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  1. This just might be the most fun multiplayer game I’ve ever had the privilege to play. Now pardon me while I weap in the corner sobbing because of the news
  2. Adammakesbeats

    We're Still Here

    I’m still here for you Xbone people, name is DrunkRalph, let’s rock!
  3. The truth is out there.
  4. Adammakesbeats

    Current Part 7 Jason

    But that was my point. Grip strength can and will carry a counselor to a cool environmental kill. Might not be “meta” but it sure is fun.
  5. Adammakesbeats

    Current Part 7 Jason

    Well, they are changing him. But damn do I love me some grip strength. Sorry Jenny, Mitch and Adam, no pocket knife? Let me take you to an environmental kill. Fun for the whole family!
  6. Anyone else playing part 7 Jason a lot more since he’s going to get a “buff?” I certainly have and had a blast, he’s good people. Also, grip strength is awesome, you monsters!
  7. Flare Gun. One time I was playing as Mitch on Higgins (regular) and found a flare in the first cabin I searched. A few minutes later I walked by the bridge and saw Jason had grabbed a Vanessa way far on the other side of the bridge. I took a very unlikely shot and hit Jason and Vanessa was free! It was so satisfying! The Jason then went right for me, grabbed me and did the heart punch kill. Worth it!
  8. Adammakesbeats

    Stupidest Thing You've Done

    Before I knew the basics I sprinted around as AJ the whole time. Let’s make that every round until I learned Jason knows where you are with sense on. ”oh so that’s what stealth does...”
  9. Have to agree with P9 that music is awesomely chilling
  10. As a host on Xbone, I died then I watched a beast Deborah run circles around part 2 Jason, it was awesome. She installed the fuse, made the call then bam, connection lost. I really wanted to see how that ended.
  11. Sorry if this has been brought up before but I had a theory. Playing part 7 Jason on Pinehurst seems to give him a great advantage. +Water speed and +Sense should be amazing, considering the lake (river?) runs through the bulk of the map. Mode of travel extremely fast and can pinpoint where counselors are? I tried it once but the host cut the game early before anyone could really do anything. Anyone try this? If so how did it work out for you?
  12. My cousin made this and had me laughing like a fool.
  13. Adammakesbeats

    Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Better than nothing.
  14. When I first started playing I got lucky and got a common Preparedness perk with 3% fear resistance and 0% sprint reduction. Great because I had no idea where to go and maps I found online didn’t help me very much. It helped me learn all the maps until I was comfortable with switching it out for something better. Great for beginners!