are some great hiding places in certain cabins on every map that are completely legit... if the Jason player is not paying close attention, he can walk right past you with many of them. There are a few youtube videos showing these places, which is how I found many of them, but before I knew about them... I walked right by people quite a bit when playing Jason. Most of them work a lot better if Jason has cut the power. 10 years as a bartender... holy crap!... You must know how to make every drink in existence!. Personally, I use two knives and a torch... and listen to whatever... but my friends always appreciate that I take requests... not all my friends share my tastes in music.
  16. This would be common sense... I was merely having a larf whilst attempting to be helpful... But... free speech also does come with the stipulation that people do not have the right to not be offended... or it would be utterly useless. Any attempt to put a restriction on free speech opens the door to more restrictions... which eventually leads to losing free speech... and history tells us where that leads, every single time. We call it, fascism... and ALL historians agree on one thing.... History repeats itself. But sadly, common sense is not so 'common' anymore.
  17. @mattshotcha Good morning and welcome to Camp Crystal Lake and all of its affiliates! Remember to be careful around camp... there seem to be a lot of sharp objects around here... and it seems to have some sort of death curse. I blame that guy in the hockey mask... he is really giving goalies a bad name... and he smells funny.
  18. I like questions... and more eyes to solve a problem always helps.... #Think Tanks Work If the animations doesn't look so good when they are flipped to face Jason... certain parts of the existing animation may be able to be edited to make it look better. It could work... With some fast cuts on the camera angle... no one would notice a mistake that makes the animation look weird... Just like we do not notice how fake some special effects look in a movie because it was only a two or three second cut, and cut away to something else... but when we pause the movie on that cool looking practical effect... it quickly becomes obvious how fake it looks... But it might look weird to nearby players or spectators still. It may be possible... but would it be worth the time and effort?... IF it could be made to look good this way... then it could be that double kill for the piñata Jason parties that people have been wanting for a long time.... no pocket knife allowed because it is not a normal grab... just crowd control, done through a normal attack whenever two counselors are close enough together and in range? Counselors would learn to keep their distance from each other when Jason is nearby rather quickly I would think. Other than Jason fighting against groups... I do not see many opportunities in this game for a use for this kill. It is sometimes hard to sneak up on one counselor... and much harder to sneak up on two without their knowledge, they are rarely looking in exactly the same direction. But it would be nice to have in multiplayer... now if they could find a way to make some of those other special kills from single player challenges usable in multi player... That would be great. A few could work just fine as environment kills... but that machete kill in the inflatable raft... no one is getting in that raft if that kill was in the game. I can barely get anyone to get in the boat with me as it is now.
  19. No punk bars here either... There used to be one or two back in the day... but they are long gone. But I like to drink at home anyway. The beer is much cheaper that way and I can listen to whatever I want.
  20. I am extremely tenacious and have a hard time quitting anything, even at the cost of my own life... So if the name fits... I have even crazier stories than the incident with the whale... Even the voices in my head used to ask me... "What the fuck are you doing?" But, I have calmed down quite a bit in recent years. I actually saw an old friend not long ago... hadn't seen him in years. The first thing he said to me was... "How the hell is it you are still alive?"
  21. I have a few friends that like to trap certain houses (and the barn) with as many bear traps as they can find. Also a few that like to run Jason around near beartraps hidden in bushes... which can be surprisingly effective... except when they slip up and step in their own traps. It does make for some interesting situations though. At least they are not chain trapping Jason with those things... that one is really annoying. Also, throwing a beartrap that is already set can be risky to one's self... but it could have been funny to see Jason with a bear trap on his head.... Griefers would really take advantage of that one to kill other counselors though... But it would allow us to throw a bear trap at Jason from the boat... maybe.
  22. In the words of Captain America.... I understand that reference! Also... welcome to the forums! @Slasher_Clone… I know why you think his name sounds familiar... The Dead Milkmen are a great band! I think this was their biggest hit... but they have a bunch of other good tunes too. But you probably just saw each other in quick play.
  23. How to implement it without adding any new animation would be the question. Do both counselors have to be facing away from you... or could they turn the animation around and still have it look good? It is possible it would look pretty weird with them facing Jason... as it was done with their backs to Jason. If it couldn't be changed to look good when they are both facing Jason, then it probably wouldn't be worth it... How often do we sneak up behind two counselors (without being noticed) from behind that are standing close enough together?... If it was put into multi player as is... it would be the rarest of kills.
  24. @Slasher_Clone Oh... the things we could do with firecrackers that have a remote igniter. Even more ways for Jason to underestimate the sneakiness. Back in the 80's though, the remote for the igniter would probably have been pretty big considering what it would look like today... but it could have been done. Now, if we had some magnesium / phosphorus firecrackers to stun Jason in the water before he can flip the boat... that would be... priceless.
  25. You need to have video evidence first... then, you can go to: http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ to file a report... but without evidence a report will probably not (and should not) be considered at all. Under rules and regulations.... and specific bannable offences... (vi) Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of GMH, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful (I didn't know language could be unlawful under free speech, but this is what it says), harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable. If it falls under this, it could result in a ban for the offenders... and yes, they do still ban people. But, you do have to consider... the world of online gamming is a very toxic place at times... some gamming communities are much worse than others... and not necessarily a good place for children to be. There are good and bad people there, just like anywhere else... but the bad people are always much louder and more noticeable. Also... welcome to the forums!