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  1. Adammakesbeats

    This should be a new Jason

  2. I’m chewing my bottom lip like bubblegum. There just might be a chance!
  3. I have an update! I was able to play again and got called every name in the book for being a terrible Jason. I’ll take it! Sad news though, I had to throw the spaghetti away.
  4. No, you don’t want this. I was so busy with the sauce that I just dropped the noodles in the pot before the water got to a boil. Gummy spaghetti. Oh well.
  5. And this is one hour of waiting looks like https://ibb.co/fwmaQ9 Don’t worry I was making some spaghetti for the bulk of the time.
  6. Appreciate the help but https://ibb.co/gVtmyU
  7. Thank you for the reply, it doesn’t say I’m in the salt mines anywhere. 32 minutes in, let’s see.
  8. I don’t quit the game ever, yet here I am? Was going to post a picture of me waiting 14 minutes. Going on 18, what’s the deal? Xbox.
  9. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    @Risinggrave how about we just call it a truce and move on? I’m cool with it. It happens, ya know?
  10. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    I was going to let it go but you are out of your mind. I understand they can’t add any new content. I get that, I understand that. Since all I see here is people complaining about everything, I thought I’d add something else even if just a pipe dream. All I offered (and know it’s not happening) was what could be done about playing as counselor when the game eventually goes offline. My problem with you is you got very insulting very fast, that is what bothered me.
  11. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    You’re right, and by no means did I mean to talk about anything other than “no new content but will address bugs” that’s all. Maybe I should have worded my post a little better. All it was was wishful thinking on my part.
  12. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    Yes I know everything that you think I don’t know. Yes, they can’t really add anything else. Why are you being such a sanctimonious prick about it though? Wishful thinking on my part, yes, and that somehow counselors can still be played in some way makes me a fool? Nope, I just hope the other half of the game is still playable in some way shape or form.
  13. Adammakesbeats

    So maybe just maybe...

    Even though I’m on Xbone it would still be cool if the game can be run by fans. It’s too good of a game (bugs and all) to die.