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  1. I cannot remember how many books there are... but is quite a few before Star Wars... and quite a few after Return of the Jedi... I have read them all... The later books were much better than what "The Force Awakens" gave us... I would have loved to see "Heir to the Empire" made into a trilogy... Awesome books. If I was just a bit more of a Halloween fan... I may have saw that even with the beer goggles on. As I said though... profiling works. I am not a psychologist or anything, but I have read many books on the subject. Humans will be humans after all... Differing personality types aside, we are all pretty much wired in the same manner... or psychology would never have been a thing at all. I have a huge variety of interests... and have lived long enough to learn a lot about many of my interests. I remember those days too... and am also glad they are gone. But the fuse can and does span very close to the phone house and the call can still be made very quickly if Jason does not hang around the phone house for long. As soon as someone asks "Where is the fuse box is?"... I ask "Where did you find it?"... I always have the map perk on, and this is just another reason why... As soon as they tell me where they found it... I can tell them where the fuse box is... and I almost never guess wrong. Just the spawn point of the fuse is an excellent indicator when you know where all of the phone house spawn points are on every map. One of my friends has a Legendary "My Dad's a Cop" perk that starts the countdown at 3:40... That is the best I have seen from that perk yet. If she is near the phone house when this happens, it is often a VERY short match. She has been responsible for some low kill counts on my Jason... and MANY other Jason players as well... and she went the longest time without even using a mic. But we do still have to survive long enough and get to the exit... a half decent Jason is still going to get a couple counselors... But if we are chasing great kiters, it can be a very low kill count... this is when it is time to be selective on who you are chasing for sure. Yes, the new movies are nothing but crap... Lucas still has the rights to the original characters, and Disney is apparently pretty cheap and does not want to pay him any more than they can get away with. The Force Awakens did have potential, but the untrained Rey easily defeating the VERY well trained Kylo was literally just too much bullshit... That was more unbelievable that if an army of zombies crawled out of their graves and eating the stormtrooper's brains without removing their helmets... and The Last Jedi drove the final nail in the coffin. If you or @thrawn3054 have not yet seen it... I suggest you check out "Vader Episode I: Shards of the Past" on youtube… It is a fan film... but blew the new movies out of the water in my opinion.
  2. Indeed... Although some people here are 100% honest about it, others will not be. The answers should ALL also include how many attempts to kill your Jason have been made?... and that does not mean how many times did someone grab the sweater in your matches... Grabbing the sweater IS NOT a kill attempt... Using the sweater with Tommy present and properly armed is a kill attempt, whether the kill squad had anything to do with taking your mask or not is another matter... and exactly how often has ANYONE seen this fail? Success rate is pretty damned high when the mask is off and the sweater is used in Tommy's presence. Just because Tommy and sweater girl are wandering around hand in hand does not necessarily constitute a kill attempt... At minimum, there has to be a fight to remove the mask... AND the use of the sweater with Tommy present. Failing to get the mask off is NOT a kill attempt as many players will try to fight you, whether to remove your mask or not with zero desire to even kill Jason... I do this when I feel the Jason player is being an asshole, just to put the fear off it into him... and I say "him" because I cannot remember ever playing against a female Jason player that was an asshole. I have also seen many kills squads that could not remove the mask and just escaped in a car or to the cops without continuing to try so they can actually make a kill attempt. Just having a kill squad present IS NOT a kill attempt. If Tommy does not make it into a match... then NO kill attempt is even possible... Kill squad or no kill squad. And sometimes, you can kill the entire kill squad before they have a chance to make an attempt... which means there was no attempt to survive against. Another question that needs to be answered with this is... How many times did you play keep away after losing your mask?... This question in particular is VERY important here... but these are not things people keep track of... The answer would often be an embarrassment to anyone that feels it is embarrassing to die as Jason. Also... any player that plays far more offline bots than multiplayer (and yes, there are some of these)... is going to have a lesser number of deaths as Jason as well. The bots make no attempt at the kill. My use of the word "you" in these questions is not directed at you Mr. Mang… but at everyone that makes grand claims... or claims not so grand... Number of deaths vs actual attempts is kind of important here. And it is entirely possible for a player to have zero deaths as Jason for the simple reason that a proper attempt was never made against them. As for myself... within my first six months or so I died three times... The great Jason nerf of 2017 began soon after I purchased this game, and it seemed like I was the only one who even wanted to play as Jason at that point... It was literally the best time to learn how to fight as Jason. I do not remember the number of attempts made on me by that point, but there were quite a few more than actual deaths. I was usually saved by a glitch of some sort and there were a few different glitches back then. I also did not have many friends to play the game with at that time... so diving head first into quick play, I saw many kill squads... they just did not always get a proper attempt. It was after my third death as Jason that I met @GeneiJin… and I admit, I was a bit salty the first time he killed me... which as I remember, I actually had to ask him on the forums here how many attempts it took him... and his answer was four. But I cannot say that all four attempts were what I would call proper attempts as I may have killed him before he could make a proper attempt and he may not have come back as Tommy in some of these matches... I do not remember the details of these matches. But after Jin killed my Jason twice... I was at five deaths and stopped keeping track, at that point I just referred to it a few times for a while. Jin has been on my friends list since I met him in quick play... maybe the second time I met him... but I don't remember who gave who the invite. He taught me there is no shame in dying as Jason and we have played many games since then, and he has killed me quite a few times. I do not know if he has kept track, but he may show up to comment... At this point I would actually be interested to know how many times he has got me... I am not sure I would want to venture a guess as to how many times he has killed me now. Each game with Jin is a learning experience and I actually enjoy facing his attempts to kill me... He is the most polite Jason Hunter I have ever met... and in my opinion is the only one of them that has earned the nickname "The Jason Killer."... Most of the attempts he makes that I do see... the Jason player dies... And some that I have seen him kill I consider to be much better at playing Jason than myself. Not every match against Jin has even been him attempting to kill me either... In one recent game, he went for the boat and made it out... and a week or so before that, he went for the boat and I caught him. In most games though, it is his main focus... but there are times I rob him of the opportunity to get make an attempt. The only part of this I do keep track of now is how many matches I can survive against Jin's mission to kill me... My best so far is seven matches in a row against him before he kills me again... and I only got that many in a row through dumb luck for the most part. If you lose your mask against Jin's sweater girl and Tommy is present, you are not going anywhere. He has the timing down to a science. A mistake from Tommy or a glitch is Jason's only hope to survive the attempt at that point... and I don't care how good of a Jason player someone thinks they are... You will only last so many matches before he gets you. I run into fewer kill squads than some players as I do often play with groups of friends that do not even bother attempting to kill Jason... But there have been a few kill squads that got me in quick play too since the first three... and a few kills squads have got me when I was with some friends too... and there have actually been many failed attempts through the weapon not kneeling me or a glitch and more often a mistake made by Tommy or sweater girl... Long distance knife throwing has given me quite a few sweater girl kills when they thought they had me dead to rights if I would have gotten too close... and other times I get lucky with a shift grab and sweater girl has no pocket knife... I always keep choke on all of my Jasons, not just for this reason either... against a group, or in the battle for the car, it is often your only chance to get off that grab kill. I am also not what people would call a "try hard" Jason player... If I was, I sure as shit wouldn't be using Part IV 99% of the time... Although I do adjust tactics when I know there is a kill squad... I still just go about my business... collect my throwing knives, try to keep the cops from getting called... and leave an open invite for a car to be started. Only twice?... I am curious, do you know how many times he has tried to kill you?... Even a rough estimate? I have heard you are an awesome Jason player... but I have never seen you in quick play that I can remember. I can only name one that does "give Jason props" for surviving his kill attempt... GeneiJin… Most Jason hunters get pretty rude when it doesn't go their way, but not Jin… he is one of the most polite players you will find in quick play... I give credit where credit is due. By your post, it sounds like you should keep asphyxiate at the ready on your Jason variants... just in case that "no room for a kill" happens again... That is the worst time for that one to happen.
  3. Some of it is true, which we know from what we have seen and have been told... Some is not verified at all, and being the reddit post starts with a blatant lie... it is hard to believe ANY part that is not verified. It is always easier to pass a lie off when it is surrounded with even just a couple of facts... When someone that questions everything and wants proof before taking it seriously... then it becomes ridiculously easy to call out as a fraud... which it is. The reddit post was put out there to cause dissention and NOTHING more.
  4. My speculations work better when I am not wearing beer goggles, but I was not very far off... I did not look at the dates for the Halloween movies. I prefer to work off the top of my head with the knowledge I have rather than go look things up... Unless I am not sure about a point that I feel is important... This one was just a quick speculation based on name, and what 31 has talked about in the past. You are a Star Wars fan... If not for the inclusion of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the show "Rebels"... I would assume you have read the "Heir to the Empire" trilogy... I read those books when they came out, Timothy Zahn created one of the best villains of all time in Grand Admiral Thrawn in my opinion... But I have no clue where the 3054 comes from... From the way you express yourself here, I assume you are not overly young compared to some others... so I am going to go with... You were a fan of the "Heir to the Empire" trilogy... Star Wars was awesome, but somewhat went downhill when Jar Jar Binks was introduced... and they still have not made anything better than the old stuff... and keep digging themselves into a bigger hole in my opinion. Exactly my point... But we should always use all of the information available when possible... His posts also speak volumes without even considering the name he chose. Guessing that the 1978 was your birthday (or someone's birthday who is close to you) I based on how you express yourself here... and the 1978 portion of your name, not the Oct 31 part. You do not come across as someone overly young (no offence, this is meant as a compliment)... This is always hard to guess when only seeing text that someone wrote and not the person themselves... I did not even consider the release date of the movie... the beer goggles were on last night. Many of us here are fans of the Halloween franchise... and of the night we can all wear masks in public... But the movies were a safe guess with the specific day of the year as a reference without actually stating the name. Yes... I know. I have killed everyone in a lobby very quickly before, but that is because everyone charged me for a piñata party and did not last long... If they would have grouped up first, they may have lasted longer overall... But I never time my matches. My point was that quickest games I have seen, counselors made Jason look like a noob in three minutes or less by leaving only one counselor to kill... Jason is not invulnerable... and against a group of people that can work together, they can make him look pretty pathetic rather quickly... no matter his skill level... This has happened to my Jason a couple of times... and I have helped in the very quick escape of six counselors quite a few times... the last remaining counselor never lasts long as this puts huge pressure on Jason to "save face" by killing the last counselor quickly. It does take some luck in finding a pocket knife or two to disarm traps on the cars that are place very early, but beyond that... it is just knowing where the parts spawn and working as a team... Convincing players not to speed loot three cabins is the hardest part of doing this. Players can also work around the traps if they are quick and lay bear traps around the car before he can place any traps... Jason players sometimes get very salty when counselors do theat... He cannot place a trap on another trap, armed or not. I have also seen MANY matches end in under six minutes with Jason getting zero kills... all it takes is the cops getting called very early, and a few good kiters... This in no way makes Jason look over powered. As you said, Jason can be killed in that time or less too... I have seen that happen quite a few times as well since I started playing... I think a few players on these forums have posted videos of VERY quick Jason kills... but there are also many on youtube as well. As to how quickly a great Jason player can wipe a lobby, @GeneiJin can do it pretty quickly on a fairly consistent basis against a lobby of really frickin' good players... I do not time matches as I said, but I have seen Jin wipe some damned good lobbies pretty quickly a few times. Jin is the best player I have yet to encounter from either side of play... and I have seen very few that come close to his skill with counselor play, and fewer still that come anywhere near his skill with Jason... and I have played against one hell of a lot of players in my 1386 hours of play on this game. Although I do love the Halloween franchise... I love F13 a tad bit more.
  5. When executing a quick throw... don't rotate your camera. Line them up where the crosshairs will appear on your screen as if you were aiming a throw, the crosshairs will always appear in the same spot on your screen and that is were the quick throw will hit. Also remember distance is a factor, after ten yards or so you have to raise the crosshair up a bit for each yard beyond or the knife will be too low... not much, just a bit. This does add up over distance though.... I have been practicing long range quick throws for a while now and can hit fairly consistently with them at quite the distance... Tap and release quick, do not hold the button. It is the center of the crosshairs that you really have to worry about... the further away they are, the smaller the target they are. It really just takes some practice. If they are zig zagging, you will miss 90% of the time. They are just wasting stamina here anyway and you will be gaining ground on them when compared to them just running away from you... Wait for the opportune moment, when they are running directly away from you. It is a game of patience for quick throws... and some will miss... But if you have them centered in the crosshairs properly, they cannot dodge a quick throw as they cannot see it coming. Also... when a counselors fear builds, you can use their stumble animation for an easy target... This is what makes Vanessa garbage to me... she goes into fear too quickly and stumbles a lot in high fear... She is just an easy target when her speed cannot help her. Practicing quick throws will cost you a great many missed throws until you get better at it... but it is worth taking the time to learn and get better at it in my opinion. Most of the trolls I run into are guys. Age is not a factor really... but I do not run into many trolls that are older. Some kids are trolls, some are not. But the same can be said about any age group. To tell the truth, most of the trolls I meet are adults though... I am not saying that women cannot be trolls, I just rarely see a troll that is female... You would think this would contribute to a quick extinction for trolls, but that does not seem to be the case.
  6. Offline bots is the best place to practice... Focus on the spot where the crosshairs come up on your screen and line them up... tap the throw button and it quickly becomes hard to miss.
  7. It still amazes me that more people have not built up some skill with the long distance throw... I have met VERY few players that can pull it off, and MANY that are shocked at the distance I can hit them from... The archery physics in this game are awesome.
  8. Well, swift attacker was still VERY difficult to block back then... but not impossible.... That is the only reason I said somewhat useful... I had to fight a lot of players that used swift attacker back then (and now)... but I learned other ways to fight them effectively. A quick throw as they start their attack, followed by a grab (or even a slash) always works wonders when properly timed.
  9. Already did... go back and read the earlier posts in this very thread... or, a great many other posts in MANY other threads that were written... not just by me... but MANY other people here. Your own usual blabber... and the name you chose are quite enough proof of your own trollish behavior. I quoted your posts in the past... just in case you tried to go back and edit something out.... edits do not come through in quotes... troll. I also NEVER said it was harder to play Jason now... apparently you cannot read properly. Have you passed grade two yet?.... Your understanding of the language we agreed upon at the start of this conversation says otherwise. I am a casual player... who plays anywhere from four to six hours ANY day I play (I don't sleep much at all) and I escape quite often. It is really too bad that you cannot learn more than one way to play this game... that is on you, and ONLY on you. I never even claimed to be good at this game... I just never relied on smacking Jason around... and I escape more since the rage buff than before it. If you do not like playing with teamers.... there is an extraordinarily simple solution to that... so simple in fact that a small child can figure it out... Leave the game and find another lobby.... Do like I do and try not to play with assholes... It is not hard, and takes VERY little effort to accomplish. It may be tweaked a bit at some point, but the rage buff is not going anywhere according to Matt on the stream today... I am not against a bit of a tweak... but I am against giving the ignorant trolls their toys back. You apparently have not read many (or any?) of his early posts... and what kind of person choses a name like his... There is only ONE answer to that... Profiling works... and names that people chose for themselves... say a lot about their personalities.... For instance, you are a fan of Halloween.... and I am not necessarily talking about the movies... and I have a safe guess at the year you were born in.... or at least, someone close to you... I feel old again. I have.... Counselors that can actually work as a team and avoid speed looting, can get both cars going in less than two minutes. When Jason has no active shift, he has zero chance to stop one car, let alone two... and six counselors are gone before he gets his first shift. This is VERY rare, but I have seen it from both sides of play... and that last counselor NEVER lasts long.... The rage buff give Jason ZERO tools to deal with this type of teamwork... and neither should it. That type of teamwork rewards itself. Although I am not against "tweaks" to rage... I am opposed to giving the trolls back their toys in ANY way... Pinata parties need to remain on the endangered list... Everything else you said was spot on and 100%... FACTS.... I like facts... you can prove anything is true with facts... and call out any falsehood with them as well. Facts are multipurpose tools.
  10. Great for practicing long distance throws and finding the proper height to throw vs the distance away from you that the counselor is. Every now and again there is a post from someone asking to be unbanned... There was one that popped up here today.
  11. Not sure what would cause this... but it is happening non the less. Block was somewhat useful at one time.... and for the most part now, it is just shit.
  12. Getting into block was almost instantaneous if you were quick with the buttons BEFORE the engine upgrade that came last year. When the engine upgrade dropped, pretty much everyone noticed that it took longer to get into block... no matter how quick you are with the buttons. This has NOT been fixed. There were a few deniers for a while that apparently only ever played Jason as the host.... but they were proven wrong... Off host it is slower... end of story... All the videos in the world are not going to help here... Other than a few people that are just full of crap, the rest of us KNOW this is just simply a fact. Against noobs... not a problem. Against ANYONE with more than two hours experience in the game... block is USELESS. If you played before the engine upgrade, you would understand. Block used to be VERY helpful, and if you were good with it, you could even block a swift attacker from time to time... that is now impossible to do... unless you are the host... and how many games do most of us get to play as Jason while we are hosting... not very frickin' many. Timing is only a factor if you are the host... a counselor's normal attack is complete before you can get into block and now you are stunned, or demasked... unless you are the host, then the difference is not noticeable from how it was before the engine upgrade. If you have a counselor start their attack after you start to get into block... you might actually pull off a block... but unless you have psychic powers, then that is just dumb luck. Some people need to believe they are actually good at... something. Killing Jason sounds hard... and to people that do not play this game it may even look hard to do it... but it is not difficult at all with a few hours of experience trying... particularly against a new Jason player. Full of bravado and pounding their chests for accomplishing something a six year old can do within a few hours of play is NOT something that anyone should be bragging about... But the stupidity of humanity will never cease to amaze you as you journey through life... trust me on that one. If it is a new Jason player and this player is NOT an asshole... steal the sweater... If not... then let the kill squads go about their business... Unless they are assholes, then feel free to rob them of the sweater in every match you see them in... But let the polite Jason hunters go about their business if they are not killing noob Jasons… unless the noobs are assholes... The lesson here... never let an asshole have its way, they always leave behind a rotten stench of... something.
  13. @serhat There are several things that can cause this. Anti-virus and Malware programs sometimes block the summercamp.exe file and the game will not launch... If this is the cause then that file needs to be given an exception and it will then play normally. Verifying your game files or Reinstalling may solve the problem if this is not case. If you are using a cheat program to unlock content you have not purchased, this can either block the game from starting, or just get you permanently banned. Be grateful if it is just not letting you in the game and remove it, the game should then work if this is the cause... cheating is bad. If you installed the game on a secondary or tertiary hard drive, the shortcut to start the game may be incorrect and cause a fatal error as well... Reinstall on the hard drive you use for most of your games and it should work... or, you may be able to change where the shortcut is looking for the exe file to start the game. Hope this helps.
  14. Did you use a DLC unlocker?... If so then... then they will know... and if so... unlocking a DLC that you did not pay for... and you feel you were cheated out of your money? If you didn't use the unlocker, then you should not have been banned for that... but like I said... they will know... You never get banned for one offense.... it takes multiple uses that are detected... If EAC is banning people by mistake like that, I think we would hear about it more often than... once... But hey, anything is possible... kind of. Does your brother use the same computer as you?... does he use the DLC unlocker?... possibly without your knowledge?... perhaps that has something to do with it?... File sharing on steam could be the issue. Anyway, if there was a mistake here... I hope they get you back in game.
  15. These are the people that need this the most. It would be very nice if this was possible to do. But Matt did state a week or three ago that they will not be working on player side saves until they are looking at shutting the servers down... and hopefully that is still in the very distant future. If it were possible to just unlock everything for offline bots... even if it was only when there is no internet connection, that would make many of these players happy.
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