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  1. Ouch!... that sucks. Are you sure you were online?... When you are not online, your save data will not load and the game starts off as if it is your first game at level 1 with nothing unlocked... all of our data is server side. I have never seen, nor heard of this happening before without the user being offline. A new bug perhaps?... Hopefully one that will get fixed.
  2. Just allowing us to choose which counselors spawn in offline mode would be nice... but allowing these counselors to be set up in the same manner that we have them "built" for multi player (perk setup, clothing... perhaps even emotes with a trigger event for certain emotes... O.K. perhaps the emotes with triggers is taking it too far) would be even better.
  3. Sorry it took so long for the reply... I have been busy. There are certain things in life with no grey area.... If you wish to change the meaning of words to suit your own purpose then the meaning is lost on literally everyone that does not realize that you have changed the meaning of these words. I do not need to simmer down... I am perfectly calm now, just as I was when I wrote that. You did not understand... so I explained it to you. Also... glad to hear that you read... so many people do not. It seemed to me that you were referring to "them".... And I agree... they are full of shit. This is what you stated... "For a guy that writes a novel for every response, your interpretation skills need some improvement"... If you cannot say what you mean, you can never mean what you say... Once again... it is not my interpretation skills that need improving.
  4. Not the news anyone wants to hear... but there it is.
  5. That is a good point... many times coming out of a morph I have to check my map to see which direction the objective I morphed to is.... And I agree that counselors should not show up on it... way too overpowered... But I still do not think he really needs it. The teaming is just as easy from spectate for anyone that knows the map and its landmarks... which is most people that have played for any real length of time. A perk for this sounds like a much better idea... but then the trolls have that too. Even using psychic for this... the trolls would still have it. Non of this is worth the time it would take to code it... There are many bugs that need fixing... optimization to accomplish... more minor balance fixes... and so on. There many bugs and glitches a lot of people are complaining that they are "still around" or "have been there since launch". This is just a bad idea for too many reasons to list.
  6. I get the same feeling EVERY time I read ANY of your nonsensical ravings. The rage buff did absolutely NOTHING to help Jason catch ANYONE who does not want to be in his face. Learn to play more than one aspect of the game and you will find that more counselors are escaping per match than EVER before and Jason is being killed even easier than before... Pretty far from overpowered. The day I bought the game... way back now... there was just over 300 people playing the game. This is nothing new. Your constant use of this stat proves NOTHING. Teamwork with multiple objectives does not mean you are supposed to group up and move around the map in groups of 7... Your piñata parties are over... get over it. And what else should Jason do?... Go for a stroll by the lake?... All by his lonesome? Once again, your piñata parties are OVER... deal with it or move on. Stealth works fine... as has been explained to you on a great many occasions. Patience and knowledge of how it works are required for it to be successful in any way... You lack both qualities as has been made apparent in our previous discussions... And it was NEVER meant to make you a super powered ninja, which is what any buff to it would do. Use it to escape early on and stay the hell away from Jason... if he sees you and you are not glowing in sense, you just made yourself a priority target. ASYEMTRICAL HORROR GAME.... This means the one (the killer) is more powerful than the seven (his potential victims)… Strength in numbers should never have worked in this game as it goes against what an asymmetrical balance means. You are right... it was not necessary, they could have done a veritable plethora of other things that were suggested... but you would cry about every one of them anyway. It is what it is now... and the piñata parties are over now, after rage at least. Feel free to continue to beat on Jason until then... and deal with the consequences of it like the rest of the players on your "team" will have to as well. And should the business just utterly fail because you do not like the DLCs they made to do what again... make money?... I have news for you... If a company does not make money, it goes out of business and everyone working there loses their jobs. Even if there were no dance emotes... the trolls would be having "tea bagging parties"... same shit, different name. Not having dance emotes would NEVER have stopped this behavior... and if you have not figured that out yet... then there is no hope for you. Jason CANNOT outrun even the slowest counselors in a straight line unless they are wounded or out of stamina. Too bad you still have not figured this out either. Still bitching about something that does not happen in the game. Get your facts straight. As I have said MANY times before... sneaky works. You just expect it to hide you from Jason for the entire twenty minutes, which... thankfully... they will not do. I can imagine the state of the game with the meta perks being the sense avoidance perks that worked 100% of the time... Boring for everyone involved. Your suggestion here was made by many people on these forums... it was just not used. Whatever their reasons for doing what they did... I am VERY happy you are not in charge of what happens with this game. Also... Jason is NOT completely immune to stuns in rage. There are several ways to stun him still... shall I list them for you? You have been playing long enough that you should already know what they are. They should indeed make it harder to kill Jason as it was intended to be... But it has not become a "watch your counselor die" simulator... It is more like a "watch me drive the car out with three passengers before Jason gets rage" simulator. Here is proof that assumptions make one look like an ass... and that is putting it nicely. @DontZzz34 has proven his intelligence in many posts for those who care to read them... I can say this, and we still do not see eye to eye on many things... But I can easily recognize someone with the ability to use their head... He can... you cannot. Git gud… no... seriously... git gud… and while your at it, open your own eyes and learn to use your head. You are not alone in disliking the rage buff... trolls from around the world have expressed their displeasure at not being able to treat Jason like a bitch anymore... Many of them started their complaining BEFORE the patch even dropped... These types of biased opinions should be ignored... as I usually do with your grossly inaccurate opinions. Everyone else seems to like it just fine. You are not the only one that could say the same thing about him... If you enjoyed that one... you could read more of his bullshit on the steam community... It is literally all over the place... But wait, I am sure there will be more of his nonsensical ravings right here on these very forums... shortly.
  7. I play her mostly for her stats... but the swivel hips are an added bonus... And I always had a thing for punk rock girls.
  8. They do give a huge tactical advantage... I agree completely. But if they were removed... how do you find and pick up a passenger in the car? MANY people I run into out there in quick play land... (and I will include some of my friends in this as well)… have no idea how to even read a map, let alone explain their position to someone who can (I cannot stress this enough). There are many uses for this that will greatly hurt the gameplay of many players if this is removed... and it is WAY TOO MUCH of a buff for Jason. There is also the "mic bug" to consider... it is still around... and "sometimes" a player that uses a mic cannot be heard by the rest of the lobby. Alienating the players that choose not to use a mic (for whatever their reason may be) is not the right direction to go here. Happy you understand... but this is taking far more from counselors than you think... Communication should be encouraged... but NEVER forced. Any player that does not use a mic would just be doing a smart thing by picking up a walkie talkie to listen in on chatter... and if they do not have a mic... then the use of this non existent mic would not register, so no help to them. I may be right... and I am against helping a troll get a laugh. That being said... there is truly MANY other things that need to be worked on in this game... This is not one of them. Many times, trolls travel in groups. It only takes one in spectator mode to screw everyone over with their communications to Jason. Every other troll with them (even if it is only one more) can still get the keys and run people over. I would go so far as to say that IF this was ever implemented... EVERY counselor should start with a walkie talkie from that point on. I am still against it though. I play the slow counselors... and I still run into issues of not being able to find anything in a drawer because a Vanessa ran into the cabin I spawned in front of ran into this cabin knowing full well someone was already there, beat me to every drawer beyond the first and won the race to the next cabin to rinse and repeat... Taking counselors of the map would just make this happen more often... and I do not want to switch to a faster counselor because of this. Going to help another team member should not be reserved for Tommy alone. Teamwork is teamwork... not Tommy work. Glad to hear you help others... and no one asked you to be a super hero. Myself... I will do anything and everything to help the team... trolls are exempted and get no help... but everyone else does... I bet you do look at your map when you need to go and help someone that is not close enough to pop up on your mini map... It is hard to find them otherwise, unless everyone you play with can actually read a map, explain where they are to you accurately (considering this person even uses a mic)… But in my experience, most people cannot even read the map, let alone give me their actual location. The arrows on the mini map are the same as using the map here... without them on the map, there would no longer be arrows pointing to them... or it would be irrelevant in taking them off the map in the first place. I am not trying to bicker here at all... I am pointing out what I would do if I were a troll in these situations, and I did not even have to stop and think about it... These are NOT OPINIONS... just so you know. Give the trolls a week with this and they will come up with other ways around it that I did not consider because I spent no actual time thinking about it yet, these ideas just rolled out while typing. I am really not sure how Jason having a mini map would help him at all, unless you plan on putting the nearby counselors on it... Which would be too much of a buff for him once again.
  9. Words of wisdom, as there is no point in chasing something you cannot catch... Everyone will eventually run into a situation in which a vehicle starts up and they have just used morph or shift... or both.
  10. In the minds of most people here, just using an out of game chat program makes you a cheater... I am NOT one of those people. Still only brings it down to a 50 / 50 chance you will get the right power box... Still a waste of time. Even after I explain what "double standard" actually means... you still don't get it? I CANNOT put this any simpler for you unfortunately. I can explain this... because you obviously do not understand much of what you read... as noted above.... Many idiots I run into in quick play think my name is "Arab"... NOT "Ahab"... You would not believe some of the racists rants and REAL death threats (they are welcome to try) I have gotten while muddling through quick play land... and at least one forum member (who I will not name) is VERY guilty of this. I am not a muslim, nor an arab… not even religious at all... and being covered in drywall dust is not the only thing that makes me look white... I got my name out of a true American classic of literature... and it fits... It also amazes me, and many of my friends with how many Americans we meet in quick play that cannot even pronounce my name... these people earn the name "illiterate screwhead" simply by mispronouncing my name... let alone their obnoxious misconceptions behind their mispronunciations. Words that MANY "top Jason players" have eaten... I do not make grand claims of myself at all... I play with some incredible players of this game. People that claim to be "top Jason players" often make the claim of getting 8 of 8 every match... Pretty much all of them actually. There have been dozens of them just on the forums that I have called out on their bullshit... No one has a perfect game every time they play.... No one. If you think what I write is a novel for every post... then you are considering the equivalent of ONE PAGE from ANY book I have ever read to be a novel.... I would explain what a novel is, but I doubt you would understand, I cannot simplify it enough for you... And with that... I will say it is not my interpretation skills that need improvement... it would be yours. Still dictating to your mommy to post for you I see. Literally everything bad you say about anyone else actually describes you perfectly... troll… Sign back out and return to your swamp.
  11. That car would never get moving if someone dropped the part off the beaten path and it was not visible on the map. There is a damned good reason they put this in the game... and that reason is the trolls. Now the trolls just commit suicide and give your location through the spectator mode... and now no one that is still alive knows where others are to go and help them. This screws over the honest players FAR more than it ever will hurt any trolls. Its a game... some things in a game that are done to give it better balance will sound silly.... For instance, ANY counselor is hit by a machete or an axe and does not fall to the ground UTTERLY helpless and bleed to death in just moments if their attacker decides to leave them alone after that first hit... While the former seems "silly"... the later is more unbelievable than an undead killer stalking you and your friends... yet somehow it is required to be in the game. So... you do not ever try to help anyone else in game?.... Well, many of us do, and this feature is extremely important to be able to help others... If you do not know where they are... how are you going to find them to help them... Communication?... That would be great, IF more than 2% of the player base could figure out how to use a map and explain to you where they are... considering they actually have a map... This also screws over EVERYONE that has no mic, or chooses not to speak for whatever reason. All this will do is give the trolls a good reason to laugh... No one will pick up a walkie for fear of someone giving away their location... and now they will not be able to communicate their location to someone they need help from... considering they could read a map (and have one) to even tell someone where they are for that person to come and help them. And then the troll... who no one even knows is a troll, simply commits suicide and does the same thing through spectator mode where they can watch every players movements, and if you have any knowledge of any map, all they have to do is go outside and you look around with your camera control... and you will know EXACTLY where they are. Also, I have at least one game every night that I play in which I do not even find a walkie talkie until late in the match, if I even find one at all... Luck of the draw with random spawns can be a bitch sometimes... Many games I do find them early, but far from every game. One of the many reasons I use the map perk... So I can see where everyone is at the start of the match and plan out which cabins to loot first.... Just running up to a cabin to find it already looted is a massive waste of time and leaves everything up to luck to even find one useful item early on. Running up to a cabin that already has someone is currently looting it... also a HUGE waste of time... Removing counselors from the map will hurt far more honest players than trolls... As I have stated in this, and previous posts in this thread... There are MANY ways around this for them. It would be a waste of time for the devs to even bother considering removing counselors from the map, let alone to do the coding required. When I spawn as Tommy... the first thing I do... look at the map to see where the other players are so I can go help them. Forcing them to communicate to me where they are also lets Jason know I am on my way... and that is considering they can actually communicate where they are.
  12. So it is an admission of hacking Savini Jason then. I could not agree with you more. @mattshotcha Is an open admission of hacking Savini Jason enough for a ban?... If the answer is no, I can just imagine how many Savini Jasons we will be seeing the day after your answer is posted.
  13. If you cannot do math yourself, there is no hope for you.... My grade 10 math teacher asked me to show my work once, and she could not understand how I got the correct answer from what I was showing, even after I explained it to her... so I have doubts you would either. I never had to show this teacher my work again... and the only marks I lost off my grade were from absences. The exact odds are a bit different in each match as it is situational... this should NEVER need to be explained to ANYONE. Prove me wrong on this, that is a dare.... I will be using your quote of "didn't think so" every time you try... Actually I wouldn't use your quote for that... I am not that petty... Spiteful yes... Petty no. As to why I will not sit here and do the math for you... I can answer that with a quote from you.... You tracking that down would be WAY LESS WORK than me trying to show you the calculations for this and I am damned sure you would not understand it anyway. The difference is, I am not asking you to track anything down. As to what is truly funny to me... changes to this game that people like you attribute to "whiners that should git gud"... are actually trying to bring about the vision of what the game was originally intended to be... Or do you actually think it should remain so easy to kill Jason that a child could do it?... Or do you think the piñata parties were such a blast that they should stay in the game? Jason was never meant to be a bitch... and he still is "a bitch" (If it needs to be explained why he is a bitch to you... then you are part of the problem). More changes are still required, whether you like them or not.
  14. A bad morph can still screw up the +Water speed Jasons. If they are far enough behind you, they will not catch you. I have had a great many very close calls. They are faster than the boat, but not that much faster. Neutral water speed will not catch up to the boat if you get them behind you... and I have got around Jason in canals, it is just way more difficult than out in open water. A patient Jason will always get you in the canals if they morph ahead of you... even if they have -Water speed. For a -Water speed variant... it is all about angle of attack. They will miss you more often than not... but sometimes they still get you. It took me quite some time to get the torpedo badge with Part 4... but I got it. Before I unlocked Part 4, I had very few boat tippings towards this... as at that time, very few people had even bothered with trying to escape me in the boat. Most games for me at that point was all about learning to fight off the battle Chads that were having a piñata party. I do not use perks that increase the boat's speed... and I am unsure if the best of these perks give enough of an increase to speed for a +Water speed Jason to still be faster than the boat. There are ways to (almost) ensure the boat escape... but communication is required. Sitting in the boat while Jason is chasing someone across the map from you and asking to be informed when he uses his morph works EVERY time... except against Part 2, he gets his morph back before you can make it to the exit in most cases (as @Slasher_Clone pointed out). Fortunately, he has a -Water speed and you can get around him easily in open water. If Jason is marked and you watch the map, you can often see him use a morph when he appears across the map from where he was a moment ago... But communication is more reliable than this. Another tactic is to start the boat and run away... Jason cannot tip the boat at the dock. You may not get away in it, but it gives whoever gets in the boat a very good chance of escaping... Many Jason players have gotten used to the start up sound for the boat and do not keep checking their map anymore... but some do, I have still been caught with this method... but it has worked more times than not... Communication still helps with this method, all that is required is someone keeping Jason busy for 30 seconds or so after you get in the already running boat. It is very situational, but the boat is still always worth a try. As to what @SirMang pointed out... Once Jason is on your mini map when driving, I have never seen him disappear from it... And I do use nerves of steel, so I never lose the mini map... not just for this reason, I like the no fear build for many reasons. I do not know if it has always been like this, but it has been like this for a long time now. However... most people do not use nerves of steel... and even when they do, it is still VERY possible to catch the car. I miss the car on the first try sometimes... but I VERY rarely miss it on the second try (when I get a second try)… and I almost never miss on my third try (when I get a third try, which is extremely rare for me). I have had many drivers express surprise and shock when I stop the car with Part 4 and his -Shift (which is slower and shorter range)... "How the fuck did he do that?" is common for me to hear when I stop a car that is not driven by a friend... Most of my friends know better than to give me a second chance to stop the car... and they also know why I do not trap the cars... I like to get my practice at chasing them in every match that I can... I encourage them to try and escape in the car... And if they do escape, then... "good job" is all I can say. It is very helpful to the driver to see Jason on the mini map, but even for a VERY skilled driver, it is still NOT a guarantee of escape. The stupidity of Humanity will NEVER cease to amaze you as you travel through life.... Trust me on this... Just when you think no one could possibly be "that stupid"... someone will come along to prove you wrong.
  15. So you admit to hacking Savini Jason then?
  16. Indeed... you have to save those morphs where ever possible or you will not have one when you need it. The same has to said about Shift as well.... It really sucks when you hear a car start right after you used shift or morph, no matter which Jason you are using... There is no chance to catch a car or a boat for that matter if you cannot get in front of it with morph... and no chance to stop a car without having shift ready for use... unless of course someone makes a horrible mistake and drives right into you. I have seen it happen, but that is a true rarity. +Throwing knives is not much of a strength either if you ask me... If you are not careful, you can miss with a good many knives in a match. Judicious knife gathering works just as well as +Throwing Knives and any Jason can do it... it just takes time to gather them (more time for the Can't Run Jasons)... and there are always some knives near objectives that Jason will need to visit anyway. There have been many suggestions that we should be able to pick and choose Jason's strengths and weaknesses... but all that would lead to is +Shift on every Jason... I could also see +Traps on many Jasons… Personally, I think I would put weapon strength and destruction on every Jason. Weapon strength for the "medic and thick skin" users... and destruction to save time bashing down doors that is better spent gathering throwing knives. I am already used to only ever using three traps... and being a slug in the water... but it would be nice to trade up the -shift for another weakness... In the end, I would just use it to play a slightly different Part 4 on other Jason variants... I am not one of those people that will use the best of everything on one character... and I think all of the Jason variants are fine as they are now... They never should have caved and changed Part 7... I did well with him before the change... Have not played him much since the change though.
  17. I agree, that would be the proper way for Jason to go about it and they would be successful with it more often than not... But, as we discussed in another thread... impatience leads to mistakes and most Jason players just see an easy kill on the boat and charge right through. After all, most people consider the boat to be a death trap, but I know better... It is my preferred method of escape. I escape in the boat on Pinehurst more than any other map... and the entire trip on the boat is through canals. Jarvis is a close second, also loaded with canals... I escape on the boat so often, the name "Pequod" should be painted across the bow... and a cosmetic harpoon should be placed in the boat for the inevitable encounter with that damned white whale. Alas, that will never be due to the "no new content" thingy... and its not like it really fits with this franchise... except as a joke that I make.
  18. I have seen a few people miss on the timing… but for the most part it is way too easy to do it. And it is easy to learn the timing to do it... People just make mistakes sometimes, usually due to impatience... as you said. Impatience is the enemy to both sides.
  19. That's not why they left... go back and read some old threads. I do not see many hackers on PC at all compared to other games... But way to stereotype people... I would say good job... but stereotyping is NEVER a good job... unless you are trying to breed hatred. If PC can't join in on the fun with cross play, then I am completely against it. All platforms or non. There is a very simple solution to hackers.... BAN THEM FOR LIFE... and stop giving them multiple chances... 3 strikes is more than enough, and I personally only believe in second chances, not third chances... Hackers drive many good people from the game and they do not come back... and its the hackers that need to be driven out, not the hackers driving others out. But legitimate proof should ALWAYS be required. Many people do not even send in reports because they do not think people will get banned... Cross play would give us a lot more people to send in reports and drive hackers in this game to extinction... Now if we could get rid of the ignorant trolls as well... that would be awesome... All platforms suffer from ignorant troll infestations, and they are just as bad as hackers in my eyes.
  20. Many times I have witnessed such things... but in most cases they were only doing these stupid things because they knew Jason was somewhere else. Their behavior changes when they know he is nearby. But, you are correct... Patience (and a lot of throwing knives) can make all the difference... This tactic still requires that Jason runs away from them and keeps his distance though... and running away should not be in Jason's vocabulary. But a group of patient Jason hunters with thick skin and medic on everyone counters this... There is not enough throwing knives on any map to kill a sweater girl with two med sprays and medic and thick skin perks... particularly when the Tommy player is running the same perks and found two med sprays as well. Let alone if you add a third player in with med sprays and these perks. I have gone through upwards of twenty knives on a sweater girl alone with Tommy... and their med sprays just kept coming... and my throwing knives ran out... and I did not miss a single throw... that gets frustrating. Sweater girl and Tommy will always get slashed or knifed anyway... just that pocket knife giving them an indefensible hit is enough of a reason for that... let alone the free hit after you grab one of them. Grabbing in groups is always a bad strategy, but if you have asphyxiate on your kill list... you have a chance to get a kill off... But only IF the other nearby player makes a mistake.
  21. @tyrant666 I like what you did there... and they do sound a bit more "movie accurate"... Not sure about the -Defense on Part 4 though, he took a hell of a beating before going down at the end... and I would still keep weapon strength on him over +shift... He had some serious displays of strength, which can be reflected through weapon strength as it does more damage on a swing. That, and the combination of -defense and -hit points would make him the easiest to kill... Those two should never be put together on any variant. My biggest problem though is that I do not think "Can Run" should be a strength... nor should "Can't Run" be a weakness... on any variant. These two are simply a part of what the Jason variants are. Parts 2 to 4 moved much quicker than the later Jasons… Perhaps that is merely because back when those movies were made... zombies (or similar undead) were always portrayed as being slow. If the "undead Jason" movies were made today, I think he would be portrayed differently. But my real point here... Anyone that does well consistently with a "Can't Run" variant proves that it is not a weakness... and how often do we catch a counselor simply by running them down anyway?... This is fairly rare from what I have seen and requires (for the most part) a counselor to run out of stamina or to be wounded... Running even the low stamina counselors until they have no stamina can take a long time if the player knows what they are doing... I run Jason around with the slow, low stamina counselors for a long time in most matches, and I do not even take a swing at him... I have also seen many others do this as well. But this really depends on the counselor player... and the Jason player... and if anyone else has been opening windows. Savini Jason after all... can't run and is considered by many to be the best variant... And Part 4 can run, and is now considered to be the worst Jason by many (since the changes were made to Part 7 at least)… But I still like Part 4 the way he is... I may be too used to playing him though... Savini Jason I can never judge by playing him as I do not have him, I can only judge him by how he is played by others. At this point, changing these would probably cause an uproar of some sort... The can and can't run would need to be replaced by another strength and weakness... which could drastically change the dynamics of each variant, depending on the given strength or weakness that would replace them... And some people just get too attached to their favorite Jason variant as he is now.
  22. This one jumps all over me if I stop paying attention to her for any length of time... They do not call little dogs "lap dogs" for no reason. I think she is still going through separation anxiety... She should get over it about the time my friends come back from vacation. She is small, and thusly... easy to handle... But she just cannot bear to not be the center of attention.
  23. I am usually playing later at night. I am puppy sitting a rambunctious 7 month old puppy for a friend right now... She is an incredible attention monger. I hate to put her in her pen just to play a game... If she would calm down just a little bit, I could jump into a game for a while before she is sleeping.... Every time I try to play a game, she does a little dance on my keyboard... Got one more week to go.
  24. They may have well just called the character Bruce Campbell then... it is a disservice to the character to have him neutered in such a fashion.
  25. Trash talking looks bad even if the person is good... I never understood why someone wants to trash talk anyone who is going to be on their "team" in the next match... That never ends well.
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