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  1. Yup... I did read it. You, however, apparently did not look at the date of the post that you quoted. I did not write it today, or yesterday... or the day before, or the day before that... I wrote it on the 13th. The date of each post is attached to it.... at the top of the post. Check next time before you quote someone with this type of response. Either way, Wes' announcement changes very little of what I said in that post. What I quoted from the "End of Content" announcement is a direct quote... and if people had read that far in the statement and actually understood that one line... it should have been a sufficient answer. People on these forums cannot seem to understand that NO ONE can talk about a court case that affects them or talk about ANYTHING to do with it. Demanding answers was only going to give you the answer that Wes stated.... Anyone that expected him to say anything different is a fool. Even if they were going to finish and release the stuff that is nearly done if the case is resolved in a favorable manner.... does not mean they could tell us that now. They could only make such an announcement after the case is resolved and could not even allude to it until then. The community demanded an answer, and got the answer they deserved.
  2. I did not say the knives could not be better. But use your head. Knives force them to use their med sprays, which are not infinite. Smashing windows and leaving door locked forces them to jump through broken windows whether you are chasing them or not and use med sprays... slashing forces them to use med sprays.... When they use a med spray lets you get a bit closer, not every player is smart enough, or in the correct position to use a med spray immediately after being hit by a knife. Everything is situational. Eventually they run out of med sprays... or use a med spray too close to you and get slashed or grabbed. Knives by themselves would be pretty useless, but.... Knives are not your only weapon. Slash them.... use shift to get close and slash them. You already know they have all these med sprays, use your own knowledge of what Jason has at his disposal in conjunction with anything else you can to kill them. I do agree that there are too many med sprays in the game and the slightest mention of a nerf to medic will be furiously resisted by 95% of the community... I find 6 of them in one match quite often.... so I see no need to run medic. But it is what it is right now, so plan around it. Its a lot worse when you have 5 or 6 battle Chads that are all run swift attacker, thick skin and medic attacking you with wrenches... but the battle Chads are not invulnerable... just damned annoying. @F134Ever86 Hitting a counselor with a knife cancels the med spray use... and an attack that has not yet hit you, accurate quick throws really spell doom for the lone attacker... any repair animation... they will drop the phone if calling police... cease their radio conversation to call in Tommy... Is there anything I missed? I have tried to hit a counselor in a car and in a boat with throwing knives.... but the vehicles seem to be somewhat knife resistant. @The Doctor You can do a quick throw while walking (or running) with barely an interrupted step, but that is as far as it goes.
  3. Use offline bots to practice close range quick throws... aimed throws against moving targets, more useful if someone cannot see you of course, but the bots are just easy to practice this against... and archery physics is in the game too, once you find your distance vs height above target to aim, you can hit someone much farther away then either you or your target probably thought possible. Being the bots are still pretty dumb, you can afford to take the extra time to gather a lot of knives to practice with.... learn to know where your crosshairs come up on the screen, line up the counselor where your crosshair comes up and tap the aim/throw button for a quick throw. It does take practice, but you will be surprised how effective this is against real people... when you start to get better at it.
  4. Infinite throwing knives would be a bad idea, even nerfing the damage. I would not want to see either... They would be useless for slowing down a counselor with nerfed damage, even with them being infinite.... remember the cooldown. The number of med sprays combined with the number of people using medic would make this redundant. You cannot stop someone using a med spray with a knife right after you throw one, whether you hit them or not due to the cooldown. All they would be good for with this is cancelling a counselor's attack right before a slash or a grab. As the knives are now, against someone running medic to double 2 med sprays into 4... you can use a lot of knives just to slow them down... even hitting with every throw. Infinite knives without nerfing the damage would be way to much of a buff. Some of us rarely miss.... Although I would not be against raising the number of starting knives slightly... it takes a lot of time to gather a useful number of knives. @agnes Throwing knives are far from worthless as they are now. Practice more and you will understand. I don't mind the grab as it is now, but I have a nasty habit of crippling counselors before I grab them. Baiting counselors into an attack and canceling it with a quick throw, followed by an immediate grab that they are now walking into has not yet failed me... even against a swift attacker. There are only so many pocket knives after all and chances are, you will have to eat at least most of them. I know it is easily punishable and thought that was predictable when they released the first footage of it... but making it harder to stun Jason would solve this problem without having to alter the grab again... and it would also help with the piñata Jason problem... and make it a tiny bit harder to demask Jason, which is still too easy to do. The grab is not the real problem here.... the enormous, unstoppable killing machine being stunned on nearly every hit is the problem.... Less chance of stun = less chance of a grab actually being punished.
  5. Ahab

    Sale? Update : It is now on Sale!

    I never use push to talk and leave my mic open. There are settings on PC to eliminate background noises of any kind. There is still a bug in which some people cannot be heard by some (not all) others... on PC turning off push to talk fixes this. Playing with friends is difficult until that bug is fixed... but private matches seem fairly stable so far (if you have enough friends for a private match). Inviting friends into a lobby that has room works as well, but you are not in a group when someone gets booted from the lobby after the match. Surprisingly enough... people keep saying this game is dead, but I have a hard time finding a lobby with enough room to invite a couple of friends into it, even with under 400 people in game. It makes me wonder if these people understand what the word "dead" actually means. This is the only bug that I call game breaking and has caused a slowdown in how often I play... but I am still wading through quick play, just not as often as I was before this bug squashed group play. There are a lot of good people playing on PC... but like any other place you go, there is always some assholes. I have seen hackers in the past, but not as much as some others claim to have seen them... I have not seen any hackers in quite a while. Recently (before the game went on sale today) I have been seeing a lot of very low level players floating about in quick play... I do not know if they are all new players, but they are there... Chances are, if you play on PC, I will run into you soon enough... so bring toast.
  6. Supernatural occurrences at Camp Crystal Lake? A.J. coming back to haunt Jason? This could all lead to another way to kill Jason... with ghosts.... or maybe its just a bug. Yeah, probably just a bug. But are you sure it wasn't the ghost of Pamela impersonating A.J.? With all the violent deaths in these parts... maybe we should not be surprised the Camp is haunted. Someone call Lorraine Warren... we may have need of her expertise on the paranormal. I am kidding of course, let's leave Mrs. Warren out of this... its a bit too dangerous in Crystal Lake for her. @Mikleo I agree that party members being booted from the group when searching for a match is a truly annoying bug. I enjoy playing with friends... and since this problem started, I rarely have enough friends on to form a private match... but so far, private matches seem pretty stable if you have enough people to play one. Also, inviting friends into a lobby with enough room still works, but the problem with that is how often you find a lobby with room and if your friends can get into it before the lobby is filled... not to mention that we never get to stay in one lobby for too many games in a row. It would not be that much of an issue if we could stay in the same lobby indefinitely... at least, not for those of us with a lot of patience. I doubt you will get an answer to your question until the case is resolved... This would count as talking about something affected by the case, which could have drastic implications that we do not even want to consider.
  7. This idea sounds like a challenge from both sides of play... I like it. Keeping things consistent to the movies (all of which were written as one offs, but continuations of previous instalments) can in some instances be detrimental to gameplay, but in other circumstances it can make the game great. There are some that argue that Jason dies in every movie (or is at least stopped)… Part 2's machete through the collar bone may not be a mortal injury, but his left arm would certainly be useless afterwards, perhaps even permanently (if he was just a regular guy)... in part 3, the axe in the head was intended to be fatal... but once again, it did very well and there was a possibility of yet more money to be made... The final chapter was meant to be just that, final... and so on. If it where intended to continue to make sequels from the beginning, the stories may have all had very different endings.... and Jason would be much different than he is portrayed in the movies. But your idea of counselors getting stronger with each successive loss... And Jason becoming weaker with each successive kill and coming to a point where it is possible to kill him makes sense and sounds to me like it would be fun from both sides of play. It also keeps that part from the movies where the final girl (or boy) actually stands a chance of killing Jason. Even in part 8... they knew Jason was around before he got down to the last one or two... yet they could do nothing to him. The biggest issue to overcome is that each player knows Jason is out there and will act accordingly... which makes it impossible to make a game play out just like any one of the movies from start to finish... Or if there is a way, no one has thought of it.... yet. There have been many sequels to games that were almost exactly like the previous games just with different missions and story lines... Some worked well, some did not. If there were to be another Friday the 13th game to be released at some future date, I would hope it would be different from this game in many ways. A game unto itself, as it were... or yet may be.... Well, we can hope to see another version of this game in the future at least. I would also hope there are several modes to chose from in multi player with a future version of the game. Modes?... Just a few thoughts... The sequel: As true to the movies as possible... with a different way to kill Jason for each variant... but dependent on a player that is attacked by Jason actually being able to inform another player of the danger and thus unlocking the ability to attack and perhaps kill Jason. Our friendly neighbourhood slasher would have to rely on stealth and surprise to avoid the chance of being killed... while the other players would have to rely on discovering the threat before they could do anything about it. For instance, they cannot even pick up an objective part or even a weapon until they are informed of the danger or discover it for themselves either by seeing Jason or finding a body. This could be a real challenge for both sides of play, but the would be victims may also need some other kind of objective to keep them busy, or give them reasons not to group up... "Oh my the power went out... I guess I will go and fix the generator", but it can only be accomplished if alone? Mini games such as target practice at the archery range? XP penalties for staying grouped up before the danger is discovered may even be called for, with large XP bonuses for going to finish a non escape objective or mini game alone may also help. Your above idea for Jason slowly having his abilities nerfed and survivors getting stronger with continued loses could work well here I think. 1 on 1: One player is Creighton Duke... or Tommy... or perhaps Rob Deir. The other is Jason. Our hero player knows that Jason is out there and must stop him by one of several available methods before everyone else dies, or after everyone else dies if he is not quick enough.... Jason has a preset number of bots (with half decent A.I. I would hope) that are unaware of his presence. He must use stealth to slaughter them before they can make other bots aware of his presence (same thought as the above game mode). Once the bots are aware of his presence, they can take action against Jason... perhaps even just cause him damage before they are slaughtered to make the heroes job easier... or try to escape in some manner. If an A.I. could be made good enough to act as a helpful companion to the hero player (with an example of... the squad members from mass effect or dragon age), then they could actually find the hero player and help him... or he could find them. Jason should have no way to detect the hero player until he can actually "see" him on his screen within a short range... maybe 30' away? Part 1: We have to include Pamela... your idea of an overpowered killer at the start getting weaker as kills are made.... while the other players gain abilities or strengths as their losses increase could work well for this too. But Pamela would need a lot of thought put into her for how this could be made to work and still be fun to play. But the potential is there. I will stop there for now.... this post is getting a bit long. But that does not mean there could not be several more modes of play.
  8. That is exactly why it could be difficult to "flesh out" these ideas... but you have a good starting point. It is really a lot to think about... when you think about it... It is not as simple of a problem as some may think it is. The random drops and power ups could also come from more people surviving for longer periods of time as well... random being the key here. If they were the same with each game, it goes back to "going into it premeditated". Perhaps accomplishing certain tasks also grants a random drop chosen from within a certain group (out of several different kinds of groups) of powerups. More people surviving say... a chase with Jason for a longer period could throw out a random drop... escaping Jason, as in evading him long enough that he went after someone else, or you were actually able to lose him somehow could give even better powerups of some kind? A player actually able to escape by some method generates a power up for remaining survivors? Should these "drops" need to be found or would they just be given to players that are still alive? Perhaps a group of drops are needed for those that need to be found and another group of drops for those that are given? Perhaps each of these groups could have a few different "classes" or "level" of power (or strength) to them. An even bigger question is... What would these random drops really do? New ways to kill Jason, or methods of escape that could be tied to this would need to be thought of first just to tie it all together. Thinking of ways to get players to work towards goals is difficult at best... as some players will just do whatever they feel like doing in any game... but tying this into the powerups could help as well.... Such as, players that do nothing but hide, actually get no power ups... they cannot pick one up or receive one until they have done something. This could be as simple as picking up a weapon or barricading a door... to finding or installing an objective part. Weaker drops can be picked up (or received) by those who have done lesser objectives, while more powerful ones can only be picked up (or received) by those who actually contribute something to the players goals.
  9. I always watch a Friday the 13th movie on a Friday the 13th... Its like a holiday after all. If there is a long enough time between Friday the 13ths I may even marathon a few of them... probably just one this time though. But I will find my way into a few games at least... Many of my friends head to Port Dover for the Rally they hold every Friday the 13th... but I was never much into motorcycles myself... So I stay home and watch a movie... outside (when the weather permits) with beer. A friend recently informed me that Steam has an app with which you can run a game on your main computer and stream it to (and play it on) another computer, while the main computer carries the processor load... Perhaps I will start playing the game outside as well on my laptop... if it does not create extra lag for online play. I have not tested it yet.
  10. @AdmiralJT If I had any likes left today... you would get one for you post. Good ideas... All would need a lot more "fleshing out".... but you have to start somewhere after all. I particularly like your initial idea on the Jason kill being earned... and "impossible for anyone to go into it premeditated"... although how to go about this would be a damned good question. The answer could lead to some interesting new ways to kill Jason. Gaining perks and strengths for being the last one alive also sounds like a great idea and could be done many different ways. For instance... perks (or strengths) pop onto the map as players die (not necessarily where they died) as pickups? Strengths (or perks) are gained by survivors as more players die?.. perhaps as pre selected choices or maybe random (but useful) abilities of some kind? Perhaps the "earned" Jason kill is somehow tied to this idea. Although new content is a not going to happen for now... you never know. If it ever could be added in the future, your ideas would make a great alternative game mode... not just a good idea for another great game.
  11. Reading this thread makes me wonder if host selection could possibly be shifted to another lobby member that does not quit on a regular basis. Or completely disallowing someone who quits a match on a regular basis from ever hosting. Under the rules for special bannable offences... they state, under rule (xiii) "we may track this data over time" which at least implies that they can track how many times a player has left a match... and how often they leave. I am not sure how much work something like that would be... or what other bugs it may or may not cause... but if dedicated servers are still a long way off, it could at least be helpful. Perhaps even just one visit to the salt mines can disqualify you from being a host... unless of course, you are in a lobby full of people with the same behavioral trait.
  12. Its amazing how far away you can hit someone with a throwing knife when you have enough practice... and yes... the screams are most satisfying.
  13. I do have an easier time shift grabbing with the new grab over the old grab. Stalk, morph and shift grab is the easiest way to deal with some of those incredibly skilled jukers… but it is, of course... not the only way to deal with them. Like many other players, I was heavily reliant on shift grabs, or shift slash... just trying to move away from that as much as I can to keep things interesting. To get through a game without shift grabbing anyone while you are playing against good players can be hard. Knowing where the morph pins are helps... and using stalk, a lot. I am using shift mostly just to get into easy knife range for quick throws... or to come up behind someone in a repair animation. You can also catch people off guard if they do not pan the camera around much and shift close up to them in stalk and approach from behind. It is harder to get those players that actually pay attention to their surroundings, of course... but I have got pretty damned good with the throwing knives... and, I have a pretty good idea where the knife spawns are.
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    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    A friend of mine just got a 62" projection screen TV that he sets up outside to play video games with and watch movies at night... It is an awesome setup... I may have to pay him a visit in the near future with a case of beer. I have a carport to sit in with my setup, so unless there is heavy wind with the rain, I am still alright out there.
  15. Just because remakes are more popular than original stories.... here is another three that should be remade. Nightbreed…. A great movie with a twist, the monsters are not the bad guys. Also a great book... but the book was titled "Cabal". The Night Stalker: The Kolchak Tapes... Just because... Kolchak was awesome... and there have been no good vampire movies in a while. Probably not many people on these forums old enough to remember the original movies and TV series... Although they did redo the TV series... the new version sucked. Gargoyles... Not the cartoon series... the 1972 movie. Kind of cheesy now, but this could be done well today. I did hear recently that they plan to make a movie out of the cartoon series though... Who knows, maybe that one will be worth watching at least... but there would not be as much blood as there would be if they remade the old movie.
  16. If your luck is anything like mine... the next double XP event will start within an hour of you getting to level 113. That head butt kill is a good one. Disarm unlocks at 118, but I think that one looks weird when the arms just ragdoll. It would be better if Jason beat them down with their arms after he pulled them off. In case I forget... I will say it now.... Happy Birthday!!
  17. Almost there... 19 days in and 8 levels to go... It looks like you are going to you will easily beat your goal of July 5th. At this rate, you will have it by next weekend.
  18. @GeneiJin Never thought of grab cancelling when a weapon gets stuck in a wall. I will try that out too. Stalk is awesome and I use it to good effect (most of the time)... along with playing Jason as a "predictor"... I have been trying to play without using shift to grab recently and have cleared a few lobbies without a single shift grab... although it is definitely harder to get 8/8 without using a shift grab and it has cost me a few kills here and there... the sacrifices we make to practice new strategies. Shift does have its uses for mobility and in conjunction with stalk, you can still get some jump scares... they are most obvious when done on people with an open mic. Its always satisfying to hear them scream for real... Jason can still be scary sometimes.
  19. Sorry to bust your bubble.... but.... I do not think Uber Jason was finished... I saw him used in game. Certain things like missing sounds from his kills made me think he was not finished, among other little quirks. Either way, finished or not.... he was not released officially in game before the deadline... so we will not be getting him now... until after the court case is settled... IF we get him at all after the court case is settled. That will probably depend on many things that we have no idea about and cannot even speculate on. Lack of valid information leads to misinformed opinions... and they cannot talk about an active court case that affects them.... so we are not going to get much information either way. They rushed out a bunch of content with the engine upgrade and got it out before the deadline... or we would not have that either... Now they are concentrating on fixing the plethora of bugs that plague us here in Crystal Lake. Uber Jason did not go out to random players by accident. From what I have read about it... people that had him got him because of a DLC unlocker, which has been detected and people that have been using him were banned in waves... There are probably still some people in need of a ban for using him... and they will get to that. Its probably not a good idea to acquire said DLC unlocker just so you can play something that will get you banned. Detected by the software or not... one short video of you using him will probably be enough for a ban.... and there are many people recording the game without your knowledge... #Hacking is Bad... and Bannable Many of us would like to see Uber in game as well... among other things, like more kill packs or maps. We may yet get him and more content, but not before the court case is settled. For now, it sucks, but it is... what it is. I read your initial post along with the rest of the thread... you have my understanding and sympathy... I have been there before... But remember... keep a cool head, because in the end... Cooler Heads will Prevail. If you were a backer and can prove it (even if it was not your e-mail attached to it... Was your name on any of it? Do you have any receipts?)... and prove you never used your Savini code... perhaps you should E-mail or message the devs and ask about your situation and the possibility of canceling the code that you never used and getting a new code... it may be worth a try at least. Just do not expect an instant response.
  20. Without using the evil dead reference at all... what you suggest here reminds me of the Lovecraft mythos around the Necronomicon and the "Old Ones"... That is to say, in place of the vengeful native American spirits. The beings summoned through the Necronomicon were thought of as demons... but that is not what they were... and blood sacrifice was a big part of the rituals within the book, but the sacrifice did not need to be human. The Necronomicon in part 9... without considering the Evil Dead reference once again... was a perfect explanation for where the movies went with Jason. This was my initial thought when seeing part 9 the first time and already having read much of Lovecraft's works... Deadites do not need to come into the picture, that was Sam Rami's bastardized version of the Lovecraft mythos. Pamela got her hands on the book, performed a ritual to bring back her son that required sacrifice... but she inadvertently became the final sacrifice which brought back her son. But not in the way she thought he would come back. It even sounds like something Lovecraft would have written. I know this had an entire thread around it... and I agree, Jason is not a Deadite… but he could be an "Old One" in "human" form... Although this is not what was intended by the creators and writers of the earlier movies at all... but the human mind likes to have an explanation for things that have no explanation. I still want to know what happened to Paul at the end of part 2... but I have my own speculations about that as well. With whichever of the many Old Ones entities that could have possessed Jason and brought him back... The Old Ones did not all get along with each other... the possessed warlord just happens to be a rival entity and both resume their hatred of each other after thousands of years between their last battle. And Perhaps Jason's fall from the sky had been prophesized... and the people were waiting for him. Perhaps the possessed warlord was also waiting for his ancient rival to arrive in his new form. The vengeful native American spirits work well too though... that was just me throwing in my two cents. And evil Ninjas controlled by a warlord possessed by a powerful demonic entity... how can you go wrong with that? Have you ever seen Ninja Scroll? It had a similar concept... Its an anime movie, very bloody and not for children. I used to do a lot of artwork and actually wanted to be a comic book artist when I was a kid... but its been years since I picked up the pencil or did an ink over. This would make a good comic though. The final battle would be interesting to say the least. I think we might be straying off topic here a bit though. Have you started a thread with this idea in "all things horror"? Let me know if you do.
  21. Ahab

    Who's your favorite band?

    @Freddie Mercury Queen was in my long list of favorites too... and remains a favorite, despite their lack of new songs... We need to find an alternate universe in which Freddy didn't die so we can buy the Queen albums that we all missed out on. From classical, to classic rock.... all the way through to punk and thrash... I have had so many favorites over the years. I am really not a fan of rap and dance music though... But I like pretty much everything else... My favorites always tend towards the heavier, faster side of music. I will always be a punker at heart, but I never liked the crazy hair styles. I sadly, cannot single out any band as my absolute favorite.
  22. @F134Ever86 Jason becomes the good guy... I love it!! Maybe he just needed to be shown acceptance and love by people that do not judge someone on how they look. Sound like a good action movie, but it diverts away from horror a bit with the redemption story. Plus, the bad guy would need to be a challenge for the ever loving hockey mask head... The new big bad would need to be somewhat unstoppable himself. Reminds me of how Wolverine almost became a legit samurai.
  23. I know its not going to happen any time soon.... But Friday the 13th needs a remake (again)… The 2009 remake received a lot of hate, but I liked it. Even just continuing along with undead Jason... just something... but something good. The Re-animator is also a great movie that could use a remake.... But I really wish they could actually stay closer to the original story... It was only a short story, but it was great. Many of Lovecraft's stories could be made into movies... Pretty much all of his stories are in the public domain... which also makes the Necronomicon as he used it free game for anybody. Much of Lovecraft's works have so much potential for great horror movies... if they could stick to the original stories and not try to modernize them. Frankenstein... But done like the book, as close as possible. Only one movie ever came close to it and it was the best of the lot of them...Mary Shelly's Frankenstein (1994) Robert De Niro was great as the monster and proved he didn't need to be seven feet tall to be an unstoppable monster... Stronger than us, faster than us, better than us... more intelligent than us... The classic movies have their charm... and when they were made, there was nothing else like them. But horror had to escalate... each successive movie had to be scarier than the last, which brings us to today's gore fests. I am in no way against gore and blood in a movie, and it enhances the horrific aspects of some stories.
  24. I am not disagreeing with your statement... but you know many players would still scream "Its too much of a nerf!" I just thought it was a good idea for a nerf that at least some players might agree with... The amount of med sprays I find in a match is laughable, but I am still glad to have one or two myself... but as long as there are so many med sprays in a match, I see no need to run medic at all.... Just my opinion.
  25. You are telling me strategies that I figured out in my first game.... well, maybe my second game. As I have stated many times.... I do not have a problem dealing with groups, but that in no way means or implies that piñata Jason is not a joke... because it IS a joke. Be smart and block? Great advice for before the entry into block was slowed... it does not work so well since it was slowed. Someone stated above it is only slowed when you are the host... on PC, the only time you could be called a host is when you have map selection. The block is still slowed even when you are not the one selecting the map... so at least on PC, their statement is false... I cannot speak to consoles as I do not play on them.... and even before the block was slowed, piñata Jason was still a joke. Either way, the slow entry into block is only relevant against an incoming attack... it is not relevant against players that know better than to waste their weapon durability. A group of smart players, and yes there actually are smart players... do not waste weapon durability when you are blocking. Jason has no chance of catching up to ANY counselor when he is blocking, and after you come out of block to try and do something... back to the issue with getting into block being slowed. It can be a very long time before a group of high luck counselors need to find even one weapon... and smart players do not let the one stray from the group as this is the easiest way to lose one of their numbers. When one needs a weapon, the group can protect the one... Jason has to follow if he wants to kill them. Really not hard to make the group scatter... only if you are playing against noobs. People do tend to learn from their mistakes. If they want to continue to beat on Jason... he is not hard to find, unless he is hiding in the water... you cannot force a group to follow you, although some will... that does not mean all will. As soon as all of them are armed again... they will be right back to looking for you if you did not follow them. The time limit is on the counselor's side, not Jason's. Although getting counselors to follow you is a "tactic", it does not work as well as you suggest, unless playing against noobs or extremely impatient players... and it also suggests that Jason should run from groups of counselors. As I pointed out before, Jason running from counselors is the reason given as to why he got buffed with his speed.... anyone suggesting Jason should run from counselors at all should expect to have more buffs to Jason that they will inevitably be complaining about. Most of us do not want to see Jason continually buffed, we simply want the combat fixed and / or balanced better. It still needs some tweaks. Remember, Jason is supposed to be over powered... and it is supposed to actually be difficult to kill him. Either way, everything in every game is situational. It depends on who you are playing with or against and the strategies used by both Jason and counselors.... its when you run into a group that cannot work well together that Jason has an easy time of it... even if the Jason player is relatively new. @GeneiJin That was a long and very descriptive list of good advice... I actually never thought to use shift in place of block as using shift seems like running away, and I am against running away when playing Jason... Also, the recharge time on shift makes it limited for the amount of times you can use it... but I will give it a try. Against a lone counselor, even with swift attacker... if your quick throw hits, then an immediate grab cannot miss as they were already lined up in your crosshairs and moving towards you.... they only have so many pocket knives. I will generally slash against any who want to fight, but I really want to get as many grab kills in as I can. Grab kills can be my Kryptonite with the accursed double tap... but I will not use grab against groups at all unless forced, like when you stop a carload of counselors... you still have to "grab" the one in the driver's seat. It still amazes me how many battle Chads still cry when you slash them. I always get a laugh out of that.