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  1. I called this last month hehe. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20867-this-cant-be-a-coincidence/?do=findComment&comment=326951 it's going to drive the population through the roof. Good move Gun.
  2. I'd also like to be able to mess around with customization and perks if I've been killed early, instead of just spectating. I know you can leave, but I want the xp and sometimes the lobby can be with decent players and might want to stay in it.
  3. Played a for a few hours, didn't find it that interesting tbh.
  4. I don't care about the sjw stuff personally. Sure, a female Chinese British sniper in WW2 is stupid, but for me I liked the beta a lot and I'll be buying it. I've played bf games since bf vietnam and BF2 in 2005 and I didn't like how the series got less about squad play with bf3-bf1 and more about lone wolfing. It became more like cod with vehicles. Bfv reverts back to squad focus.
  5. I agree, zombie didn't really get the original depiction of micheal myers. That a kid from a seemingly ordinary family just snaps without motive and kills. That he escapes and returns to the town, wears a mask, stalking and killing teens for no reason makes it so chilling. He's a complete psycho. Rob zombies version was typical his style, with scum bag trashy characters. Making Michael a poor victim of a bad childhood etc. Was horrid. The third act which played similar to the original wasn't bad, but it just doesn't get anywhere near the brilliant original 78'.
  6. Been playing round after round on EU servers this morning. No problems here. Had the player 'map selector' quit many times and the games stay open. I didn't even watch that video, they're wrong.
  7. Yeah don't worry bout it. I didn't know for ages you could knock knock on a locked door as jason.
  8. Yeah, I didn't really take that into account the first time i played when dedicated dropped. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. I wish they'd rework the perk system more than anything. I hate it, sitting there rolling and deleting, rinse and repeat x infinity. It's just so tedious and soul destroying. It could be so much better and interesting.
  10. It's a horrible idea imo. I don't like cross overs like freddy v jason. I could see why it would get banded around to get some weird Ash vs freddy v jason movie but thank goodness it didn't happen.
  11. I really don't like the Halloween 4 mask on the left. His hair was all slicked back and the eyes were too big. It lacked menace. Looked cheap. I believe the blonde hair mask was the original mask used in Halloween 2 but as it was that long ago it had aged badly and the hair colour had faded to blonde. It was kept by producer Debra Hill who was a heavy smoker so it was in a bad environment.
  12. It would've been a 'shit' promise to keep, they probably came to that conclusion down the road. It is correct that the game ends when jason leaves.
  13. It's weird some are getting issues. I've been getting into servers superfast, now correctly on eu servers too.
  14. Are there EU servers? I'm from the UK and I got put in a US server, still played excellent tbh.
  15. Works for me from my games this morning. I was in in US server but the game really did run better despite that. Quite surprised and happy it finally happened.
  16. What happened to the characters hair? it seems to got gradually worse, it's all frizzy and weird looking now.
  17. Network errors and connection timeouts etc during a match has never been as bad for me as it is now. Unplayable. This long without dedicated servers was a terrible mistake.
  18. Id say its a bit of both, would've thought developers put forward their games for psn release well in advance. A lot of them coincide with a studios new release or promotion. For example destiny 2 is next months psn game, and in the same month theres a big expansion release for it. Previous months had quantic dreams heavy rain and beyond two souls prior to the new game which was Detroit being released. I expect f13th to be 'free' on psn (soon) . Theyve squeezed all the cash they can,No new content so it might aswell be to drive population up.
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