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  1. I said it was common? Where? In fact I said more often than not such tactics end badly for the counselors. Unfortunately the situation isn't as cut and dry as you seem to think it is. The control you have over deactivating the CS and subsequent block is not 100% and it's slow and requires time. And that's an automatic failure of the design where a counselor can exploit that. And no one said you have to stay in CS at all in fact. That's an argument you seem to have made up in order to have something to debunk. In fact, it's because of its unreliability as of late that I slash raw and only try to activate combat stance into block upon baiting a swing. It's one of the most reliable methods in a meta where even that strat is heavily unreliable in itself. But it works against scrubs and even the occasional pro player so I still bring it to the table. The other option is to take advantage of lack of spacial awareness and bait a punish swing on their end by empty slashing yourself only to punish with a slash or grab afterwards. None of that requires combat stance or block. You're missing the point here on a massive scale it seems. I never said counselors were that coordinated at all times. Again. I pointed out in the original post that USUALLY this is ends badly for them. I perform 8/8s more often that not. I generally stop teams BEFORE they even call Tommy if I really layout the setups and play the mind games effectively. But it's the occasional group that ARE all communicating and basically forming a blitz circle around you and just taking advantage of the fact that there are obvious holes in Jason's combat and unsafe moments in both his slashes AND his grabs. Literally all of his offense can be punished under average circumstances and average internet connections, and that's the real issue. The way to make this fair is to add some kind of equalization method of Jason's part. Either make his slashes MUCH safer with more of a hitsun on counselors, add the stun immunity window in for a few seconds, or add more control and less buggy mechanisms to the combat stance in general. Plus...it's Friday the 13th. It may be purely a subjective viewpoint here, but it should be frankly a STUPID option to decide to just hit Jason without trying to be smarter about it in any way other than "just gang up on him". And it should be immensely punishable, if only for the spirit of the franchise, if not balance. Also, knives being a be-all answer when they are in fact a finite resource and one that requires time to gather and stockpile, is a pretty lame bandaid over the issue of combat being garbage. A well oiled team will tank every single one of those and leave you with only your weapon, or leave you wasting precious time hunting down more. Knives should be an aide. Not a solution. (Although I'm all for headshots with knives being 100% lethal as a future change). As a fighting game player who has learned to eat his humble pie in games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken when he gets bodied, I can tell when a poor performance is due to lack of skill vs poor design/unresponsiveness of the game. If I get caught on the wakeup while trying to apply pressure, I know it's because I got too in over my head and didn't respect the invincible wake-up attack. I should have blocked and punished. A failure like that is on me, and that's something I've learned in the games I play. F13, as much as I love it is absolutely atrocious in the combat department for a variety of reasons. I know this as someone who can appreciate the intricacies of actual smooth combat in games like DMC, Ninja Gaiden, MGR Revengeance, etc. Pretending the issue is fine and there aren't any issues and it's all up to player skill is quite frankly not good for the game and in the end, we should all want the game to be better before the resources to fix things dry up and become unfeasible. End of story.
  2. Lol. Again with the "just block bro" comments. I've said it time and time again. Blocking is flat out unresponsive for any group of counselors with precise timing. I know this as someone who's able to exploit it from the counselors end. Go into a private match with someone who's willing. Have them try to play footsies with you and you try to block and punish. Chances are, you'll block and they'll simply refuse to swing because they see you blocking. That's if they're smart. If you DO get lucky enough to bait the swing from them (which they would only do if they're not smart), and you manage to activate combat stance into block fast enough to block it, you may be able to deactivate the block fast enough in order to punish with a raw slash (combat stance slash is um...not advised.). This is how I've taken out multitude's of counselors, and even then I still consider it unreliable at best. But that's against ONE counselor. Now imagine this scenario with 3-5 people all around you, and then take into account that a block can still be ignored and a stun can go through anyway. It's amazingly lopsided towards the counselors either way you slice it. While you're trying to block one person and punish their advances/attacks, someone else beside or behind you is going to stun you when you're attempting to go into a block, come out of a block, slash, or, grab. This wouldn't be an issue if slashing was safe on hit, or if there were actual ways to aim at who you're looking at in CS (not because block doesn't work 360 degrees, but rather so you can actually punish the correct person you want to and strafe/move strategically around a group), but again, I don't expect this kind of finesse from Gun/Illfonic so I went the easy route and suggested the stun cooldown be added back. Hell even if it was just a bug at first, it did wonders. Don't mean to shoot down your "git gud" mentality but the truth of it is, combat is just trash on Jason's end. If you don't think it is, then you haven't fought a group of counselors that knows what it's doing yet. The ONLY concrete strat is evasion. And while evasion will keep you from getting killed...that's just not Jason. Bit of a thread necromance here, but I figured why not, since the devs can ONLY work on balance again now. Maybe combat will be the first thing they prioritize.
  3. This literally happens all the time with licensed products. To answer your question, yes you can still order all if that stuff. No one is magically pulling all of it out of existence. It's just that none of it is being produced new by the manufacturer anymore. So if you don't get it now you run the risk of having to pay outlandish scalper prices on eBay or Amazon. This actually happened already with the F13 Blu Ray tin set.
  4. Hope Illfonic does a "Whoopsie-doodles!" in the next big patch of the game and "accidentally" releases Uber-Jason and then just says "well we can't remove him as that may introduce new bugs, guess he'll have to stay"
  5. Their skill level is besides the issue though. It's the unreliability of Jason's own combat mechanics making such a situation an extremely undesirable one, especially when compared to the Stun Cooldown days where merely being next to Jason was akin to being a frog near a blender. As I iterated, It's either fix the combat or revert to the cooldown state he used to have. And I know which one I trust Gun Media to implement better. Let's just say they're no Arc System Works when it comes to gameplay precision...?
  6. I specifically have a "Kill Jason" build with her, since as you mentioned she can demask and wear the sweater. I rounded her out with the Start with Bat perk (which I try to drop off at his shack ASAP for a future counselor), Potent Ranger so I come back as Tommy with a good bit of strength boost, and Speed Attacker in order to get those hits in faster. It's been successful a number of times, so I stick with it.
  7. HA. You've never been surrounded by a group of well tuned counselors and had to experience the unreliability of the combat stance mechanics have you? Trust me I've practically mastered the blocking in this game to the best ability that one can do that. It's horrendously unresponsive these days (it USED to be a good bit better in the early days, so I don't know what happened there), and not to mention completely negated by the auto-lock on half the time, forcing you to look in an unintended direction and in turn eating a stun from behind. Plus, the go-to strategy I used to use on counselors, the bait/block/cancel-into-slash punish follow-up, is so buggy these days that it sometimes either doesn't register the block, doesn't register that I'm trying to cancel out of the block, or doesn't even register that I've tried to click into combat stance. The only reliable solution is really to shift out of the area and try to kite the counselors in a way that lets you hit them one at a time. It's fun to have combat mechanics behave like a luck based slot machine. But I digress, the dodginess of the combat on Jason's part was hardly an issue when you got a sweet few seconds of an invulnerable state.
  8. If I had to guess I'd say confusion on the counselor's part. As much as I liked it, there was a legit fucked up element to it. That being the counselors had no way of knowing that Jason was in that cooldown state. It could have definitely used some sort of visual indicator on their part, but I'm not sure what. Just something to let them know, "DO NOT TRY TO HIT, JUST RUN". I remember that we always had to keep this in mind when trying to kill Jason back then, and NOT to use the sweater too early after knocking the mask off or stunning him with a bat or something.
  9. Long post incoming, because I nerd about this stuff hard. So beware... If you guys remember, back in the early days Jason had, essentially, a cooldown on being stunned again after someone landed a stun on him. This was ANY type of stun. From a weapon, from firecrackers, whatever...It was a brief period of about 5 seconds of invulnerability where he was free to slash at you or grab you in order to get people off his back and regain control of the situation. I'm wondering if it was a massive mistake taking it out? It's my opinion that this cooldown was the single biggest important thing to making Jason a legit threat. It meant that if you were lucky enough to get a stun on him then you had to either wait another moment or two before you were getting that lucky again, or that you needed to BUG THE FUCK OUT of there and use the brief moment of time you gained to try and escape. But ever since it was removed it's been Chain-Stun-O-Rama for any coordinated group tight knit enough to keep wailing him with weapons. I'm usually the last person to complain, as I'm a pretty competent Jason player, even against large scale groups of experienced Jukers, Tankers, and Fixers. But when you've got a group intent on going for a kill and they're plan is to basically bitz Jason full stop with no regard to their safety, it kind of seems against the spirit of the game. I've had it turn out a number of different ways. Sometimes it ends badly for them...hell most of the time it does in fact. Worst case scenario was where I was once killed as Jason, and this was mostly because there's just nothing you can do against that kind of chain stunning where they form a circle and basically play "Jason the Pinata". His only option is to morph away and hope to pick them off with Stalk, but a good group knows better than that. Or y'know....hide like a bitch and run the timer out. Which ain't Jason in any way, whatsoever. I refuse to play that way. The other problem that was alleviated by the cooldown back in the olden days *adjusts old man pipe* was that, well...Jason's slashing mechanics have always been trash. The combat stance was once upon a time at least SOMEWHAT responsive, but nowadays it's practically a gamble as if to whether or not you can trigger a block and punish with a slash. Then there's how his slash is practically unsafe even on hit depending on the weapon and the speed of it. If you land the slash the counselor can STILL attack you before you recover from the slashing animation....for the uninitiated, tell any fighting game aficionado that a move is unsafe on hit, and they will tell you that is a trash fucking move. But in a large group it's practically his only option. You get a hit, they don't care, they hit you back before you're able to slash again, and then they heal up or worse yet, they knock your mask off and set you up for the Jason kill. Then there's the OTHER big annoying feature....Jason's annoying auto-lock on. No Jason, let's ignore the player right in front of me trying to wack me with a bat and lock onto fucking Chad who's 10 feet away and spamming a Crispin Glover dance emote, you fucking Hockey masked baffoon. It's all too much of an unwieldy mess, and I say that as someone who has learned to tame the crazy shit that is Jason's combat mechanics and learned to use them semi effectively. But man...that stun cooldown. That was what REALLY put the fear of God into 'em. Those blissful 4 or 5 seconds of absolute ass-wreckage that I was free to take part in even with the wonky combat physics and unreliable hitboxes, gleefully nabbing a counselor or two and proceeding to take them to an all expenses paid trip to pound-town. Ahhh, those were the days. But enough of MY nostalgia. What say you all? I'd much rather they just give him that brief window of absolute freedom to make an example of anyone who DARED get close to an undead 7 foot tall murder machine.
  10. I just can't believe they seriously thought 1000 matches was a decent achievable number for Jason. That number should have been halved at the very least for a character you get like maybe 15% of the time
  11. No. But suicides should count towards Jason's kill count.
  12. Well this makes me feel better about dying earlier. *wipes tear* Angered a Jason "Slayer" into abandoning the boards. REVENGE!!!!!
  13. Lol, chill dude, it's not that serious.
  14. Yeah...Just got killed as Jason today. First time and I'm a day one player. Feelsbadman. And the kicker? It was completely avoidable. I went head first into Tommy and the sweater girl, not realizing my mask had been knocked off. If I had just payed attention to my status I'd have hung back and picked them off with knives/Stalk tactics. Long story short I'm just using this topic to vent. Pour one out for me gentlemen. I made it over a year at least. *takes off hockey mask and holds it to chest*
  15. Tell me about it. The game's not built for that at all, so I really don't get it. Maybe if you like the idea of dying immediately due to not being able to climb through windows...or drive a car...or swim...or much of anything.
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