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  1. Trolls will be trolls. If someone is unhappy about something they should put it down. Why bother to go to the effort to keep coming back to whine about something they didn't like. Plenty of people seem to truly love the game on both sides of the arguments, but too many seem to think they should escape or survive 9 times out of 10. Somehow, I do not think that is what this game is meant to be. If I don't like a game I put it down. Still have a few games on the hard drive I keep forgetting to uninstall. I couldn't be bothered to go on their forums and complain. My first console was an Atari 2600. You couldn't rent a game for many years after that, around the time NES and Turbo Graphics 16. I seem to remember an extinct species of board game or two as well. First really good multi player experience was, I think Jedi Outcast (turn based multi player cannot be counted here). Before the toxicity seeped in. It has since run rampant throughout online gaming like a spreadable cheese of some kind, gunking up the gears and smelling like limburger. My first F13 game I was force grabbed by Jason near the exit, I did not even question it. Stay away from Jason...... lesson learned.... move on to other, more effective tactics. I was surprised to find that the game was still being tweaked. Big fan of the series, but I knew nothing about this game. Saw one trailer with a Crazy Lixx tune and bought the game, but I did read the how to play in the menu before diving in. I have only been through a few different states of the game, and learned a lot about it both in game and here, on these forums.
  2. Let's see now, bought for full price at I think $40. At ten hours, that comes down to $4 per hour. Yes..... I got my moneys worth the day I bought it, because I am still playing it with over 500 hours in. I am down to $0.08 per hour played at this point. Even at full price if you have more than ten hours into the game, all I can ask is: How much do you really expect for what you paid? At twenty hours in, people have even less reason to whine about it. If someone did not like the game, why would they continue playing after 4 hours. Even at that point, they still only paid $10 per hour. I am glad to see most of you think it was worth it. As to the few who think it is not...... how much less do you suggest we should have paid? Really people, I am sure there are more important things for you to whine about. Even at 4 hours you can't complain about the price and somehow, I think if you had only played it for 4 hours you probably could not have been bothered to come onto the forums to talk about it. I think they did a great job on this game and bought all DLCs just to support the devs. I use very little out of the DLCs but there you go, at least I am getting some use out of them (mostly the kill packs). There are very few games I would even consider buying a DLC for. If I had heard about it during the kick starter, I would have thrown more money at it. But that is neither here, nor there. I missed out..... Damn!!
  3. I think the answer already given with a collision problem is the correct answer. It sounds like the same thing happening when you see Jason get knocked down by the fuse box and you don't have room to go into the animation. A few months back there was a tree too close to the fuse box on Higgin's main house that did the same thing, that one has been patched for a while. Some trees and bushes have a larger hit box as stated above, giving the appearance of an invisible force field around it and collisions with it will not allow you to enter the repair animation. Also, your latency is not the only concern for lag that effects you. Everyone in the lobby can contribute to lag for anyone else in said lobby. It only takes one person with a high ping to cause lag problems for everyone.
  4. That would be awesome!! An environment kill that only works on Ralph but can be used on any tree or pole around the map! I think that Ralph is one of the most suggested counselors to add to the game. But they have to have him spouting out "You're all doomed!" and several other variants thereof every single time he sees another counselor in game.
  5. I know there are similar threads to this, but hear me out. New ideas and all. I have almost put this game down permanently a few times due to hackers and glitch exploiters that have frustrated me a lot more than I know I should be. Most people are not as persistent or tenacious as I can be. I love this game, even with some of the annoying bugs. I can easily work around that. All games have bugs. Many games that are completed and long abandoned by their own developers still have bugs. That being said..... With so many ignorant trolls and cheaters in the game (I figure 10 - 15% of the player base at maximum from what I have seen, perhaps I am overestimating.... a bit), it is no wonder so many new and long time players just do not come back (many people have enough crap to put up with in their life and don't need this kind of frustration). The devs can see the numbers of players that never made it past level 10 or even level 20, and have not returned. I hope that number is not as high as I think it is. The numbers in game have not often got to 2000 since I bought the game in early October, many times I have checked the number of players on Steam it is under 1000. With the interest I see from new players in quick play, this should not be happening. Numbers should be going up. I am not sure if they are getting around to banning anyone that deserves it and hope they are not banning anyone that does not deserve it. I think bans should be implemented on cheaters in any multi player game. They are the biggest reason any good game loses its player base. This is not about any one person, it is about keeping the community strong and looking forward to be able to play the game. My ideas are simple. 1: Temp ban of a day or three to those that deserve it. Double this each time they have a repeat offence. Lifetime ban after 13 offences (too high a number, maybe, but it does go with the game). 2: Anyone with a ban on record cannot play on any but the maps most people complain about, Pinehurst and Jarvis. I think they are great maps myself, but have read many complaints about them, mostly due to people thinking them both too big (Don't change them, they are great as they are). If the offender gets banned a seventh time, reduce that to only being able to play on the Pinehurst map. The game should pick its map before leaving the lobby and boot anyone not aloud to play on it. Other players could still be picked up in the waiting screen after the lobby. Unless they have a previous ban and cannot connect to the map to be loaded. A time limit for this one? one week - permanent? 3: Give us a sign in the lobby like an '*' beside their name for each ban. The more '****' beside their name, the less likely it will be that someone will want to play with them at all and just leave the lobby for another game (or boot them if the vote to kick player is ever implemented). Even trolls hate trolls, they can quickly find themselves all alone, the way it should be for people like that. This is not name shaming, that is done by a third party. They shame themselves by even coming into a game with a ban marked on them. 4: Fear penalty. Anyone returning from a ban is stuck with 100% fear from beginning to end of all games for one week, no matter which counselor they choose. 5: Count each legitimate report on hackers and cheaters as a ban. Never give anyone one ban for two or more legitimate reports. Stack on the ban days if you have to. 6: Pop in a scanner on the game folder to see if anyone is altering the files and ban them if they are. It is in the user agreement to not alter the files, is it not? You own the game files and have the right to check them. It does not have to scan every time it goes into a game, maybe once or twice a week at random times. This should be an instant lifetime ban. We only have the right to play the game within the rules you set when we click agree before installing. More people should read those agreements. A punishment has to be something the offender does not want to happen (at least unpleasant to the offender) and the threat of punishment (and the escalation of punishment) has to be real. Otherwise the problem escalates. I know that people banned for life and such will simply buy the game again and start doing it again. Most offenders become habitual offenders. Ban them again, no big deal. Gun and Illfonic still get another sale they would not have otherwise gotten and the trolls will quickly see how expensive it can get to continue their trollish ways. Let them buy it back as many times as they want. IF they offend again, ban them again. With tenacious trolls, all this means is more sales for Gun / Illfonic. If they can't learn they will eventually give up. If they don't offend again, then they can play with the community again. The lack of a toxic environment should be something to strive for. It will keep a lot of people in the game a lot longer than they otherwise would be. They will not buy more DLC's if they put the game down permanently (do not forget to put out more DLC's please). Newer players will not be driven off so easily. Its a simple win for everyone, except the trolls and cheaters that don't deserve the privilege to be slaughtered in this incredibly addictive game. Imagine if you will, a reduction of toxicity in the game population. Has any game ever achieved this before? If it could be achieved, imagine the free publicity. There are still many avid gamers out there that would buy this game if only they knew about it. Many of the reviews on the Steam community that I have looked at have their biggest complaint as the toxicity of the game community. If the toxicity level could be reduced by even half, this could make for a great many more positive reviews. Free, positive publicity = more people hearing about and buying the game = larger player base and longer life for the game. P.S. I wish I filmed that last game!! But, it was that point of forgetting to film it that got my brain working on this. P.P.S. Sorry for the length of the post.....
  6. This is starting to sound like too much work for the devs. If we all keep adding ideas here, a whole new game mode may be required. It would be a cool addition though. Ethel and Junior, they would be great additions as well. I also love the idea of a crazy Ralph bot riding his bike up and down the roads shouting "You're all doomed!" over and over again. Even just Ethel and Junior bots riding around on the motorcycle shouting obscenities at the counselors and Jason would be funny.
  7. I just got out of a game with a particularly loud and annoying squeaker..... screamer is a better word. I would have left the lobby if he had spoken up at all there, but no....... he has to wait until in game. I would have quit if I was playing a counselor just to not have to listen to the little Moron. He tried to be rude, and the other kids in the lobby may have thought he did a good job, but he was just a kid screaming unoriginal insults. I am a dry waller, I have heard the rudest of rude insults beyond what most people here (even the sailors) could possibly conceive of (you have no idea and I don't think it appropriate to go into more detail here). I think I could have taught him a lot about how to insult people, but I cannot lower myself to help morons like that in any way. I was playing Jason, however, and I am not a quitter (at least not if it will interfere with the game for other players). I just muted him and chased him down. He fought back like a true battle Chad, but he cannot qualify for that either. I have seen a lot of very skilled battle Chads that don't need to cheat. I ate two pocket knives out of this kid and counted 8 sprays used. No sound of drawers opening when he ducked into a house, no sound of anyone dropping an item for him when anyone was nearby, and never saw him pick anything up, except when he did grab another weapon and a one med spray in the cemetery. I managed to slash down two of his friend while fighting, but never him. He was the only one with a seemingly unlimited supply of med spray. I have seen others flaunting their med spray hacks in my face many times, counted up to eighteen times once. Its too bad I keep forgetting to film these and send reports. I will be more diligent in the future. In the end, I managed to slash down one more of his friends before he dropped another pocket knife and a med spray at the exit to the police. Only got 3 out of 8 in that game. I don't care about the number of kills at all in that one. One of his friends tried to rat out everyone else when I was chasing them, he was kill #2. When I hear anyone trying to rat out their fellow counselors, I am forced to have to deal with said rat to the exclusion of all others until he is a dead rat (when this happens it can be an unhindered escape for all others if they are trying to escape, but usually, I get them pretty quick). Fortunately, the screamer stuck with the rat so I could make sure he wasn't picking up more stuff. When the rat was slashed down, he dropped no items (neither did the other two I killed). Another thing I noticed was the screamer never ran out of stamina and I stayed right on him the entire time, even most of the slashing that struck down the three counselors also struck him. The worst part, of course, was that I did not get the satisfaction of killing him.
  8. We should leave Tommy alone I think. But someone else (I can't remember who) had an Idea about giving players a choice to come back as Tommy or not. Some people actually don't want to play as Tommy I guess. But a choice to play as Tommy or a cop (if the ever implemented the idea of a cop coming into camp) could be interesting. I think most would choose Tommy, just because he is the only character that can strike a killing blow. Tommy is fun to play though, having 10 in all stats. I would try playing a cop if it was implemented. I am sure the devs have a lot of things they would like to add to the game and with all the suggestions from players (a lot of good ideas in there). Their list has probably grown far beyond what they could or would do. We know they are working on more stuff to add, but there will be a limit to how far they go. We can only hope they make good choices.
  9. Good idea. Maybe if a counselor lingers near the ropes in the water too long, zombie Pamela comes up and drowns them. Should Jason get the XP for this though? I don't think so. I think it would be a little off to have child Jason do it though, with adult Jason running around somewhere else on the map.
  10. Adding in a few cops for dead players to come back as (no cops come into the map until there are enough dead counselors) might be a good idea. Not many though, maybe two? Not so they could kill Jason but just to add some tension. Give them a 9mm with 12 shots and no reload (have to hit 4 times in a row to stun, one miss or two seconds between hits will not cause a stun) They cannot repair anything, have no stealth but 10 composure, they would otherwise be a Kenny for all other skills (5's right through). Also, they can only use their walkie talkies to talk to the other cop (unless they find one in a drawer) and also start with a map, but cannot see counselors on it (mini or big map). A bit overpowered? Maybe, but who know? it could be fun. Perhaps something to add into a harder difficulty for Jason if we ever get a choice of difficulty in multi player.
  11. There was a meme someone posted somewhere (but I cannot find it at the moment), it gave the entire dialogue from the side of the policeman on the phone. I believe it went something like this: "Yes ma'am, I will have 'every mother f***in cop' out there as soon as I can. But could you meet us in the woods outside camp? Its f***in scary in there and Kevin says he is not going in."
  12. Zombie Pamela from part 3's ending would work in the existing game as well as Roy does, and I think Roy works well in the game (I still think bashing down a door with those hedge Trimmers is hilarious). Other than that, and I have mentioned this in other threads: @Spongebob The Hedgehog's idea of a choice for Jason's drowning kill animation is a good way to get her in the game. His idea was to give a choice to use the Child Jason model or the Zombie Pamela in the drowning kill animation instead of the standard Jason you are using at the time. Instead of pressing 'e' to initiate the kill it could give you a 1, 2 or 3 prompt for your choice.
  13. Songs we definitely need.

    I know the title of this song does not sound right for Friday the 13th, but how about Saturday Night by the Misfits. The song itself would go good with the game and the misfits sound fits in with the 80's timeline of the game. I know the song came out after the 80's (can't remember what year) but the Misfits style has not changed much since the 70's. Other songs by the Misfits that could also fit in well here: Walk Among Us, Hunting Humans (written based on Night of the Living Dead, but can still fit in here), Horror Business, Die, Die My Darling, All Hell Breaks Loose. I know the Misfits are not for everyone, but these songs do fit the mood of the game. For people who are not Misfits fans: Till Death do us Party (actually written about Friday the 13th), Bad Things, Kill you Before You Kill Me, Morgue Than Words (all by Wednesday 13.) Let us not forget songs like; Beer Drinking Party by Teenage Head, Round and Round by Ratt (great for those ring around the rosy chases that happen all over the maps), or some good driving songs like Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody or Slick Black Cadillac by Quiet Riot that come on only over the car's radio. If you haven't noticed, my taste in music does lean towards punk rock, but I don't mind anything that does not vaguely sound like rap or dance music. I just think these tunes would be a good fit for the mood / style of this game. Any other song in the any of the movies also fits here, but the rights for them would not come with the rights they already have. In the end, its all about the money. If it costs too much, we would never see it in the game. If the rights to anything else do not fit into their budget, we will not see that either. Rights to songs by popular bands just cost too much. I doubt we will see more songs come into the game, but if we do, they will not be from the most popular bands.
  14. PiƱata Jason

    Exactly!! The hitting through doors has to be removed for both sides, just to unrealistic and seems cheap to me. Perhaps even add the random stun immunity timer to the end of Jason's door crashing, knife grabbing, electrical box smashing and kill animations, or maybe that would be taking it too far. Maybe just for door crashing animations? Now before everyone says "its only a game.... realism, there is an unstoppable psycho zombie slasher in here!!" Yes I am aware there is an unstoppable psycho zombie slasher in here, but when you take away too much realism from the story or game that you speak of becomes similar to the illiterate scribblings of a two year old. Think of the stories that last and resonate through time. Hamlet had a ghost in it, but nothing else unrealistic. Still a celebrated story today. Look at 50's sci-fi compared to today's sci-fi. In the 50's science didn't matter. Now the writers do much more research and try to keep it as real as possible, making the stories a whole lot better and more grounded. I could go on, but I think everyone will get my point.
  15. Will you still be here?

    I really thought I would get bored of this game quickly when I first saw it, but I had to get it. I came into this game fully expecting to die a lot as a counselor and perhaps even as Jason sometimes. Two teams have put me down legitimately so far, had to compliment both teams on their skill and execution of their plans, neither used a group of battle Chads. As a counselor, I have died a lot, just as expected. Although until the last patch, I was escaping way too much and too easily, it was starting to get boring. Much better now, more of a challenge. When it gets too easy, it gets boring quickly. Well, pleasant surprise; I am over 500 hours in and still not bored. Still going strong, hell I am even telling the battle Chads to bring it on these days, though I was never one to run away. Just getting a lot better at killing the groups quicker. While some of the community can be toxic, there are still a lot of good people to play with (yes, even in quick play). Some people add their own brand of humor to the game as well. Last night I was playing with some friends, long story.... but with the in game escapades in the final game of the night had he laughing for some time. I have not laughed that hard in a while. Yes, I will keep coming back!!