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  1. Ahab

    Holiday Plans

    @Fair Play It is unfortunate... but many of us end up having our "holiday plans" made for us. For instance, my family typically forces me to sit down to diner with the entire clan to eat some kind of dead bird that somewhat resembles a Dodo... while we throw colorfully wrapped "things in boxes" at each other... But, the beer makes it tolerable. Why can't Christmas happen in the summer? Why?????? Oh.... I almost forgot to say Merry Christmas!... or Happy Holidays!.... or however we say it these days.
  2. Ahab

    need help for 2 trophies

    You forgot to mention which platform you play on. Also... welcome to the forums!
  3. Ahab

    FvJ: the ending that never was

    This would be a documentary I have not found... yet. But that would have been a great ending though. I am also a fan of the Hellraiser series and Clive Barker's other works... But if we ever want to see another Hellraiser movie, Doug Bradley may be getting a bit to old for the part... but he was great as Pinhead.
  4. That's really not an answer though... it would be a reason to justify any explanation of why a boob is bad but murder is alright... and any reason to justify that is a piss poor reason. The only thing worse than murder is multiple murders, and everything beyond that... right up to genocide. And yes @Fair Play, it is a double standard... that does not make it in any way correct... or morally right. I do not like double standards... I am more for... fair and equal treatment for ALL. People need to leave their religious views behind unless they are talking to like mind people... or it starts wars, with people calling out 'thou shalt not kill' while they kill someone. They can play with their toys all they like, as long as they are not forcing me... or others... to play with their toys under their rules... We live under democracy, not theocracy. Religion had their chance at ruling… we called it "the dark ages" for a great many reasons... the sun not shinning in the sky was not one of these reasons. There simply is no reason why anyone can justify a boob being worse than murder without sounding like a moron... and it is just one of a great many points that prove Christopher Hitchens was right when he said "Religion poisons everything".... He was a smart man, full of facts that most people didn't want to hear... and scotch... lots of scotch.
  5. Ahab


    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a game I have never played.
  6. I am not looking for porn, if I was, I would not waste my time on a site that has no porn. I am neither for, nor against nudity in a game.... And by the way, nudity is not porn.... Otherwise, there would be a great many movies that would have a xxx ratting over the 'R' ratings that they do have.... which would be every single movie in which there is even a single boob shown for even a second.... let alone... god forbid... they show two boobs. That being said, I asked a question, one which apparently you cannot come up with an answer that makes any sense what so ever... but don't feel bad, there is no one out there that can answer the age old question of... Why are boobs are bad... but brutal murder is alright?... At least, no one can answer it in a way that does not make them sound like drooling morons... but you are welcome to try to answer it... instead of evading the question with a ridiculous assumption.
  7. This is not even about 'sex'... it is simple nudity. There is a massive difference between the two. There is absolutely no justification for... Murder good... Boobs bad. When someone actually thinks boobs are worse than murder... this only proves they have not thought this through... or perhaps they are really... really... frickin' stupid.
  8. The game is rated "M" for mature... but kids will always find their way into such games... But... if I may ask... how is a boob, or even full on nudity a bad idea... and dismemberment is fine?... I think your priorities are completely backwards on that one.... Its o.k. for the kiddies to watch... or commit... brutal murders of teenagers in a game... But holy crap! There's a boob! We can't have the kiddies seeing that!
  9. Ahab


    How is slashing unfair exactly? How is it in ANY way unacceptable? I can think of a great many reasons to 'slash' any given player.... just an example... ANYONE that complains in ANY way about 'slashing' is getting 'slashed'... to death... Every time. If you do not like 'dying' in a game... then this game is not for you... I suggest checkers.
  10. Ahab

    Jason is weak

    Stealth is fine, and it works well when you know how to use it. Sense avoidance perks work great too. The biggest problem here is... people that think they should remain a super powered ninjas straight through to the end of the match with Jason having zero chance to ever find them. Stealth and sense avoidance are not going to work well if you are near Jason for ANY length of time, and neither should they. Escape early with stealth, and do not expect it to carry you through until the timer finishes... and if Jason is nearby... shy away.... And fully understand, just because you are stealthy and have sense avoidance perks should in no way be a guarantee that Jason will not 'see' you... and sometimes, you will die. When playing Jason, if I see that any counselor is not showing up with sense while I can actually see them... they become a priority target as I actually know how hard it can be to find them later on... and this has led to many players crying about how these perks did not work... But they did work, and the only reason they died... is because they were close enough for me to see that they were indeed using these perks. If they had kept their distance... it could have worked out much different... if they were actually pushing objectives to escape... after rage mode hits, it is just a matter of time before you find any player. At that point, it is up to the player to keep themselves alive. Even medic and thick skin can't save you from a grab when all of the pocket knives are gone... or you did not have one to begin with. Altering sense in any way is a HUGE nerf to stalk, and a MASSIVE buff to sense avoidance perks. Neither side can be stealthy all the time, but nerfing sense in ANY way will be bad for Jason. He does not need any more nerfs. Stalk is not rendered powerless at all by the lateness of its arrival... it merely arrives later than the other abilities... But if sense is nerfed as you suggest, it will be utterly useless now matter when you get it... right along with sense avoidance perks now being a cakewalk to drag out every match to its full twenty minutes with Jason only able to find anyone using them through sheer luck. Just having to wonder if your bat will actually stun Jason would be enough for most people to keep their distance... The chance to stun Jason needs to be reduced to a point where even with sucker punch, you still have to wonder if the strike will stun him... and the indefensible demasking hit that is used after every stun (or any other animation) needs to go as well. Getting Jason's mask off should require some skill with the combat system, not rely on an exploit that makes it so simple a small child can do it consistently. I do agree that the fear system should be a touch harsher, but it should not utterly cripple the counselors. Full fear should not prevent someone from jogging... but 'shock' might. Being at full fear for a minute or two putting someone into a state of 'shock' in which their actions are extremely limited would be realistic, but also a bit too much for the sake of balance in my opinion.
  11. Perhaps we can raise that bar a bit... The fix everything without speed looting strategy works for six escapes very, very quickly... but only if you can convince people to forgo the speed looting. Jason can't catch a car before he gets an active shift. With only certain counselors able to fix certain things... this strategy would be even harder to implement, but not impossible.
  12. Some things are more frightening then others I guess... For some people, one boob is not quite as terrifying as two.
  13. Ahab

    Jason is weak

    @mattshotcha Just my opinion... The easiest and most commonly used way of demasking Jason is the indefensible hit after any one of his animations... people take great advantage of this, both to demask and get a free stun after certain animations. As long as this exists in game, it will remain easy to kill Jason... No amount of extra hit points will help him. Even a 25% bonus to his hit points only means one more strike anyway, 50% and Bugsy can still do it with two hits... easily done after his next animation, or stun... whichever comes first. An actual chance for Jason to resist the pretty much guaranteed stuns would be nice too... too many pinata parties staring Jason as the piñata... No one is afraid of a piñata... and each stun is an incredible easy to get free demasking hit with a sharp weapon, as with each animation he has. If a counselor has to question if a hit will actually stun him, then the grab is far less punishable as well... I actually like the grab as it is now... but its biggest complaint is that it is too punishable. The slowed block is in need of fixing as well... and meat shielding as they call it around here is very much needed, it makes no sense that a counselor can strike through another counselor anyway. I don't agree with showing Jason the Tommy house or power box and it should be left random... in my opinion... both sides need a chance... all we really need is to make it harder to get Jason's mask off to solve that one. The game is in a pretty good place other than the piñata issue and it being so easy too kill Jason. I don't think counselors should be buffed or nerfed further at all... considering the perk system will eventually be getting a workover anyway... which in itself could present further balance issues.
  14. Yes, please enlighten us on this rule #34. I would like to know why nudity is more worthy of complaining about in a game than the brutal dismemberment of teenagers... perhaps this rule can explain that logic.
  15. @ConnectTheKings I will manage to escape anyway... eventually. I will be in gem more as the holidays draw closer.