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  1. Yes, they know the mechanics better than the rest of us... but nowhere was it stated that they were trying to kill him all 75 times either. It was 1 in 75 matches, but I don't think they considered that all 75 matches would have a kill attempt in them... Little did they know that many players would literally dedicate themselves to killing Jason and absolutely nothing else. 1 in 15 technically is not a rarity, but if they could ever come close to this with some balance adjustments, this would be a happy median for players on both sides of the argument I think... A bit of a challenge is not too much to ask after all... It is not much of a challenge right now from what I see. I got the game in Oct 2017... Meat shielding worked back then, block was more responsive... but other than that, combat stance has not changed... it was always a bit wonky.
  2. I am not the selfish one here... that would be you, demanding that someone do as you tell them... The very definition of selfish behavior. My analogies were not poor at all... you just didn't like them. If a player grabs the sweater and does not want to use it to kill Jason, sorry about your luck... try again next match... I have been screamed at in various languages and levels of rudeness for not giving up a pocket knife to sweater girl so they have a better chance at killing Jason... Instead, I used it on a trap and got the cops called so EVERYONE could escape if they could make it to the exit... But I am the asshole?... I am selfish?... Your own words point to you being the selfish one here, not me. Perhaps you should google the meaning of selfish... you may find a picture of yourself there. As to your example above... The driver of the car would have final say on what is played on the radio, and who sits where and literally anything else that happens in the car... If someone wants to be a dick like that in a car, it is the driver that needs to pull over and boot them the fuck out of the car... Calling "shotgun" does not mean you get to sit where you want, that is up to the driver. Talk about poor analogies... this one takes the cake and has NOTHING to do with what we are talking about as the DRIVER can very well tell ANYONE in THEIR frickin' car what to do, or they do not get to stay in the car... do they?... If they do not like the driver's "rules" for getting a ride in their car... EVERYONE is welcome to walk. We are talking about playing a game... You do not get to be in charge, I do not get to be in charge... no one really gets to be in charge unless the other players are willing to do what that person says... and if they do not want to follow your orders, then tough nugums. Also... I am not the one that needs to "git gud" apparently... I do very well for myself in this game already. Perhaps you should "git gud" at just one other aspect of the game other than trying to kill Jason... then you would not have to cry so much when someone else has to go for the sweater because they found nothing worthwhile in ANY drawers, or campsites, or anywhere else for that matter... Maybe you should offer them a trade for the sweater... a pocket knife? a med spray?... something would be nice instead of expecting someone else to do your bidding with ZERO incentive. Being polite and asking does work more often than not... so long as you were not an asshole to that player earlier... If that is the case... good luck getting that player to help you in any way. My whole point is... You do not get to tell others how to play... Thinking that I am wrong about this would make you an asshole... Telling me to "git gud" when I was never the player doing this might even confirm this... Calling me a "dick" and "selfish" solidifies it... I don't take the sweater for no reason... but neither would I ever bitch someone out for taking it and not wanting to help with a Jason kill. that is THEIR choice to make, not mine and certainly not yours. I got news for you... I actually play for the team, even when EVERYONE else in a match does not... But I am a dick am I?... I am selfish am I?... The asshole in this conversation has truly revealed himself.
  3. You know where your own posts are. Exactly where did I ever say anyone does not agree with me is a troll or stupid?... I dare you to find an instance of me calling anyone a troll or stupid in which it was undeserved... I can think of one instance with @Siph in which I was absolutely wrong and apologized to her... But neither did I directly call her stupid and never called her a troll. But unlike you Mr. Man... I can admit when I am wrong. Where exactly was I wrong?... You have not addressed this. Because you do not agree with me does not make you right either... SHOW ME where I am wrong so I can correct myself as I have the intelligence to do so when presented with facts that contradict my view on ANYTHING. I think you are missing the point. Not every match even has an attempt on Jason's unlife… But when players actually try to kill Jason, they are doing it quite often... and quite often is FAR from rare or difficult if an attempt is actually made. This is the point here... and you are still missing it. This game promotes teamwork to accomplish anything... a lone wolf might escape, but with six other players doing nothing... it is highly unlikely this will happen. It takes two players working together at minimum to kill Jason for a reason... and players that do this have a much higher success rate than just trying to escape. An entire lobby of counselors working together and pushing objectives is going to leave any Jason player with a low kill count... If you can count how many players fit into one car, you will discover that is half of the possible kills presented to the Jason player... One car and half the lobby escapes... it just requires a bit of teamwork... A lack of teamwork will get the entire lobby killed... Just like in ANY other game, teamwork will lead to victory, particularly against a team that cannot work together... and Jason has no one on his team (I will not count "teamers" here as this is not the point)… He is the one killer against seven potential victims... 8 if Tommy is called... and one against seven requires some advantages to even stand a chance to come out on top... Hence, the asymmetrical balance in Jason's favor... You are welcome to try and point out how I am wrong here too. Maybe one day, you might actually succeed in finding something I said to be incorrect... Its not like it has not happened before, I never claimed to be perfect... But it sure as shit is not in this post. I am not the one crying here.. take a look in the mirror. You are giving Canadians a bad name. Some players would like to see the original vision of "The Jason kill should be difficult and rare to see" implemented... How is it whining to want something to actually be a challenge?... Once again, your utter lack of logic astounds me... but I am not surprised at all. I can see why Matt might take this the wrong way with players ganging up on him... but then again, that is how it feels when every match you play as Jason is against a kill squad. A kill squad changes the entire dynamic of the match for Jason... Why has no one asked him to play as part of a kill squad instead of everyone just trying to kill him?... It is the success rate of the kill squads against various Jason players we are talking about here... Not the success of ANY kill squad against ANY one Jason player... that would skew the numbers... Just as using matches with no attempt on Jason's life to determine how "rare" the Jason kill is would skew the numbers... It is all about how common it is when players actually attempt it. I have been playing against some good kill squads frequently... by my own choice as I invite them into my group. I do not even keep track of how many times I die as Jason against these players... I only keep track of how many games against these particular players that I actually survive between being killed as Jason. I would like to see Gun play with forum and other community members too... Not the community against them, but working with them. It should not be the community against Gun... well, depending on who is playing Jason that round anyway... But if more than one person from Gun was playing in such a match, then it will never be Gun against the community... It would be counselors vs Jason... as it should be. This game promotes teamwork... us vs them is the wrong way to go about it. If they were playing with a kill squad in every match perhaps they would see what people here are talking about... A night with a kill squad always sees many Jason deaths.
  4. Not sure how you got that out of what I said... When a player messes up on the gas... which car do you go for?... or do you go for the boat or the car?... If they mess up on the battery, which car do you go for?... If there is only one car, and you have not smashed a power box... then this would be the only way to be sure where a player that screwed up on the repair actually is, considering there is only one car and a boat instead of two cars. So yes... VERY situational... particularly when considering you have no idea who is doing the repair unless there is only one counselor left... and if you don't know who is doing it, you have no idea if they will be finished the repair or not before you can morph there (considering you even morphed to the right spot)… and sneak up behind them... If this was not situational, it would literally be happening several times in every single match EVER played.... and it is not. Also... counselors looting the cabins at the start of the match is also situational. There are actually counselors who forego speed looting in favor of the part they found before even opening a drawer... This is the ONLY way to get the VERY situational two cars and six counselors escaping before Jason gets his first shift... It is rare, but it happens. Catching a counselor while speed looting at the start of the match is VERY situational. You have no stalk at this point, neither do you have shift... If they see you, they will normally run at this point if they have a brain... Catching, let alone actually killing a counselor at the start of the match while speed looting is VERY situational... or, once again... it would be happening in every single match every played... and it is not. Mistakes can be punished, but only if you morph to the right spot... and are actually quick enough to do anything about it. A counselor screwing up a repair has to worry about Jason showing up to give chase... but even that is not guaranteed. If Jason has no morph active at the time and is not nearby, he is not showing up... If Jason guesses wrong, he is not showing up. Jason's music only indicates he is in the area... you literally have no idea where in the area he is unless you see him. Stealth counselors are very useful despite what others say about them... But stealth will NEVER help you if Jason morphs nearby and sees you.... and if you are in his line of sight, or give off a sound ping that is obviously close enough that you should be glowing in sense but are not glowing... then sense avoidance perks are of no use either. Stealth AND sense avoidance are only useful if you can keep your distance from Jason. Neither are a guarantee you will not be found, and neither should they be. Smart counselors sure... but you have a great many counselors that think its smart to not open windows or lock doors, and rely on hitting Jason for extra stamina to prolong the chase... which also brings on rage early. ALL of these hits add up. Too many players do not even consider how to avoid rage... and strike Jason at every opportunity, leaving everyone else that is still alive in game after them to deal with early rage... I do very well without hitting Jason unless it is to save another player from his grip... and after Jason is done chasing me, whether he killed me or morphed away to deal with something else... he is no closer to rage than the default timer has given him. If everyone played like me, you would never even see a Jason in rage before halfway into the match or more... Where are all these smart players you speak of?... I still see many players wanting to fight Jason, whether in a group or one on one. Not every Jason, only the +Stalk should get this buff?... That would be the variant that would be WAY too overpowered with this buff... and if +stalk is altered, then neutral and -Stalk would remain the same? How does that even make sense?... A +Stalk Jason would be able to spend more than half the match in rage with this buff... which by definition makes it too over powered. As the game is now, once stalk is active, players already have to worry about Jason being around every corner. This behavior usually leads to other players getting killed... not the player that was not opening windows and locking doors... At least, that is how I see it play out from spectate after escaping or dying early. Jason is supposed to be overpowered... Asymetrical balance and all that. If players do nothing... or do nothing but beat on Jason... then yes, they will all die. Teamwork is your friend in this game... but teamwork is not a guarantee of survival either. You have to work for it. I find it funny to see people complain about dying as a counselor and demanding Jason be nerfed into the ground... again... Escapes have to be worked for, if you can't do the work, then you should be dying. If you see the car fixed AND the phone fixed later in the game all the time, then you must escape quite often. Why exactly do you complain about the game's balance? Do you think you should escape in every match? It sounds to me like people need to learn to work together as counselors like they are supposed to. This game promotes teamwork and punishes a lack of teamwork. Even two players working together can make Jason struggle to get more than a hand full of kills... One player fixing a car and getting it going can EASILY pick up three other counselors and escape with half the lobby... and you think it is Jason players that should learn to play? I check the number of players online on steam quite often... the numbers never dropped... They were between 300 and 400 for quite some time before the rage buff and for some time after it was implemented... Then came some sales, and the numbers went up... Which SEVERELY contradicts your statement here... Fortunately, Matt has stated that the rage buff is not going anywhere... so once again... deal with it. It was originally supposed to be 1 in 75 matches... But not every match even has an attempt to kill Jason either... But I think you have the right idea here... 15 or 20 tries to get one kill would definitely make players feel like they accomplished something... As it stands now... 9 out of 10 is not an accomplishment and never will be. Happy we have a game like this... sure. You don't need to be happy that you were killed in a game... it happens in literally every video game. Players of a game like this simply need to accept the fact that they are not going to survive every match... and a skilled player is still lucky to survive 50% of the time. We all die a lot in this game... Dying in a game like this and complaining about it is literally whining. This game is not for everyone... some people just cannot handle dying in a game... and those types of players should move on to things that will not frustrate them so much... like checkers... or coloring books.
  5. Complaining about a slashing Jason is literally saying they should not slash... Listening to one's opponent's orders is detrimental to one's chances to actually "win". Letting other players boss you around in a match is detrimental as well... Who put that person in charge in the first place?... How is it they know what's best for you to do? Teamwork is a thing, and is very important in this game... But teamwork does not require someone ordering others about. I for one do not respond well to orders, particularly not when given to me by strangers... let alone the person signing my paycheque... and if they get rude about it, I assure you... I can get far ruder than they can... I just never get rude first. There are already enough assholes in the world. Some players need to realize that asking politely actually works sometimes... shouting orders at people is not going to go well for them... and if the player does not want to do what they want them too, then they need to accept that they are not the boss... And even if they were "the boss"... sometimes, that person can easily find another job working for someone who is not an asshole... Skilled labor has its perks... this is one of them. Not anymore than someone taking a pocket knife for themselves and not handing it over when you order them to so you can use it for something else. Not any more than someone finding a med spray for themselves and not handing it over when ordered to because you need it for yourself. Not anymore than someone finding a weapon and not handing it over when ordered to because you wanted to use it for yourself... Not any more than someone not giving up their seat in a vehicle because they were ordered to because you wanted a ride... are you seeing a pattern here... I am. If a player grabs ANYTHING... and you tell them what they HAVE TO do with it... Make no mistake... YOU are the entitled snowflake. You do not get to tell other people how to play this, or any other game... and believing that you do have this right makes you the snowflake, not the other person... Calling someone a dick because you didn't get your way also makes you an entitled snowflake... Don't try to justify shit behavior... it will not go well for you. Yes, I have had many players approach me politely to ask for help when I respawn as Tommy... or when I have been the final girl to grab the sweater for the kill. Some of these same players were EXTREMELY rude to other players (which happen to be the friends I am playing with) in that same match, or a previous match... or even on a previous night and I just remember them and what they did last time... I have a VERY good memory... I am what some people call "an unforgiving prick"... And I learned to be unforgiving because I was once too forgiving. People do not change, they just become more of what they actually are... and forgiveness is a license for escalation. I have lived long enough, and known many people way more than long enough to have learned this the hard way... and I am not one for repeating mistakes. But, I also run into many players (and people in general) that are not assholes. I may be an unforgiving prick in the opinion of literally every asshole I have ever had to deal with more than once in my life... people do tend to get upset when you don't give them a second chance to screw you over... But if someone who has not yet proven to be an asshole can be polite, and ask me for help... I feel compelled to help them... By polite... I don't mean "please" and "thank you"... I mean, NOT being an asshole... to me... or to anyone else. When an asshole calls me (or anyone else) an asshole for not wanting to do what they want me (or anyone else) to do... to the rest of the world (or at least those people with actual brains in their heads), the real asshole is made apparent... and I doubt these same assholes would EVER feel compelled to help someone just because they asked for help... unless it was already in line with what they wanted to do for themselves anyway. Yes... even an asshole can be polite at times... But if I already know them to be an asshole from a previous encounter... they get no help from me. But neither do I go out of my way to screw over what they are doing either... Unless they have tried doing the same to me or my friends in the past... then all bets are off. I am now wondering if I have beat my own record on the use of the word asshole in one post. And yes... I have actually had players tell me... "You better frickin' help us kill Jason"... or words to a similar effect... I get a good laugh out of these idiots that think they can order people around. I do play with a couple of damned good Jason hunters now and again... and they are some of the most polite people you could ever meet. Yet still, some people will grab the sweater and run away giggling, or don't bother to help as Tommy... Non of us get rude with these people, we simply try again in the next match... Its not like a match with no attempt to kill Jason actually counts towards their ratio of Jason kills vs failed attempts... To be included in this ratio... for success or failure... and attempt actually has to be made. A bit of a drawn out answer... but literally everything is more complicated than most people think. Also... boat escapes are my favored way out of camp whenever possible as well... they are always worth a shot. I almost never instigate a hunt for Jason... I prefer escaping with as many other counselors as possible... or at least making escape possible for as many others that can get away. I try to contribute as much as possible to the team in any match I play. Due to rampant complaints of "teaming"... this will never happen... and needs to stay that way. If it ever was put in game, stalk would need to remove him from spectate at the very least. For honest players... this would make spectating much more fun... its too bad there are so many dishonest players out there to ruin it for everyone else. You can, however, watch Jason from spectate in private matches... if you can convince your friends to play private matches. Most of my friends are not used to team killing and do not like private matches because of this... Not because some purposefully kill other players... but because they have a hell of a time knocking another player free of Jason's grip without killing the player in his grip... So I rarely get into private matches... even when I have a full lobby of friends... Either way, I leave it for the group to make decisions that affect the group.
  6. The situations you speak of are VERY situational. Stalk is indeed HEAVILY reliant on sense... Literally every video you see of stalk kills are done with heavy usage of sense. Over hundreds of games, someone could put together a video of stalk kills that did not use sense at all... but in reality, most of their stalk kills WILL be heavily reliant on sense. Sure you can luck out and notice someone repairing something and get into stalk and come up behind them... but exactly how often does this happen?... In almost 700 matches as Jason I can remember being able to sneak up on a lone counselor repairing something like you describe about 3 times... Sure you can walk into a cabin in stalk... but without the counselor giving off sound pings or you actually seeing them through a window (which also leaves them open to seeing you and negates stalk)... you have no idea where they are in that cabin... Being able to wander around the entire cabin in stalk to look for them while in stalk is WAY too much of a buff. Do the math... How long is the recharge on stalk before rage?... How long are you suggesting stalk lasts for when moving?... Without even doing the math myself I can plainly see that this would leave Jason players in stalk for WAY too much of the match while retaining mobility... and then subtract how much less stalk takes for recharge in rage... and rage can be brought on VERY early in a match. Stealth works fine for those with the patience (very few players have any patience towards this and need to run around like chickens with their heads cut off)… and the knowledge of how it works... Many players have no idea how it works, and think it should make them super powered ninjas instead of the teenage camp counselors (who have ZERO training in combat and stealth techniques). Sense spamming is the only thing that keeps sense avoidance perks from turning counselors into super powered ninjas... Jason actually needs a chance to find them while they have a chance to not be found... Balance and all that. Any nerf to sense spamming is also a HUGE nerf to stalk. Also... players that think they should be able to run around in complete silence (no sound pings) are not thinking... To be stealthy, patience and slower movements are necessary... Not even a super powered Ninja can run around silently... yet Tommy can. Staying as far away as possible from whoever you do not want to see you is another actual requirement for stealth to be "stealthy"... Some players actually think sense avoidance perks should leave them completely unnoticed as they run around in front of Jason in full view of him... which is beyond ridiculous. Also too much of a buff. Tommy was never the problem... getting the mask off so easily is the problem... And the devs have already stated that the power boxes will NEVER be shown for Jason... and neither should they be shown for counselors... But if they are shown for one side, they should be shown for the other side as well... Balance. Buffing stalk to not burn down while moving for that long DOES leave Jason players able to be in stalk for way more of the match than you would ever want to see them in stalk for when playing a counselor... As it is, stalk is Jason's most powerful ability... and is even more powerful when used in conjunction with sense, morph and shift... in that order. Using sense to see a counselor allows you to morph ahead of them and shift back at them, while using sense to actually be able to see them, or you will not be catching them at all... Trees, bushes, rocks, cabins... and generally anything that blocks your view outside of sense will leave it in the hands of blind luck whether or not you could even find them without sense... This is almost a guaranteed kill on even the best Vanessa players out there... barring a pocket knife of course... and there are only so many of those in a match. Stalking is a game of patience when not morphing ahead of someone you see in sense and shifting back at them... and needs to stay that way.
  7. There is a bug that happens with the mic that has been around for a long time that causes this. It does not happen to everyone, but it happens... and it happens to me too. Although it is not consistent in leaving me voiceless in game, you can never be muted at a good time with this bug... On PC at least, turning off push to talk actually fixes this. I have had no issues with my mic while leaving push to talk off... but if I turn it back on, the same crap happens again. So if you don't mind leaving your mic open... this has a work around at least. Not sure if this works on consoles or not. Also... welcome to the forums.
  8. Fun fact for you... when players are saying the opposite of what everyone else is seeing, chances are, they are full of shit. Being I am actually an honest person and just call it like I see it... there are more than enough people seeing the same things I am for me to know who is full of shit (not just on this platform)... I fully understand how situational everything is... but when some people are stating the polar opposite of what is actually happening consistently for so many... I tend to take the word of the honest few. There will always be more crybabies than not... and at this time in history, there are WAY more crybabies than every before. Some of these things they say I can see being consistent for some of these people IF every single match they have ever played was with lobbies full of do nothing and completely incompetent players... and they took absolutely no time to learn any other aspect of this game other than beating on Jason... and never even tried to use dodge... Then, and ONLY then... maybe... and if that is the case... and I am not part of the "git gud" community... but they need to git gud. Another fun fact for you... the rage buff made Jason even easier to kill. Reasons for this have been stated MANY times already so I won't bore you with more facts than you can handle. Many players just do not know this... and if they choose not to look into these things for themselves, then that is on them. After speaking with MANY players that came here to complain about the rage buff it was made clear by MANY of them that they were the ones using Jason as a piñata and wished for this behavior to continue... all of these conversations that happened on these forums are still there and easy to find... Listening to the people that were responsible for causing the issue that the buff was put into place to prevent is counter productive. Another fun fact... Matt also said in a recent stream that the rage buff is not going anywhere... But adjustments may yet be made. Face it, piñata parties are a thing of the past and are going to stay that way... If so many people think Jason is invulnerable in rage, then why do they insist on bringing it on quick by beating on him for shits and giggles?... Sounds to me like this is just the idiots that liked to use Jason as a piñata making the game more difficult for EVERYBODY ELSE that is still in the game. Indeed... and here are some more fun facts... just for you. It is MUCH harder to find honest people than it is to find people who are full of shit... dishonest people quickly become apparent through even a short conversation with a few simple questions about the subject.... And crybabies will be crybabies... Listening to crybabies is the wrong way to go... for ANYTHING. The devs vision of this game is simple.... ASYMETRICAL horror survival game... The killer is supposed to be overpowered, but the potential victims are just that... "Potential"... With the concept of an overpowered killer, the potential victims need to work together to survive, and not all of them will survive... in general. Sometimes, all of them will die... and other times all of them will escape... and everything in between. I think they were going with a 5 out of 8 as an average... If you understand how averages actually work... the number of games I have seen with Jason players getting zero kills alone would be enough to bring the average down to 6 even with all of these people saying every game they see is 8 of 8. There is no horror if no one is dying... There is no fear of a killer that is being used as a pinata for ANY length of time... There is no slasher in the slasher game if no one gets slashed... and very little fear of dying at all if 4 or more players are escaping in EVERY match... If you cannot do math... 4 is half of 8 of Jason's possible victims... and you can take four players out in one car. If there is zero concern for one's player, then how can it be a horror game?... People complaining about the rage buff are showing their brand new fear for Jason instead of their utter lack of fear AND respect for him. It did its job, whether others can see this or not. I just happen to like the whole "asymmetrical balance" thing... It is different. This game, like any other, is simply not for everyone... Players that cannot handle dying a lot in a game will not like this game, or the balance the devs are going for... and there is only one reason for that. We ALL die a lot in this game... some of us escape far more than others, but everyone manages to escape at some point... Out of ten matches you play... how many do you survive?... Take your next ten matches and keep track... and I will give you my own average. Yes, it was. Yes... you have said that... and you have also said in the past that you were one of the people using Jason as a piñata... and again... Why exactly should the opinions of the people that were the cause of the issue that the buff was put in to deal with matter at all?... Everyone knows exactly why they are complaining... and when you are complaining about anything put in place to prevent the behavior you are responsible for... you will find it falling on deaf ears... unless it is a fool doing the listening. I still have met VERY few players in game with an actual complaint about the rage buff. But I have talked to a few now. Indeed... such a claim should be backed up with an actual count... and compared to the ratio of the toxic members of the community vs those with some rationality... I bet the numbers are identical... Quick play in this game can be one of the more toxic places you can visit on the internet... and that is where this lovely multi platform community all came from... But, good and bad in every group... that is just the way it is. This post is getting long though... I'll be back... "soon".
  9. Use the sweater however you want to use it... Crybabies want to cry because you wanted to do something other than what they want to do... are just crybabies. As long as we play within the rules.... NO ONE gets to tell ANYONE how they should play the game. Telling someone else how they should play a game makes that person the dick, NOT the other way around. If someone does not want to kill Jason, you would be a dick for trying to force them into doing what you want... If someone wants to grab the sweater for their own purposes, maybe you should have got to it before they did if you wanted to use it. I will help kill squads if they are polite... but when someone orders me to do ANYTHING, it is not going to happen... Neither will it happen if they are rude... whether it is rude to me, or ANYONE else in the game without that person getting rude with them first... The only thing that gives any kind of reason for getting rude with someone is when the other person gets rude first... and make no mistake, telling another person how they should do something counter to what they want to do with it IS RUDE. Try asking politely... and if they still don't want to help you with what you want to do... then too bad. Other players will play how they want to play, not how you want them to play... Neither you, nor me nor ANYONE else has ANY right to tell ANYONE else what to do.
  10. Rear view and zig zag jogging. Count to four and rear view and zig zag again... It works very well. I still get hit by Jason players that can actually quick throw with any accuracy, but those are pretty rare... Even though I explain to all my friends that play Jason how to do it, many do not bother practicing it... even though they see how useful it is to me in nearly every match we play together. Against Jason players that have to aim every throw, they will almost always miss against a counselor doing this. I do play with some awesome Jason players that I have a hell of a time escaping against... but most Jason players are no where near that good. I just look at playing against great players (from either side of play) as the best kind of practice your are going to get. There are still games I will run around a corner right into a noob Jason's grip... and games that the best Jason players that I play against cannot touch me. We all have good and bad game, all we can do is practice and try our best from either side of play. I keep my distance until he comes after me and run around him... Remember how literally every Jason player complained about the grab when it was changed with the engine upgrade?... You have to be pretty accurate with it. It is easy to get around any Jason player if you have enough room... and very few rooms do not have enough room... If you can get inside the cone, he cannot grab you... The cone is VERY narrow once you are within his arm's length... You just have to stay out of its center, which is based directly in front of him. But I was still doing this effectively before the current grab was implemented. This example you give is about timing with a healthy dose of luck to escape him... and remember, even in the best of circumstances, Jason can and will still kill you. Tactics and knowledge of game mechanics are very important to survival in this game... right along with teamwork being pretty much a requirement for players to escape or kill Jason. I still die a lot in this game like everybody else... but I have a damned good survival ratio. If I survived much more than I do now, I would not be so against nerfing counselors and buffing Jason. Game balance is pretty good right now other than the ease of killing Jason... Counselors have a good chance to get away from Jason barring a mistake or lucky grab, but still have to work for it... Jason players also have to work for it... unless they are playing against a group that does nothing, then it is an easy 8 of 8... and that is just how it should be... Similar to a group of counselors playing against a Jason that does not know how to play... chances are there will be zero kills in such a match. Team work grants its own rewards while a team that cannot work together will grant a reward to those playing against them. But against a team of counselors with any semblance of co ordination, he has to work for it... and against a group that can work well together, even the best Jason players are going to have a low kill count... It only takes one car escape to lose four counselors... and one call to the cops leaves only five minutes to kill everyone... and considering a great many players can and will kite Jason around for much longer than five minutes... this also ends with low kill counts even against great Jason players. I rarely run when playing A.J. unless I know Jason is busy... and when there are only two players other than me, I never run unless absolutely necessary... Zero sound pings make me much harder to find than many players would believe... barring a lucky morph that is... or other players running towards me looking for help and giving away my position when they should be trying to keep Jason busy and not leading him to the only repair counselor left in a match. Even if they buffed the stealth system like some want, players leading Jason to you looking for help, or looking to give Jason another target will ALWAYS make stealth useless.
  11. Stalk is mostly useless without sense... and without shift active yet either, even more useless... how would this even help? Having sense early makes more "sense". Against good players... too much of a buff and gives reasons for Jason to camp an area... which is just a bad idea for Jason in the first place. Against do nothing players, not even a buff. As far as objectives go... They are already shown on Jason's map... all you need to know is how to read a map and orient yourself from the in game view of the character you are playing. You do not even have to know the area you are in well... just how to orient yourself vs the map... Sound pings already give away players that are around objectives if Jason is paying attention... Unless they actually know how to use the stealth system. Highlighting an objective actually being repaired at the time completely nerfs the stealth system and gives no need for repair mistake warnings... Jason would never need the repair warnings if he can already see something being repaired... Let alone if he can see this from across the map. The range of sense is far more limited than many players think... It does not stretch across the map... not even on a small map. Distances are just hard to estimate in game... Until you see a cabin flickering at the edge of your sense range and look at your map to find out just how far away sense actually does reach. Morph is based on pins placed in the map... This would require a complete rework of the morph pins... and if Morph is suddenly too accurate, that is way too much of a buff for ANY Jason variant. Imagine morphing ahead of the car and having it crash into you every time with zero effort... no car would ever escape after the Jason players learn how to use this. Players would also be consistently be grabbed out of a morph... WAY too much of a buff. I do like the idea of counselors taking damage while in Jason's grip, but it would have to be minimal damage or the river of tears would begin to flow again. Breaking free of a choke hold will NEVER leave you with more stamina than you had before the choke... a lack of oxygen leaves you weakened, not strengthened... and being in Jason's grip IS a choke hold... How can it not be? He is holding a counselor in the air by the throat... Impossible to do without choking someone. An adrenaline boost does not give you more strength or stamina when your body is starved of oxygen as it would be after being choked. Stalk runs out quickly when you are moving for a reason... Stalk is a very powerful tool... If it did not run down quickly, neutral and +Stalk variants would be spending most of the match in stalk… And after they get stalk, the match would be pretty short... This would throw balance to the wind.
  12. I don't find Pinehurst any more challenging than any other map... I get most of my boat escapes on Pinehurst... And for some reason, I seem to have died more often as Jason on Pinehurst than other maps as well. Getting the car away on Pinehurst is also easy... Calling the cops does work well, but if you guess wrong, the size of the map makes it a long jog to the exit... which is hardly a big deal... Jason is usually waiting at the exit, not chasing people anymore at that point... And it is usually pretty easy to outmaneuver and get around Jason at the exit. I truly do not understand people's issue with this map. There is just as much loot in Pinehurst as every other map... There are nineteen buildings on Pinehurst, which is five more than Higgins... There are only a couple of spots where the distance between clusters of cabins is greater than on Crystal Lake, Packanack or Higgins... and it is in no way worse than Jarvis for these distances either. I escape often on this map and get more boat escapes on it than any other map... Not seeing your problem at all... Did you know it is possible on EVERY map to loot four cabins and find nothing? Take a look at the maps and tell me again how the distances are huge compared to other maps... We all have access to the maps and distances are PLAINLY visible and very easy to compare. The small maps suck... very sick of them all... So sick of them in fact that I will ask politely for a small map to be changed... If I receive no response, or a rude response... I will wait until the game starts... and leave with my entire group.
  13. It happens to all of us, no one is perfect... so don't feel bad.
  14. Nope, I jog away from him... dodge throwing knives and find a window that I opened already... Like I said, no one else seems to open them... But I open EVERY window I see, just so when I do see Jason, I can turn around and jog back to the nearest window... and run him through the same three cabins over and over for VERY long periods of time without ever bothering to hit him... and when all the windows and doors are finally smashed, I jog towards the nearest cluster of cabins and rinse and repeat... which works VERY well if I had also visited the next cluster of cabins before hand... as no one seems to bother opening windows. The unrealistic part would be getting a stamina boost from hitting him. Another unrealistic part would be a bunch of kids beating on a seasoned and well armed killer. Almost every player I see survive the night does so because I opened every window on a great many cabins around the map... and set up EVERY bear trap I found along the way behind doors that I locked... as locking the doors is important for the open windows to even be a help... and so many players do not even bother locking the doors. Whether I die early, or escape early... I always see the cabins I set up being used to help prolong at minimum one chase and sometimes several... And like I already said, my setting up cabins like this is almost always why players survive the night. When a player keeps moving from cabin to cabin, Jason cannot lag behind smashing windows or he will loose them. Players that just wait for Jason to smash the windows often die quickly. I do not run medic or thick skin, so these tactic are more important to me than for those that do run those perks... But the utter lack of concern for other team members that I see in games from MANY other players greatly contributes to counselor deaths. This playstyle... as I have said before, is exactly why the rage buff did not even affect my playstyle... and I am NEVER the player that puts Jason into rage early... which also helps others that are still in the match after he catches and kills me or I escape... People calling Jason invincible in rage should do their best to stave off rage as long as possible... and that means NOT hitting him constantly because someone wasted all of their stamina too quickly.
  15. Its an "asymmetrical horror survival game"... which means the killer is supposed to be overpowered, even compared to being attacked by all seven counselors... Currently, his mask can be removed in one or two hits with certain counselors... which means you DO NOT need seven to do it, you only need one to remove the mask and one to get the sweater. If you do not like dying in a video game, then this game is not for you... Deal with it... The supposed "overpowered killer" should NOT be dying in 50% of the matches (or more) when players actively attempt to kill him... yet, here we are. One or two hits to get the mask off... this is a FACT... Explain how this is difficult to achieve. Would you prefer it to take even less strikes? Groups of players that know what they are doing will always do better than groups that do not know what they are doing... Not just in this game, but in EVERY game. I killed Jason for my first time on my second day of playing... and the badge for killing Jason was one of the first three I completed... That badge should have been MUCH closer to the last badge being completed, not just for me... but for everyone. Killing Jason is supposed to be difficult to do and rare to see... It is neither... and NEVER was. Longest sentence I have seen in a while... ALL Jasons are stunned just as easily as any other... the stun chance is in the weapon used... Stuns resistance only lowers the time Jason is stunned for... Once stunned, he is open to an indefensible demasking hit... indefensible means "it IS NOT possible to avoid this hit... and this type of hit can be done over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again... on ANY Jason variant. Fortunately for counselors, it only takes 2 hits MAX to get the mask off if you are using the right counselor... If you are using a counselor that takes more hits to demask him... well, no problem there at all, we can just stun him and take the indefensible hit... over, and over, and over, and over again until it does come off... This is ridiculously easy to achieve in any number of ways. With a sweater girl that know when to use the sweater, Jason CANNOT morph away as he has no time... The sweater stun will also bring Jason out of shift if he attempts to use that... And even if Jason does manage to morph away due to sweater girl taking too long to use it... yes, it is simple to play keep away with a killer that will die instantly if he gets too close to Tommy and sweater girl... barring a mistake or glitch, which do not happen very often any more... But Jason feeling the need to run away is counter to everything he is... and to the horror aspect of this game. The killer IS NOT the one that should be afraid to engage ANYONE... and retreat should not even be in Jason's vocabulary... Jason retreating is just as good as getting killed in the first place. I do not hunt noobs... I very rarely hunt Jason unless someone asks for help doing it... and my success rate is astronomically high compared to my failure rate, which can only be taken from matches that I actually tried to kill Jason... Matches in which I do not try to kill Jason have zero bearing on the ratio of kills vs attempts as there was no attempt made. Personal experiences in game are actual facts... This is what we see... because you do not like it or agree with it does not change the facts to non facts... With so many people seeing Jason being killed MANY times per night... I find it hard to believe anyone that says otherwise as it is the opposite of what so many players ARE in fact seeing in game. Literally what you are saying here is that the players who play the game the most, and know it better than "casual" or first time players... are wrong and don't know what they are talking about... Your utter lack of logic astounds me at times... and not in a good way. This game is not for everybody... Any player that cannot handle dying a lot in ANY game... will not like this game and NEVER will like this game until they can get over this issue they have with dying in a game. Knowing what this game was when I got it, I fully expected to die VERY often as a counselor and very rarely as Jason... as it was stated that the Jason kill was difficult to achieve and rare to see... and I know what to expect for counselors as I had seen every movie more times than I care to admit... I also expected to be very bored of it within a month as it looked very repetitious. I was surprised to find that escaping was actually not difficult, even against good Jason players and I was not dying nearly as much as I thought I would be... On my second night of playing, I discovered just how easy it was to kill Jason... and as I said above, this was one of the first three badges I completed... which as a fan of the franchise... I found to be ridiculous. Soon after I started playing came the great Jason nerf of 2017... I seemed to be the only player that even wanted to play Jason at that point... But I stuck it out and learned to 'git gud' as many players that used me as a pinata "kindly" suggested. I met a lot of good people playing this game and still play sometimes with some of the first people I played the game with... The situational hilarity of this game... and a lot of good people to play it with... as well as a love of this franchise has kept me playing far longer than I initially thought I would be... The piñata parties came VERY close to pushing me away from this game, but I am as tenacious as my namesake. It took me a while to see all of the kills in the game due to a few.... I am looking in the direction of asphyxiate and head punch... being so popular with many players, for... reasons. But death in this game often comes with a nice and bloody kill animation. The game is a challenge from many perspectives, and all of us die a lot as a counselor... But I still, and will always find it ridiculous that it is so easy to kill Jason when it was stated to be difficult to achieve and rare to see. I stopped hunting Jason the moment I finished that badge... at least from an active viewpoint. I still help kill squads if they ask politely... and a few hunters that I play with that do not need to ask for help... I already know what they are up to and will help them out. But I almost never instigate a "hunt" for Jason on my own... I much prefer escaping on a boat... or a in a full car... or being part of the charge towards the cops... in that order. Surviving the night works for me too but this one is never what I am going for at the start of a match... it just sometimes works out as your only remaining option. But all of these are a challenge to achieve and I will not be able to do any one of them anywhere near as consistently as killing Jason... so I take the more challenging path for the most part... Which is also why I am a big fan of using Part IV and his "lesser tools" as some have called him. Seeing the exact number of times Jason has been killed would only be relevant if they had a way of knowing how many actual attempts to kill Jason were made to achieve this number. Comparing it to the overall number of matches played would be ridiculous and in no way give ANY indication of how easy it is to achieve... For the kill vs. attempt ratio to even exists, number of kills AND number of attempts both have to be a known number... and there is literally no way to track "attempts" that do not result in Jason's death. I have played many nights in which no one even bothered to make an attempt on ANY Jason player... and I have played many nights in which EVERY match had an attempt to kill Jason... and every single time I see multiple attempts on Jason's "unlife"... the number of failed attempts is far lower than the number of Jason kills. Just because you are not seeing attempts does not mean no one is trying in matches you are not playing in. You don't see Jason die much, I will grant you that... but I have extreme doubts that the number of attempts that you have seen are even equal to the number of Jason kills you have seen... and the failed attempts are more than likely far fewer than the successful attempts... For anyone who cannot do math... 50% is not rare... and is actually pretty damned far from being rare. Percentage of matches it happens in is irrelevant. Not every match even has an attempt made... only failed attempts vs successful attempts can be used for a ratio that means anything at all... Matches in which no one bothers to try and kill Jason cannot be counted here... It is all about how many attempts are made vs actual kills. If there are only two attempts and two kills, that does not make it rare... If out of your 9 out of 10 times only included 9 attempts... that would be a big 100% success rate as well. Also... 20 or 30% is also far from rare.... 2 or 3 in 10 IS NOT and NEVER will be called rare for ANYTHING... For something to even be considered rare... you have to go bellow 10% to achice something more like 9 out of 100 instead of 1 out of ten. When I see attempts made in ever match, I see above 50% of games in which Jason dies... and that is just me being in a game with an attempt on him. I do not participate often... but still see it far more than we should be seeing for it to be called rare... or difficult. One or two hits to get the mask off... this is a FACT... Explain how this is difficult to achieve. Would you prefer it to take even less strikes? If you see someone using a "turbo controller", then record it and send the video in with a report to Jasonkillsbugs… It is listed under bannable offenses.
  16. We do not get a release date for ANY patch until it is ready to drop... EVER. There are reasons for this of course... If they give a date and cannot meet it due to anything unexpected happening... the community goes into an uproar... Unexpected things happen all the time, so we do not get any release dates... until it is ready to drop. Just watch the patch notes section... eventually, new patch notes will be posted... and then you know a patch is almost here... But if you look at the history of the games patches and the dates of their releases, you will notice they do not come out with patches very often, and that is not likely to change.
  17. Just for future reference... When a game has a download available it will que it... if your right click the name of the game in your list you will see a "manage downloads" option... click that and you will be taken to the downloads page... also reachable through clicking "downloads" at the bottom of the steam page in the middle... Once on the downloads page, you can move qued downloads up in priority or simply start a qued download. I have not seen any updates to F13 since the last patch... not sure why you would have seen one.
  18. I NEVER take a swing at Jason unless it is to free someone from his grip... or if I am in the mood to remove his mask for shits and giggles.... and I do just fine... Knowing the map and where the closest window to you helps a lot (yes, even on the largest maps)... let alone if other players ACTUALLY opened some windows now and again... but it seems in most games, I am the only one even bothering to open windows. I play with A.J. and have zero problems kiting Jason around like this... Yes he gets me sometimes but that is just part of the game, we all die a lot in this game... But I can kite him around just fine with A.J. for Very long periods of time... I do not see what the problem would be from not getting any stamina from hitting Jason at all, as I don't use it and have no problem with it. This type of playstyle is exactly why the rage buff never even affected my playstyle at all... and my ratio of escape vs dying has a much higher number on the escapes. All that, and hitting him over and over again to prolong your own chase only brings rage on quicker for EVERYONE else left in the match after he kills you... People are so scared of rage, yet have no thought of others on their own team and bash him around early on... then complain when rage comes early. Jason being immune to stuns IS NOT a guaranteed loss for counselors in any way... players still escape after Jason gets rage all the time... they also kill him with ease after rage all the time... and yes, players still survive the night... FAR from invincible. I am not seeing the problem with the rage buff... other than it has rid us of prolonged piñata parties... which was the point of it after all. Sucker punch is more than strong enough when using it with the right weapon... I understand how percentages work... Math is incredibly simple to me due to excessive use of it through my life. My whole point with the 50/50 thing was that players on these forums claim that an axe used with sucker punch stuns every time they use it... and the base axe stun is what 66%?… If sucker punch is giving a virtual guarantee of a stun to an axe, it is already way too overpowered. Players that expect to lose will generally lose... but this is due to fear, or even a lack of hope from the belief that Jason is invulnerable... which translates to... fear... We are supposed to show some fear of Jason... not run up into his face, tap him with a bat and run away giggling... This is a HORROR survival game... Not a "bash the 'challenged' goalie around" game. He is not invulnerable. The rage buff simply means that players cannot rely on the same tactics that they used before he goes into rage... Which are almost uniformly the same tactics that end up putting Jason into rage LONG before he otherwise would have been. Players that can adjust their tactics are doing just fine... If he is so invulnerable, then why is he still dying? Why are players still escaping AND surviving the night?... Granted, surviving the night is difficult... but it is supposed to be difficult! A group that can work as a team will almost uniformly have several escapes, no matter how good the Jason player is... a group that cannot work as a team is not going to get anything done and they will all die... That is the most realistic part of this game.... Teamwork... works... Think only of one's self... does not work... Players that play with no thought to others on their team besides themselves WILL get others killed, as well as themselves... as it is in real life, and as it should be in the game too.
  19. I never saw the point in regaining stamina from hitting Jason... unrealistic and can drag out a chase indefinitely against a mediocre Jason if the counselor knows what they are doing... They only need to enter a cabin to find a new weapon when their current weapon breaks. I never take a swing at Jason as it is in a one on one chase... with A.J. and I can already drag out a chase for a very long time as it is... and if I can do it, so can every other player out there. Better players than me could drag a chase out even longer than I can... and players not quite as good could still drag out a chase for quite some time without needing to hit him for a stamina boost at all... Of course, I cannot always drag out a chase for a long time... but neither can anyone who does hit him for more stamina... It is all situational. As to the rage buff... bringing back stuns in rage is just a bad idea... But if any player had to question whether or not a weapons strike (from ANY weapon... even with perks) would even stun him... throughout the entire match... then there would never have been piñata parties in the first place, nor would there have been any need for the rage buff... or would there? A 50/50 chance to stun will always leave you questioning whether you would stun or not... and could give you many stuns in a row, or many strikes that do not stun in a row... But sucker punch can still raise this high enough to give you something much closer to a guarantee of a stun... Even at 50/50 chance to pull it off throughout the entire match, multiple counselors can still easily have a piñata party... but their weapons would at least break without causing as many stuns.
  20. I will have to keep a closer eye on a Tiffany that I am chasing to be sure... Perhaps even ask a friend to jog around for a while near my Jason for a minute or two... that should be enough to be sure I think. I don't mind giving up a couple of kills to confirm something like this if I have to... But I won't be back in game until Sunday night or Monday. I think your idea for sense avoidance perks is pretty good... and might give players that extra edge they are looking for without being too over powered. All the perks together reducing Jason's sense range to under 50%... I don't remember the numbers right now... is more than enough to keep a player off his radar if they can stay out of his line of sight and keep some distance between Jason and themselves, and watch their sound pings... All of which are already required for them to be of use now anyway. Vanessa needs no nerf... she dies just as easily as everyone else.
  21. If you run Nerves of Steel, your mini map will never disappear, but your inventory and stamina bar will still disappear (at the same time)... even if you are playing Tommy or Jenny. It takes them much longer to fall into fear than the others but it still happens, even with fear resistance perks... no one is completely immune to fear. You can still use your inventory items, but you have to remember which slot they were in. I have not seen inventory or stamina bar disappear without being in high fear... Could still be a bug, but seeing a screenshot or video would tell us whether or not you were in high fear or not at the time... It is not clear whether or not this was fear related or a bug without a screenshot or video... Even if several dozen (or more) players started saying this happened to them... we would all still need a screenshot or video to confirm it.
  22. 3:12 is still pretty damned quick... Probably close to being as rare as a team of counselors getting both cars going and escaping with 6 counselors before Jason gets his first shift... That one I have seen a few times... and Jason is powerless to stop it under the right conditions, with a team that can work together... But this one takes pretty much the entire team working together, which is another rarity in itself... or it is not going to happen. Some players do not want to go for the Jason kill... Tommy is quite capable of helping the counselors in many other ways... which would be impossible if he comes in that late... So that just hurts players who don't want to go for the Jason kill... which is not the solution to the problem... Tommy was never the problem, the ease of getting Jason's mask off is the problem. Wrenches can also remove the mask... so can a bat, or any other weapon that does the final bit of damage towards removal... ALL weapons do damage towards mask removal, some just do more than others... If I am not mistaken the bat does the least amount... or possibly the 2x4... or even the sacred branch... Perhaps the sacred branch should do more damage... it is after all... THE sacred branch. If there are only 4 axes and 4 machetes in each match, then how is it I find that many of one or the other in almost every match I play?... That makes zero sense as it is a very low probability that I could find all of them in so many matches... There are weapons at campsites too right, some on picnic tables here and there. They do not all spawn in cabins. It also DOES NOT take that many hits to get Jason's mask off... Bugsy is also not the only counselor that can easily do it... Remember that guy named Tommy? And they don't have to use Bugsy... When I try to do it... by myself... with A.J. I can generally do it without dying in 3 out of 5 attempts... But I don't keep track of how many swings it takes for her because I use other methods... Such as leading him into bear traps, using flare guns, shot guns... and hits from ANY weapons I can find... weapons do not last long for A.J. I have even seen firecrackers take the mask off without a weapon strike to go along with it... But I only try to kill Jason when helping polite Jason hunters... otherwise, I am just removing the mask to put the fear of it into them... which works VERY well. More weapons are not necessary... we have been through that before too... It led to piñata parties and VERY early demaskings… Other than a couple of low luck counselors, most of them get WAY more than enough strikes with one weapon... And for the most part, Jason hunters do not use low luck counselors. This is why I am against players even trying to kill a low level Jason... I still have people in my friends list that quit playing the game because of this and never returned... no matter how many times I invite them into a match. New players, particularly those that are huge fans of the franchise... and of Jason in particular... consider it ridiculous that he can be killed so easily. But there are huge fans of the franchise that do not consider the "villain" to be their hero... and want to be the one to stop him. Glad to hear you are going to stick it out though... It may be too easy to kill Jason, but they will not always get you... Sometimes they screw it up, and that will save you more often than a whole lot of skill at combat using Jason... which is why I kill noobs first when I know there is a kill squad after me. It doesn't work even close to every time, but with a newer player involved it at least increases the chance they will somehow screw up the kill. You don't need ANY competent counselors to do it... I have seen groups of noobs that barely knew what they are doing pull it off with 2 out of 5 Jason kills vs attempts... Granted they were not playing against top tier Jason players for those kills either though. I have quit a few friends that feel this way as well... and if a certain "Jason Killer" shows up, they want me to back out so they can change their preference to counselor. Which is fine by me as I enjoy playing against this particular person anyway... Still no shame in dying... but many don't see it that way... But at least these players have not abandoned the game entirely over it. The problem I see is that it is not a rarity for far less experienced hunters to kill Jason with consistancy. As an avid Part IV main... I can tell you that the mask comes off pretty easy on Part IV as well... I had a Vanessa demask me not too long ago with 3 hits... and they were not heavy attacks... and I took no other damage before that... Which is weird because I have taken far more light attacks from Vanessas many times before and not lost my mask with all kind of weapons. But I have been demasked by a Bugsy with two strikes before using Part IV as well. You make a lot of very good points... and raising the mask HP alone is not the solution, this would make it exponentially harder for low luck / low strength counselors and only marginally more difficult for counselors like Bugsy and Tommy... Severely nerfing most of the counselor's ability to damage Jason is all that this would do if other changes were not made to how all counselors or weapons or both do damage, which makes this one a whole lot more work to give it anything resembling balance... It is always more complicated than many people think... no matter the subject at hand. But I quoted this question for one reason only... and I know it is somewhat improper to answer a question with a question... but when considering what we know of Jason's method of operations... Why would Jason run away?... Retreat was never in his vocabulary and nor should it be... But barring a mistake from Tommy, or improper timing of the sweater stun from sweater girl... the two together and Tommy with an axe gives Jason a snowballs chance in the lowest pits of hell at surviving. Perhaps this should be considered... how to give them a fair chance to kill him at that point, while still giving Jason a fair chance to stop them from killing him at the same time. Jason should not be the one running away... It is just not in his character and somewhat takes the fear out of playing a counselor with an almost guaranteed kill at that point. But how to do this without throwing balance to the wind?... The answer to that question is beyond me at this point. There are procedures that make it easy to demask him, for which his only real defense is to run away... My method of demasking with A.J. by myself only requires him to follow me through a couple of cabins that I have been through already. Each bear trap he walks into (and they always walk into them) damages him and leaves him open for a hit after the animation... just as each hit that stuns him does... and I have pretty a good success rate with it. I don't bother for the kill unless a polite hunter asks for help... I just do it to put the fear of it into the Jason player, and the fear of it is always obvious once that mask is off. My point is... Jason should not be the one who is afraid to act, he should be the one inspiring the fear... even after losing his mask... I mean, just look at his face... the man is scary looking. If you ever do try and make it more difficult to pull off the Jason kill... I am extremely curious as to the method you would use to do it. Now go and spend some time with your family... the weekend is upon us!
  23. I have spawned in front of the Tommy house against him and started the call immediately a few times... but each time, he gets the power box on me before the call is finished... His good luck vs my bad luck on that I guess. That and he does not screw around, he morphs to that first box immediately upon starting the game... When he does get the right box on his first morph, that call will not be made before he smashes it. I know he has died as Jason a couple times... and he is not ashamed to admit it... I am not afraid to try and kill him, but when we play together it is with a bunch of my friends, non of whom bother trying to kill Jason unless there is someone that actually wants to... like Jin… and killing Jason is not really my thing either... but I will help with it when the Jason hunters are not rude... Rude players never get any help from me with anything... although, I have picked some up in the car on my way out before without knowing that was the rude player. I know I have escaped him a few times in the past, just not for a while now... I just have the goal of giving him 4 fewer counselors to kill... He is a great Jason player and its rare that I see him have even one escape in our matches. Do you have the same name on steam as you do here?... If so, I will send you a friend request... My name is the same, with the same profile picture... I am all for getting more really good players into my matches... or getting myself into their's. Some of the better players I know have not been playing for a while now, but I still have some damned good players that come into games on a regular basis... and there is always room for more.
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