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  1. I made a cocktail of ginger powder, mint, chilli powder lemon put it in a spray bottle and sprayed the area. Then secondly went over and sprayed some anti mould bleach near any sites they may be entering from. 

    Just make sure any food and sweet snacks are put away. That's generally why they come in to start with. 

  2. 3 hours ago, BeautyNumber2 said:

    Thanks guys. I believe that all counselor speeds should be reduced by one point across the board. I also believe stamina should deplete ~10 seconds faster. This is an decrease of about 5%, not much but compiles with fear penalties. Not much but count to 10 when Jason is chasing you and you should have saved your stamina.

    The game really needs a complete overhaul like I mentioned in 2017 ahem. The devs have gotten away with changing the game that was envisioned, pitched, and funded by us backers. I won’t use the word promise, but Friday the 13th: The Game was sold to us as a cinematic non-linear survival horror game, not a brawl. The intention of the gameplay was to keep quiet, hide when needed, and try to escape.

    The changes we need:

    1. change the availability and sequence of Jason’s abilities:

    Morph: Jason appears to be everywhere like in his first trilogy of appearances in films 2-4. Make Morph available from the start of the match

    Stalk: Jason is a silent killer, sneaking up on his victims with precision. Make Stalk available at the 1 minute mark. When activated, Stalk cannot be turned off until it has expired. Jason must use strategically. Counselors cannot rely exclusively on Jason’s music radius.

    Sense: Jason the supernatural killer has a keen ability to know where counselors are, indicative of his resurrection in Parts 6 on. Make Sense available at 3 minutes. Once used, Sense cannot be toggled off and requires a full cool down. Use sparingly.

    Shift: Jason can suddenly go in for a kill, somehow. Make Shift available at 5 minutes. Shift regeneration is fine as is.

    2. Tweak all counselor skills and reduce speed and stamina each by one point. For too long have high speed:stamina character dragged out matches even when Jason was chasing.

    3. Harsher stamina penalties to counselor’s when running. When running/sprinting, counselor’s should drain from full in 5 seconds. Non-running movement should now have lower stamina penalties (you know, how the human body works). This way counselors will easily be run down by Jason, only being able to sprint to a window to survive. 

    4. Hiding spaces no longer completely block sense pre-rage but still block it significantly. Counselors in hiding spots should have a base 0.35 chance of appearing on Sense, not 0. Smh. Basically, if Jason used Sense three times in a general area, a person hiding should show up, not be completely absolved from the ability’s purpose. Counselors should be using hiding spots more but not longer in them. This was the original attention of hiding spots.

    5. Counselors in hiding spots do not scream when Jason is nearby nor do they scream when Stalk is active.

    6. Readjust rage, again. Jason is still able to be stunned, but stun resistance is at 0.90 or slightly higher than Part 9. Fireworks still do not stun, but flare guns do.

    7. Restore the original purpose of fireworks: a sound distraction. Fireworks should not stun Jason ever, sorry. Flare guns should stun as they were adjusted to do so now.

    8. Reduce the amount of weapons on every map. A weapon in a cabin should not be a guarantee. No more than 2 weapons in a large cabin and no more than 1 weapon in a small cabin, sorry. This will increase the value of weapons, reduce the supply, and detour brawling with Jason at the risk of breaking your weapon.

    9. Reduce the amount of health sprays and double the time it takes to use. Quick spritzes while Jason is right there is ridiculous. There should only be 2 sprays per match, sorry. We will see the meta include Hypochondriac in addition to Medic. Bring your own spray or suffer, sns.

    10. Reduce the amount of pocket knives by 2. There should be ONE pocket knife per match and one with Tommy. It should be the holy grail, not “I haven’t found a knife yet.”

    11. Add a prompt kill when counselors are near windows. Use the in-game icon, and the “Tossed” kill, Jason will grab through the window and throw them back through. Like other things recently adjusted, this is not “new content.”

    12. Make repairs take longer. All base mini-game speed should be reduced by 50% Note that slower skill checks make repairs easier but take longer. No one is installing a new battery in 3 seconds. Sorry.

    13. Restore the boat to being silent upon startup 

    14. Remove BOTH automatic Counselor GPS and Item icons. Counselors should only “appear” on the map if they have a walkie AND a map. This would make it more important to have both. Repair items should only be tagged for the counselor who actually tagged them. “Where did I find that gas again? Oh, over there.” This is the realistic use of item tagging as a function of a person actually remembering where they saw something. Counselors are not soothsayers and should not be able to perceive where items and people are at.

    15. Make maps only available at the map kiosk. Jason might want to trap this location now as it’s the only way for counselors to get a map. Why there would be maps randomly in cabin drawers doesn’t make sense. 

    15. Counselors cannot suicide anymore, period. Self-inflicted damage should reduce counselors to 1 HP but never kill them. No, repeated damage from falling out of windows or traps not killing someone’s is not realistic but neither is someone actually trying to kill the sleeves in this way. As well, a counselor that steps in another counselor’s trap should still be killed. If counselors are that coordinated to kill each other nothing can help detour that kind of toxic behavior.

    What do you think?


    Some very well thought out ideas that make sense, although I'm not really in favour of point 14, could see it making the match a little frustrating on the surface. 

    One of the things I'd like to see is hiding spots changed so it encourages them to be used more. I'd be for it not showing at all in rage mode until the player has been in the spot for say x minute/s, so it encourages the player to keep moving whilst at the same time potentially exposing themselves to jason. Although it'd be challenging, it would be possible to go from hiding spot to hiding spot to survive the night. It would really create some cat and mouse moments and I feel It really should be a thing in this game. 

    I also agree with the map kiosk. I don't think maps should be plentiful in cabins, scrap it all together. Kiosk only, it should be another objective. 

  3. On 5/10/2019 at 5:04 AM, TimDuke 01 said:

    Yes I've seen and read the roof glitch still works but now Jason can't get up there.They took the wrong thing away. It doesn't matter if Jason get on roofs. People are also wondering how you can duplicate a tractor and past statement was they can't even add a rock.How is this not considered "new" content"?

    Because people can't grasp and understand the use of an already existing game asset that can be added and a new game asset which would require new modeling, which would therefore be new content. 

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  4. On 3/23/2019 at 1:47 AM, DorianRo said:

    Truthfully. Im surprised they haven't pull the plug on the servers to be honest with RECORD LOW players on all systems on this game now or just not patching anything and waiting for the the community to have only a handful of players left. .   Very surprised they are still updating patches. 


    The game is mainly just a bunch of trolls/noobs now running around in circles accomplishing NOTHING 

    How do you kbow the ps4 numbers? Logic (whilst not fact) suggests ps4 has the most active playerbase as it dropped for psn subscribers to the tune of 36 million in october and was the third highest selling game on psn store in 2017 beating horizon Dawn and Minecraft (think about that for a moment). Even if 0.5% of all that log in and play regularly it's not bad. 

    Just because pc format shows bad numbers for the game you can't say it's all platforms, for a start the sales for console are better than pc. It's the same with games like battlefield, pc has shit numbers and sales compared to console. 

    To even suggest f13 numbers are the same on console as pc despite being given away to 36 million subs, isn't realistic. 



    I really didn't like the doctor killing the cop, it was unnecessary and I felt a bad move.  I get what they were trying to do with his character arc but it was highly unbelievable and ultimately pointless other than to shift Michael into another location. For or me there should be only one killer and that's Michael. 

  6. The best thing to do If the lawsuit settled would be a friday the 13th part 2.

    I mean games like cod and battlefield get new games every couple of years, so why not. 

    There would have to be a big focus on different game modes to set it apart and make it different to this game. What we have now could be classic mode and maps. More sp Challenges (with a skip button) 

    I'd also look at more customisable Jason's and counselors, different perk system - make it a lot more interesting on that front. 

    So basically more content, modes and refined gameplay would make a part 2 worthwhile. 

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  7. On 2/7/2019 at 6:04 PM, thrawn3054 said:

    The main point that he made that has been bothering me is how it is essentially impossible to save someone from a grab in rage mode now.

    That's not true, playing as Jason and whilst in rage mode, I've grabbed counselors and they've been saved by the other players hitting me. Works as before except you don't get stunned. 

  8. Of the games I've played so far, I've seen no difference in survivability, I even saw pt 2 jason killed by the last 2 alive at the police exit despite killing the rest of the lobby ( myself Inc). Always hard to gauge how good players are, but I think there is a slight overreaction to the invulnerability. 

    I've escaped, even right down to the last 2 minutes of a match. I changed nothing in the way I play, except I feel a bit more pressure knowing I can't stun jason at a point, I actually like this. 

    Right now, every single trap is crucial. They never get layed out by vast majority. There's tons of them, it bides time. 

    Fighting jason with gangs armed to the teeth looking for him and all the taunting was to put it plainly, silly. I'm not going to miss it. 

    I see people complain their only option now is to escape, well not quite true, you can still last the night, I've done it and others have I've watched. I'm not going to even entertain the 'oh but if you're playing against a super duper ultra sweaty competitive jason best in the world ever, then you can't escape, so it needs changing' 

    Well, so what.

    The vast majority in quick play are not far apart in skill from my experience and games are playing out pretty much the norm. I've seen 2/8 Jason's and 8/8, it's not making everyone god like jason. That's a fact. 

    I still think firecrackers should stun, but watching in spectator I saw a flare gun stun jason, pretty sure it was way past rage mode too. Those both should still stun imo. Firecracker perk may get a bit of usage then. 

    If u still want to dance and clown around  with Jason and not help objective based players at all then you can, but you're likely going to die. You can't have your cake and eat it. 

  9. Back in 98 i remember getting a US pirate copy  of RE 2 to play on my newly chipped ps1 at the time. Even had to get my dad to buy a new TV as it was all scrambled because of the ntsc format. It was released about 4/5 months later in the UK as I recall, because friends thought I was bullshit ting that I already had it. 

    Of course I was young and I never pirate things now :) 

    I will buy this soo, be great to revisit. 

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