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  1. @Theiceman105 It is not always easy to get the call off and I think the counselors need the multiple chances to repair it (and the car after being stopped by Jason as well), just for balance purposes. When avenues of escape are lost, it is easy to move to the next one to make sure it will not work out either. Soon there will be non left, leaving no chance of escape for the counselors. This is way to much of a nerf to them all. I also do not think the boat should be sunk after Jason knocks players out of it (others have suggested it become inoperable after he hits it). Another player should be able to take the huge risk of swimming out to it and trying to use it to escape if they want to. But Jason knows it is out there and will probably be watching his map. 1: Hacking the counselor standing in front of the box is usually enough to make him move enough that the 'e' prompt comes up and you get the box destroyed anyway, but not always. 2: Counselors have to stun him before Jason initiates the animation to smash the box, once started it cannot be interrupted. If he stays close to the box, chances are he will smash it. Also if you stun him too close to the box, there may not be room for the repair counselor to initiate the repair animation. 3: I really hate it too when someone leads Jason to you when you are trying to repair this or any other objective, but sometimes it is their only viable option and / or they do not know what you are doing anyway. If you warn them off, Jason will probably hear you and shift targets. Communicating your intent and location before you begin can help avoid this, but not every time. 4: Entering the shack can be a good distraction if it works. It gives you the full length of the morph cool down to complete the task... more than enough time. But if Jason is aware that Tommy is not yet in game yet, he may not care. There is always a chance that he knocked out power boxes and Tommy was not called. If Jason has blocked every hit so far and avoided all bear traps, he may not care as he is fully capable of keeping his mask on against Tommy and sweater girl (plus a few other attacker) with a good amount of skill using the block option. He only has to kill one of them and they are no longer a threat. *You forgot to mention firecrackers thrown at the fuse box, they can often be the deal breaker here for Jason, depending on your timing with the stuns and him hitting the firecrackers. *Also, coordinating with someone else to start the car as you begin the fuse repair is a good distraction. It forces the Jason player to choose between allowing the cops to be called or allowing up to four counselors to immediately escape unhindered. I use part 4 and part 7 Jason the most. The -traps weakness makes map control a challenge and I almost exclusively use traps on the fuse box. I have gotten really good at stopping cars with all the practice I get, but some still slip by. Sometimes the cops get called under my nose too, but most of the time it would be a challenge to get the call off against me. It happens sometimes, but pretty far from often. The battle royale tactic usually leads to so many counselor deaths that the few who remain, if they do get the cops called... stand little chance of surviving the next five minute. Just getting the police called is no guarantee that you or anyone else will escape, but it does give you a good chance.
  2. All of the movies were, when put together, an 'evolving' story. ****spoiler alert**** Pamela's story is part 1 and her reasons for the rampage she perpetrated are given before the conflict at the ending in which she died and the story was resolved. Nothing supernatural, nothing that is unrealistic if Pamela can use her head. The addition of kid Jason at the end was an 'afterthought', just to try and get one more jump scare and in the movie is left for us to speculate whether or not it was a dream or not. It is heavily hinted that is was a dream. Before Jason strikes, the cops are on the shore. They would have seen and heard the disturbance of the attack, yet the cop in the hospital doesn't know what Alice is talking about. The movie was meant to be an anthology in which the second movie would have no relation to the first. But the story evolved with the concept to continue the initial story by using Jason as the killer, which really opened the question of whether or not his attack at the end of the first movie was a dream or not again, now leaning it towards... not a dream. But still, nothing clearly supernatural at all, until you wonder how his machete wound from part two is not bleeding or bothering him in any visible way at the beginning of part 3 (the next day). Each successive movie evolved the story a bit further from the first one as you know if you watched them. Each one going through the basic formula for a story / movie: introduction of setting, characters and the basics of where the plot is going. Furthering the plot; continuing the story as outlined in the introduction, elaborating on love interests (name more than 3 movies without a love interest), creating conflict between characters and / or against an outside antagonist. Resolution of conflict, the antagonist is defeated and / or the major problems of the plot are resolved. Finally the moral of the story or falling action, the cool down after the shock (with maybe a final jump scare). Reasons had to be made for any sequel to make any sense at all. Writers can be creative, but using different writers for each story causes continuity problems. Part 5 didn't use Jason for obvious reasons, but part 6, they decided to resurrect the beast called Jason and basically turn him into a zombie. Supernatural powers began to be assumed, but not defined at this point, causing new questions and speculations about the backstory of Pamela and Jason. In older stories, dealing with supernatural creatures often has a ritualistic basis in their destruction of imprisonment, many times based on something that occurred to the creature before it was supernatural. Hence Tommy's idea (taken from a manual of the occult in the movie) was based on returning him to 'his original resting place'. This would effectively imprison the supernatural being using the logic of old folk lore and magical rituals defined in occult writings. This is why it was used here and when it was written, they had not yet conceived or even thought of Jason ever teleporting. You know how he came back in part 7, quite a different take on the story so far, but adding a telekinetic psychic to the mix made it interesting. Part 8 was the only movie in which he 'seemed' to teleport which was probably added to just get another jump scare. It can be argued by speculating fans at this point that this was or wasn't a teleport. As a character, Jason evolved over the movies to become scarier than the last time. My initial thoughts from watching these movies as they came out (knowing it was just being used for a jump scare tactic but still liking an explanation) was that this was some sort of ghostly thing that could make sense due to the plot point that Jason is already undead. Part 9 added the demonic aspect, but many do not consider this 'cannon'. As a zombie, Jason took quite a beating in these movies until Jason X once again returned him to life and explained his many returns as an incredible ability to regenerate lost or damaged tissue. Back to nothing supernatural, just a genetic anomaly that made him extremely hard to kill, somewhat like wolverine. Whether or not it was in the movies or not is not as relative of a point as one might think. Once changing mediums to video game, things have to change to make the game 'playable' by counselors and Jason. Counselors can take how many slashes from a very large and very strong 'man' wielding an axe or machete? Far from realistic when it is beyond one hit, but necessary due to game balance. How many times in the movies did Jason hit anybody more than once before they were at least helpless? I won't even bring up the magical 'med spray' here (also not in the movies). The fear mechanic is there for a good reason, people enter a game with the knowledge of Jason's presence and intent... yet will not act appropriately with this knowledge, so it is forced on the counselors to promote a bit of realism and add something that the movies were trying to get across. Jason's sense, teleport, shift and stalk are all there for their own reasons. Jason is slow, the counselors are not, and there are seven of them to work on up to 4 objectives, 2 cars, a boat, calling the cops. If several concentrate on one, it gets done very quickly. Jason needs to be able to move this way for even a slight chance of map control. Or even a slight chance to catch and stop a car, or boat. Without extremely good luck, you would never stop a car without using these abilities. How often do you have a car cornered the moment it starts up now? That will never happen without being able to teleport and is rare with it, many drivers can and will easily just drive around you. Camping one objective means the others are all finished without Jason's interference (walking between them to try to control them is a laughably flawed tactic). If he chases one counselor away from any objectives far enough to give one counselor enough time to repair it, it is gone and with a car, they would be basically free to drive around for as long as it takes to fill the car with counselors. After everyone else escapes, you still have to get that one counselor that is left before he gets to the boat or the police. Good luck with that. Technically, non of Jason's abilities are in any of the movies when it comes down to it.... yet he needs these abilities to have a chance in playing this game or even getting a jump scare (it still happens). Non of the counselor's perks or literally supernatural strength that they have to take so many hits with an axe are in the movies either, but necessary for game balance and a bit of diversity with the Chad triplets....... the only thing that taking away morph will get you is an extremely rare game in which Jason actually manages to catch AND kill one counselor. I am truly sorry for the length of the post, but I hope you get my points.
  3. Didn't morph in the movies???... Just off the top of my head... watch part 8. Jason is on the street chasing the old guy (can't remember his name at the moment), who runs into a building. Jason does not enter the building behind him and he (the old guy) is suddenly thrown out a window... by Jason. Just be happy he cannot morph into a house with the doors open or closed. Others here could probably point out a few more instances of 'how the hell did Jason get there, when he was just back there?' Spike strips?... not even going to go into the part about: where the hell would he purchase these spike strips? Without morph, he would be placing the spike strips on the road long after both cars are long gone. If by some miracle he gets to the exit for the car before a car does (and guesses the correct exit they will pick), EVERYONE that knows the spike strips have been placed in the game will be looking for them, stop when they see them and turn around to use another exit (or simply drive around them). Not to mention the FACT that having flat tires will NEVER stop your car from being able to move. It may slow it down and make it a lot harder to control, but it will not stop the vehicle. Boats can be broken and made unusable?... if Jason could make it to the boat before it starts moving (which, without morph, I have a great many doubts would even be possible unless his shack spawns fifty feet away from it), then you would be removing an escape option permanently. This would be a good balance here if morph was taken away, until you think about it. When does Jason's shack EVER spawn that close to the boat? Smashing the telephone?....... That would be totally useless by the time Jason arrives at the phone itself, simply due to the fact that the police were called 3 minutes ago. Good luck guessing the correct spot where the police will show up and actually getting there in time to stop anyone from leaving. Jason can take repair items to hide them?.... Wow.... As should not even need to be mentioned with this one... Jason would have to find the part to do this and then take it somewhere to hide it effectively. With his speed vs. the counselor's speed, this would be a ridiculous and completely ineffective tactic... considering if Jason could even find a part at all before the counselors have them ALL installed and the vehicles on the move (not to mention the fuse in the box and cops called by this point) before Jason can even get to the cabin closest to his shack and complete a search of it. Balance the game to make it more fair for whom exactly? I have seen many games where both cars are moving before Jason has the ability to use his FIRST shift in the game. That would be SIX... yes count them SIX counselors gone before he even has a snowballs chance in hell of stopping the car with his running or power walking speed. The game is pretty well balanced now, even with early escapes being possible or even commonly occurring. Asymmetrical horror survival game does not mean that the 7 counselors should always win over the 1 killer. It means the 1 killer is overpowered enough to have a good POSSIBILITY of finding and killing all 7 counselors.
  4. Stuns

    I have only had the game since early October, but I completely agree. Its really hard to say how to fix that problem, but I think more than 3 seconds of stun resistance would help a lot. 5 seconds at least, but much more than that would be too much. The ability to stun Jason needs to be in the game but continually being stunned is totally unnecessary and frustrating. With Jason being a piƱata, he is not scary whatsoever. This is obvious when a group of Chads and Vanessas chase after him instead of running away.
  5. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    It will help for sure. Perhaps less cars will slip by me with the lack of a shift penalty.
  6. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Stun lock... chain stunning.... bullying Jason..... pinata Jason.... don't get into the semantics of it. I understand what he is talking about and you probably do too. It is a problem and extremely frustrating to have to endure as Jason. I have seen many Jason players leave a match because of the battle Chads, not because they are bad people or trolls, but because the frustration level caused by this to people that either have not learned how to deal with it (ALL new players) or simply do not have the patience to put up with the stress caused by the frustration when Jason becomes a pinata. #Stress Kills How people describe it should not be an issue here. It exists and is a problem. I don't have a problem with the battle Chads anymore.... bring it on!! New players though? I think it is one of many reasons the player base is so low. Several of my friends that no longer play have stated this to me as the reason they put the game down. My only concerns about this update are: *Sometimes the game crashes during play... this is not the fault of the player. Does the player gain salt for this? *As others have stated.... there are many trolls that will take advantage of this.... and they can be VERY creative. Sometimes the mute button just isn't enough here. *Will players gain salt for leaving after they are killed and can now speak to people in the afterlife club? At this point, leaving will not effect the game of others and many people do leave after this point, before or after Tommy arrives. No one other than a host on the platforms without dedicated servers should be penalized for this, unless someone can tell me how this could ruin or otherwise detrimentally effect the game for others. *Do players lose salt over real time, time with the game running, playing in offline mode or multi player? We will all find out soon enough. I hope the salt mines help... but I foresee complications.
  7. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    I liked part 7 as he was, but this could be nice for a change. I use part 4 and part 7 almost exclusively. The 3 traps never bugged me, I like the challenge of map control. The weapon strength on part 7 will help, but I don't look forward to the longer stuns... oh well... balance and all. Looking forward to slashing down the battle Chads with greater efficiency.
  8. @JennyMyers1984 in a straight line, following directly in your footsteps... it will seem that Jason very closely matches your pace. If he is slightly slower or slightly faster, I cannot see it at all.... But, through some long chases, I never have to sprint to get extra room between us so long as he directly follows behind me taking the same path I did. So he cannot be catching up or I would have to sprint for breathing room. Remember, always watch your stamina when Jason is not in sight, you will need all of it when he is in sight. It can be difficult for us slow counselor players to play 'keep away' from the big guy. The only time I have to sprint as Mitch for breathing room is when Jason is trying to cut me off before I reach my destination by using the angle of a shorter route. I could explain this so much easier with illustrations, but it is taken from basic physics and geometry. Here is the simplest example I can come up with right now. The same basis as a WWII sub firing a torpedo at a ship. It is not fired directly at the ship... the ship will no longer be there when the torpedo gets to that point. It is fired in the direction of where the two will meet with both of their different speeds taken into account from their initial positions. The faster torpedo in this case will be 'caught' by the slower ship where their paths cross... or at the 'destination' of the fast mover, even though the fast mover covered more distance. This is reversing rolls of course, but look at it this way.... A slower torpedo can be fired at a faster ship taking into account distance and speed of both movers to find where their paths will cross. With the correct angle of attack, the slower torpedo will hit the faster ship. This is obviously not possible with the slow mover behind the fast, but when the fast is not directly behind but off to one side, the angle of attack for the pursuer changes and he can indeed catch up to you (depending of course on the positioning and destination) by covering less ground to the same destination. Its all about positioning, differing speeds from the starting point and distance for each mover to travel to the destination (which is usually a window to jump through for us), but each change in direction is a new starting point. You simply have to try and keep a shorter route to the destination than Jason can possibly take... sometimes, this is very difficult and he can seem faster than you. Even the slightest difference in your route to Jason's route chasing you can make him seem faster for this reason. Two nights ago, I used this principal to get away from a Part 6 Jason (no bonus or penalty water speed) in the boat as well (I could see the icon for Jason on the mini map). It worked well, but if I had five or ten more yards to the exit he would have caught me. I had to explain all of this to the Jason player in the lobby as well. He seemed to understand. I find pattern recognition, basic physics and geometry to be very simple concepts and have no problem pulling this stuff off just off the top of my head... but I find that sometimes I have a hard time explaining things like this to people that have not recognized it for what it is. I hope this explanation helps.
  9. Ha!! I didn't even notice that I spelled Looney wrong until I came back and read your post!! The 1939 version with Burgess Meredith as George and Lon Chaney Jr. as Lenny was a great movie... but you have to be able to appreciate the classics for what they are. I know too many people that will not even watch a movie that was made before they were born. I also loved the remake, but the classic version will always have a place in my heart. The book was also a good read. Not big on dramas... but there are a few greats from years past. Lon Chaney Jr's best dramatic performance. He was quickly typecast into hulking monster types and horror movies because of his size and who his father was.
  10. @JasonLives86 Perhaps... one day.... if they ever get the rights to the remake Jason (questionable at best if they will ever even try again), there can be a Jason that sprints (with a stamina bar at least).... maybe. Jason can grab a counselor jogging in front of him... if they are within grab range. The new grab animation and adjustments coming in the next update will add a bit of a lunge to his grab, but we will have to wait and see how it works until we can play with... and against it. There are ways for Jason to catch up to any counselor now. Practice with the throwing knives... they work well once you can use them effectively. I used offline mode to get better with knives and it helped a lot, particularly with long distance archery throwing and finding the spawn points of the knives. Running or powerwalking after them until your morph and shift regenerate, judiciously using sense and stalk to help out while morphing ahead and using shift to catch up and grab or slash them. @The Gunslinger as I stated above, and shifty mentioned in the post about new grab animations.... there will be a bit of a lunge in the new animation. Please explain why this should EVER have ANYTHING to do with causing a partial or full shift regeneration or increasing its cool down. A lunge is vastly different from what shift is.... yet a lunge added to the grab does add some visual realism to the game, which will make it look better. @JennyMyers1984 I play Mitch... a lot. Speed of 3... lowest it gets for counselors. I also use the 'r' button (I play on PC) to look behind me all the time. It helps me avoid knives thrown by Jason and to see if he is catching up. Running in a straight line... even the running Jasons are not catching up, until my stamina is depleted. But if the Jason changes his angle of approach, watches which way the counselor is going, Jason can catch up by cutting the angle towards the counselor's destination. Even though he is slower, he is taking a shorter route towards the point where their paths would cross and can (and will) catch up if the counselor insists on getting to that destination. This can make it seem like he is indeed running slightly faster than you when in fact, he is not. Only Jaws fans will get this, but...... "5 Degrees Port... Hold Your Course!"
  11. Mic communication CAN be important, that does not mean it is always important. I play with several friends that have no mic in private matches and in quick play.... all excellent players and we can communicate just fine..... #Emotes Can Help. Many times they are the last survivor left... sometimes it is simply because Jason did not hear them talking when he was nearby and had no reason to hit sense and look around at that moment. Using a mic at the wrong time can be disastrous for any player. I also play with people that play music. Mute them if you don't like it....I mute them myself sometimes... sometimes not (I do like SOME of the music they play and some of the comedy routines as well)..... but you missed it being used as a tactic. Last night I got the fuse in and called the cops while Jason was in front of the phone house and didn't hear a thing... because he didn't mute the player he was chasing that had his music on. If Jason is close enough to someone playing music and does not mute them, he risks missing any and all warnings he gets of traps going off, missed repair checks, or even: "Jason! They have come for mommy!!" It is also used by the same people to distract Jason as being an "easy target" as they are not hard to find when playing their music, but they are excellent at juking Jason for long periods of time (lots of practice). Then suddenly the rest of us (even in quick play lobbies) have both cars going and are able to escape without the Jason player even knowing... if he forgets to look at his map. Also... the ring around the rosie thing is actually funny with the Benny Hill theme playing.... though it does get old..... God I feel old sometimes. Some of the rude players out there are not necessarily bad people either.... read: The Art of War. People make mistakes when they get angry and will give chase... which is exactly what that person wanted (not always, sometimes they are truly assholes). Psychological warfare tactics work.... even in video games. I have fallen for it myself many times, but generally I will mute these types of players because I don't want to listen to their crap. This is in no way advocating being rude to anyone...ever!!! I am just pointing out how SOME people use it as a workable tactic. Lon Chaney Jr was awesome in that role! Also the luney tunes version was great... I use that line all the time when I hug and squeeze those bunny wabbits!! P.S. I also call them "George".
  12. Well said... and smashing power boxes is worth making it harder for you to see as Jason. The fear mechanic is a well thought out addition to this game. Though certain aspects could still use some adjustment, like high composure counselors should recover from fear faster than low composure counselors for instance. The counselors have flashlights, Jason has sense. Counselors do not know when Jason is using sense (if they did, it would make getting a jump scare totally impossible), but Jason can see them use their flashlights (which not only helps them to see, but also helps to reduce their fear level), but Jason can ONLY see the flashlight if they are within HIS UNOBSTRUCTED line of sight. Counselors can use their flashlights whenever they want, for as long as they want. Jason has a cool down on sense, even with what people call sense spamming. You cannot instantly use sense again. This may seem to swing balance towards Jason, but there are other points to consider as well.... also, he is supposed to be overpowered. This is a completely necessary tool for Jason. The give and take are absolutely there. Some people suggest removing sense spamming to give it a cool down like stalk and shift. Thinking of just the points you mentioned here, removing sense spamming and / or changing the order in which sense is acquired early on would be a massive buff to counselors and a huge nerf to Jason. You have just made a better argument for keeping sense spamming in the game for balance than I have been able to come up with. But I will make another point in favor of keeping sense spamming.... Some argue that sense avoidance perks are useless.... I argue that they work. Remember, a counselor does not know when Jason uses his sense.... and does not get an indicator to know if they did light up on his sense either. I have seen the counselors in front of me not lighting up on sense.... many times. EVERY TIME I see this, I go after that counselor until I get them because I fully realize that if I lose sight of them, I may not find them again at all for the rest of the match... when this happens to someone using these perks, I can fully understand why they think the perks do not work. Now if these counselors had happened to be unmoving in a bush, or on the other side of a building and not giving off a sound ping while I was looking in their direction and using sense, I never would have seen or even noticed them and they may have been able to keep enough distance away from me that I might never have been able to find them. The counselors are not meant to be super powered ninjas. @NoOneK9503 for the above reasons.... Jason already has his own version of night vision. There is no need to change it.... in any way.
  13. 14-Year-Old In The Hospital Long-term. Ideas?

    I just noticed this thread... Good to hear about remission. I lost many friends by the time I turned sixteen... it can be devastating when you are young (or old) to have friends with any condition on that level. Back then (in the 80's), few survived these types of treatments but one of these friends is still alive today. Some of them did not want any friends seeing them like that and others were extremely grateful for any support and time spent with them that could be given. Myself, I regret not being able to spend more time with all of those I lost. Even today, I find myself at a loss for words when confronted with this type of situation, saying the wrong thing can be worse than saying nothing at all. Just giving some of your time and showing them that someone actually cares can make all the difference. I hope your son's friend makes a full recovery. I cannot give much advice on how anyone could have helped me deal with these situations and the losses I suffered as a teen. I was one of those kids that had to, and wanted to deal with loses like that alone. There was even a point that I thought I was desensitized to the losses as they continued to mount through my teen years, but that was just part of my way of dealing with it. The losses get harder to take as the numbers grow. If your kids will talk about it then that is good, if not... forcing the issue probably will not help. I look back now and wish people would not have 'sugar coated' everything and just told me the truth, but on the other side of the coin... the truth hurts, so maybe the sugarcoating was for the better. But when I learned the truth, I felt that I had been lied to. It was not for many more years that I understood the motivations behind the 'sugar coating'. Any way you look at it, that is a difficult situation for all involved. You know your kids so just use your best judgement on that and remember that they may be having a hard time dealing with the situation.
  14. Game screw ups

    @Pippy812 Fifty foot grab? I call bullshit....Why can't I ever grab anyone who isn't within arms length of Jason? I truly want to know. Even back in October when I bought this game there was the so called 'force grab' (that everyone agrees was ridiculous) and I still couldn't grab someone fifty feet away, or even from across the street. Have my telekinetic powers failed me somehow? If I escaped much more than I do now as a counselor I would be complaining it is too easy. Many people were complaining it was too easy as a counselor (in their own way of course) after the 'force grab' was rightly nerfed (but nerfed a bit too much) and pinata Jason became the norm. I find it funny that you say you never had an issue with killing every counselor and claim to have no problem surviving against mediocre and 'shit' Jasons. I call bullshit.... no one kills every counselor in every game and even the best counselor players can fall to a brand spanking new Jason player through a simple mistake, or the new player's good luck. Everyone has good days and bad days.... no one is perfect. If you bought this game expecting to live through every match as a counselor, but kill everyone every time as Jason.... I suggest that your understanding of simple logic is somewhat flawed.
  15. Stuns

    I would like to see you try to hit anyone in real life through a hole in a door as you speak while someone is smashing it down with an axe..... actually, no I wouldn't. Your attempt would fail miserably and would be laughable to anyone watching, but the real reason I would not want you to try this at home is simple.... if you stood that close to a door while it was being smashed down, YOU WOULD BE SERIOUSLY INJURED!!! I know it is hard to believe that this would need to be explained to anyone, but I have seen some people do things that would qualify for this level of stupidity on job sites before.... so I continue to explain it, particularly to anyone who believes that this is even close to possible. I should also not have to tell you... even if no one was smashing the door down from the other side, you would not be able to swing a weapon through the hole in the door. If you attempted to do something like that on say... a demolition job.... you would be immediately fired and told to seek an actual education. Trying to hit someone through a broken (or unbroken) window? Stop and think about that for a moment. I should not have to explain what the broken glass will do to your arm with the force and momentum of your swing. NEVER try this at home!!! Jason's current stun resistance only effects the duration of the stun. @Lexandremon you have completely legitimate concerns. Also well stated. Jason needs no buffs other than an actual stun resistance to put an end to this. #End Chain Stunning Now
  16. @Theiceman105 I think its a good idea, but I doubt very many people would try it. Fewer would continue to use it. I would try it at least, I like a challenge. Nerves of Chad.... that is hilarious!!! How could I not have thought of that? Life of Lachappa... also hilarious!!! I have not laughed this hard before my second coffee in years!! Also, he may be fat.... but not so fat that out favorite psychotic zombie slasher couldn't lift him off the ground with his left hand with relative ease..... just sayin'. How about a heavy smoker anti-perk? a reduction to stamina and stamina regeneration with a slightly reduced chance to stumble as the counselor just finished a smoke and is relatively calm. Maybe an animation to take a puff off a cigarette to regain a bit of stamina and lose a bit more stamina regeneration for a short period of time. How about a 5% or 10% XP bonus for using one of these perks? You would need some kind of incentive for people to use them.
  17. Nice to see some good stories from quick play lobbies instead of the overload of negativity that comes from some. Lately, the most fun I have been having is fighting off all of the Jason killers. Encountering a lot of them recently. Other than my two deaths when I was still new at the game (and a few freebies I gave to people that asked nicely after facing me playing Jason several times in a row), they have not got me again...... yet. With all of the continued attempts on me... they will get me, eventually.... maybe even the next game I play. Who knows? But I am not afraid to admit I was defeated. Only an hour ago I had a team in quick play talking about trying to kill me, so I did the unthinkable and wasted a trap on the shack entrance as part 4 Jason. Then I trapped the fuse box and moved on. I killed a couple of counselors early on as they kept telling other players to go for the sweater while knowing I could hear them. They got a few hits in... one hit with an axe through an active block that landed me on my ass (I did not know that was even possible)... but I didn't lose my mask. Someone called the cops and I morphed there to find Tommy. He kept talking like someone was going for the sweater. He put up a pretty good chase and no one was showing up on sense nearby. A few knives and a couple slashes and Tommy was no more. There were surprisingly few 'stop slashing!' type comments. I had not received any warning from mommy dearest anyway, so either way I was not going to go and search for sweater girl when I had Tommy.... alone.... right in front of me. With Tommy down I moved on to find a few other players that put up a good chase. One of them had the sweater and quickly fell to a shift grab due to a lack of a pocket knife and no one around to save her. This I thought to be very odd. Not that the trap at the shack didn't go off, I have walked around a trap set there and seen others do it many times. But I did not lose my mask over the course of the game and received no warning from mommy dearest. I was listening for it with all the talk I kept hearing about someone going for the sweater, but it never came..... is this a new hack that I have never seen before? Perhaps a new glitch I have never seen before? Didn't matter to that game if it was a hack. Tommy was already dead before I saw sweater girl anyway. A few people got away to the police. I caught the last one just before he got away and a pocket knife saved him. As he ran to the cops I told him.... "I would wave... but Jason has no wave emote!" I was surprised by the lack of foul mouthed and unoriginal insults that some of these groups do throw around. Also wanted to mention, me and a few friends in a quick play lobby a night or two ago got Jason to his knees with the sweater stun and a bat..... and he started to spin around. I have seen this before but am not sure if it is a glitch or a hack or whatever. When I am stunned and knocked down like that as Jason, I can do absolutely nothing but mash 'e' to resist...... Anyway, I was playing Tommy and the 'e' prompt came up, so I hit it and the kill animation began. We got our kill anyway. As I mentioned, I have seen this happen before, but this was the first time I was ever able to initiate the Jason kill animation when it did happen. Losing to a hacker says nothing about your own skill, just the lack of skill on their part to not be able to do it without cheating..... but beating someone that is using a cheat of any kind....PRICELESS!!!!
  18. You forgot part 8 when Jason raised his mask when threatened by those punker looking kids. The new grab animation looks much better, but we should reserve judgement on the adjustments to the grab until the update drops and we get a chance to play. They reworked the area and distance of the grab, but until we know specifics of how it was reworked, we are just guessing. In the grab animation update thread there is a side by side animation of old and new grabs, other than the addition of the animation itself, it is hard to see any difference in the grab range.... until we try it ourselves, from both sides.
  19. If you cannot be bothered to take the two seconds it takes to mute the player you do not want to hear, then please... explain why someone else should do far more work to do it for you. There is also the simple point that others do not always feel the same as you. If I am playing Jason and have the interaction glitch, I am going to ask someone to smash me with a weapon to fix it, that would be very hard to do if the Jason player's mic was muted automatically for all players.... wouldn't it? Jason helpers will use third party chat or voice programs to talk anyway, this will do nothing to stop that.
  20. @Truth I agree completely. Many people post an opinion on one experience without considering the bigger picture.... which of course, needs to be considered in everything. There are quite a few people here that point out the differences when they have experienced the same thing and manage to be polite. That is what the forums are useful for. Debate, point, counterpoint...... leads to new and better ideas. Sometimes even the smartest people that thought they considered every possible point, missed one very important point that changes the whole thought or idea. Having more than one or two pairs of eyes that understand the problem is always more productive than anyone just listening to one person's point and taking it as gospel. I am on PC. I play in every mode. I have found many inexperienced lobbies in quick play when by myself, but also many excellent players that play well with total strangers, many of these people either do not have a mic or choose not to talk. There will often (but not always) be a few trolls in the mix as well, they can be annoying.
  21. People are not negative about fixing combat. What you are talking about is not a part of combat that is broken. Explain exactly why Jason should not be able to grab you when you dodge, unless you dodged the correct way and actually got out of the hit box before the grab can connect. There is also ALWAYS going to be a slight lag issue in every game you play in multiplayer, on any game. A 'lag spike' WILL make it worse and more noticeable. What you see on your screen is not exactly what the other player sees on his screen. This sometimes is interpreted as a 'force grab' by the counselor that was grabbed, but on the Jason player's screen it was not. Try playing a game with someone else in the same room where you can see both screens at the same time. It is sometimes hard to notice, but it is always there. If a hit of any kind connects on one of the two screens it is a hit, this works both ways. I could continue to explain further, but it would be a very, very long post. Fighting is absolutely NOT required to complete objectives at all. I have played quite a few game in which at least half of the lobby escaped and no one even took a swing at Jason. Also playing as Jason I have had both cars going before I was able to shift, missed one and six counselors got away without ever raising a weapon in my direction. Running is a good strategy. Distracting Jason and leading him away from counselors doing repairs works too, even with slow counselors... I do it in almost every game I play (with Mitch). Sometimes I live, sometimes I die, but pretty much every time, the objective is completed. Whether or not someone escapes is on them if I died, the dying part is on me of course. This does not mean someone will be able to pick me up in the car, but if the completed objective was calling the cops... I can get out on my own, without swinging a weapon at Jason. If I can do this with Mitch, what exactly is the problem doing it with a much faster counselor like.... Bugsy? If you want to fight Jason, it will usually not end well for you. Particularly fighting against a player that had been fighting against the battle Chads for some time now. If you want combat fixed, how about fixing the hit boxes? or Jason having the ability to attack after a block instead of having to wait up to five second before he can take a swing?Counselors can do it, why is it Jason cannot? Counselors should also not lock on to other counselors unless friendly fire is enabled in a private match. Counselors should not be able to lock on to Jason when he is outside of a house and they cannot see him. The slide glitch still exists and needs to be removed...... and so on. Cancelling the recovery time from a swing is extremely unrealistic and should be left out. Try doing it in real life with an axe, or a bat.... let me know how that works out for you. The same goes for dodge cancel.... if your start the dodge, you should be committed to it. Laws of motion and all that you know.... learn your physics.... key to the universe. Don't complain about grab spamming either.... for what reason that could possibly make any sense to anyone at all, would ANYONE not be able to grab immediately after missing an attempt. You will notice, recovery from a missed grab is already locked into the animation when you miss. Its that part of the animation you do not see if a grab connects. I don't know why, but you have to highlight the rest of the first paragraph to see it.
  22. @Jasonlives4ever killing Jason is a one shot deal. It is already too easy to do it. Last night, I struck the killing blow in two out of three tries. I don't usually go for the Jason kill in the first place do to the animosity it causes from the stigma of being killed as Jason. Jason saw a girl with the sweater and killed her. Your one chance has been blown. Try again in another game. Giving another player the ability to pick up and wear the sweater gives a second chance to kill him.... and as I said, it is already too easy to do it. Placing a trap on an object does nothing. You can still pick up the object without stepping on the trap and the trap will not... and should not go off without someone stepping on it. Jason putting his mask back on is far from a balance point here. Does he get all of his HP back? Even if he does, it is not hard at all to get his mask off. If he does not get all of his HP back, then one hit would be enough to do it anyway. Again... killing Jason is already too easy, let's not make it even easier.
  23. So many reports, so little time. If you have 10 000 players per day, 30% happen to be doing something that is bannable and all of them get reported, sometimes by more than one person to each offence. Add another 10% for the multiple reports and still another 10% for false or mistaken reports where someone actually did nothing wrong, but the person who reported it thought they did and it was worth reporting. We are now up to 50%...... which comes to 5 000 reports to sift through each day. 3 000 actual bannable offences, 1000 repeat reports and 1000 false reports. It takes time to sift through it all. It takes money to pay the people sifting through it all. Chances are, there are nowhere near enough people working on it to finish going through anywhere near half of the reports that come in on a daily basis. There also remains the question..... Can the game's player base afford to loose 30%+ of its current player base? Like I said.... I do not envy anyone that has this job. I used 10 000 as an easy to work with number here, but I hope you get my point. Some trolls will be around whether we want them or not.
  24. @Rexfellis You could say the same about using the dodge to avoid a shotgun or a machete, but this would entail having to suspect everybody in the game will try to kill you. Totally different than one person driving a car and being suspect. You can see the car coming on your mini map.... you already know if it hits you, you will die... so caution is assumed (like in real life... you have no idea if the driver of an oncoming car is paying attention or has seen you. No evil intent, but it still hits and kills you because you were not paying attention). Also a lot easier to dodge the car than a shotgun, cars are not as maneuverable as a counselor and there are a lot of things, like trees and rocks that you can easily keep between yourself and the car. You can see other counselors on the map, but you cannot tell if they are out to kill you until they try. Should we now have to run from everybody in the game? If they are playing a faster runner with higher luck... like Chad or Vanessa and you are playing a repair counselor... who has high luck or speed in this category? No one. Advantage.... troll. Weapon durability, advantage... troll. Speed, advantage... troll. stamina, advantage... troll. With all of these advantages, how does the low luck, low speed, low stamina counselor have a chance? Combat experience only. This could lead into a long, dragged out fight of blocks, dodges and counterattacks that is to no one's advantage, except Jason's. Or it could be a very short combat experience due to a repair counselor's low luck. Several of them would have their weapons break before they could even manage to kill the 'troll'. You will take note.... new players generally take a while to master the combat system of this, or any other game (a first person shooter is an exception, if you played one... you played them all). With all the trolls that have been around for a while who have gotten pretty damned good at the combat system.... how many new players to the game, (including some people that have been playing for a while but have not mastered the combat in game for whatever reason) will be lost? Permanently.... never to return out of frustration? You and I may be fairly safe from this playing with friends with only the odd random coming into a game. A great many people cannot say the same. I am not against friendly fire if there is a choice to have it on and off and is agreed upon by the majority of the lobby. There are still private matches for this anyway. There are many times I play that none of my friends are even online. I do not wish to be forced into this type of game when there is already an option for those that want it. Most of my friends refuse to play in private matches anyway due to the friendly fire, but we have tried a couple times. It was fun, because everyone wanted to do it. It is an element of realism, but I would rather see realism like: one hit from an axe putting a person down, permanently with no magical spray to seal wounds and mend broken bones, but.... game balance and all. The games you listed as having friendly fire damage, I have only played left for dead 2. To have friendly fire is a choice, realism mode I think (its been a while). I tried many times to get people to play this mode with me.... when I finally did get someone to do it, we almost never survived and this is not because there were trolls involved, just people with crappy aim. Almost never bothered with it after trying it a few times because it was generally frustrating, but on occasion I did like the challenge of it. However, I could never find others that had enough skill to bother with it and quickly gave up on that mode in that game. With random people, it is impossible to tell if they have any skill, or are 'trolls' until you play with them. As to your theory of 'friends' trying to injure you to leave you for the killer. I am not sure what kind of friends you have, but those are not the types of people that I would call 'friend'. Me and many of my friends were in some freaky situations when we were younger and I can guarantee it would not work out well for any one of them that tried anything that vaguely resembled that kind of behavior. I fully understand that humans suck.... or trolls would not be needed as a term to describe crappy behavior. But friends are people that have built mutual respect and trust between each other. I am the first to step up and put myself in between a friend and a threat to their health..... and my friends have done the same for me many times over the years, even when I didn't want, or need them to. Sorry for the length of the post..... I tend to ramble on sometimes.....
  25. @SmugDoka It can always be a hard job to judge any wrongdoing due to mitigating circumstances. I do not envy anyone that has that job. They will never get rid of all of the trolls but a merit system could work, or at least have... possibilities. I like the idea.