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  1. If you think that is a book... you need to look up what a book actually is. That is not even long enough to be considered a short story. It is in fact, barely even enough to consider one page from a book... which most "functionally literate" people could read in a minute or less. As far as "needing to"... I am actually refuting your points... which takes "words"... Note that the word "words" means more than one. Also... those afraid of reading more than a couple of sentences at one time... Well... let's just say... How can they have a valid point if they cannot read more than a simple sentence or two? Their knowledge on ANY subject matter is VERY limited by their lack of a desire to learn anything. Its not like reading is in any way difficult, nor is it in any way strenuous. You still have not even attempted to refute a single point I have made... Disagree all you like... If you cannot defend your position, you need to change your position as it is obviously WRONG. As to... moving on... apparently you did not understand the quote I used from my namesake... it describes me very well. Tenacious to a fault. That is why I chose the name I am using... but you are probably one of those illiterate screwheads that reads my name with an "R" in place of the "H".... There is no R in AHAB. Also... pretty much everyone that thinks they are right and have nothing to back up their statements tell me to leave it alone and back off... You seem no different than any of the other trolls that have tried to do this... and make no mistake... the others were ALL trolls... Are you? Exactly how is it laughable at all? You need to explain yourself... As I did when I stated something was laughable... I explained why it is laughable... responding that my statement is laughable without at least trying to explain why... is laughable. If you are incapable of doing this... then you are making a false statement. As I have pointed out MANY times already... It is VERY easy for one person to use Jason as a piñata... and this WILL give the trolls back their tools by allowing Tommy to do it again... So, pretty far from laughable... Prove me wrong... IF you are correct, it should prove pretty damned simple to prove me wrong... shouldn't it? I would expect this from you... you have been trying to give a reason to revert the entire patch since it dropped... and have failed miserably. Once again... counselors are escaping in droves... Jason players are still easily being killed... EXPLAIN why Tommy should be immune to the rage buff... Give just one LEGITIMATE reason why he should be able to stun Jason in rage. Oh, that's right... You can't... or you would have done so already... Yet I can give MANY reasons why he should not be able to stun Jason in rage mode. More people are escaping now than before the patch dropped... why does Tommy need the ability to "save" more than are already being "saved"? There is one simple reason I do not agree with you... I can come up with a great many legitimate reasons why you are wrong... you cannot, as you have not... give even ONE legitimate reason why I am wrong. In fact, you have made ZERO attempts to convince me that I am wrong. You make a statement... and give nothing to back it up in a discussion with someone who can write a "book" full of reasons why your statement is wrong. To me, your responses truly are laughable.
  2. On the contrary... I will now have to check it out as soon as I find the time.... I like food, and I actually owe my life to food. Without food, I would have starved to death years ago.
  3. I caught it pretty quick... but it still took a while to clean it up.
  4. My personal music choices start with punk.. my personal favorite.. and run through every other kind of music that has ever been conceived of... excluding rap and dance music, or whatever other name people want to give these types of music... As far as music goes, my tastes are much broader than most people I have ever met... I lived through the horror of "The Disco Years"... and my sister tormented me constantly with such music. As far as 80's horror suggestions… there are so many good movies to pick from... where do I begin? * John Carpenter's "The Thing" is a personal favorite, and is one of the few movies I could name that do not include a love interest in the story or a "love triangle" for that matter. * The first two Hellraiser movies... the rest became rather cheesy. * Nightbreed is another personal favorite... with a twist, SPOILER ALERT!!! the monsters are not the bad guys. * The Blob remake from '88 (I think) was a pretty good one too. * Near Dark was a good vampire movie and few people I know have even heard of that one. * Night of the Creeps was a good one too... gory with a few laughs stuck in there. * The original "Fright Night"... also a good vampire movie. Part 2 was... alright. * The Re-Animator... pretty low budget, and way off the original story... but Jeffery Coombs performance as Herbert West is worth the price of admission. * Creepshow… who could forget that one? * An American Werewolf in London.... So few good werewolf movies out there... this is one of them. * Waxworks 1 and 2... cheesy yet effective.... the second movie was even cheesier... but still worth watching if you like the first one. * House... with William Katt and George Wendt... more of a horror spoof really, but worth a watch. * C.H.U.D. Another low budget horror... but worth checking out... Part 2 sucked though. I could go on... and on with this... and I did not include a single slasher movie in there as you likely know and have seen at least most of those that I could name. I hope there was at least one or two in there that you have not seen before.
  5. Indeed. I try to be helpful to those who will listen.
  6. I am actually one of the most respectful people you will ever meet.... But I will show no more respect to ANY one person that they show to me... or to others in my presence for that matter... This is how I live my life... Good people appreciate my attitude, assholes HATE me for it... Take a wild guess whose company I prefer... You can continue to insist that the facts are wrong... that just asks for further sarcasm... and I only hand out the sarcasm to those who are deserving of it. As to an intelligent argument... I would say it is you that is failing there when some one states a point in opposition to your own that you cannot refute in ANY way. You have not been able to refute a SINGLE point I have made to counter your points.... NOT ONE... Just so you know... that makes you the one who cannot have an intelligent discussion... Not me... So please, try to refute that... I look forward to the laughable answer. Also... If I was not keeping it civil, I would not have tagged the moderator that I "borrowed" the coloring book joke from... Note the fact that this is a JOKE... Exactly how is this offensive?... IF you find that one offensive, you must be a special kind of snowflake. I will, and have used similar statements to MANY people just here on these forums... let alone to people's faces when I am speaking with someone face to face... But only to people who have ridiculous complaints like yours. As I explained elsewhere... If I was actually being rude, there is no one on this entire planet that would EVER have to question it. There would also be a whole lot of people right here on these very forums calling me out on it, not just the few people that literally provoked such sarcastic responses with ridiculous statements. But... nice try... It can be VERY hard to make a person like me look like the bad guy, as I am not actually a "bad guy"... I do not start shit with anyone... but I will argue against anything I see that I consider wrong... like the things you suggest, which I see as "giving the trolls back their toys"... and you have not even come close to convincing me that I am wrong about this... "I will argue it around the horn, and around the Norway maelstrom, and around perdition's flames before I give it up!"... to quote my namesake... There is a reason I chose the name I did... If you do not know, or understand this reason, I recommend you start reading... We hide a whole lot of VERY useful information and cultural refferences in things we call "books." What you are doing here is also a tactic used in debates called "deflection"... which is ONLY used by people with a point that is obviously wrong... or easy to prove wrong... and have GREATLY underestimated the intelligence and / or knowledge of the person they are speaking with. Trying to discredit the person, and not what they have to say proves NOTHING beyond the FACT that you are the one who is wrong as you cannot make an effective counter point to help your side of the argument.
  7. Distract Jason... Get a car going and pick up other counselors... Use your imagination... You REALLY need to ACCPET the FACT that some players are going to DIE... no matter what our "hero" does. Even if he could stun Jason in rage... some players are going to DIE. You cannot necessarily save ANY specific counselor in a great many different sets of circumstances... whether it be before or after this patch. But there are also a great many situations that you CAN save them as Tommy, or ANY other counselor for that matter. Once again... it sounds like you are whining about dying in a game that people will often "DIE" in. Jason wearing down counselor's stamina is an important tactic in a great many of the kills that he will achieve in ANY given match. Many players that are selected to play Tommy simply choose to do nothing to help others... and many of them simply are new and do not know what to do to help others. The fact that you started your post with "LOL" shows that you truly do lack imagination. Perhaps you really should take up coloring books. That's funny!!! All counselors actually CAN run away... and it is a recommended strategy, as it was before this patch and is so since this patch, perhaps even more so now. Learn to manage your stamina... that is a big help here. Also, properly managing your fear effectively keeps your stamina regeneration VERY high. That is not to say player will not run out of stamina... and perhaps even "DIE" because of this. This is part of this game... If you cannot handle this FACT... Try playing that "OTHER" horror survival game in which you NEVER run out of stamina... or... coloring books as I have suggested before. Also... I am genuinely curious as to which coloring book you decide on... please let me know. I have already explained this to you... and others... MANY times. There is more than one way to do it... Disagreeing with this once again shows a lack of imagination as Tommy is still saving a great many counselors in ways "other than stunning Jason". Also... it is not required to save EVERYBODY to be called a hero... That one person you "save" considers you a hero. The greatest lesson ANY hero KNOWS... is that no matter what you do, you can NEVER save EVERYBODY... Learn it, know it, live it... it is plain and simple FACT... in real life or "game" for that matter. There is enough of these already.... How many more do you need? As I have pointed out to you a GREAT MANY TIMES... Counselors ARE escaping in droves (if you do not understand what "droves" means... google can be your friend, also dictionaries).... Jason players ARE getting more low kill counts now than before the patch... and Jason is falling to the hunters even easier than he was before the patch. Disagreeing with FACTS does not denote intelligence in any way. Oh... I did not get that part... which is why I asked. I am still seeing many players ignore certain spawn points of items... This could also be because they do not know about them. For example... On Pinehurst, when the boat spawns on the east side of the pond, there is a picnic table in front of the nearby cabin... I often find a pocket knife on this table, even late in the match. Shotguns and med sprays spawn there as well sometimes. There are many other out of the way spots that I find stuff still sitting around late in a match... But this could simply be because it is easy to overlook items... even repair parts inside of cabins. I often find parts in cabins that have been checked for parts by team mates that I am in communication with... and smaller things like pocket knives that are just lying around can be VERY easy to overlook... But that med spray or shotgun on a picnic table is a bit more noticeable... to those who are paying close attention to their surroundings.
  8. Your entire post here should be pinned for any and all players complaining that they can no longer "fight" Jason. Well said. I was more worried about a buff that would give Jason stalk for the entire match, even if it is only for +Stalk Jason variants... Stalk is a very powerful ability when (and if) it can be used effectively... But I like these ideas... I would even push the "stumble when stalk ends naturally" further... Like if you turn your camera and see Jason on your screen in stalk behind you... you will stumble. It is simulating turning your head around to look behind you without having to stop and look after all. The random burst of static is also good, but if it was a different static burst than the normal ones... it could be a "giveaway" as to what Jason is up to. I do not think sense should be altered in any way though... to much of a nerf to Jason there... and he still need absolutely NO nerfs... I could give a great many legitimate reasons as to why it would be a nerf... but I am foreseeing another long post here. I noticed that before I got to this post... but thanks anyway. Not even a little bit exaggerated... check out the reviews for this game... even just on the steam community alone... You do not need a steam account to check them out either, just an internet connection.... The BIGEST complaint in these reviews is not the bugs in the game as some would think... It is, in FACT, Trolls... and the "toxic" members of the community... who can accurately be refered to as "TROLLS." I am not emphasizing it anywhere near as much as these reviews do... MOST of the negative reviews reflect this... So it is pretty far from being an exaggeration... Let alone the experiences in game talked about by almost everyone here. Glad to hear it. A GREAT MANY people that play this game WILL disagree with this statement... But as I said before, I am against reducing the amount of med sprays in a match... But nerfing medic in some way is far from uncalled for here. I will repeat my question.... How many med sprays do you need in a match?... With the medic perk as is... the number of med sprays in any single match becomes WAY too many. Using a med spray in and of itself is far from trolling... using 15 - 20+ med sprays from just a few counselors that ARE trolling... is plain and simply, trolling... and giving the trolls the ability to extend this behavior FAR beyond what should be allowed. Glad to hear it... Many of us will agree with you on this point. Jason is a "slasher" by definition... Many people complain about him "slashing"... and any complaint about a slasher "slashing" will get you "slashed" by said "slasher". This cannot be considered trolling as it is simply playing Jason "in character". Also... anyone who wants to fight Jason, particularly in a group of two or more... is generally going to get slashed... Grabs are USELESS against groups of two or more counselors... Slashing is not.... And as I already stated... Jason is a slasher... He is simply doing his job to the best of his ability. Those who whine about how they die need to find a simpler game to play in which no one EVER dies... or they will continue to complain about dying in whichever game they are playing. It is not necessarily used because the Jason player likes slashing down multiple players... for reasons I just explained just above this line of text... and I fully agree... Slashing is "just fine"... But I in no way like to do it... It is simply the best tactic to use in certain "situations". Once again... the complaints about trolling are not exaggerated at all. They are understated if anything. I know you are not trying to be rude with me... If you were, I would call it a miserable failure. I am also not trying to be rude with you... If I was trying to be rude with ANYBODY, there would be no one in this, or any other world that would even have to question if I was trying to be rude. I am a drywaller... and I have met some of the rudest, most crass assholes that have EVER existed... as they are all drywallers. They make sailors look like choir boys. I myself however, try to break this stereotype... But I censor myself here on these forums... you should hear how I talk when I am not "texting". And do not worry about disagreements... No one in this world should agree with every statement given by any one person. Question EVERYTHING... and NEVER be ashamed to ask questions as there really are no "stupid questions". This is how we learn... and the more we learn, the more valid our opinions become on any given subject. I agree fully with this statement. There were quite a few good ideas for acceptable "nerfs" to medic in quite a few different thread... I include your ideas in there too. Some guys have all the luck... For me, it seems only psychotic women are attracted to me... Case in point... My last girlfriend demanded to be treated like a princess... So, I treated her like one... I married her off to a stranger to strengthen my ties with France. Suddenly, I am very hungry.
  9. @BlazedInThe253 Being you cannot actually instantly kill someone as they are spawning into the game... Spawn killing is impossible in this game. Even if you happen to be right where Tommy is spawning in... you cannot instantly kill him... He can take several slashes if he decides to stand around and take it... So no instant kill after spawning there. He also cannot be grabbed and instantly killed if he happens to walk right into Jason after spawning as he always spawns with a pocket knife... No instant kill here either. Spawn killing is generally interpreted as being killed immediately after spawning into a game... which, is just all around impossible to do in this game.... These are probably the same people who keep saying this game is dead... while we all continue to play it. Perhaps they should look up the meanings of these big words they are using before trying to form a sentence. Also... welcome to the forums.
  10. Yes... I know. I am glad you have come to your senses at last. What kind of coloring book did you decide on?
  11. I like it too... But I have not yet caught up on the dev's streams, nor read anything about them changing it... Any info on why it will not be like this for long? Tommy can still stop Jason from killing counselors though.... this is my point... The other counselors can do the same things that Tommy can to save him (or others) as well... they just cannot necessarily run as fast or as far quickly enough to do it... But sometimes, this can also be said about Tommy... It should never be a certainty that any one counselor... even our glorious hero Tommy... can free, or even help someone... They should still have to work for it. If players want to stick around to try and pick up a weapon after being saved from a grab at this point, they deserve to die... This is something I like to call "nature's way of weeding out the stupid". They need to run at the first opportunity. My biggest issue is still the trolls being selected as Tommy, at least when this does happen... we are back to square one... It is easy to turn Jason into a piñata with just Tommy... easier than it is to do with any other counselor... But at least it would not be happening as often... the trolls cannot be selected as Tommy every time... They may not be able to suicide "normally" and become Tommy, but they can offer themselves up to Jason as an easy kill, or step out in front of a moving car just as easily and still be selected as Tommy. If his weapons broke (in rage mode I mean) as fast as say... A.J.'s weapons do, or at bare minimum, his chance to stun Jason should be GREATLY reduced... then this would go a long way in reducing the chance for him to turn it into a piñata party again... And only the trolls want a return of the piñata parties. After all... I can demask Jason with A.J. pretty easily... it just takes some planning and a bit of skill at playing "keep away" until you can find another weapon, and / or lead him into another bear trap and then playing keep away again until you find another weapon. I just do not bother trying to demask Jason often... It does not mean I cannot do it... even with low luck "crappy" counselors... It is just WAY easier to do it with Tommy. This would also make the indefensible demasking hit after a stun FAR more common AGAIN... and make it even easier to kill Jason than it already is... Which is not something that most of us want.... So no... I still do not like this idea... They need to make it harder to kill Jason, not easier to pull it off... and that is ALL this will accomplish. If he was seriously "depowered" in a way similar to what I am suggesting here, then I would have a much smaller problem with it... but leaving the rage buff completely ineffective on Tommy is just too much... and I still consider it giving the trolls back their toys. Counselors are still escaping in droves... Jason players are still falling very easily to the hunters... I am just not seeing why it could even be considered "necessary" to give Tommy a full immunity to the new rage buff... Hero or not... Its not like he cannot easily kill Jason still. If these things were not true... I would be all for letting Tommy stun Jason in rage mode... But they are VERY true... So I am completely against this without restrictions. This happened just as much before the rage buff as it does now... making it an invalid point, it has absolutely nothing to do with the rage buff. Doesn't it suck when your own behavior is thrown back in your face? They still do use him "the correct way" with the rage buff... When selected as Tommy, I am getting more counselors out now than I was before the patch... Perhaps you need to change your tactics. The good players using Tommy "the correct way" are doing just fine... better than before the patch in fact as more counselors are escaping and more Jasons are dying... We do not need this at all... This is giving the trolls their toys back. I agree... teabagging is unrealistic... Someone would have to be completely insane to try this on a real killer... and would literally be "too stupid to live". Yet somehow, it is still happening. I am still seeing Jason teabagged when he is dropped with a shotgun in rage... and you actually think players wouldn't do it if Tommy was knocking him on his ass?... That is plain and simply delusional. I find it funny that no one (or at least very few players) checks the campsites... I almost always find at least a med spray if not a pocket knife or shotgun at campsites, even late in the game when checking one that I have not yet visited.
  12. I can take your word for it... You always seemed to be very honest. It has not been reduced since I have been here at least... and as time progresses forward... the time I have been here will continue to outweigh the time before I was here (since the game was released at least... all of time is another matter). And if it was a bug that doubled the stun time (which it probably was... I could not understand the lunacy of it being twice as long as it is now)… then it stands that it was never reduced at all... as that would still be a bug fix. "Alien" is actually something you will always be when not on your own planet of origin... You cannot escape what you are... Or even while in an "alien" environment... such as the ocean... To a fish, we are still aliens. The 90's were indeed an awesome time to be alive... But the 80's were more fun and had better horror movies... The 70' were just weird... I remember "bell bottoms" and "disco"... it was not pleasant. I noticed that too. There is a reason you got called out as a newbie... and you were certainly talking like you are "the best player". A few people use a different name on here than their gamer tag... I am not sure why they do this... But most people here are not afraid to post their gamer tag either... And the only way people would accuse you of lying is after they add said gamer tag and discover it is actually not you... not posting it along with the screenshot makes it look like you fear this would happen. Yes, it is the internet... which has made researching anything accurately much quicker than before there was an internet... I know this, because I actually researched many thing before there was an internet available to the public. Knowing how to research something accurately was always simple... I do not understand how people think it is so difficult... it never was... But now, we can do it quicker. Making up your own mind without doing accurate research is plain and simply "stupid". I already read your shit before I made any kind of reply... using all caps just makes you look like an ass... it is enough to emphasize one or three words, and not make yourself look like an ass. I am not making assumptions... I am calling it like I see it... the truth hurts... doesn't it. And DO NOT make me explain the difference between a valid and invalid opinion... AGAIN.... Perhaps it is you who should read some of MY previous posts... as I have already done this courtesy for you. You have more here that I will be back later to reply to... just because... I am not finished with MY OPINION.
  13. You do not know me very well... I do not take very many things that seriously at all. I am quite practiced with relaxation thank you... and if you call pointing out where someone is wrong "pouting"... you may need to look up the meaning of "pouting" Increase your wordiness!!! A noob Jason player can sometimes punish a missed swing, just as the BEST Jason player out there can fail to do it. Shit happens... Just because someone "should" be able to do something, does not mean it will happen every time, and often, it does not. I am not sorry, but this is THE fact of the matter. Your previous comments do not in ANY way reflect this... You are in fact, contradicting your previous comments. But you are correct, it (dying) happens to ALL of us... some nights more than others, and some nights less than others. Happy to hear it!!!!!.... But if this is true, then why are you bitching so much? I can confirm that I fully understand the English language and all of its nuances. You are not talking to an illiterate 6 year old... Pretty far from it actually. I have not necessarily read every post that ANYONE here has written... But I have not seen this in any of your posts as of yet. You are not even stating your love of the game here... you are stating that you have said it elsewhere.... which I have not yet seen... Are you sure you know the meaning of the words you are using? I get this a lot from people who do not like the truth. I refuse to sugar coat anything, for anybody... and the truth hurts, but it will also set you free.... Methinks thou doth protestith too much. If you think honesty is immature... or the other comments for that matter... (I borrowed the coloring book comment from a moderator on these very forums)… then you need to rethink your world view. Just as an example... It is perfectly acceptable to point out when someone is wrong (otherwise, the behavior of any teacher would be deemed unacceptable), lest they continue to look stupid in perpetuity. The person refusing to believe they are wrong when confronted with the facts... is in fact.... stupid. I will move on after the truth has been laid bare... and not before. I am also the type of person that can admit when they are wrong... and have done so in the past many times... but only when I was actually wrong. If people moved on after a disagreement, the world would be a much more horrifying place than it is now... The truth is the way to go... marching on because someone does not want to face that has led to some extremely bad things throughout history. @NthnButAGoodTime sorry for borrowing your coloring book reference... but I felt it just as necessary here as when you used it (it was after all, very similar circumstances)... even if it was not as funny as when you used it. Perhaps the addition of my own "checkers" reference ruined the joke. @DontZzz34 You really need to work on your sense of humor... and your wordiness.
  14. Humility and confidence are both admirable traits... more so when one person has both traits. "Some" players... yes. But even a few trolls can ruin it for everyone... If everyone behaved in a respectful manner to everyone else and possessed common sense (and used it), there would literally be no need for rules... or even laws for that matter. Against players that do nothing... playing Jason has always been easy. Against players that push objectives, not so much... Nerfing med sprays... unnecessary. There is a good amount in the game already. That is, until you consider how many players in a match are using medic. I have counted twenty med sprays while fighting four counselors on too many occasions... this is not counting the med sprays used by the rest of the players in these matches either. Exactly how many med sprays in a match do people need to make it fun? Nerfing medic... IS called for. Not eliminating the perk per say, but at least limiting its usage. The number of med sprays in a match is already fine... but the number of players in pretty much every match that use medic to "boost" the number of sprays beyond an acceptable point. If you feel that when killing Jason is happening more often and is easier than before... and lower kill counts for awesome Jason players is what makes it "easier" to play Jason... then you would be correct. Unfortunately, that is not what constitutes an "easier" game for Jason... and being this is what is happening since the patch... it definitely has NOT been made easier to play Jason. Relying on combat or not... the counselors definitely should be able to use their med sprays... if they are in a position to use it safely... if not, then they die. The last counselor alive should not count for "especially" to ANYTHING. As to the "so what?" I refer you to a comment above in this very post and the simple question you would need to answer here... How many med sprays do you need in one match to make it fun?... and being there are a great many trolls out there using this to troll Jason players, particularly to torment new Jason players... please explain exactly why the number needs to be ANYWHERE near as high as it is in a great many matches due to the number of med sprays being doubled by medic perks in a whole lot of these matches. There are some awesome counselor players out there... giving the last survivor ANY bonus over ANYONE else is a huge mistake. Players are still surviving the night against damned good Jason players... Counselors do not need a buff or a nerf to any of their abilities and they have not for a long time now. It is Jason that needs some love here. The only thing "toned down" has been the piñata parties. I agree that the number of med sprays that spawn in any one match is fine and needs absolutely no adjustment up or down... and this is coming form a player that REFUSES to use medic or thick skin... and somehow still manages to get things done and escape in a very high percentage of his matches played... and this same player (me) will readily admit that he is FAR from the best counselor (or Jason) player out there. One on one combat in rage is extremely hard to survive against Jason now... and always should have been... and it should also be extremely hard to survive in combat against him one on one BEFORE rage... Combat with multiple counselors against him is still too easy... rage or not. If this was not true, then we would be seeing the Jason kill being much more difficult to achieve... and it is not harder, it is now easier to do it. But I still agree with you on the point that the number of med sprays should not be altered in either direction. And neither should a med spray help a counselor once they are grabbed.... This is... as it should be. I do not think Stalk needs a buff... and there are other uses for it. Many players use it to GREAT effect as it is now. Although I do have a good chance of success using: Stalk + Sense + Morph + Shift... in that order... I also have great success using just Sense + Stalk. With sense I see a counselor running towards a cabin from the opposite side of the cabin (where they cannot see me at all). Hitting stalk is often more than enough for them to continue in that direction... and with sense on, I can easily see them walking around the cabin (or which window they are heading for (but this leaves a pre smashed door as a requirement) and directly into my grip... I actually use this way more than the first combo mentioned and have far greater success with it... both in grabbing someone and making them scream in terror through their open mic. Also great for window loopers if you can stay out of sight... Did Jason morph outside to get me or is he in stalk inside, its a flip of the coin decision for the counselor, and sense allows Jason to see if waiting near the window inside the cabin is a waste of his time, and which direction he needs to morph in to continue the chase if they run away. Also for table loopers with a stalk + morph outside and instantly shift back inside at them.. no sense required for that one. Walking up behind a counselor repairing something when in stalk also gets the jump scares... its not like they can turn around to see you coming... We need to use our imagination with stalk... it does not need a buff, or +Stalk Jasons will be in stalk for a great deal more of the match than they already are... which would be a bit on the side of overkill. Never underestimate the sneakiness.... But I find stalk to be fairly useless without using sense in combination with it... as not needing sense in combination with it is VERY situational.
  15. I had one of those not long ago. Pipes bursting and causing a flood does seem to count under "emergency". Also.... the beer delivery guy shows up mid game... for me at least, this qualifies as an emergency.
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