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  1. I am not saying Adrienne King is not a nice person.... wow did you misinterpret that. I know a few people that met her and all of them say she is an incredibly nice person. And you are right... she is a legend and an icon. I also did not know she owned a wine label... I am proud of her and I do not even know her. I will also not go out of my way to tell her I am proud of her. I hate to have to explain why I said what I did....but... Have you EVER had a stalker? I have had three crazy women stalk me in my life... so far... one for TWENTY YEARS. Not scary to me... just frickin' annoying. I have known MANY women who had stalkers as well (and worse). It sure was scary to each one of them. NON of them enjoy talking about it with people they know, let alone people they have never met. Not one!! Before any one of them confided in me about any of these things, I had already known them... very well... for at least ten years. Also, to this day... some of them decades later, they are all terrified at the prospect of this type of thing happening again. Time does not heal all wounds. Just in case you have not guessed... I am not.... young. Has your life been touched by a serial killer? Mine has. This made me look into psychology of why they did what they did and how in the hell did they aquire their victims. There are quite a few that convinced victims to voluntarily meet them through similar ways... such as offering a job. To someone who has had their life touched in this way, even innocent statements as were suggested can VERY EASILY be misinterpreted.... like when I looked at it.... I have a pretty good idea there are no ill intentions here towards anyone, but that was my initial thought of how the person in question just MIGHT interpret it.... because of my experience with people that have gone through similar situations.... and the fact that I question everything and actually think and use my head... I do not just consider myself in ANYTHING. You doubt people are seeking her out and flooding her inbox, but it looks to me.... so far at least, you have inspired @StripMonopoly to start doing it. If you want to message her and tell her how much you admire her.... great!! Please do so, I am sure she will appreciate any positive feedback from those that admire her and consider her an icon. If you want to message her about a job in which you have no control over her ever getting... at all... there is something wrong with your head... This reminds me of how John Wayne Gacy acquired several victims.... Ted Bundy used the same tactic.... I could go on.... and on. If you think that because you are a woman, this does not apply to you... I could start listing off female serial killers that used the same tactic as well. #WHATEVER
  2. I think you misinterpreted what I was saying.... I was in no way advocating a nerf to med sprays, I don't want to see a change with them either... As a counselor player and as a Jason player, I know why we need the med sprays. I was trying to explain how a limping counselor should be able to do a short burst of... shall we call it: 'hysterical speed when injured'. I am against the med-kit ideas, and I do not want to see med sprays change either. This 'hysterical speed when injured' is not a huge buff to counselors or a nerf to Jason in any way. It may even give people that have a problem with the buff to Jason's speed less reason to complain. Jason will probably still catch them... but it gives them hope and an a better chance of getting into a cabin through a window, where they may find a med spray to help, or someone else can get to them and heal them, it just will not help all of the time, it is kind of situational and depends if a cabin, or help is nearby. It would not drag out the chase for Jason much at all unless they get to a cabin or find help, it will just give them a few more seconds that they are able to stay ahead of the lunatic chasing them. I was saying that something like Annie from part one is believable, her leg was hurt, and she could still manage to move quicker then you think she should... I agree... I even gave my real world reasons for why I would agree with this in the previous post. I am not sure she ran very far though. Even hysterics and adrenaline have their limits. It was your post that I quoted in my previous post that put this idea in my head. I know I write some longwinded posts sometimes. The only part concerning this was up until I tagged someone else, the rest of the post was meant for another person and it was a different subject, I was just trying to avoid double posting. If I am correct that you misinterpreted, please re-read that part of the previous post... up until the other person is tagged at least.
  3. @FunMonster I feel the same way. Playing on steam, sometimes I like to play a game (not just this game, but others as well) on one of my other computers, for whatever reason... defraging, or virus scan on my main computer (among other things) sometimes leaves me wanting to play a game and I cannot, but I have other computers and have tried to play on one.... and it was reset to level one. I found this quite disconcerting and until I got back to my main computer there was a concern that my account was reset. I have done this with many other games and never encountered this problem. I would like to see something done about this as well.... at least for unlockables and perks you already have, CP earned in offline mode is not such a big deal to me. I know people can hack these files, but all they need to do is have everything reset to the cloud saves, with a maximum allowance of CP and XP earned. There is a maximum amount of CP and XP you could earn legitimately in an hour. Anyone over this number is hacking and should be banned anyway. It is doubtful that honest players would come anywhere near a maximum number of CP per day anyway. Perhaps only allowing perks to be purchased online only and synced with the master cloud save could help this as well. If all someone played was offline mode, then as the game is now, CP is useless. You can only buy counselor perks with it and you can only play Jason in offline mode. Still, they would have to be very careful with this to avoid banning those who do not deserve to be banned with it. Syncing files with an override of cloud saves for certain aspects could help with other things as well.... like the Uber Jason Hacks. If the Information concerning any Jason (Beyond his weapon, because weapon swapping is coming) on a computer that syncs with the cloud files is different (Jason options in the game cannot be changed by the player without hacking)... then they should get an automatic ban for hacking (which is the only reason these files could be different)... decided by the computer that is doing the sync with the player's computer. This computer should also be able to tell if the files were merely corrupted... in which case, you should not be able to play, at least with that Jason anyway. Corrupted files do not work well. I am sure there would be much more to doing it, but hey... you gotta start with a basic idea.
  4. @bewareofbears I think I have stated in another recent post that I thought it would be a bit weird to see Alice in the game as she was Jason's first victim.... That aside, particularly with all the new threads suggesting new counselors popping up, I thought I would comment here. Alice and all of the other suggested counselors (and perhaps a few that have not yet been suggested) would be great additions to the game... the more the merrier and all that. But in the end, we will only get so many. Some one suggested making certain counselors just as skins over existing counselors and using the same stats. I think that is a great idea, considering the counselors are all different stereotypes. Just fit the new counselors to an existing stereotype that fits them as a skin. It will also be far less work than making all of these new counselors and still have a similar effect in the game. Less work to do it = a better chance of getting it into the game as it will be less money to pull it off. If we could get every counselor, victim, potential victim, and final girls and boys from each movie, I doubt anyone would complain. I also doubt it would happen, some they may not be able to get likeness rights and so forth. If I had to pick a favorite though... I am hard pressed. Alice and Ginny would be a close tie for first place in my opinion. Chris Higgins second (I know we have Jenny, but its not quite Chris Higgins). Trish Jarvis would be my third choice. Megan Garris (did I spell that right?) in forth place for me... who does not love the star child? Tina from part 7 has to be in here too, with or without any powers, so she is my fifth choice. The rest are negotiable for me. Dr. Cruz from part 7.... the weekend at Bernie's guy (I can never remember his name) would also be a great addition.... maybe we can prop him up in a chair and put some sunglasses on him and a drink in his hand... then no one would raise their fear levels seeing his dead body. @Redcat345 & @Qcici Please do not take this the wrong way.... but perhaps it would be better to leave these people alone. Most people in the world value their privacy very highly. If the devs take these ideas to heart and run with them, they have the ability to find these people and ask them themselves. Perhaps a simple forum petition for fans of each to put their name on to show them that we all would love to see them in the game... but through proper channels would be much better for all involved. In one of the documentaries about these films (I cannot remember which one) Adrienne King tells a story about a fan that became a stalker... this kind of thing can freak people out, they do not know your intentions as you do not speak for the companies that are involved. Please let Gun Media and Illfonic do the asking if they choose to try and add these counselors to the game.... and I hope they add them as much as you do.... this would probably give a better chance at a favorable response from the actors and actresses in question.
  5. I completely agree with everything you said about balance... well said. Although I am thinking myself... even when playing a counselor... wow there is a lot of med sprays. I find six often enough in one match, not including those that are left behind when someone is killed. I am not saying they need a nerf to med sprays... just stating my opinion about the abundance of them. Your points about realism are well stated... counselors need the ability to heal wounds even though it is far from realistic, this is just one of those things you need for playability. However, I am a big believer in more realism where you can fit it in. I do not play dead by daylight... been thinking about getting it to try out, maybe... but I think adding the ability to run while injured (at least for a short duration, maybe 1 second per stamina point) IS realistic (my explanation is forth coming, bear with me)... at a reduced maximum speed though, at least the counselor's regular jog speed.. maybe. Fear can do incredible things to someone, particularly when combined with adrenaline. Hysterical strength is a good example of this. Running for a short distance when injured may just be a good addition to this game. Its not like this is a huge buff to counselors either.... it would still eat up their stamina after all. I have spinal injuries and I know what it is like to hobble around when in excruciating pain. I can say that if there was a serious and imminent threat to my life, I could move a lot quicker than normal... for short distances at least, even when I otherwise can barely move. Not that I get chased around by a lunatic with an axe.. but I have had to move quicker in a few circumstances or risk further and more serious injuries... long stories, but I have a few of them.... Having to do this does however come at a cost of a great deal more pain then I was already in... but the injured state of a counselor depicts this well enough.... believability in a game conflicts with playability on certain points. But I think this is a good idea to add to the game....it is believable. Its not a nerf to Jason in any way... perhaps another throwing knife will end their bonus speed when injured. It may be a bit of a buff to counselors, but its not like they are not still injured. This could give them a bit of a chance to show some hysterical strength and maybe get to a window in time to jump in... or give them just enough time to get far enough ahead to use a med spray. Its just a few extra seconds of survival from the psycho chasing them anyway. Maybe they could only do this if their stamina was above a certain point. I think perhaps you should post this idea in suggestions. I think it is a good idea, with some restrictions that I have pointed out... I also think it might even be well received. @JackTV If you want to swing your weapon at Jason for 3 minutes, do not complain when he swings his at you and perhaps even kills you, particularly if you have one or more players joining you in your Jason beatings. Quick kills will be used in these situations as well, for as long as this situation lasts for him. If a Jason player grabs you when there is even one more counselor around, its his only option to even start a grab kill animation. Many players will not even attempt fighting Jason without a pocket knife and ANY experienced Jason player knows this, of course they will slash you... this should go without saying and complaining about it IS whining. Bringing a pocket knife to an axe fight is not going to allow you to do well without significant combat training, which non of our counselors would believably have. Even if they did have such training, I refer you to Jason X and how easily he dealt with military forces in the present and in the future. Sometimes, when a Jason player is turned into a piñata, they get very frustrated and just slash everyone else down....whether any particular counselor was involved in it or not. People that use the quick kills for no reason, sure its boring for you, but some people like a certain kill and will only use that kill... that is their choice... it is far from every game you will see a Jason player that does this anyway. When you play Jason, you too can use whatever kill you want to. When I play Jason I like to change it up whenever possible and do not like to use the same kill twice in a game (unless it is a swirly). When attacked by groups and I grab one for whatever reason... its a quick kill... no matter how many times in a match this happens. Trying to walk around to find room to do a longer kill when being attacked just leads to another counselor striking Jason and freeing the one in his grip... so a quick kill WILL be used. This should not have to be explained to anyone. Stunning Jason with a knife when he slashes is ridiculous... parrying an axe or machete with a pocket knife is ridiculous. Bringing a pocket knife to an axe fight is just stupid... or what I would call, nature's way of weeding out the stupid. Its not hack and slash Jasons ruining your death scenes, more often than not, it is the people that get in Jason's face and want to fight, alone or in groups... you will get slashed. The Jason player does not know if you are running thick skin or what the percentage of damage reduction it has for you, neither do most keep track of how many slashes you have taken or should take.... you will simply be slashed....deal with it.
  6. I agree that a few things about fear need to be tweaked at least and I do like your ideas. Fear does also contribute to a higher chance to stumble... it also appears to slow stamina regeneration... both are realistic in my opinion... but it feels lacking when even the lowest composure counselors can be in Jason's face for extended periods of time without further effect. Panic makes the simplest tasks difficult to accomplish properly... this is just realistic. I have read that it takes high composure counselors just as long to recover from fear as low composure counselors... if true, this should be tweaked for higher composure to recover at least a bit faster. A chance to drop a weapon or item carried is realistic and a good idea. If the chance is too high... it will bring on the backlash. Not being able to use a med spray in Jason's presence may cause some backlash... but there is a glimmer of realism to me. Perhaps a chance that rises with fear level to make your med spray fail and is used up when too close to him?... The closer you are, the higher the chance? I fear that even this may cause some backlash. The battle Chads like to be in Jason's face. Too many and will complain that they cannot heal themselves after being slashed with an axe four times and return to full health to continue the fight immediately.... realism goes out the window for some people... kind of like when they think attacking Jason through a door (whether it has a hole in it or not) while he is smashing it down with an axe... or attacking Jason through a broken window is, in any way realistic.... To these people I call bullshit and do not recommend trying either of these things in real life due to the substantial injuries that even one attempt to do either would cause them. If anyone wants to get that close to a door when someone is chopping it down with an axe, let alone actually thinks their weapon will strike the person chopping the door down... that level of stupidity invalidates pretty much everything that person has ever said or done... The same can be said about anyone that thinks attacking someone through a broken window in this manner is not dangerous to them at all... broken glass is pretty frickin' sharp.... some people just cannot think... and some people feel they are invulnerable (probably due to that inability to think), right up until they are badly injured... and people wonder why the fear mechanic needs to be forced on players. I like the idea for a counselor to have a chance to stop and throw up when seeing a dead body... less chance for high composure I guess? There is an emote that could be forced to trigger, but I think it is part of the Emote DLC pack... That emote at least would have to be made free to do this. A realistic idea... but also a huge weakness when Jason is chasing you... way more than the stumbling already is. I am not against this, I like the idea for realism... but there may be some backlash with this. But fear is a hidden mechanic for a good reason... people playing the game will not take a fear penalty voluntarily... it needs to be forced on them in the game.... If this was not put on players while they can see Jason, it would not be so much of a problem to players. Low composure counselor's fear levels do rise quicker than a higher composure counselor's fear level. I don't think they need more penalties... they already rise to any penalty caused by fear quicker. That is the drawback of using a low composure counselor. Fear does have pretty much the same effect on everyone, for some people it can take more to get there then others... but there are always people that will say..."I fear nothing!!" right up until they face something that makes them shit their pants. I can add that high fear should have a higher chance to miss when swinging a weapon. Hysterical strength is a thing.... hysterical accuracy is not now, nor will it ever be a thing. No one likes to hear this one either, but it is simply realistic. High fear should give at least a slight penalty to repair as well... no one works well under stress like that. I am afraid not many people will like this idea either. Any tweak to fear will probably be heavily resisted by many players, but it needs something. I think the hidden fear mechanic is an awesome idea in the first place, but there is more that should be done with it. There also has to be a line drawn that they should not cross either or the game can become unplayable... where that line should be is the big question here.
  7. I have found four so far... only one on the weekend in which the chances of finding one were raises by 130%. I have asked quite a few people in game if they have them all... have not met a single person that has stated they have them all. Have had all of the Pamela tapes for quite some time. With the current drop rate of Tommy tapes.... I may finally have them all by mid 2019... if I keep playing for that long as much as I do now.
  8. I have been trying.... every once and a while at least... to knock any Jason's mask off with the Mighty Stick!!!! So far my success rate is non existent. My death rate from the attempts is pretty consistent though. "Better watch it Jason or you will suffer the wrath of the Mighty Stick!!!" always gets a Jason player to laugh at least. And sometimes it serves as a distraction long enough for the players in the boat to get away!!
  9. Many people pay no attention to logic either way... some people are just like that. So long as it does not hurt others, there is no real issue with their behavior.... people will play how they want to play for good or for ill. When we finish a game playing with people we do not like, we are free to leave and remember their name so we can leave a lobby if we see them again and do not want to play with them. The idea of revival would still need a prompt for Jason to do a ground execution... A killer without the ability to kill a helpless person laying on the ground would be extremely illogical and further from realistic than an undead psychotic killer in the first place. This would take away any need for Jason to 'camp' someone who is down as well. More realism is better then less is for anything. But sometimes in a story or game, there are some unrealistic things that need to be included just to make a game playable or a story enjoyable... or just for more dramatic effect. Too many unrealistic things in a story or game just make it too cheesy and laughable. I do get your point, but I would not call these people douchebags and just move on. If they got rude about it I may then call them douche bags.... or worse. The level 33 Jason you speak of is probably still relatively new to playing Jason and has a lot of the 'ins and outs' of playing him to learn yet. I understand why newer players can get upset playing Jason, particularly if a group of skilled players is using him as a piñata. It is very frustrating for them.... and so many people out there have little or no patience. Hopefully he learns how to play better and deal with the parts he finds difficult, and perhaps learns some patience. Frustration can make people very upset... which leads to stress... and stress kills. It is better for all of us to try to keep calm in any situation.... losing our shit makes us all look like assholes. But there are still many idiots that think it is funny to make people lose their shit... these are the true douche bags. I do not understand why the dancing upsets so many people.... you can dance if you want to!!!! I even dance myself some times... in the game at least. In real life... I have no rhythm. Those dance parties in front of the cops can be a frustrating thing for new players to deal with, but not so much if people are not rude.... They are just giving the Jason player another chance to get a kill or two at least. The dancing is not the problem here, just the rude people.... people that are rude upset everyone.... Plus, why are people choosing to be rude to someone who will be their team mate in the next match? I fail to see any logic here either.... role playing is one thing, but when someone else does not realize that someone is role playing, they tend to take these things personally. We cannot read each others minds..... at least, I can't anyway. Also.... if you are really good at evading Jason.... I would chase you down until I got you just for the practice (even at the expense of a few kills).... but I still have to find you first. I do not go out of my way to find any specific player when I am Jason. I love a good chase and it is one of the best parts of this game in my opinion. There is some logic in this way of thinking... I am just getting in some practice at chasing someone who happens to be a challenge to catch. I am just trying to improve my game play by getting good at doing the hard parts. I would hope you would not think me a douche bag for thinking this way.... I would do the same to anyone else... just for the practice. Getting 8 of 8 in every Jason game is not a huge concern for me, we all have good games and bad games. Even at work, I like to get the hard part done first, just so the rest of the job is easy and less frustrating.
  10. This would change a great deal as long as Jason can be used as a piñata. It could lead to needing to slashing down the same player many times and make the piñata Jason tactic the norm for pretty much every game. If it were ever implemented a prompt for a ground execution would be needed to balance it out. AS I have pointed out, Jason camping ANYTHING leads to every other objective being completed and a great many escapes. This is a MASSIVE BUFF to counselors who at this time need no more buffs. A team with any kind of co-ordination can escape with nearly the entire lobby before Jason gets access to his first shift. When this is at all possible, you actually need to explain your logic behind counselors needing a buff in any way and any buff still needs to be balanced out for the other side. Myself, I look at balance for both sides of play... not just one. I also do not claim to be correct all the time and am open to learning new things that can change my opinion on anything. Although I do enjoy playing Jason, like EVERYBODY else in the game I play WAY MORE games as a counselor. Dying as a counselor happens a lot in this game, sometimes you will even die when playing Jason.... if we all rarely died, there would be no challenge for the counselors at all... no challenge at all is pretty boring... unless you think there should be no challenge and think everyone should win in every game. When there is no challenge, there is no need for practice to get better at anything in life... and bettering ourselves should be a goal for everyone. Crying when something doesn't go your way is acting like a child that thinks they are just entitled to everything they think they should have.... if you think this to be logical, you have not thought it through and your logic is flawed. Claiming the majority of people on twitter or whatever platform don't like something is no reason to fight for it... particularly when you have no problem with a stance opposing them. Most people do not think things through very well, or do any kind of research into an issue, but think their point is the only point that anyone should listen to... this is the polar opposite of logic. The majority of people on 'the internet' also think that slapping a women on the ass is just as bad as rape.... both are unacceptable behavior, but one is actually worse than the other. You have not explained your logic at all.... which is pretty far from 'perfectly'. If someone does not like an integral game mechanic, that is on them... whining about it is still just whining. If you think people whining about the use of a mechanic that SHOULD be in the game makes it a shifty strategy in any way.. your logic is flawed... and the vast majority of people I have EVER played with do not complain about slashing at all.... not seeing a vast majority of the player base with these complaints, just a bunch of people crying about a legitimate tactic... there will always be a lot of people crying about things they do not like... that does not make them correct or a majority. Once again, please explain your logic on this. If you read my previous post through, you will notice I made several points you did not address and asked a couple of pertinent questions that you totally ignored.... if you want to convince someone that you have a valid point, you need to answer their questions and give a rebuttal to their points.... which you have failed to do. I fully understand that there are Jason players that slash every single counselor in the game when it is totally unnecessary to do so. This does make for a boring match. However, there are MUCH bigger issues in the game to worry about... like Jason teamers that ruin the match for everyone... hackers that ruin the match for everyone.... and many more that can actually ruin a match for everyone involved in it. Also... no one said you have to go to the salt mines for leaving after you have officially joined the afterlife club. When you are dead and gone from the match, you can still leave if you are not the host without penalty. But if you want to play with the same group again, you may want to learn some patience and stick around.... everybody will die first at some point, which can sometimes be very early in a match. I also never said the game should not evolve. It is evolving consistently. We have not had a patch for a while for reasons that you should be well aware of, and changes are coming with the next patch... we cannot judge these changes until we have played them from both sides. Also... If you do not have a problem with it... then why are you here to fight for someone else? There are real problems in the world that could use people to figure them out... why would you even try to fight against something when you have no problem with it happening? Particularly about something in a game! That is the opposite of logic.... your time would be much better spent fighting for something that you have an actual concern about and have done enough research to be certain that you actually have a valid concern.
  11. When you get Tommy you can be a much larger and more painful thorn in Jason's eyeball... But even if you die first you still may not get him. I just try to have fun while doing the best I can playing either side... but when the opportunity for a good chase gives a chance to get in some good practice, I will take the practice over more kills. Betterment of my gameplay and the fact that I find a good chase to be the best part of this game are my only reasons for this. It does not matter if I am chasing a counselor or being chased by Jason.... but I never have to go out of my way to be chased by Jason.... that happens in every counselor game I play, with extremely few exceptions. @Redcat345 Thanks for the clarification... I sometimes have a hard time understanding the slang talk of the younger generations.... I feel old again. I never get rude with anyone (at least I try not to be rude.... we all have our moments) unless of course, they get rude with me.. my friends... or someone else for no reason at all (then I can give people a new understanding of the term: rude). I still get called a try hard from time to time... but I will continue to thank them when they refer to me this way, and continue to try to be the most polite slasher in Crystal Lake. @The Tommy I get a lot of good practice chasing my friends around the camp. I have some truly great players in my friends list.. and many still learning the game. I also run into some awesome players in quick play sometimes. The cars get away now and again... nobody is perfect, but that is becoming a much rarer event as I continue to play with the -traps Jasons. When I see a player I consider to be 'trouble' for Jason to catch, I will still always take the practice of the chase over the car (a car gets started in a lot of matches, so I already get a lot of practice with this), but not necessarily the fuse box, that can cut down the length of the chase... or Pamela's warning from the shack... the sweater changes the dynamic of the chase, particularly when Tommy is already in the game.... I may need more throwing knives for that and the knives always take a while to collect. Learning the tactics of good players through chasing them helps with play on both sides of the game.
  12. Alice would be great to see in the game, although just a bit out of place considering she was his first victim (that we know of). Even knowing they will not bring us Ralph as a counselor... I still have to vote for him. It would be a glorious surprise to get to the main road on any map to see a bot of Ralph ride by on his bike shouting... "You're all DOOMED!!"
  13. Trusting someone I did not know when they asked me to give them the keys to the car, then got in the car with him. They he proceeded to run over everyone they could... I had a walkie talkie and tried to warn everyone I could after he got the first one, but he still got a few more. I managed to get out of the car and escape to the police. He seemed to be extremely upset that he could not run me down. @GeneiJin Tales of the Sacred Branch.... or as I like to call it.... the Mighty Stick always make me laugh!! @The Tommy How goes your quest to damask Savini Jason with your Mighty Sacred Branch?
  14. I cannot and will not argue that. Hackers and cheats are already a problem... they may well be a much larger problem after the salt mines are introduced... but there are probably many points about the salt mines we do not yet know, which makes the effect the salt mines will have more unpredictable for us. I do not know if players are actually being banned... but I do not doubt that the report section has a great many reports that are mistaking someone for hacking or cheating as well. I see many people in game that scream "Hacker!!" at every little thing they don't like... but hackers and cheats should be reported and hopefully banned. @Cokeyskunk I run into this problem often, but in quite a few games just last night I ran into players setting bear traps up for their team mates to unexpectedly stumble into... and many did stumble into them with Jason right behind them. Each time this happened the unlucky player died at the hands of Jason before they could use a med spray. One of them that I talked to thought he was justified doing it because a Jason player inadvertently did step in one (what are the odds?).... I do not see this as a justified tactic when it is costing teammates their lives. This made me think of your trap detection ideas. The ability for a counselor to see a counselor bear trap that has been set through their own body or through a wall that they are close to would help to stop this behavior. Being it is a trap set by a team mate, I do not think there should be a chance to detect it, the trap should just be highlighted and visible when the player gets close.... say ten feet away? Constantly looking down to be able to see a counselor set trap severely limits your field of view and is far riskier than running into the occasional trap.... yet this is the "advice" the trap setters told me that everybody else should be doing as they should not have to warn their team mates... their team mates should just watch where they are going. Their stupidity was making my brain cry.