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  1. I managed to get on this morning for the first time in nearly a week and got to try out jason for a second time. I took note of these tips and managed to kill 2 people fairly quicklly until the host left suddenly, i think maybe i killed him - i'll have to watch back the saved footage to see if that was the case. Unfortunately it didnt register any badges but i was just happy the advice pulled off and i was really enjoying it compared to my first attempt. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the invite, not been able to get on so much this week its been a tough one. See you at the party richter !
  3. I would like to see something Crazy Ralph related in the game. drunk and on his bycycle "Doomed! You're all doomed!"
  4. I will check them out , thanks Ker juice & Shadow master for the extra tips.
  5. I have just got the game on ps4 and i'm an older player, it would be cool to get on with people outside of the quick match set up. My first game had me escaping out of town in a car with my passenger seemingly an 10 year old Jesse pinkman shouting 'Now thats how we fucking roll jason. BITCH!' I'd like to have an alternative option if someone's willing to invite me. I do live in the UK GMT so timing may be out there. PSN -kohagan
  6. I've just got the game on PS4 , Uk player too. -Kohagan
  7. Thank you very much guys, this is great advice. I'll put it into action and see how it goes. Cheers
  8. Just got the game for PS4 in the UK. Loving it so far, and getting to grips with it. Message me for any group games. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, So i got the physical copy on PS4 as i'm F13 fan. On my first session i got to play as Jason, but oh boy, i got humiliated to the max ! Councillors pretty much stood in a line to take a shot at me with everything from Bats to fire crackers. I couldn't kill anybody to save my life. Jason emasculated. Since then i decided to stick with preference to playing as councillors until i understand a way of going about playing with Jason, its a shame theres no single player to practice cos im sure everybody must of been bored senseless with my attempt. Anybody got some good tips to throw my way. Cheers in advance
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