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  1. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    @Risinggrave how about we just call it a truce and move on? I’m cool with it. It happens, ya know?
  2. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    I was going to let it go but you are out of your mind. I understand they can’t add any new content. I get that, I understand that. Since all I see here is people complaining about everything, I thought I’d add something else even if just a pipe dream. All I offered (and know it’s not happening) was what could be done about playing as counselor when the game eventually goes offline. My problem with you is you got very insulting very fast, that is what bothered me.
  3. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    You’re right, and by no means did I mean to talk about anything other than “no new content but will address bugs” that’s all. Maybe I should have worded my post a little better. All it was was wishful thinking on my part.
  4. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    Yes I know everything that you think I don’t know. Yes, they can’t really add anything else. Why are you being such a sanctimonious prick about it though? Wishful thinking on my part, yes, and that somehow counselors can still be played in some way makes me a fool? Nope, I just hope the other half of the game is still playable in some way shape or form.
  5. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    Even though I’m on Xbone it would still be cool if the game can be run by fans. It’s too good of a game (bugs and all) to die.
  6. Add a single player mode were Jason just circles the map, as you, the counselor, has to avoid him and get on objectives! Playing as a counselor is so fun, if this game dies we’ll never be able to to play as our boy Mitch ever again. Even typing that out made me sad.
  7. Adammakesbeats

    Well here’s a new one.

    You know what you’re 100% correct. My fault
  8. Was in a game (Xbox) waiting in the lobby and I could not check off I was ready. Several minutes pass by and the countdown timer was not budging from 0:01. Had to shut down my whole system. Come on guys, pleaseeeee
  9. So, Lazarus mode was going to be a lot like paranoia, 8 people hiding but someone gets kicked in the penis at the end of the match.
  10. All those old loading screens are gone, why?
  11. Adammakesbeats

    I am begging you

    Status: I’ve been pulling my hair out and now my head looks like part 9 Jason.
  12. If I drop the car keys RIGHT NEXT TO THE DRIVER SIDE DOOR only take them if the car is fully repaired. Even if I’m not there, and installed the battery and filled the tank with gas myself THEN, take the keys!!! Even if you don’t plan to pick me up!!! Sorry, had to vent
  13. Oh, and Jason clearly beat Freddy
  14. This just might be the most fun multiplayer game I’ve ever had the privilege to play. Now pardon me while I weap in the corner sobbing because of the news
  15. Adammakesbeats

    We're Still Here

    I’m still here for you Xbone people, name is DrunkRalph, let’s rock!