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  1. Biggest buff to counselors EVER. Jason now has zero chance to defend the fuse box or the power box for the Tommy call... the call only takes so long, so killing the defender is not going to help... All it only takes is one counselor to defend it.... a new player can succeed EVERY time with this... and all they need is one other player that understands team work. They already had a damned good chance to defend it, I did quite well with it myself as a counselor... Now they have no chance to lose the battle at the boxes with one counselor to defend. All this did was give the counselors the upper hand... more so than they already had. Can they also interrupt the animation for pulling a counselor out of a car?... I guess that one won't matter now unless there is some troll hiding with the fuse. I cannot even articulate how disappointed I am with this... but I still thank you for your reply. Disappointing? Not for someone who only likes to play counselor and loves an easy win... But this will start to frustrate Jason players very quickly... and when no one wants to play Jason, there is no more game. I am more disappointed with this game now than I have ever been... for both sides of play. Go after the caller... sure, but now you still have to go smash the box or the call will be made by someone running into the room as soon as you leave the room.... and why should the counselor protecting the box go anywhere?... if you go after him, the call is made... if you kill him, the call is made... if you try to smash the box again, they hit you and the call is made. If I liked an easy win for counselors... I would love this, they just made my job extremely simple... But as someone who enjoys playing as Jason as well... and plays with friends that can and do work as a team (and do it well)… this is way too much. Massive buff to counselors and the Jason hunters... getting the Tommy call off will be a breeze now as well... not that that getting the Tommy call off was not easy enough to do before this. This will lead to far lower kill counts for Jason players than I have already been seeing... but we had to work hard to give Jason a low kill count before... not so much now... and of course, the Jason hunters will be getting their call to Tommy off with ease... So much for the defend the power box for the C.B. radio... useless strategy for Jason now. Jason is way too rushed to kill everyone before the cops get there six minutes into a match (or less with my dad's a cop)… If there is one player defending the box, there is really no reason to bother trying to stop it now, it is a waste of time. Just kill the defender, suffer the call and try your damnedest to kill the remaining counselors in under 5 minutes... or if you play with certain players... 3:45 seconds.... or, you can just be stuck at the phone house trying to go after the caller... while someone else gets the call off because you cannot possibly smash the box while someone is protecting it... Against a team of new players that have no concept of team work, this is a non issue... against a team of two players that want to get the call off... you will lose. I no longer even see a point in saving a pocket knife for the trap... Jason is not going to stop the call with me there to protect the box anyway. He can kill me, but even with the shortest kills, the call will still be made and my job was done... Teamwork sometimes requires sacrifice and I never minded sacrificing myself for the team.... particularly when it leads to a 1 of 8 kill count.... and it has MANY times already... without this buff for counselors... or nerf for Jason, however we want to look at it. Before this you had to work for it... lure Jason far enough away to circle around and do it... or to let someone else do it while he chases you. Jason cannot camp an objective or every other objective will be completed... But wait... camping the objective now means utter failure for Jason at the boxes if even one counselor is there to protect it. This one is just too much and throws balance overwhelmingly to the counselors that can play as a team.... and for this, it only requires two players in a lobby to work as a team... no more are required. Disappointing?... Oh yes... in the extreme.
  2. Yes, he interrupted the animation 3 times in a row. By then the call was done. Kind of game breaking to me... I play with friends and they actually work as a team, and they do it well. There is almost never a time the box is undefended. I will have to go for the caller now instead... but now they will guard the caller as well... Damned teamwork!!! My trap on the fuse box is now little more than an alarm to give me the twenty second warning before the cops acknowledge the call. For me, this means less cars to chase as well as the cops are already on their way... I will miss the car chases. This is not really a big deal against players that do not work as a team... but think of trying to avoid the Tommy call now... not gonna happen with one person guarding the box. When I am a counselor I am usually the one defending it so a friend with my dad's a cop can make the call... but we do it with a pocket knife almost every time and we almost never see Jason show up anyway. But if he does, it will be no contest... the call will be made. Biggest nerf to Jason yet... or close to it at least. I still have not gotten to that video thing... But one more piece of advice... The narrow point at the bottom of the crosshair... line it up on them as best you can to center mass. Its length is helpful with this and you can still hit players with the point well above their heads, but at that range they are such a narrow target it becomes critical that they are centered exactly with he point of the cross hair, which is more difficult to do at that range as it is above them... When they are that far away it is a great risk of a miss even when they are standing still. But counselors standing still or moving directly away from you is your only real chance at the further ranges. You will get some hits with practice. I can do it fairly consistently at long distance, but I sometimes do not want to risk the knife. Anytime you notice someone standing still at a distance, take a practice shot if you have enough knives... Keep in mind the arch that the knives have as they travel, it begins at the center of your crosshair (no matter which direction you are looking with it) and I would think it is about twenty feet before it begins to drop off significantly. Good luck should you choose this tactic... but remember, there will be a good ratio of missing even when you get good at it... nobody is perfect... and there are so few knives on the maps. But when you get that hit across the creek, it is worth it. The reactions of many such victims has been hilarious... even missing them gets a good reaction when they see that knife sail inches away from them and they see how far away you are... but sometimes you need to get closer very quickly to hear it.
  3. As I said.... myself and a GREAT MANY other players have lost their masks from this INDEFENSIBLE hit. I am not blind, I know when the animations end after seeing them all literally thousands of times from both side of play. When you are hit the instant you come out of the animation there is NO TIME to move, being it is a hit on the instant you "wake up" and not the instant after that in which you can move (or even get into block when it was responsive)… thus, making it INDEFENSIBLE. If there is damage immunity here then it would be IMPOSIBLE to lose you mask in this manner. Send all the video you like... being this has happened to MANY of us, we already know better. At best, your video may prove that there is lesser damage done with this and NOTHING more. But even then, we need to see the perks the Bugsys were using. To prove it does not demask... you do not take hits to actually lose your mask, as you did using a different attack and not with the indefensible hit we speak of... You do not need to show that the mask was not stuck to his face... we all know it will come off rather easily. To prove you can't demask him in this way... show us a video in which Jason takes NOTHING BUT these hits and does not lose his mask with one of them (its incredible how many of these you can accomplish in a short time) and if he looses his mask with one of the stunning hits... then you need try again, using a grab and pocket knife animation as well or staggering the early damage to avoid this. You could also use power box smashing animations to completely avoid outside damage from stunning hits. Using more than one animation would be nice as well... as proving it with one animation does not prove it for all... it could be a glitch that he does not lose his mask from one specific animation or does lose his mask from several and not others… So use multiples and show a great many such hits. But you can't... because HE CAN lose his mask this way. I have seen it happen innumerable times in my own games, be it happening to me or another Jason player. So unless there has been a change that it not in the patch notes... I am not the one who is wrong. I am not sure why you don't understand this... or address it for that matter. I also know how to move when coming out of a stun or other animation, you can only dodge a shot that was a touch late as it takes a moment to actually move out of the way, and dodging is always worth trying. When this attack is properly done by the attacking counselor... you get the hit before you can move, or at the very least... before the move happens on both screens of the involved players... and the mask comes off with it. If it takes more hits to do this then it is a slight damage resistance and nothing more... damage is still being taken or the mask would not come off with it... and it does. Dodging in such a way as a counselor coming out of window hoping animations has saved me from many a throwing knife from Jason on the other side of the window as well... but this works the same way... you will only avoid the attack if it is slightly late... it actually takes a tiny bit of time before you can move out of the way... They are not 2 dimensional targets unless you are trying to hit them with a throwing knife beyond 50 yards or so.
  4. @Perpangular What I suggested worked for me when I had that problem with another game.... but, since this did not work for you... I googled the issue and found this on the steam community.... https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/558752356833174703/?ctp=2 The long and short of it is... There is a download restriction limiter that could be the issue... turn that off and try to verify again. A second person in the thread said this did not solve their problem... but clearing their download cache did solve the problem. Yet another person had to change their download region to servers that were closer to them... and it then worked. This is all I could find that was even remotely close to your issue... I hope this helps. If it does not, you can try explaining the problem to the good people at..... https://linustechtips.com/main/ They may be able to help. PC's can be a bit of a pain sometimes... but every issue we have is a learning experience. I hope you get this figured out.
  5. @Perpangular I play on PC as well... and have never seen something like that in this game. Being you have a file that cannot be verified, that would probably be the issue. It sounds like something may be blocking this from properly downloading. Check your anti-virus & or firewall programs to make sure it is not blocking anything to do with steam or the F13 game or easy anti-cheat. If there is, then set an exception to it and try again. Lag does not freeze up your screen in this game, so that is not the problem. It has to be the unverifiable file in my opinion... so you need a way to get it and verify it. I hope this helps. Also... welcome to the forums. But, as I am not omniscient... we could always ask... @mattshotcha Any ideas what could cause this issue or any other ideas on how to help out?
  6. It is a short story he wrote... it was also made into a movie with Boris Karloff in the 60's, but I do not remember if it had the same title... I like Lovecraft, but some of his ideas about how things work in space are way out there... but science had not yet proven any theories about space in his time... beyond how gravity affects observable bodies out there... That came much later. So writers were left to speculate... and many came up with some even crazier stuff. I also see this on other maps too. Maybe Crystal lake has been invaded by the elder gods... That would explain a lot.
  7. And, I call bullshit... as I said in the previous post, the ONLY way you can prove that is to keep on doing it over and over again and NEVER losing your mask on that type of hit, which you did not do.... and you can't... A great many of us HAVE BEEN DEMASKED with this method... which would be IMPOSSIBLE if there was damage immunity at that point. I have demasked Jason with Bugsy using a machete with less hits than you took... and with more hits than it took for you. Your video DOES NOT prove what you claim based on that point either. I also never said you were trying to dodge anything other than the machete strikes.... and I even complimented you on it.... And no shit he needs to be knocked down first, I am not new here. This attack is indefensible after EVERY animation, not just a stun, we have had this discussion before. I know exactly what you were trying to do... but you failed miserably... which does bring into question EVERYTHING else you have tested that we cannot plainly see for ourselves. As I said, for your video to prove this does no damage, you have to keep doing for far more strikes than you did... ONLY using those strikes... and NOT demasking him with them... Which you cannot do.... as MANY of us have been demasked with this type of hit a great many times.... It cannot work both ways, it either does damage or it does not.... and it takes damage for the mask to fall off. I am not blind... and I have taken more hits than that with Bugsy to demask a Jason when not using certain perks... Try making a video with thirty hits from Bugsy in combat stance as Jason comes out of an animation and then I will believe you. As I said... your video does not prove your claim. And to someone who has been demasked MANY times using this method... and has demasked MANY Jasons using this method... unless there has been a change made that was not in any patch notes ever... you will never be able to prove it simply because you are wrong... Which we can all plainly see in our own matches when we are demasked in this way... which CANNOT be done if it does zero damage... so what you think is safe to say is pretty backwards in this instance. Apparently you have not... because you CAN be demasked with this method... no amount of testing will disprove this when you can be demasked with this method... That would be a contradiction as it cannot work both ways. Thank you for proving my point... If you know you have demasked Jason on "wake up" before, then you know you testing does not prove it cannot be done.... Now you are contradicting yourself and your own test that you claim proves your point... As I said several times now, it CANNOT work both ways. Jason 'did not know better' does not make his mask fall off, it takes damage to do that... With this statement alone you proved your own test is bunk... it is too bad you cannot see this. You claim there is damage immunity with this... and then you claim you can demask him with this... Which is it? It CANNOT be both.... Oh wait, I already know which one it is... I have seen it in my own games from both sides of play innumerable times. Being you are wrong and admitted it with your statement that you have demasked him with this method... saying this is on Jason really makes you sound like a troll here.
  8. You answered your own question... A duplicate of something that is already there... is not adding something new, it is using an existing asset by duplicating it and using it in a different spot. Adding a rock would be new because it is "adding" a rock, not duplicating one. I am not trying to be rude, or shoot any messengers... But the opinions of people that do not think beyond the first point of interest (or at all for that matter) on the topic are only expressing their right to let everyone know they are not very intelligent... and that is a right we all have under free speech. I am not saying this about you... but about those people on facebook that you mentioned. As you said, you were simply repeating what they said. People need to think before they speak... most do not... and many think the one point they did think of will destroy any point that others can come up with... But if they thought beyond that one point, or at least considered the meaning of the words they used in their own questions, or in what they were questioning... then they would be answering their own questions. The opinions of the masses are not usually thought through very well... Take the 'M' from masses.... and we all know what we are left with. I have seen that one on Higgins many times, most often in the fireplace where the fuse box spawns on the east side, but not necessarily when the fuse box spawns there. I call it "The Color of Outer Space"... H.P. Lovecraft is turning over in his grave... Damn!... Well, at least we get extra XP for killing them a second time... But it is frustrating when it happens with a counselor that you have had a lot of trouble catching in the first place... Its not so frustrating if they have no pocket knife or med spray and you already have them wounded though... its too bad it rarely works out that way.
  9. Thank you... I was never a fan of those particular cartoons... but that line always stuck with me for some reason. I saw it, but only for an instant... then it was gone. But thanks for the warning.
  10. I have still never seen Canadian servers on PC. This could be because most of the friends I play the game with are from the U.S. but I am not sure. I am pretty sure that using a VPN will help you get to servers in the country that you set it to. I have read about it somewhere... not sure if it was here or on the steam community. But being I have not tried it, I could not say for sure... It would only help so much though as we all get bumped to far away servers from time to time... and sometimes it happens quite often. I have had nights in which I was thrown into the E.U. or A.P. so many times that I gave up on the game for the night... I cannot remember the last time I played for more than a couple hours and was not thrown into overseas servers at least once... but for the most part, I do end up in the N.A. servers... which is good being I am in Canada. Being I am usually playing with a group, it would be nice if a lobby was created for us instead of shipping us overseas... particularly when I have five or more people with me... It is not like the servers are clogged with people playing the game or anything.
  11. Great, now Jason has become that panther from the old Hanna Barbara cartoons... I don't remember his name... just the "Exit, stage left" line.
  12. This bug has been there for some time... I have seen it many times in the past, but it gives credit for the kill and releases the counselor to start the chase over... so you can get 2 kills for one counselor... bonus XP at least. This can happen with any environment kill or execution, but it does sound like you are seeing it more often than it has been occurring in the past... at least judging from how frequently I have seen it happen... which is usually only a couple times in a night of playing.
  13. Actually, when it is timed properly... the counselor does get the damage when Jason comes out of any animation. Completely indefensible and the way I have been demasked by the Jason hunters that did manage to kill me. Before the engine upgrade when the block actually worked without delay, once I saw someone using swift attacker, they could not get a second hit on me unless they were in a group... which has been impossible since, even when I am in control of map selection... Unless I cancel their swing with a knife and grab them, at least that is still possible, but not as nice as blocking... we do not get pocket knifed when blocking. Yes, you can move out of the way when it is mistimed, but ONLY when it is mistimed.... as you did at 2:16... Nice foot work by the way... Even when block was quick to respond, it was impossible to get into block to avoid this when the hit comes at the moment the animation ends... which is not hard to do... I can do it more often than not and demask cocky Jason players with this method ALL the time... with A.J. Granted, she takes a few more hits to do it then Bugsy does... and I need to find a new weapon after every other hit... but it is incredibly easy to do to the best Jason players out there... Even so, I will leave killing the Jason player to others that seem to get off on that kind of thing... It is enough for me to demask cocky players that think they are the shit. The machete hit at 1:40 was just a touch late, but still hit you... and you already took a hit from the frying pan. Then the bat at 2:07, and the swing that you managed to move away from was mistimed as mentioned above at 2:16. Another bat hit at 2:21, and yet another mistimed hit with the machete that still managed to hit you. Some very nice foot work by you at 2:50ish... until the machete hit at 3:07... and the demasking hit at 3:10. But, your video does prove that you can get out of the way of a mistimed attempt if you are paying attention. It does not prove that the hit when coming out of the animation does no damage though. A great many of us all know how this works... and I have knocked Jason's mask off doing it more times than I care to count... and have had my own mask knocked off in this manner MANY times... So, if there was any kind of damage immunity when he comes out of the animation... it would be impossible to knock his mask off with this type of hit, and it is not... I see it happen EVERY night that I play. The only way you could actually prove that no damage is taken from this.... is to ONLY take hits coming out of an animation and NEVER be demasked. But we all know that would be impossible as a great many of us have been demasked from these types of hits... and you CANNOT be demasked when taking zero damage... unless there is a new bug or glitch that no one has mentioned yet. Also... just a simple question... How is it "on Jason" when he is surrounded?... Is their some magical mind control power that some people have to force players not to group up when they want to?... Bear traps I get... if you are not watching where you are going, it is on you when you walk into one... But the inability to mind control people to not group up is NOT on the Jason player... He or she simply lacks this magical ability... as pretty much everybody throughout history has lacked this ability.
  14. Part 4 is better toasted.... everything is better toasted for that matter. If I used a +Traps Jason, I might quickly fall out of practice chasing cars. With -Traps, I almost always need all 3 traps just to prevent the call going off in the first 5 minutes. After that, the pressure is really on. -Traps is awesome!... and I will not apologize for saying it. But I would never double trap anything... I play with -Traps so often it is just habit to only use 3 traps... so double trapping would be a bit wasteful. -Traps is not a weakness, it is a difficulty setting... and I am not a fan of easy mode for either side of play. It is not the Jason variant, it is the player behind the Jason. Some players can do great with one variant and suck with others... and some can do great with every variant. Most people are in between and can do good with more than one variant, but not with all of them... This also applies to counselors... When the strengths and weaknesses of whichever character you are using fit your playstyle, you will do better with that character... be it Jason or be it counselor. But as far as wrecking lobbies easy... try playing against good players that actually try. I do not care how good the Jason player is... He or she will not be getting 8 of 8 every match. Against good players, you will be lucky to get 8 of 8 once in a night... and it will not be easy to get it. Against new players, or those who do not try... then yes... clearing a lobby is easy with any Jason for anyone that has even a basic understanding of how to play Jason... But against seasoned counselors that actually try... good luck with that. My friends and I have made a great many such Jason players eat their words with most of the lobby escaping... and even more so since the rage buff. One car escaping can take half the lobby with it... and escaping in a car is not difficult. No Jason gets the car every time... and against a Jason player that enjoys chasing cars... like me... when we miss, you just do not give them a second chance.
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