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  1. Playing with a friend last night who mains Chad... Your statement here is utterly False. He was able to lead me on one of the longest chases I have ever had... and he ended up escaping.... He also survived a match as the final boy... playing CHAD... against an awesome Jason player that I have seen wipe out lobbies full of great counselor players many times. And this was just two of the matches in which we played together. Personally, I never play Chad, by choice... and every time the random bug forces me to play him, I feel like I need a shower. First few minutes of the match.... Laughable. It is Jason's "job" to kill you. This "job" REQUIRES him to do something that some people refer to as "tunneling". How exactly does this make this Jason player you speak of, or ANY other Jason player that does his "job" a troll? Should he just break off the chase because you do not want him to do that? Truthfully... the only lazy people that have anything to do with ANY of this... are the people that refuse to adapt. That would just lead to the battle Chads stunning him and playing an easy game of keep away for a count of twenty... Rinse and repeat... for twenty minutes. The bonus stamina from a hit for the successful attacker makes this incredibly easy for him or her... and the time of even the shortest stun animation is WAY more than enough time for everyone else to recover all the stamina they would ever need to accomplish this. Jason has only 2 seconds of stun immunity when coming out of a stun... not five. In no way would anyone be counting any part of his stun animation as being an immunity to something that is currently affecting him... as you cannot be immune to anything that is currently affecting you. Throwing knives are hit and miss, even for the best of us. Much of an increase here and anyone who is not running thick skin will be put into an injured state with one hit... If you think people are complaining now, wait to you see what would happen if this were to occur. If players where put in a limping state with one throwing knife, I would call any complaint about this a legitimate complaint... Even the machete or axe cannot do that. I would not be against more knives around camp for Jason to pick up being added... it already takes a very long time to pick up a useful number of knives... and spending even more time to pick up knives works for balance as it leaves Jason wasting even more time not chasing down his prey. And as I said, knives are hit and miss... even for the best of us. I am not against removing (or at least nerfing) medic... But the multitudes of players out there are against this. While a nerf of some sort may actually be called for here, a complete removal of this would cause even more complaints than the throwing knife buff you suggested. The only reason no one is afraid of Jason is the near certainty of stunning him with each hit. No one is afraid of a piñata... This is self evident as soon as Jason hits rage with his current buff. With the chance to stun him removed came actual concern for one's own counselor's well being... Which is self evident from the amount of ridiculous complaints and the number of players running away from him now instead of towards him. I cannot agree with this at all. Not allowing a friend to hit Jason to save you in his grip is actually way too far... People actually have to work for that one, even without "meat shielding." Even in a fight for the car against four counselors, I am often able to get a quick kill in before they can hit me to release their team mate. Far more often than you would think. I will say... What is referred to as "meat shielding" should be brought back. This allowed Jason to use the person in his grip to block the attempt to free them with a hit. The weapon buff sounds good to me... and last night... out of the great many matches I have played since the patch... I was actually able to hit two counselors with one swing for the first time... and I like it... and the difference was noticeable during that fight. For the most part though, the people I have been playing against were generally smart enough to space themselves out enough that it is difficult to hit more than one person with one swing.... But in this particular game last night... I think they were a bit panicked... which once again, indicates a concern for one's counselor's safety... and that is as close as we will really ever get to players in the safety of their own homes, who are in absolutely no danger themselves... fearing the killer in a video game. After you have posted to the thread, take a look at your post. You will find that there is an option to edit it at the bottom of your post. This reopens the post so you can add to it and then repost it with you additional comments. Also... I think @HaHaTrumpWon was trying to say... "This sounds like a fancy way of saying piñata party"... a picture is worth a thousand words... but in this case, only two were needed. He may correct me if I am wrong. As of your writing of this post, just how many matches have you played? 60 Jason kills in 19 days seems like a lot already... Now if you have played 300 matches in this time and attempted a Jason kill in EVERY match... then I would call it a rarity as that would be a 20% kill ratio overall... Anything above 20% is not rare... for that matter... 20% is still only 1 in 5... which is still hard to consider rare... And just to point it out... the devs can look at far more game stats for anyone that plays this game than most people have considered. I realize you say you are killing Jason more now than before the patch dropped... and a great many of us knew this would be the case for Jason Hunters... and we know the reasons why. The thing is, you and a bunch of others keep saying this patch was a bad thing for reasons that many of us have already read in all of the complaint posts since the patch... Yet here, you say it made the game easier for you... This was not included as a reason for disliking the patch anywhere in any of the complaints made about it. Hopefully the next buff for Jason actually does make the Jason kill a rarity and actually difficult to do... Many of us look forward to that day, and it will be the day I actually try to kill Jason again... When it is actually and accomplishment to achieve it.
  2. One of my friends had an interaction lock last night. I have seen only one or two others have this problem since the patch... and I have been playing quite a lot since then. So it does still happen, but seems pretty rare. It is not that nothing has been done to fix it... progress has been made with this one. It used to be much more common. But there are still a lot of bugs and glitches to fix and they have their own list of priorities that may not match many player's views of what should or shouldn't be a priority. All tasks take time... and they actually have greatly reduced the numbers of bugs in this game.
  3. I could not possibly agree more with this statement than I already do.
  4. Ahab

    Jason question

    I know a few awesome Jason hunters... Their own choices of perks do differ somewhat from each other and they all do very well with them. The best perks to use for any player really are whichever perks help the most with the style of play they use. A few of them do use the three you like the best, and others use different combinations with some build using only one of the perks you mentioned. Swift attacker is a great perk when in a group, I completely agree with you on that... and against many Jason players it is not counterable in a 1 on 1 fight.... But not against all of them. If I have even one throwing knife... that lone counselor with swift attacker will end up in a grab 9 out of 10 times... I am VERY well practiced at countering it. And if they have a pocket knife and I run out of throwing knives... I will abandon the chase to find more knives as I know where it leads to without them. Even before the block was slowed, it was near impossible to get into block quick enough to counter swift attacker... But a well timed quick throw is another matter entirely... and if they were close enough to hit me, then they will be grabbed 100% of the time that I land that quick throw as they are already lined up for the grab that follows it. I have countered and easily killed a great many players using swift attacker against me 1 on 1... and if it was my first time doing it to them... their reactions are universally laughable... But this took A LOT of practice to get good at doing it. It is not necessarily required for any counselor in a group though... many players do very well without it. It is really just a personal preference for individual players. Myself, I used it for a little while... in my early days... but I always found that when I switched it out for another perk... it screwed up my timing on a swing as I had let it become habit. For a long, long time now... I do not bother fighting Jason unless I am trying to save someone from the grip... or by some miracle, other players convince me to participate in a Jason kill. In a great many games that I have played... I never even took a swing at the big guy. I have tried out a great many perks (but not necessarily all of them), but I like the no fear build over the others... at least... so far. I do have a legendary swift attacker... I just never use it. Even great teamwork does not necessarily avoid the dreaded 8 of 8 kills every time... we all have good games and bad game from both sides of play. I just never give up on the objectives.... and VERY rarely try for a Jason kill. I will sacrifice myself to allow others a chance to complete an objective or escape... and am often rewarded by one or more counselors escaping. Also, being I only play the slow counselors... I make a great distraction while others are escaping on the boat, or just trying to get other objectives completed... Many Jason players cannot resist the slow counselors that appear to be an easy kill... and I am fully capable of leading them on a very long and merry chase... without ever taking a swing at them. Many of the players I see running out the clock really only achieve this because I opened every single window that they use to avoid Jason... often avoiding him at the last moment, only because the window was already opened.... Jason does not have the time to smash every window and if you keep moving, it does not give him time to smash every window on the cabin you are in at the time... So many players only think of themselves... and that is detrimental to the overall success of the team. I try to do everything I can that will help every other player... and that includes myself. If I can escape without sacrificing myself... I will. But it does not bother me to die... or even be part of a lobby that got wiped out... It happens. Other players might go for a Jason kill... and those times they fail for whatever reason... it was players getting objectives finished that gave them their only hope of escape. In my experience at least, this is not very common. I have played with and saved many of the randoms I come across in quick play... and many of them that remember this offer me the keys if I am available to drive them out. Most of my friends will offer me the keys as well... but this really only deprives these other players of the practice they may need at driving and avoiding Jason. Non of us can get any better at anything without practice. Many times that I do see players hording keys or the fuse... they end up getting themselves killed which leaves it plainly visible on the map, wherever they took it. So even when this happens, the team still has a good chance of escaping. But, everyone's in game experiences are different. I know many players seem to run into nothing but toxic players... But that trend cannot hold out for long, there are also a lot of good people out there in quick play land. Many players like to fight Jason... and now feel this option has been taken away from them. They have the players that used him as a piñata for shits and giggles to thank for the rage buff. "Making Jason look like a clown" is not good for the franchise itself and there is a reason we never saw a piñata party staring Mr. Voorhees in ANY of the films. It is also against the license holder's and the devs views on what Jason should be. This has been stated MANY times, to MANY people. The option to fight him has not been taken away though... now players have to be more selective about when to do it. The ONLY thing that has been taken away are stuns in rage mode. A great many players have already adapted to this and are doing just fine. Many players I know that left the game due to the frustration of being used as a piñata are returning to the game... and I am seeing less of the idiots that were responsible for the frustration levels for MANY Jason players being so high they put the game down... This is a good thing. People do not play the game to become frustrated or stressed out... EVERYBODY has enough of that kind of crap in their own "real" lives. Games are an escape and people play them to have fun... People that have fun by annoying others are the very definition of "assholes". There is a great many ways to play this or any other game without being an "asshole" to other players... And anything that frustrates these types of players is a welcome breath of fresh air. I have witnessed a great many "dramatic final chases" since the patch... So many in fact, that I am eating way too much popcorn. This is a trademark of every film in the franchise… and many other great films and stories out there. There is a reason for this... Story Structure. This is also the reason many players give to "prove their point" about why Jason should die in every match. It is an easily overturned argument after story structure and changes in mediums is explained... which I have explained a great many times... to a great many people... and each one of them should have learned this by the time grade nine "literature" class has been completed. I also wish you a great day (or night)… and I also wish you better luck with the types of people you meet in game... Your luck on that seems overdue for a turnaround on that one. I have met a great many friends playing this game that are great people... We still have a blast playing together in a game that, when I purchased it... I thought for sure that I would be bored of it in a month... I was very wrong on that point... Still having fun a year and a half later.
  5. We all have our preferences... and our reasons for them. "To the last..." to quote my namesake. I have no intentions of abandoning the game... and will still play offline bots for nostalgia reasons when the servers are shut down. But, you never know... I may appear on the X-Box servers one day, even if it is just playing on a friend's X-Box... I would probably play like a complete noob with a controller though... I never did get used to those things.
  6. A counselor's missed swing is nowhere near as punishable as a missed grab... and they are MUCH harder to miss with. Recovery for missed swings should be slow... it is realistic. Ever swung and axe or a bat before? Recovery for missed grabs should not be too slow.... it is a grab. No matter how hard you swing your arm, it will always be easier to stop in mid swing with a grab than it would ever be possible to do when swinging a weapon of any kind... But neither is Jason supposed to be "The Flash" either. He is depicted as being fairly slow to move, but much stronger than his intended victims. In the end, brute force always wins out... unless the smaller, weaker opponent has twenty years of combat training over their opponent... or they get extremely lucky. The counselors may (or may not) have the luck... but they do not have the combat training. They are teenage camp counselors, not veterans of the marine corp. Remember, balance here goes to Jason. He is the one that is supposed to be over powered, not the counselors... This is an asymmetrical balance game... Symmetrical balance comes with games that are supposed to be evenly balanced for both sides of play.... This comes in 1 vs 1... or 2 vs 2... or any other numbers of team mates being EQUAL on both sides. This may be the best solution... but adding a "new" effect to fear would fall under the whole new content thingy. Fear should punish counselors a bit more than it does... but where to stop at this to keep a reasonable balance is the real question... And only existing game assets can be adjusted in this particular game... unfortunately. There are a lot of people that feel the counselors fear effects should be nerfed... and the counselors should be as brave as a person sitting in front of a screen that has absolutely no threat to their well being... But fear will cripple the bravest and strongest... and people who claim to be "fearless" are full of crap. Everyone and everything alive feels fear under threatening circumstances. Fear leads to panic... and panic leads to stupidity and lack of co-ordination. The fear effect is a hidden mechanic for good "reasons"... but I agree that it should have more of an effect than it does... Just not "too much" more. As long as a melee swing cannot be canceled, I feel the recovery for both Jason and counselor's melee swing is fairly realistic. But, with less stamina, perhaps the time before a second (or successive) swing can be taken should be increased incrementally as their stamina gets lower?... Just an idea, but with stamina boosts from a landed swing, I doubt this would affect much. I agree that a quicker recovery of the grab may be called for... and it would still fall under "realism" in my opinion. But many punishing strikes on a missed grab do come very quickly after the initial miss and would probably still happen even if some recovery time were shaved off the end of the animation... Hard to really say without testing though. Perhaps even a swing taken during a grab (missed or otherwise) will never stun him? After all, most swings do already stun him up until rage anyway. Even a greatly reduced chance to stun him if hit during a swing animation?... And I am not saying that this should leave a counselor in his grip if he is struck by a weapon at all. This would also still leave him open to a stun as he comes out of the animation (as with every other animation) when the strike is properly timed... Just throwing ideas around.
  7. It sounds like you are a troll trying to justify this kind of crap... Pretty much everyone that plays the game knows a small child that can't even read can pull of the Jason kill... Yet grown men pound their chest and proclaim how they are the best players in the world while doing something that is incredibly easy to do. It is not skill to be good at something a small child can achieve, nor does it indicate intelligence when someone thinks they are good at something that a small child can achieve. And you got the balls to say the Jason players need more practice? It sound like you should spend some time learning more about what you are talking about before making proclamations. "Likely" is probably the wrong word to use here... This would probably be more accurate if you just left that word out. This kind of crap might make me put the game down.... and I can imagine how many players the idiots in the video have killed like this that will NEVER return to the game as it is. Most people are nowhere near as tenacious as I am. How many more players will our player base lose permanently to idiots like that?
  8. That probably would solve the issue... But we both know the river of tears that would flow over that one. I would like to see it be less punishable too... but it would be nice if someone could find a way to do it without something that will cause so many tears.
  9. You have much better luck than me... This is a good thing. In the last few days, many of my friends who left the game due to the frustration of being used as a piñata are beginning to return to the game. Last night was the longest time in quite a while that I had a full lobby of friends and had to turn invite requests away. Almost three hours (a guess... I did not time it) of a full lobby of friends has not happened an entire solar cycle. I do not know how many hours I was playing overall... but I stopped playing after the eighteenth beer as I was somewhat tired by then. Sometimes... just to have a sense of humor, I measure time in cases of beer... or fractions there of... a trick I learned from Dr. Grant in the book, Jurassic Park.... A great book, and... spoiler alert... it is VERY different from the movie. People come and go from the lobby of course and there was quite a few people I got into my games last night as they rotated in and out, but the rest of the night the randoms were sneaking in and there were a couple of rude pricks that made it in. On the bright side, when playing with more randoms than I have friends with me, I have been seeing far fewer assholes then in times past... but they are still out there. A great love of the franchise and of the game itself... a large amount of tenacity and a healthy dose of spite aimed at the trolls goes a long way. As to the "fuckery" on PC... oh yes... thar be some fuckery going on for sure. Recently, I have been seeing Jason players using shift every ten seconds or so.... morphing directly on top of counselors several times in a match in places where I know there are no morph pins, immediately after finishing a kill, this is not luck or coincidence... and I know a morph when I see one as compared to a shift, particularly when they finish a kill on one side of the map, they suddenly appear on the other side of the map (even in spectate, I know which area I am looking at as long as the counselor I am spectating is outside)... and morphing with far less time between their morphs than even Part 2 Jason can do... Morphing into cabins... Fuckery is a good way to put it... But I do not see these types a whole lot. One level 23 Savini Jason player tried to explain this away as it being normal for a Savini Jason. I may not have a Savini Jason, but I have played against a great many of them... and I know their strengths and weaknesses... and I know their +shift is the same as Part 6... His weapon strength and destruction are the same as Part 4... and he sure does not have a better +morph than Part 2... let alone so accurate that each morph lands him directly beside a counselor... with EVERY morph. His explanations made my brain hurt.... but reports were sent in by my friends... I think. I am not really a big fan of consoles overall... but if I ever have a change of heart on that and buy an X-Box, I will be sure to look you up.
  10. Ahab

    Jason question

    I completely agree... I was not trying to say it isn't. When counselors use swift attacker in groups of two or more, it can be extremely effective. My only point here was that, with practice... it is extremely easy to counter a swift attacker who is alone... making it useless when alone against a Jason player who know how to deal with it. I am not the only one that bashes that combo.... and it does get ridiculous after you count the twentieth med spray used when fighting four counselors. And some people wonder why Jason players find it frustrating to be used as a piñata. But I disagree that very few people run it... they are called the meta perks for a reason... And the reason is that more people do use them than people that do not use them. I do not use either of them myself and have not for a long, long time now. I always seem to find several med sprays in every match... and as I often do not even use up the med sprays that I am carrying around... which seems odd as I also do not use thick skin. So a different perk over both of these makes more sense to me. Everyone's in game experience will differ... even if only slightly from everyone else's experience. Some will even differ drastically, but we can really only speak of our own experience in a match... I do not often play on the EU servers, but I have some friends in Europe and have heard a great many horror stories of the goings on over there. One reason why the Jason kill should be made harder than it is... it happens too often for something that was supposed to be rare. Another is because it is simply too easy too pull it off... and it should never be easy to kill the "overpowered" killer in the game. I have seen a great many matches in which nobody does anything at all in the game... yet somehow, I still manage to get the cops called, and / or get a car load of lazy ass counselors out of camp. But I cannot do this every time... we all have good games and bad games. North American servers... on PC... and yes, it can sometimes be frightening that so many people are actually trying to escape instead of hunting Jason or simply using him as a piñata. But nevertheless... it is still happening. Last night, I saw more games with Jason players getting 3 or less kills than there was with 4 or more kills. If your experiences in game are so different than mine, then you may be unlucky... I myself have not been known to have very good luck at many things. Hopefully, your luck changes for the better. It can sometimes be difficult to find good people to play the game with... but there are many good people out there in quick play land... It took me some time to build the rather large list of friends I do have that play this game... and many who put the game down due to frustration with the issues I have spoke of many times before are starting to come back into the game. I wish you good luck in finding like minded people to play the game with. More free time is a good thing, sometimes... yet can also be a bad thing as well.... Sometimes, people with too much time on their hands get themselves into "mischief." As long as this mischief does not lead to people being hurt... then it can actually be a good kind of mischief.
  11. First off... I do not make false assumptions. I call it like I see it after putting some thought into it. Honesty is the best policy... Everyone likes to say they want to hear the truth... but the truth hurts... and very few people actually like "the truth" after hearing it. This does not show as obvious from what you have stated about it. The grip does have to be aimed already... to the right.... to the left... front or behind. If Jason is not facing his intended victim fairly accurately, the grab will miss. The width of the cone seems no wider than Jason's shoulders... but with even a bit of lag, it can be hard to tell exactly how wide it is. Thank you. You are correct... many people have differing opinions. The problem with this is... only one is actually correct... in EVERY case. A great many people need to accept this for one reason... it is a fact.... and the truth hurts. You can never have two differing truths about any subject... This is what is know as a contradiction. This is how a great many players feel already... But I still like it as it is if only for cosmetic reasons. It does look much better than the old grabs did... and this is the first thread complaining about the grab being too wide since it was implemented. If the grab cone was made even narrower than it already is... the grab would go the way of the Dodo and slashing would be the most common kill in the game again... Just like when there was seven pocket knives in a match. This is a consequence that no one (or at least very few people) would like to see happen. It would not hurt for the grab to be made a touch wider... many players would like this to happen and I am not against it... as long as it is not made "too much" wider. @DontZzz34 is completely correct when he says the grab should need to be aimed... but if the cone is made much wider than it already is... it would be like an aim assist... and I am in fact against aim assist being used in any game. Also.... too much wider and it would come with the grab sometimes looking like it was sucking people in as it did with the old grabs... which would lead to another flood of "force grab" complaint threads. The biggest problem many players have is how easy it is to punish a missed grab... and I see way more missed grabs than grabs that actually "grab"... But the rage buff in the last patch did help with this... After rage hits the only punishment that can be dealt now is a hit towards demasking. It is something at least.
  12. I have to agree.... There is only one reason there has not been a single litter bug in Crystal Lake for 38 years.
  13. I never liked having to deal with the battle Chads... but I did get damned good at it with the staggering amount of practice I have had in dealing with them. If I were not as tenacious as my namesake... I would have abandoned this game long ago, just for the frustration I had early on with this problem... I still find it frustrating when it happens... but this buff makes up for it at least... Bring on the rage!
  14. Never take the side of "shitty human beings"... lest you become one yourself. There has always been too many of this type of people out there already. I also dislike seeing new players get frustrated on either side of play... But everyone cannot always have a good time... Assholes that give others a harder time need to feel the same frustration that they try to dish out. When the assholes are gone... then everyone can have a good time. But some assholes are more persistent than others. I have also met a few people impersonating noobs that claim it is their first game... but it was not... and they had a full load out of the best sense avoidance perks in the game, and way too much skill to be noobs... They may get mercy from me at first, but only until I figure out that they were lying... then the mercy switch gets turned off. Other than that... I have often shown mercy to new players... as long as they do not act like jerks to others for no reason... This will also turn my mercy switch off. If only more people felt this way... Our player base could be much larger than it is. I have run into many new players that did not even know about offline mode until I pointed it out to them... Offline mode is only good for certain things though... It can give a new Jason player a good sense of how his abilities work... but it will not prepare them for what real people are capable of doing in the game. It is helpful in finding environment kill locations, where throwing knives spawn... and target practice for quick throws. It can help you for certain aspects of counselor play as well as it shows the spawn points of the power boxes... and Jason's shack... It can also be helpful in just learning the layout of the maps before diving head first into quick play. It can also be used to grind out some CP to roll some perks before their very first counselor match... If they discover it before their first match. The people I give no sympathy to are the various types of assholes you find when playing in quick play... There are so many different types of them that a psychologist could write a very interesting paper after only a few matches in quick play. @HaHaTrumpWon I have indeed offered myself up to frustrated Jason players in the past. Zero kills in a match can be frustrating for new Jason players... and very low kill counts for veteran players can be just as frustrating (at least for some of them)... They deserve some sort of cookie to keep them interested. I will often lead them on a bit of a chase first to a good environment kill and instruct them on how to use it (if they do not already know). I will also ask them if they need a certain kill for an achievement and lead them to the correct spot. It is surprising how much this can help a frustrated player deal with their frustration.
  15. Its only called a rant by people who have a different opinion than me. Which is often from a person that has not even looked into the subject at hand... or at least, did not think it through first. People that are afraid of something that is longer than a couple of sentences need to get over that fear... They might actually learn something useful. Ha! Try playing against me and just one or two of my friends, let alone an entire lobby of my friends. That is frickin' laughable for many reasons that have already been explained to you... and NEVER should have needed to be explained to anyone who is not a "noob" at this game. If you had bothered to search for threads about this "new grab"... and actually read through even one of them... you would understand how laughable this topic is. If you think I called you a moron... then you need to read that part of my post again... SLOWLY this time... Then you can come back and apologize for the false accusation. What I did say there was called for... and it is something that EVERYBODY needs to learn in their own way. Too many people think they have a valid opinion... but do zero research into what they are talking about... Which, by definition... means they have no idea what they are talking about... which makes their opinion invalid... and then they start throwing false accusations around in a ridiculous attempt to discredit the person they were talking to. Personally, I can admit when I am wrong... and I make mistakes like everybody else in the world. The difference is... I learn from my mistakes and actually try not to repeat them.
  16. The mic issue also happens on all platforms… But there is a way around it. If that player turns off "push to talk", it solves this problem... The only problem left is... your mic is open. It would be nice if this were fixed as well... there are many people that just do not want to leave their mic open for... understandable reasons.
  17. It works great. When you get the timing down with the quick throw, this perk no longer helps them. Swift attacker, of course.... cannot be countered this way if they are in a group. We all know how well grabbing works against groups. I always try to save a knife or two for just such an emergency.
  18. Ahab

    Jason question

    Sometimes... yes, I have counselors actually working with me... Many times I do not. But if I get the car going, I am practiced enough at driving in this game that I can get around Jason more often than most players... so I will pick up any counselor I see and try not to leave unless the car is full. If I can get the four seater moving early in the match, the Jason player will probably not be getting more than four kills in that match. And if he does stop the car, I am more than willing to sacrifice myself to give the others a chance to get out without me. Even with "sense spamming" you have a good chance of not finding a counselor using the sense avoidance perks... But there are a couple things to consider here. First, one sound ping seen by Jason is sometimes all it takes to find them... but if the player understands how to use the stealth mechanics... then this can be taken out of the equation. Second, Jason can only spend so much time in one place if he cannot find a counselor with his sense, even with "sense spamming" he can only use sense so many times before he must move on to try somewhere else... "Sense spamming" is the only mechanic that gives Jason a fair chance to find these counselors... and these perks can work through several uses of sense... or he may just see you on the first try. Random number generators are weird that way. If I notice someone using these perks, they become a priority target simply because I understand how difficult they can be to find later in the match, even with rage active. Their best chance is still to stay out of Jason's line of sight. Swift attacker is useless against me once I know you are using it... because I adapted and found a counter that works very well. Non of my friends seem to use it at all anymore because of this. Marathon gives a % bonus to stamina... it gives a much bigger chunk of stamina to high stamina counselors simply because of how percentages work. It is still useful for low stamina counselors however... and I do use it on them... as I only play the slow ones. Medic and thick skin.... I do not need them and have not used them since I was a "noob". I find other perks far more useful. You are correct... being a "punching bag" can be damned annoying for many players... So much so... that I have seen more people than I care to count get so frustrated with this that they put down the game and never came back... until this patch. Some of them are beginning to return now. I also agree that it was a challenge to adapt to this, but I never found it funny. Being locked in a stun animation is actually rather boring... Boring is never funny... that is why we call it "boring".... However, the only challenge here was trying to kill the players using you as a piñata. It has NEVER been a challenge to turn Jason into a piñata... Even now, it is still not a challenge, up until rage hits. I learned to deal with this during "the great Jason nerf" patch... when next to nobody (besides me) seemed to want to play Jason. I do not have an issue with dealing with the battle Chads... but this does not make it any less boring while they use me as a piñata. I complain about it simply because it makes Jason look like a clown... and the FACT that too many of my friends stopped playing the game after this happened to them once... while the arrogant trolls that found this funny continued to do it to other players. Many people complained because they did not find it funny... they found it frustrating... which leads to it being stressful. Why would anyone want to play a game that is frustrating on this level? Why would anyone want to play a game that stresses them out? This would be why people complained... and quit when this happened... and by quitting, I mean putting the game down... When there is too few people that want to play Jason at all... there will be no game. Even with a small player base, there is no shortage of people that want to play the counselors... because many of them understand that dying as a counselor is going to happen quite often... which is how it should be. Anyone that has an issue with dying as a counselor in this game need to take up a new hobby... like checkers... or perhaps coloring books. The new slash buff only comes into play IF two or more counselors are standing close enough together to actually all be hit by one slash. Smart players know this, and space themselves out, effectively removing this "buff" from the equation entirely... It does however, help against players that cannot "adapt". Players not wanting to adapt?.... That can be said about every single person that has even a small problem with this update. You would not believe how many Jason players I have met that pound their chest with claims like this... Only to wind up with 1 kill in a match. We all have good games and bad... and overconfidence is a weakness that can be easily exploited. Those high pings must really suck, but I understand how playing like that can make it easier to play when everyone has a stable, low ping. I am in Canada, but I have played on the EU servers with friends there quite a few times. I have found that when I am the only person from outside that server, the ping is much better... but if I play a match when I have one or more friends in a lobby with me that are not from that region, the ping is way worse. You would not believe how many Jason players I have played against that said this... and failed miserably. I too have a great many hours as Jason and am pretty damned good at it... but there are many other players out there better than me. I have way more hours as a counselor and am pretty damned good at that too... even against the best Jason players I have yet seen... But I know and have played many games with counselor players that are much better at it than I am... and I can say the same about many Jason players that are much better than I am. But we all have good games and bad games... and people that make grand claims like this are often horribly disappointed. The other night, me and a couple friends met "the best Jason ever"... or so he claimed... (no naming and shaming though)… He had never died as Jason... no one had ever escaped him... and so on... Until he met me and my friends... When we met him... I walked up to him and let him kill me... I really needed to go out for a smoke... and for this, I had to listen to this asshole telling me how much I suck at this game... Little did he know what was coming next... Now he has died and seen a mass exodus of counselors escaping... and I was not even in the match when my friends killed him, it was the match before I started playing last night. But still worth a good chuckle. Humility is a thing... there is always someone better than you, or me... But this "Best Jason Ever" guy was not one of them. I can truthfully say this about EVEROINE complaining about this patch... I cannot truthfully say this about people that wanted a solution to the piñata Jason problem... or wanted it to actually be somewhat of a challenge to kill Jason. I could go on for quite some time listing the reasons for this statement, and several of these reasons I already mentioned in this post already... and this post is already getting long.
  19. Also... after seeing that someone is using swift attacker... A quick throw as they turn around to attack... which cancels their attack, and quickly followed by a grab. This one takes a bit of practice with the timing... but it is another one that always gets a "what the fuck?"... at least out of players that think swift attacker cannot be beat... Non of my friends seem to use swift attacker anymore.
  20. Only one thing makes my night better than that... Using the in game archery physics to do this from much further away than the person putting the battery (or gas) in thought was possible... I have freaked out more people with that than I have using stalk.... Well... the numbers would probably be close at least. I love my throwing knives... they are so.... shiny.... and I am easily distracted by shiny things. Well... maybe two things... Hitting someone from across the creek on Higgins or Pinehurst with a throwing knife... Not always a jump scare... but you will always get a "what the fuck?" out of them. Most players I have come across do not know this is possible... but it just takes practice. This game has better archery physics than most game I have played that incorporate a bow and arrow.
  21. Tried and true methods are the logical choice... in my opinion at least.
  22. This is the only part of what you said that I do not agree with. I actually still do very well at stopping cars... even against very experienced drivers (I know and have played with many of them many times before... and they are damned good at it).... But I do not stop them every time... and sometimes, I do rather poorly at it.... But other nights... no one gets by me. I am also a pretty damned good driver and use nerves of steel on every counselor (in case of the random bug)… Yet I still do not make it out every time I am driving... and not necessarily because I made a mistake. There have been many instances that Jason did disappear from my mini map, or did not appear on it at all until he smashed the car... but I do not know how to explain it beyond my own speculations and experiences. I take you at your word for your testing.... I have not done my own testing at all, other than just playing regular matches and trying to pay attention. Perhaps @mattshotcha could shed some light on this... if he is allowed to explain the mechanics of it. I have given this a lot of thought... and I know we have not really talked much about this lately... (for most of January I did not have the time to spend surfing these forums for … personal reasons)… Nor have we made any progress at all in discovering how this mechanic actually works... But in my opinion, if Jason was removed from the driver's mini map, then there would be absolutely no chance of any car getting away from me... barring the circumstance of... not having a shift or morph available at the time... I am very well practiced at it by choice of using Part 4 in almost every match I play as Jason (sometimes Part 7... I do not really play any other variants at all)... and needing my traps for the fuse box that is being attempted over and over again by those pesky... and somewhat smelly counselor type people. Call me a dog... Dogs are awesome and I would not consider it an insult... But I love chasing the cars.... So I give the counselors the opportunity to start them in every match... just so I can chase them.... Some say... practice makes perfect... I do not believe that at all... But practice does make one "better". So, my own conclusion is that it would be a bad idea to remove this feature... if only for the reason that if the car escape is made that much more difficult, then the far easier option of killing Jason would become the go to option for far more players than it already is. Fighting off groups of Jason hunters in every single match I play is not what I call "fun"... at least, not while it is so easy to get the mask off.... and if killing Jason were actually made "difficult"... then it would be a good idea to keep this mechanic in game... counselors need a chance too. Objective control and how to do it is a personal choice.... For those that have a huge problem stopping cars... perhaps concentrating on stopping the counselors from starting it in the first place would be best?.... Or like my own personal choice... let them start the cars, and practice stopping them as much as possible. My choice will cost a great many escapes until you... I … or we... get better at it. But practice at anything will make one better at the task, no matter how difficult. This is only my opinion... Just to make that clear. We also have to remember that a great many people driving the car are not using nerves of steel, nor are they overly skilled at driving the car in game... yet.... But greatly skilled, hardly any skill or anything in between... without this feature... they would not be getting away from me in what I would call... acceptable numbers... as their chances would be slim to nil... barring the above mentioned circumstances... and a few other possibilities like... I am busy dealing with those pesky counselors who happen to have a father figure that just might happen to be a sheriff.
  23. Ahab

    Jason is weak

    Wow... you do realize that movies.... even movies based on "true stories" are NOT realistic... they are movies. This is part of "balance" in the game. If Jason cannot "morph" or "teleport", then both cars would be moving and the cops would be called and the boat would be on its merry way before he could reach ONE of them.... If we need to explain this ANY further than this... then there is NO hope for you. There is no such thing as an 80 year old that "chooses" to walk... they simply CANNOT move any faster than they already are... Just wait until you get older... You are going to HATE it. The entire game would need to be changed to accommodate your desire for "ROY" to be more realistic... NOT going to happen. Be grateful he is even in the game. One shotgun blast to kill him?.... Wow... that would make the game even easier to kill the "BAD MANG" than it already is... and that is more frightening than standing in front of Mr. Voorhees if he was actually a real person. I see you have not made it past Part 2... And if a feminist wants to sue for something as RIDICULOUSLY STUPID as that... I really don't know what to say here... other than the judge would LAUGH at them... Just reading your RIDICULOUSLY long sentence gave me a frickin' migraine..... You are truly a special kind of snowflake. Freedom of speech comes with the RIGHT to offend... learn this... know this... LIVE this. The MOMENT you lose this, you live in a fascist state... If this is what you want... then move to North Korea and apply for citizenship… RIGHT NOW!!!!!.... or build a time machine and go back to Germany just before WWII started... you would just love it there... If you do not believe this... you failed history with a miserable grade....because it is a plain and simple FACT. If this needs to be explained to you further... then you are truly lost. I myself am completely against ANYTHING that is not fair and equal treatment for EVERYBODY. Feminism is a JOKE.... as is EVERYTHING else that is not for FAIR and EQUAL treatment for EVERYBODY. If you would like me to elaborate further... I would be happy to make you look like even more of a fool than you made yourself look like.
  24. I think the extra pocket knives in offline bots are just frustrating myself, they do not make the game harder... it just prolongs the inevitable. Although I have not seen multiple fuses in offline bots (I also have not played offline bots in a while though)… I would think it could very well make it more difficult with multiple counselors holding a fuse, so long as they actually try to get the call off... and actually try to escape to the cops. It could be viewed as a lazy way to make it harder... or a quick way to make it harder... Programing the bots to actually be difficult is probably a lot more work and will take a lot longer than most of us think. I only really use offline bots for target practice with quick throws these days.
  25. As a driver, I have noticed... if you are holding the button to move in reverse when starting the car and Jason is standing in place to smash the hood of the car... you will start moving before he gets the prompt, or at least before he can act on it. I just noticed this recently, so I am not sure if it has always been a thing... It also does not work every time, possibly due to lag? Or perhaps lag is what makes this possible to do in the first place? Or perhaps these Jason players had poor reflexes? I cannot say for sure. I agree that they do not need to alter the game mechanics for Jason, driver or car here... I stop the cars more often than not, but I did make a point of getting in as much practice with this as possible too. @Anonymous The best advice I can offer on this problem is... if the car is not moving, wait for it to start moving and morph ahead of them, preferably behind a cabin or anything else that will block the driver's line of sight on you... which gives you your best chance of being taken off the driver's mini map. These drivers are just baiting you into wasting a morph and robbing you of any chance to stop them. In the end, even the best of us have to accept that some cars will escape, whether it is with one passenger or four... The counselors need a chance to get away from Jason as much as he needs a chance to stop them... But they both need a chance, neither need a guarantee. Now, now @badassgixxer05, we do not waste knives on the car. That would give us the appearance of being "salty".... Besides, I need those knives for... the runners and loopers... and sometimes the repair counselors... Oh, who am I kidding, I will not discriminate... I will throw knives at everyone, and the horse they rode in on... I just won't waste them on the car. That glitch with the throwing knife at the car is rather frustrating... as a driver that is. I had a few Jason players do that to me last night when I drove around them. I ended up still alive and outside the map. I had to leave the game so everyone did not have to wait out the timer with everyone else already dead or escaped.