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  1. I only had one game but I thought the graphics looked a bit sharper and detailed, but seeing as it's not mentioned in notes or vy anyone else I must be imagining it... đŸ˜‚
  2. A lot of gamers like a skill tree and lvl up unlock type system to work through and it's keeps them active on the game. Imo F13 perk system is such an abysmal and uninteresting chore that it leaves little left other than grinding to level 150, which is a slog. I've still not got there and been playing since 2017 lol They should at the very least - made it so you're able to roll perks and customise while waiting for a match to end in spectator to 'kill' some time.
  3. I like the large cabins that usually have a fireplace and a small corridor running through the middle and a back room of sometimes beds or draws with a bathroom in the corner. They give a good amount of space to give jason the run around. I dislike any cabin with tons of blinds in the window for obvious reasons.
  4. read where the stats are coming from and calculated (click the link) http://gamstat.com/how/ Why would it be at all in comparison to pc numbers? For a start, it was given away for ps plus subscribers (over 36 million) it's on game stat that it uses the precise number of players (which is revealed by Sony via my ps4 life videos) who earned a particular trophy to initiate the calculation. Not only that but f13th was the third highest selling ps4 game digitally in the US alone in 2017, just think about that for a moment, also its now in the greatest hits and on sale in UK for £3.99. Id say 100k new players globally (even if 90% played offline only or only played once and never again) based on all of this together is certainly plausible - saying just because pc has 300 players isn't.
  5. Read how it's calculated http://gamstat.com/how/ At least there is is a formula as how to work out player counts rather than speculating based on pretty much nothing. I personally never see the same ps4 players day in day out and nearly all of them are 1-30 in level range. Yet, it is literally how many new people have played the game that month, got a trophy etc whether this is single player or mp and they could never log in again. So it's not saying that this is 100% the amount of people active online but overall gives an Indictation that the playerbase on ps4 is healthy. Also when the game dropped for the ps plus subscribers it isn't uncommon for people to only start playing them at a later date, which I often do myself due to a backlog. I also play in the EU servers.
  6. This is probably the closest anybody has got to actual players numbers for ps4 on game stat, which uses the my ps4 life to calculate these figures and comes with a 15% margin of error. Total player count 8,900,000 New players 15 may - 15 June - 100,000 http://gamstat.com/games/
  7. It's hard to say but I think the game was the least buggies after the patch when Roy dropped, I could be wrong though.
  8. That's a bit of a bummer in the sense it's gone from £3.99 to £15 ish going off the price quoted in the article. On the flip side its pretty cool it's in the Hits collection.
  9. Yeah I looked it up here in the UK. The game has gone, no page to be found.
  10. Noooooo! I love playing mitch, he's the dude.
  11. That's great news for PC players. I feel ps4 is in a healthy state, lobby after lobby of pre 30 levels
  12. Sorry but I whole heartedly disagree with this comment. Games like uncharted 4 and battlefield v to name just two, are truly stunning graphically on ps4. Both games with with far superior graphics than f13. Then throw in red dead redemption 2, god if war, last of us 2 - amazing graphics. I'd put it down to programming not because of dumbing down for console.
  13. Just when you think you've seen it all haha. This genuinely made me Wtf.
  14. Okay, so a brief explantation as to what happened prior to the clip - I was playing as mitch and was caught in a cabin, the jason player executed an environment kill and of course it glitches and I got away, then I found the gas can, just watch what happens next..
  15. I seem to remember this was an old bug that got patched out but now it's back.
  16. I don't believe there is a way on consoles but interestingly on ps4, people have been finding a way to get player counts for games based off ps4 my playstation life. If anyone could work it out that way, would be interesting. Unfortunately I tried it and f13 wasn't in my video despite being the most played game. For details check this article https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-12-17-someone-figured-out-every-playstation-games-player-count-using-my-ps4-life-videos
  17. I've never come across a game that's had so many patches badly mangle the game 2 + years after release. Can't see it ever being properly fixed tbh, I mean even the tripped out rainbow blotches on pinehurst are still present. The jason environment kill break free glitch is as bad as it gets - please get someone to test this stuff, I mean I'm not trying to purposely bash but how could 30 minutes of testing not bring up this issue?
  18. I don't know which version you're referring to as having low numbers,but every lobby I go in on ps4 its full of players under level 20, it's very alive and well on ps4, never a problem finding a match. This is EU servers BTW.
  19. Pity it's not ps4. I played observer recently which has rutger hauer as the main character in a bleak cyberpunk story, it was well made and its the same devs making blair witch, so should be good.
  20. I started out ps1 with the resident evil games, weirdly I never finished the first one. Resident evil 2 I manged to get a US copy months before it was released in the UK. Res 3 was good too. But seriously, one of the greatest gaming experience I've ever had in 25 years is playing resident evil 7 in VR. Nothing can prepare you for how pant shittingly scarey it is. Its hard to grasp it being scarey if you've only played in 2d and never tried vr. It's scarier than any horror film, many times I just said - fuck going through that door! And turning the system off to leave it until I had the balls to try the next day. I've never played it in 2d and there doesn't seem any point after vr, it's really that good. Highly highly recommended if you're a horror fan and have ps4 and a psvr.
  21. Perks 'system' is the worst thing in the game, tedious, boring and it got to a point I just don't bother rolling them, it's more painful than a machete to the face. I think a skill tree and unlock system would've been better. Say what you want but a lot of gamers like working towards unlocks and rewards via xp, keeps playerbase active. Nobody likes random rolls based on luck, but what do I know I'm not a game developer.
  22. The bugs in this game are just like jason and will never die. Seriously though, I had a break from the game, fired it up past week and had the one op mentioned regarding Jason grabbing counselors and it gets stuck in an animation while they break free. I mean c'mon this stuff is clearly not getting properly play tested, but we're not surprised by any of this anymore right? I will say though, it's very fast getting into eu servers (for me anyhow) and I'm really shocked that most lobby's have a ton of under level 20. (Ps4) One thing I'd like to see, although small, is to be able to toggle your level off. Maybe coincidence but if I'm jason I find a few times low level players immediately quit.
  23. No love for leatherface? I think texas Chainsaw would be awesome setting for this type of game. Not only a maniac with a Chainsaw is scary as shit, but Some cool possible poi for maps - Sawyer farm, woods, abattoir, gas station.
  24. Existing game assets can be used in the state they're in, to be moved around and multiplied, aslong as there is no alteration or manipulation to the asset model - so no colour changes. For example if a existing rock asset is named 'rock1' and you duplicated it but made it the colour pink, then you'd have to alter the name in the asset files for it to exist, say to something like 'pinkrock1' - at this point you've created new content here, it didn't exist in the game files before. Changing the maps using the current assets within the game, no matter how much so, is still not new content. When they say content, they don't mean the volume of items added but whether its a new model asset. It's like getting a room in a house with a load of furniture in it and constantly rearranging it so the room is radically different but it's still the same items. yeah you stacked the same 3 sofas on top of each other and had both the kitchen sink and dining table hanging off the ceiling, you happen to be a wizard who can conjure up the same pieces of furniture and add them into the room but no newly designed content had been added. So the lawyers can't come knocking. New content is a brand new modelled asset or named item that we haven't seen before added to the game. Period. Now, to create a new map and release it using the same old assets, you'd have to promote it as a new map, and have to name it something, as petty as it is - the name alone would be new content, it didn't exist before, that would fall under copyright as it belongs to somebody who owns the f13 license, hence the reason it can't happen. Forest Green can't happen. The existing asset claim isn't even an argument, it's a fact.
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