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  1. So I know there’s a challenge tab for this topic but it’s looks really inactive so I decided to post here! I have been playing this game over and over and it gets repititive, but I think there’s a way to mix things up... challenges! I will attempt to complete every challenge you guys recommend to me, and post a video of me doing so, or at least attempt to :/ Of course, let’s keep this challenges possible people, I can’t kill Jason all by myself, or run over 5 people at the same time, or can I? ? post your challenges below!
  2. These are some counselors I have came across in this game, what about you guys?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm not new to the game but definitely on the forums. I have had this game for the Xbox One for months now and I love this game. I am actually looking to make videos on this game so please check them out when you have the time, I think you will find them entertaining >:) Thanks!
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