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  1. So…. next week then? But seriously... I might be a grandfather before we get an update at this rate... and I have no kids. This could take a while. I will start working on that.... "soon."
  2. Ahab

    Oh for the love of god

    @Bropollocreed79 That was an awesome trailer. If the game looked more like the trailer, I would be downloading it now... but I already looked at some gameplay footage on youtube. I am not saying its not fun to play... but they are some pretty dated graphics. Even for free.... I am not sure I want to go back to 2 dimensional scrolling games... and I still play some pretty old games myself from time to time.
  3. There are posts like this on pretty much a daily basis in the steam community... and it has been that way since I first heard of this game. When some troll comes up with a comment that seems to justify the initial point of the thread, they usually post the same thing here. Very few of them use the same name from steam, but many of the posts that we have seen here like this are basically copied and pasted from the steam community. Posts like this only prove two things... They simply have no knowledge of how to do even the most basic math.... and have literally no working knowledge of what the word "dead" actually means.
  4. Ahab

    Oh for the love of god

    @Bropollocreed79 True enough.... What is that pic from? The pic of Sigourney is actually from Aliens (1986) from when she was holding a flamethrower to moma alien's eggs… not Alien (1979)… it was the cartoonish main pic that I am curious about... Is this from a video game or cartoon that no one informed me about? I remember an Aliens game for the commodore 64... but it looked nothing like that.
  5. @jahzaveamanaie I have seen the steam player count for several games that have thousands of players online fail to give a number. Because some troll in the steam community tells you they do not display numbers when it goes below 300 is just false.... how does this person know this and where is his proof? The reasons you are not seeing numbers is probably a lot more complicated than that. Anyway... if you can still get into a match in reasonable time (or at all for that matter)... the game is not dead, despite the claims of the game being dead that appear on a daily basis since before I bought the game in October. Learn what dead means. Google can be your friend... and the explanations for "dead" are actually pretty simple, short and to the point. Because the player base on steam hovers between 300 and 400 quite a bit, does not mean that only 400 people play this game on steam. To get even 300 players consistently every hour of even one day, there are probably thousands of players online over the course of a twenty four hour period of time. Do you think the same people just leave the game running all day and all night to keep the player count up? I am sure there are one or two people that do this at least, but not hundreds... we can, after all actually play the game and almost never see someone who is AFK for the entire match running a macro so they don't get booted... I have only ever heard of that happening once and have never seen it myself... and if people just left the game running on the main menu... you would never see them in a game... Yet we can somehow still get into a game... with actual people. Only the devs… or the good people at Steam could tell us how many players are actually on over the course of any one day and night... but I doubt they would answer this question, even if the number was as high as a quarter million in any one day. The steam charts post averages.... learn what an average is and how the math gets you to that number... I think they teach that in (or around) grade 3 (at least they did when I was in school). Once you understand what an average is and how it is reached, you will understand why it is not an accurate reflection of the true numbers involved.... and why they do not use averages to discern "facts."
  6. @JennyMyers1984 Both Tiffany and A.J. are already ninjas when used with patience. Don't run... no sound pings. It takes a bit longer to get around, but Jason has to get lucky to find you... unless someone put him into rage early. This is what I mean by having patience to use the stealth system effectively. I have several friends that use it to great effect... this does not mean it saves them in every game (nothing will save you in every match, that would be over powered)... but it helps them, a lot. They can also pull this off without using sense avoidance perks... like everything else in this game, it is situational... Jason has to be close enough to sense you, which is made easier for him when bat happy counselor's put him into rage mode early on as his sense range is greatly increased in rage mode. No one should be able to run and give off zero sound pings... that would be the super powered ninja. Even a ninja cannot run through a forest without making noise... or walk across squeaky floorboards they did not know were squeaky until they stepped on them... without making noise. I have used hiding as an effective tactic against some of the best Jason players I have EVER played against... once again, like everything else in this game, it is situational. If the Jason player is outside the house and sees that sound ping, and has sense ready to use, it is pretty obvious you went into a hiding place... and your sound ping even pinpoints the hiding place you went into. If the Jason player is not right outside the house when you emit that ping, and / or does not have sense recharged at that moment... you can get away with hiding... as long as some bat happy counselor did not put him into rage mode early. I have also fooled very good Jason players into destroying every single hiding place in a house as I escaped through a window on the other side of the house from where he was and jogged away as A.J. while using sense avoidance perks. This is, once again... situational, like everything else in the game... but it made for a very long distraction for that Jason player... and he was not the only one I have done this to. There is more than one way to distract a Jason... even the best of them. If you want to play "In your face" with Jason... that is your choice. But do not say the stealth system is ineffective when you play that way. It is, as I said... situational... and there will NEVER be ANY situation where you are "In Jason's face" and stealth should help you in ANY way. I do not generally play stealthy myself... even with slow counselors I like to get to where I am going as quickly as possible. Every second counts on one hand, but on the other hand... stealth works fine when used properly... and as I stated above, there are times I use it to good effect. I have seen quite a few players use it to good effect... without stealth perks... from the perspective of playing Jason and watching these players through spectate while they are up against Jason players that think stealth is useless. Spectate is a great way to learn other people's tactics that you have not thought of yet. Stealth is already OP in the hands of someone that knows how to use it and has the patience to use it properly... without perks. But when Jason is put into rage five minutes in... these players are screwed by Jason's extended sense range... at that point, only sense avoidance perks will help them remain stealthy, and those are situational as well. Hiding in one place should not remain an option that can save you 100% of the time... nor should stealth save you 100% of the time... nor should any other tactic work 100% of the time... just like in real life situations. Just because you play a counselor with max stealth... does not in ANY way mean you should remain stealthy at all times. Stealth depends on your actions... performing an action that makes noise in any way should (and realistically does) break your stealth... opening a door that squeaks, stepping on a squeaky floorboard, opening a window, opening a drawer... or even walking through a forest in the dark, flashlight or not... you will make noise no matter how much ninja training you have. You might make less noise than someone else, but you would still make noise... and counselors in a state of high fear should make more noise. Panic does not in any way induce quieter behavioural traits... it tends to have the opposite effect.... but Jason still has to be looking in the correct direction to see this sound ping as well. As you have said before... Jason is not the terminator nor is he the predator. But sense is there for balance purposes... it is 7 against one, there is plenty of cover all over each map... and try playing one game as Jason without using sense at all, against players that know what they are doing and chose to stay away from him... good luck with that. Besides which, how do you know he can't see like that... at least after he became undead... but this is a game, and the mechanics for Jason work the same across the board (even for Roy)… each Jason merely has different strengths and weaknesses... and finding seven players on a map without sense as it is now (or even one player that knows how to use the stealth system properly), as I said, good luck with that. Sorry for the length of the post (again)…
  7. I am not holding my breath... I feel the same way, but everything is coming "soon" depending on which time scale you use. In the geological timescale for instance, the fall of humanity and the rise of the Planet of the Apes just might be coming "soon." I measure time in cases of beer... its not as accurate as an atomic clock, but it is pretty close. "Soon" I will move on to the next case of beer.... Time marches on... Also.... I just noticed the "Jason Hunter" under your name. You should replace that with "Jason Killer". It is not presumptuous to use this name... you earned it.... Be proud of your given nickname.
  8. Ahab

    Oh for the love of god

    I have more faith in your predictions than I do in the patches.... I did say "I hope the servers help"... although helping would require they work on some level at least... There is always hope, but too much hope leads to greater disappointment when things do not go as planned. I have a dedicated beer fridge in nearly every room... Unfortunately, due to logistical nightmare that is the layout of my home... the beer fridges are always... way over there, considering where I normally sit in any given room. My solution is simple... I keep a beer cooler beside my chair for easy access to nice, cold beer at all times. The freeloaders have to get off their asses and go to the dedicated beer fridges if they want one. No one touches my cooler... except the neighbor's dog, but he is just after the ice cubes. "Sis" would be more accurate... Ambiguously gay bat "woman" would be a more accurate term for her.... but she likes the name she chose. I still call her "Syri" which is short for the name she used when we first met. I have a habit of always using the name of the person as it was when I was introduced to them... which sometimes does not work out as well as you might think. My friend "Leecifer the Evil One" is still trying to get me to call him Lee thirty years later.... but "Lee the Evil One" does not have the same "ring" to it.
  9. Its not actually happening... yet.... But perhaps it will be... "Soon."
  10. Ahab

    Oh for the love of god

    Absolutely no patches (at least since I have been around) have not caused a "cluster fuck"... that was my point with the optimist comment. I am not very optimistic at all... but there is hope... rebellions are built on hope... the game works (kind of?... sort of??... sometimes???.... maybe????) with hope... but hope fizzles away rather quickly. The only real hope I have left is that my beer gets cold quickly. I still have never seen that sparkly blood in a game... only in videos posted by others... I am missing out on the unicorn blood!!!.... Damn!!! @Bropollocreed79 I hope these dedicated servers do not cause more problems for console players.... I hope you are wrong about these bugs it will cause... But I sense a disturbance in the force... I think we will see a post from you (quoting your above predictions) after the servers go live with some imperial sarcasm like.... "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."... perhaps followed with evil laughter... just for effect. But... I still hope the servers help.... for what its worth.
  11. Balance is a huge issue... and Jason no longer getting stunned was merely one idea that has been put forth before by several other people. How to fix this balance is the problem... whatever idea is thrown around by anyone... we cannot truly know if it will be effective towards balance unless it is tried. Any idea has pros and cons... Personally, when I play Jason, I welcome the early rage caused by people that think combat is the only way to play the game... early rage just means you screwed over every other member of your team that was trying to play stealthily in any way... and like it or not, stealth does work just fine when you have the knowledge of the mechanics and the patience to use it properly... patience is the biggest part of it here, most people do not have the patience. Jason's sense has its limits... which go out the window when he is in rage... but even in rage, when you do not see a sound ping... it is just luck morphing somewhere that a stealthy counselor is in range of sense... or bad luck for a counselor that fails a repair that makes it obvious to Jason where they are. With the sound ping, he knows exactly where to morph to. No tactic works perfectly at any time.... no tactic works at all every time... but all tactics will work some of the time... Even the dumbest sounding tactics can work sometimes.... when they are unexpected. Hiding has its uses... and its place, at certain points of time in a match... but after the bat happy counselors put him into rage, hiding don't work so well no more. Combat does not usually go over well for counselors when I play as Jason... the people that run and hide have a better chance of avoiding me and getting things done... and I have found the same thing as a counselor. Running, distracting Jason and leading him on a wild goose chase while others get things done... and even hiding at opportune moments are much more viable tactics against a good Jason player... but sometimes, the good one will still catch you... and sometimes even a noob will get lucky and catch you. The friends that I play with generally run away from me... they last longer... unless they are trying to kill me, then combat is somewhat required.... depending on how many times I stepped in a bear trap and got shot with the shotgun, which leads to the easiest of demaskings... distractions work on me sometimes too.... and sometimes I did not see that bear trap, or just forgot to look for one... nobody is perfect. The hysterics I mentioned are right back to that "big risk-big reward" thing that so many have mentioned in the past for the stamina boost that counselors get when hitting Jason. As the balance is now, it would not work well... You look at it as missing half the time, but a glass that is half empty is also half full... Others that give it a bit of thought.... well... that 50-50 chance of hitting leads to a one hit demasking... and 4 Bugsys coming at you... well, chances are... one or two of them will hit you... completely removing the risk, yet keeping the reward of an easy demasking. This would make it even easier to demask Jason than it is now... because most people tend to group up to fight him anyway. It was just an idea, does not mean I support putting it in the game while it is already so easy to demask Jason. Although I would be all for it if it was somewhat difficult to get his mask off in the first place. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Combat is not a necessary component to this game. The devs could remove ALL of the counselors weapons from a game and people would still manage to escape... they just would not be able to kill Jason. This in no way means I want the weapons removed, or combat taken out.... I am just making a point.
  12. Ahab

    Oh for the love of god

    @Ambiguously gay batman God can't help you now Syri... at least, not with this problem... Only a patch that actually fixes this problem might help you... and hopefully, this potential patch does not screw things up even worse... Holy crap!... did I just say something optimistic?.... How unlike me. I can put up with every bug this game has to offer... and perhaps even some upcoming bugs that no one has thought of yet.... but not this one. Even the worst reviews of this game state that it is still fun to play with friends, even with all of its issues... but we cannot play with friends now, not without hugely frustrating issues... that reward you with getting into a game with one or two of the five or six friends you tried to get into a game with... after forty minutes of trying to get people into a lobby... This bug will be the death of this game if it persists much longer.
  13. Good ideas. How about a counselor blocking a hit from Jason reduces weapon durability for the counselor?... or just Jason being stunned less frequently, but always being stunned from behind (no matter which weapon is used)? Jason is stunned for less time each time he is stunned... until you can no longer stun him? Combat should take some skill, currently, it is too easy to turn Jason into a piñata... and too easy to demask him. A counselor hitting as Jason comes out of a stun is a huge problem... he cannot defend against them in any way... and off comes the mask. Jason at the very least needs a workable defense against this... even if it is just damage immunity for a few seconds after a stun until he is able to block... and the slowed block needs to be fixed. If the game was more realistic combat wise (and no, I am not saying I want Jason to kill a counselor with one hit... I understand the need for balance)... that would just make running the go to strategy... which would make sense in a more realistic game and reflect the fear that each player would have if thrust into this situation in real life... yet still having the option and ability to fight him in a way that gives you a chance as a counselor... a CHANCE... not a guarantee. Perhaps the fear mechanic can be used for a better effect in the game... hysterical fear gives way to hysterical strength, but also gives way to hysterical inaccuracy... counselors do more damage at high fear but suffer the same multiplier to a chance of not hitting him at all? After all... hysterical strength and hysterical inaccuracy are very real... and to take a bit from the movies... no one ever got that mask off of him without being on the verge of hysterics in the first place.
  14. @JennyMyers1984 At least you like to play to help the team... Most players that I have seen that use the "in your face" way of playing are just people trying to piss off the Jason player... on a far more personal level than just the frustration of being a pinata... I am sure you have run into those types of players in the game as well. It is hard to play more than a couple of matches with open spots for randoms… and not run into as asshole or two. Many get damned rude. I understand the psychological tactic here, but it makes zero sense to piss someone off on that level who will be your team mate in the next round... Players that get rude to me like that get no help from me when I play on the same side as them. I will drive a car around until it is full... sacrifice myself as the driver so the others can escape if necessary... but I will not stop to pick up someone that got rude enough to piss me off in the last match and may even run them over. There is no need for that toxic shit... we are all just here to play a game, and for the most part... if we happened to be in the same lobby, we will be playing on the same team more often than not... it is just better to get along with people who are at least willing to get along with others. I have never had to get rude to get a Jason player to follow me, and I also enjoy being the distraction so others can get things done or escape. I still just rather run... I tend to live a lot longer... but I can do the combat when necessary. I tend to stay away from the predictions of doom. People can predict doom and gloom all they want... eventually it happens, but this does not make them psychic or correct. Everything dies... eventually. I will not make a prediction as to the date of this game's death... I enjoy the game a lot and will be saddened by its passing when it happens... But it is not over... until it is over. @The Wolf with that Toast The steam community is mostly a bunch of toxic trolls.. but like any other group of people... there are good and bad people there. But in that community, the assholes outnumber the good people by a wide margin. I don't bother commenting much there... but I still check out the posts sometimes. They are good for a laugh. I have not been playing a whole lot recently due to that damned group kick bug... and I would have to go in game just to see all of my perk builds... But I like Mitch and use him more often than most... with him I use the map perk, lone wolf and nerves of steel. I use the same perks for Jenny, but don't play her much (it takes forever to repair anything). I think I have the same no fear build on every counselor with high composure (above 6)… but I prefer the repair counselors, so I can fix... stuff. The no fear build works very well for stamina regeneration and keeps stumbles to a minimum... but does not work very well with low composure counselors. I do use the map perk on everybody... it seems when I don't use it, I have a hell of a time finding a map. I also find the map incredibly useful early on... you can see which cabins nearby are being raided and plan your own looting accordingly... you can see where the cars and boat spawned and if you find a part early it is not guesswork to find the nearest vehicle... or you can tell anyone who asks where the vehicles are if they found a part early and have no map. I can also use the map and walkie to tell someone which way to go, whether or not I am actually in the car or boat... or to tell someone they are heading the wrong way... It still amazes me how many people cannot read a map correctly... Playing towards the success of the team, having at least one player that can read a map and is willing to communicate with everyone can help more than most people would think.
  15. The reason the movies end the way they end... is because of the structure of the story for each individual movie. Each needs a resolution, which means Jason has to be stopped.... by someone... like Chris, Ginny... ect. The game is not a movie... it is based on a series of movies. The same limitations of story structure do not apply. Sure its smart to take them out one at a time.... no one would argue against that. Try telling that to the counselors that group up... which is most of them. Players start the game knowing what is going on... completely unlike the movies... No one is fearful in this game, like they were in the movies... hence the need for a hidden fear mechanic. There are many differences between game and movie... as we have discussed before, not everything will translate well from one medium to another. I am glad to see that you think ANYBODY will be stunned by an axe or machete... then this should work both ways.... because, you know... ANYBODY... If you can stun Jason, then he should stun you as well. ANYBODY means anybody... that includes counselors. There is only one supernatural being in this game... the counselors are pretty weak compared to him one on one. Could any counselor realistically punch someone's head off... or rip their arms off… so his weapon should do more damage to the counselors... he is a whole lot stronger than them.... and more strength behind any weapon you want to swing... should not need to be explained to anyone. If Jason cannot stun counselors... than they should have an extremely tiny chance to stun him.... fair is fair and all... and only one person in this game is supposed to be overpowered.