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  1. I've only ever seen one PA movie and I don't believe this is connected, but I enjoy horror games and saw PA lost souls game on sale in the ps store. 

    I loved playing VR resident evil but this absolute nearly gives me a heart attack. I've read the game is only short but at the moment I can only play in small bursts as it gets pretty tense. 

    As you enter the huge house, the game does a great job at creating atmosphere and a feeling that some unseen evil presence is around you. 

    I fully recommend it for horror fans who have a psvr. 

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  2. Let's be honest, since dedicated servers launched (I'm talking ps4) they've been botched and don't work properly and still don't work properly. 

    You do have to say, that as people probably play mainly for mp part of the game, to have to tell players to cancel the search and try again after 1-2 minutes of searching because it's stuck in some loop and just leave it that way is really poor going. 

    It should be a priority fix. 

    Since the latest patch it's just as bad if not worse, can easily spend 20+ minutes (if u want to waste that much time) trying to get in a lobby. 

    I think people have a right to be annoyed about this issue. 

  3. I only booted up one time today and got in a match straight away (eu server). Whether this is a one off I can't say yet as pre patch it's been horrific to get into a match since the psn release. The other night I gave up after 15 minutes of trying.

    (edit- it was a one off! after trying this afternoon, it's still the same, can't find games, can't even find dedicated servers) 


    Speaking of psn, I deleted my disc version of the game and installed the digital, I don't see any difference, disc clothing bonus still seems to be included? (I have mitch in pink shirt  disc bonus clothing?). 

  4. Seeing they cannot create or release new maps but can be allowed to rework systems like perks, how about a Remix map selection that essentially procedurally generated maps using all the assets that are In the game.

    It can be classed under random map selection and no map generated is ever the same, so it makes it unknown territory every game for jason and counselors. It would keep things interesting longer term. 

    I know this would be way too much to ask but it really should be done imo. 

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  5. For me personally, and this is what I've been thinking for some time, is changing the sense ability on jason. It will never ever happen and people will scream bloody murder at a nerfish suggestion for jason. This actually comes from me as a Jason player and I know I'll get the usual but ' if you played high skill competitive counsellors etc you'd get destroyed etc -


    I'd make it so sense wouldn't be able to detect counsellors out in the open until rage mode. In compensation for that, the sound pings would be amplified and if you stayed hiding in some bush for too long like a few minutes you'd start to emit a shriek or nervous ping, so it forces the counsellor to be on the move. Jason would still be able to detect indoors from the moment sense is available.

    The reason, I think it would be fun to be able to hide using some of the natural elements and darkness of the maps at least for a short time in the early stages. hiding crouched near bushes, trees etc , just seems a wasted opportunity to me. Everyone lighting up like an xmas tree always annoyed me somewhat.

    It's never going to happen so nobody needs to get their knickers in a twist about it, just my thoughts on it.



  6. 1 hour ago, Ahab said:

       Quite a few different things can cause bugs to happen... Remember the A.I. bug on that aliens game... no one could fix it for years... then it was discovered the entire problem was cause by an extra "A" in a single word. It is now fixed. I cannot name a game that is bug free... can you?
        You cannot say a different team will do the exact same type of job as the last team without seeing their work first hand... 

    Ha colonial Marines, yeah I read about that fix. A lot of that game was outsourced which could've added to problems

    That's what this game feels like a bit to me, not saying it was, but chunks may of been outsourced. 


  7. 1 hour ago, lostshadowz said:

    I noticed last night on ps4 that when I went to hid in a wardrobe my charciters head and hands stuck out of the door during the animation. But since I could not see once inside I am unsure if they were still sticking out or not after the animation was done.

    It's not every time that the counselor is hiding that they are visible. I've not seen hands or legs sticking out, just one wardrobe door missing and exposing the hiding player, that's what I've experienced. It's inconsistant. 

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