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  1. My least favourite thing in the game is the roll perk system. 

    So any improvement and work on that gets a big thumbs up. 

    I personally would like to see the system speed up, it's a bit monotonous. 

    For example when you roll, ask if sell or keep straight away, as it is you roll then  search it out in the perk menu to then have to select then delete. It's boring as hell. 


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  2. It's a bit odd, this shouldn't be a massive graphically demanding game for consoles. You have far better looking and bigger games on these systems (ps4 & xbox) that run well - look at unchartered 4, red dead 2, resident evil 7,battlefield 1 - 64 players in a beautiful destructive environment. In the end, I just don't think f13th is very well optimised. 

  3. 2 hours ago, RustInPeace said:

    On topic - Just as I did with the P2P setup, when searching for a room, cancel the search after 1:30 and start a new search a few seconds after canceling.  It usually works for me when it takes too long.  2 minute wait is the MAX you should let it search.  Any longer and you may be put into overseas servers.

    Off topic - @kohagan  Were you in a match with me on Saturday?  Either you or someone with a similar name tried trolling me (rank 150, also had Savini).  Start of the match I come across a Vanessa dragging her tw@ across a broken window trying to suicide before I got them.  Then later in the match, same person comes back as Tommy, tries wasting my time (lure, baseball bat strike, teabag, repeat) but I periodically morph away and kill remaining players.  When I come back to Tommy, who is injured and limping, he is in a cabin with someone else and is setting up a beartrap, then proceeds to step in it and die.  Pretty lame showing from a player who has played long enough AND is in control of the "hero".

    Wasn't me mate, I'm only level 82, don't have savini and I have never tea bagged anyone in any game. 

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  4. 18 hours ago, Splatterhouse said:

    Ahhh right. I was sure I read that it was free for only October. I do realise it normally means that it is free to download for a month and then keep and play whilst you are a subscriber - but I thought this was a one month deal...so people who wanted to continue playing would buy after October? What's the point in making the game free forever? I guess to try and rinse out DLC sales from as many players as possible before they shut the servers. Sales must've really dipped.

    Yeah sorry I meant that it is available to download to your games library for psn subscribers just for October, but after this month is over, then any subsciber who didn't download it in this period would have to buy it. 

    Once you have it in your library you've always got it but still need a psn subscription to play any game online. 

  5. 46 minutes ago, Splatterhouse said:

    I'm not really buying that it's alive and well unfortunately. Feels more like an adrenaline shot to the arm to a terminally ill patient. I can't fathom how this game will last when the spike of PS Plus player who decide to buy the game and slasher edition buyers wears off. It would if they continued to sell clothing packs, kills etc etc but it doesn't seem like that will be happening regardless of the other days verdict. 

    I don't understand what you mean by ps plus players decide to buy the game? 

    It's free forever if you download this month. 

    Of course you'll see some come and go but tbh before the psn drop I'd constantly find myself in lobbies of level 30 and under. 

    I think the games always been healthy on ps4, but now more than ever. 

  6. If there was no change, wouldn't they of just regurgitated previous statement on the subject, which wouldn't of needed reviewing? Just say along the lines of

    'Our position has not changed'. Done, short and sweet. 

    I'm hoping for something but if it doesn't happen, fine but it really does come across as a 'Chad being a dick' moment from Gun by unnecessarily Dragging it out ?

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  7. 20 minutes ago, americanalien said:

    I was in 3 lobbies last night, all full of newbs. It was actually quite fun teaching them how to play. They were all worse then bots. Clearing everyone with Jason within 5 minutes was a real change in pace. 

    You know i thought the same, like the first time bots were introduced. 

    It's weird now though with all the newbs, next to nothing is getting done not even doors barricaded. It's presented a new set of challenges all round lol 

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